Jeff Probst talks about next 'Survivor' location

Jeffprobst_l With Survivor: Micronesia in the books, the reality franchise is now gearing up for season 17 by going back to Africa. The show will be setting up shop on the continent’s west coast in the country of Gabon. “I didn’t know where it was,” confesses host Jeff Probst. “I had to look it up on a map. It is probably the most remote place we have ever gone.” What does that mean in terms of wildlife? “We don’t know,” Probst says. “No one’s really ever hung out there. We’re going to leave a boma with some sticks and stuff, and the contestants will be given instructions that they need to finish it since we’re a little concerned because it’s so unknown. In Kenya [season 3], we had armed guards everywhere so that if something did happen, we could take care of it. We’re not gonna have that because they’re telling us it is so remote and will probably be remote forever. But a gorilla could wander into camp.” (You mean, Joel from Micronesia?)

Season 17 marks another big change for Survivor in that it will be the first time the show has been shot in high definition. “Survivor is one of those shows that you want to see in HD,” says Probst, while noting that the scenery will look a lot more stunning than the stranded contestants, “People with bug bites are gonna look worse, people that don’t have great bodies are gonna look worse, and people who are really attractive are probably gonna look… worse.” And what about you, Jeff? “I went through every scenario: Is there any way I can wear makeup? Is there any way I could not shoot in the middle of the day? And the answers are all no. I’ve just come to terms with it.”

Survivor: Gabon—Earth’s Last Eden begins filming in late June and will air in September on CBS.


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  • Anonymous

    I think that you guys should have a fans vs favs again because this show was great. if you ever do this again i think that Amanda and James should come back again.

  • Anonymous

    have you ever thought about having a survivor show where it is just teenagers. i think that is would be great if you did this. is would also be neat to see how their mind works.

  • MsDaisy

    Thank goodness they are going high-def next season. I just got a new hi-def set and I was really looking forward to Survivor in HD.

  • JillS

    Last time they shot in Africa it had low ratings and I thought they weren’t going back! Jeff blamed the lack of scenery and water/ocean as a back drop.

  • Amasea

    EW, please post transcripts of the videos with the booted contestants next season. My connection isn’t good enough at home, and I’m not allowed to watch the videos at work, but I would like to hear what these guys have to say. So transcripts, please!

  • Canadian girl

    I think that it would be the ultimate challange to pick a location that is cold as opposed to tropical. Put them in the snow with food and they can build an igloo!

  • PhilGood

    I used to live in Gabon from 1977 to 1982, and things have changed, but I am curious to see how they keep the whole thing under cover. Gabon is one of the richest country in Africa, if not the richest. Oil, and minerals are its wealth. It is full of crazy bugs, and VERY lush in vegetation. I always wanted to go back to see what it’s like now in Libreville. Gabonese people are very friendly, but it is a different world over there.
    Jeff, any chance I could help? How’s you French? I’m also a video editor! ;-)

  • s.king

    I have been a devoted Fan from the beginning but after watching that manipulative, lying, little witch walk with the million, I’m done. Even if Amanda was a bit too sweet to be for real, she did not lie and use people. Didn’t the jury hear how she didn’t know about the plot to out Ozzy? If nothing else, she was truthful. And why didn’t anyone mention how Pavorti tried to get rid of Amanda, back when she found the idol? Wow…how quickly the jury forgets. Being a liar and user does not make someone a good game player, only a good PLAYER. I’d loved to see Ozzy get another chance….. is there anyway the fans can vote for another big winner, like we did with Rufus? How about an all time reunion, with a couple hour update on what all the past players are doing?

  • 1RiehlHotT

    I dont know if you remember s.king… but Parv was the only one who wouldn’t vote for Amanda… watch a little closer next time sunshine…

  • space ritual

    to bad the show is only open to contestants who are American citizens

  • JOHN

    Stop messing with the format, no wonder the ratings were the lowest ever,it’s not fair to bring back losers, they lost, give new faces a chance, forget about fans and faves or that stupid race show, go back to the original formula..please

    • Nick

      I concur. On this season, you’ve got people who’ve been on the show going on second times, and for three or four castaways, this makes their THIRD visit to the game: think Parvati, Amanda, Cirie and Boston Rob to name a few. There are also four or five winners on the show (did Danielle win in her season? I can’t remember…haha), and I think that that’s wrong, too. Give someone who hasn’t been on OR won a chance too, is what I think.

  • mark schultz

    I lived in Gabon for 12 years. The humidity and the bug factor are going to make this the most difficult location ever. This time they really are going to be survivors, even the staff. Oh, I forgot to mention snakes like the Green Mamba-there is no anti-venom yet invented. Someone may die in this next episode. Get ready for the real survivor.

  • Haley Stone

    I lived in Gabon from 2002-2004 in a town called Koula-Moutou. I saw gorillas, hippoes, chimpanzees, monkeys, strange birds, snakes, huge mosiquitos, and spiders the size of your hand. We washed clothes by hand, ate taro leaves, atangas, and the beloved baton de manioc, and of course drank lots of Regab (brewed in Gabon). The Gabonese and West Africans are quite friendly towards Americans, mais j’espere que vous parlez bien le francais, parce que le gabonais ne parlent pas l’anglais. I hope the Survivors will have to endure a bush taxi ride…BRUTAL!

  • Adam

    I think when they know that survivor is going to have its FINAL season i think they should make it as hard as possible. I think that they should have it in Antarctica, or somewhere where they really have to test the elements. HAHA!! I think that would be great!! Of course since Antarctica is SOOO FREAKIN COLD, they would shorten the number of days being there and make it a shorter show, but still it would be a wonderful way to end it. Also i think that for the last season it should be with all of the past winners!! It would be ULTIMATE SURVIVOR!! And the prize something like (Insert Money amount larger than a million here).

  • Marty

    I think the survivors should play it out till the end last man standing or woman and then there would be a real survivor no jury they only vote for who they like not the true winner.

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