Drew Carey's 'Price Is Right' ratings are soft, but should grow

There has been no shortage of contestants willing to line up for hours outside of CBS Television City in Los Angeles to appear on The Price is Right with Drew Carey — but there are definitely fewer viewers tuning into the CBS game show now that Bob Barker is gone. According to comparisons of the first quarters of 2007 and 2008, Carey has attracted an audience that’s 15 percent smaller in the first half-hour of the show (4.5 million viewers vs. 5.4 mil) and 13 percent smaller in the second half-hour (5.6 mil vs. 6.5 mil).

But there is hope. To help boost awareness of the Carey-hosted Price, the net aired two primetime specials last month to favorable results. The first special on Feb. 22 won its time slot in viewers (9.35 mil) and key demos. The second, on Feb. 29, got an even bigger audience (9.49 mil) — and gave away $1 million in cash, a first for the long-running game show. Four more Price specials are already in the can, the third of which airs March 7.

Media buyers say the dip in viewers shouldn’t be cause for concern. “I think any time you make a transition, especially from somebody as established as Bob, you’d be worried if he were off 50 percent,” says Bill Carroll of the Katz TV Group. “But if he’s not off by more than 15 percent, it’s a positive sign. Over time, you have to assume he’ll build back the audience. CBS is probably pleased.”


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  • Andy

    I’m curious what Barker’s ratings were in the first quarter of 2006. I think he may have had a boost in viewership after announcing his retirement on Oct. 31, 2006. It’s likely more viewers tuned in between then and his final eps in June just to see his much-ballyhooed swan song performances. Making Drew live up to those inflated numbers in his first year just isn’t fair — let’s see Bob’s pre-retirement-annoucement numbers for a more accurate comparison.

  • purpleone

    I watched a little of TPIR with Drew Carey last week and I have to say it was THE WORST!! I like Drew and think he’s very funny, but a game show host or replacement for Bob Barker he is not. TPIR was one of my fave game shows and it was mandatory that I watched it every day during the summer or on days off from school, but this version is beyond bad. Maybe they should’ve just pulled the show when Bob retired.

  • graeme

    Yeah, Drew Carey is awful as the host. It’s actually really odd how uninvolved and unenthusiastic he is on the show. He looks bored to tears, and it drains a lot of the excitement from the show.

  • anonymous1

    to purpleone: i do respect ur opinion but to judge drew carey as a host after seeing “a little of TPIR last week” may not be a fair gauge. i had the same feeling in the beginning since i never did like him from his other shows but im hooked on him now (or the show, whichever it is). he is a natural comedian, if not a natural host. i also disagree with graeme’s comments about him “uninvolved and unenthusiastic/looks bored to tears.” i thought that his snaps are well timed and he also often laughs at himself. please give the show, and him, a longer view. a “little” time will probably not convince u to be a drew-carey-fan-convert.

    • Robin

      Thank you for sticking up for Drew! I love him. I have watched TPIR my whole life and I am 58. I, too, was skeptical in the beginning after watching Bob Barker for so many years. However, I am hooked on Drew now! He interacts with the audience, where Bob Barked used to run away from them. There is nothing that Drew will not do for the audience. I love watching him and I can tell he loves his job! Keep it up Drew!

    • Earl

      I am sorry anonymous1 and Robin, but Drew Carey does not seem entirely interested in the audience, and you really can see that to him this is just a job. Drew Carey is much more better on every other show he has ever done… Thus he is majorly falling behind and slacking on TPIR.

  • fan

    i think drew carey is horrible. the beauty of bob barker was that he seemed to really enjoy being there. drew carey seems to make fun of everyone. he’s condescending and rude at times.


      I co-sign your post. I can’t believe they picked Drew Carey to play the host of TPIR. Then they even change up the script at some points to make it different for him? (offering tickets for a small part in a soap as a prize, etc.) SMH

  • Andy

    Condescending and rude? Umm, I think those were Bob Barker’s middle names as host. He pushed away and mocked fat people and other enthusastic minorities people like they were lepers, he often ridiculed those who didn’t know every single game rule like he did (after 4.5 billion years of rote emceeing), and he rarely seemed genuine and often put out with contestants during his last several years as host.
    If Bob seemed to enjoy anything, it was the mindless adulation of the totally compliant come-on-down-ers who managed not to fall in any of the aforementioned categories (among others). Drew acts down to earth, mentioning the models by name, easily sharing two-shots with contestants while cutting to commercials and not acting above contestants as if he’s some made-for-TV deity.
    Heck, even Vanna White said Bob was “rude” to her when she was a contestant in 1980. And has Vanna White ever said anything negative about anyone???

    • jerry

      Hey Andy the man was old dam you want people tackling you at that age good luck. Bob is a Icon of America like Betty White is treasures and they loved there jobs and it showed and with over 14 million watching him say bye for the final time should say something .I been a loyal viewer forever even now but to say Bob was bad well 17 emmy awards and highest ratings should tell you to respect your iconic people more.

  • Tim

    I think Drew is a bit uncomfortable, he stumbles often while explaining things. with a bit of time and practice, I think he’ll be fine.
    I enjoyed Bob on Truth or Consequences, but I thought he got “creepy” on TPIR

  • Jerome

    What’s sad is that this was a pretty cool game and they ruined it by using a host who doesn’t know it. It’s all about the game, not the host. They should have used Frank Nicotero or Chuck Woolery, people who actually have respect for how a game show works. The worst thing is when Drew Carey makes mistakes that actually cause people to lose, like not telling them they can wait for a spin off. Bob Barker was a great host because he loves game shows and he knew what he was doing. I think they should replace Drew Carey before this show goes from being a car wreck people still watch, to the abandoned car no one notices. The show is absolutely horrible and there is no excuse for keeping a host who has proven so incompetent.


      He’s made so many mistakes that I can’t even believe they don’t have damage control take care of that.
      At times he is even off with timing when ending a game.
      And what’s up with that corresponder in the backround, do we really care what he looks like??

  • jasmine winters

    drew carey is under-enthusiastic and boring. I tried and I mean tries to watch TPIR and it hurt my head. it has turned into the most boring game show ever. I’m never watching it again.

  • Bill

    Drew Carey is absolutely awful as host of TPIR. He’s the anti-Bob. They should have gone with John O’Hurley, who is genuinely charming, engaging and enthusiastic.

  • Yusef Ahmad

    I grew up watching TPIR, and it definitely is not the same without Bob.
    Drew “You have a chance to win. Wouldn’t that be nice?” Is he being condescending or sincere? I can’t judge from his voice.

  • Shara

    Drew Carey is a terrible host and a terrible choice! They need someone with more personality and who appears to actually want to be there!
    Too bad Howie Mandel is busy.

  • Observer

    I wondered if CBS is trying to destroy the Price is Right. Drew Carey is aweful. He was so clueless at the beginning. He looked so clumsy. He actually had an accident on the set even before he was aired. What’s more, instead of him being taylored to the Price Is Right, it looks like the Price Is Right was taylored to Drew. I seen a Price Is Right logo with Drew’s black glasses. And, to boot, at the beginning of the show, it doesn’t sound right when Rich says “Drewwwwwwwwwwwwwww Careyyyyyyyyyyy”. Bye everybody. Don’t forget to brush your teeth before going to bed.

    • jerry

      Well Drew is not that bad common I loved the game since i saw it at 10 and i am 41 now so he is no bob who is gonna replace a iconic figure on tv like that Drew will do but hate when some idiot writes bob who on there dumb shirts I heard it could have been drew who came close to replacing him already but he is holding on nicely great game still.

  • Jeff

    I am watching Drew one more time and he still stinks as bad as the last time I watched him. He just seems to hate being there. No fun, no enthusiasm…the show doesn’t even fit his personality…he never should have taken the job.


      For fxcking real!! I just wanna see him in person so I can tell him how much he sucks as a host.

  • Mike Worden

    I just got finished watching TPIRMDS and I must say it looks like Drew is definitely not having fun. He was so monotone tonight that it was pathetic. There was no excitement when the contestants won. I’ve been a lifelong game show fan as well as a TPIR fan. I realize that anyone who took over for Bob Barker would have a hard time filling his shoes, but I think Drew has had plenty of time now. Supposedly, he knows more than 30 games, but still has trouble explaining them. Even I know more games then he does. Now I have always been a fan of Drew Carey’s shows, but TPIR is getting painful to watch. Drew was definately a better game show host on Power of 10 then he is on TPIR. Drew has signed for five years, but I don’t think he is going to last. CBS should start looking for a replacement now, before it is too late. I would like to throw my hat into the ring as possible replacements. I know I can do a better job than Drew given the chance to prove myself.

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