EW Exclusive: 'Project Runway' splitting time in L.A. for season 6

Heidi_l According to a source close to Project Runway, the Emmy-nominated reality show will split its sixth season (expected to premiere on Lifetime in November) between Los Angeles and New York to accommodate host Heidi Klum’s (pictured) schedule
and home life. For season 7, the show will be back in New York, where it has been since its inception, and the upcoming fifth season, which debuts on Bravo in July, will also be set in the Big Apple. – Additional reporting by Lynette Rice


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  • Lisa

    And so the crap-inazation of PR begins…

  • Shari

    Annnnd they continue to ruin Project Runway.
    So now the top 3 designers will be showcasing their collections at the Craptastic, Wanna Be L.A. Fashion Week instead?
    NYC is the capital of American fashion and Bryant Park is its Oscars. L.A. can never compare.
    This is lame, lame, lame. LAME.

  • Eli

    well, i don’t watch lifetime so I don’t care, and PR was past its prime already. so of course, it had its IN, but now it’s so OUT.

  • B-

    When will they replace Tim Gunn with Richard Greico and Heidi with Alexandria Paul? I won’t watch if it’s on Lifetime. PERIOD.

  • Mimmmie

    ARE YOU SERIOUS….this is freaking ridiculous. The prize takes PLACE in New York City – how can they justify taking the show AWAY from the prize??? Lifetime blows

  • Shari

    not to mention Tim, Nina and Michael are all NYC based.

  • JA

    As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  • jen

    wonder if Heidi is pregnant again. maybe she wants to be close to home for her delivery. i can’t see any other reason why they would move the show from where it should take place.

  • jenny

    you know, i kinda feel sorry for the show…..dont they know when it switches to Lifetime, its going to lose its credibility? Maybe they’re just torching a sinking ship….

  • Chgo Grrl

    So, will the designers be designing “mom jeans” for Chico’s when they move to Lifetime?

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  • K.A.S.

    They’re filming season 6 out here in L.A. beginning next week at FIDM. I should know, I go there! They’re going to shut down the FIDM Annex and move all of our classes in order to film there.

  • liz

    i think it’s horrible that it will be in L.A. i wonder if they will show the designers walking into the horrific fabric stores of the L.A. garment district. i can just see Tim Gunn’s face when he walks into a fabric store where the proprietor is smoking amongst the fabric. he is going to be horrified. then again, there is a mood fabric in L.A. now…

  • billy

    Project Runway 6 is shooting in a penthouse loft at 411 w. 5th st. in los angeles. The building is on the corner of 5th and hill streets in downtown L.A.
    The front doors are open and there is no security. I just walked right in and watched them film.

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