Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Lost,' 'CSI,' 'Grey's,' 'The Unit,' 'Pushing Daisies,' 'Ugly Betty,' 'BSG,' 'Gossip Girl,' and More!

Askausiello_l1Question: Your Lost spoiler tease in this week’s Ausiello TV is driving me nuts. Can you please give us a hint as to the nature of the connection between Fionnula Flanagan’s creepy ring seller and "another major character" who is not Desmond? — Vanessa
They’re r*l*t**.   

Question: The lack of Lost scoop is killing me. — Ahmed
Help has arrived! My Lost mole reports that Lance Reddick (a.k.a. corporate recruiter Matthew Abaddon, as well as Fringe‘s Phillip Broyles) was just spotted in Hawaii shooting what I assume is episode 5.6. Meanwhile, the show is casting the likely recurring role of Hal, a white dude in his 70s who can still fight the establishment and win. Team Darlton is also on the prowl for an actor to play Mike, a thirtysomething scientist who’s on the brink of something big. An authentic Czech accent is required. (Of course, when isn’t it?)

Question: Any glimmer of hope for Pushing Daisies? — Ned
It hasn’t been canceled yet.

Question: Any news on the fate of Pushing Daisies? I’m all but begging ABC to pick it up for a full season. — Courtney
Stop begging and start organizing a campaign, because we’re running out of time. In just a few short weeks, Daisies will complete its 13-episode order, and if ABC doesn’t order more scripts, like, soon, we’re crap out of luck. Here’s a little something to get you started.

Question: Any good Grey’s Anatomy scoop? — Emily
Yup, and you’re gonna want a hankie when it comes to pass, I have a hunch. The show is casting an 8-to-10-year-old male patient who wants to live but is realistic about his prospects of doing so. (In other words, he’s only gonna last three episodes.)

Question: I will give you ten scoops of Smurf ice cream if you can tell me when Cristina’s amazingly awesome army doctor is coming back to Grey’s Anatomy! — Brittany
Kevin McKidd returns briefly this Thursday, and then in full force next week. Speaking of air dates, please note that Melissa George’s bisexual intern debuts on Nov. 13, not Nov. 6 as I stated last week. In my defense, bisexuality confuses me.

Question: I really like the new female member of The Unit, Nicole Steinwedell (Bridget). Is she signed for the full season? — Mike
She is now! Although Steinwedell started the season as a recurring guest star, sources confirm to me exclusively that she’s now an official series regular. Word is that the actress was introduced in part to make the show more enticing to women, particularly now that CBS has paired The Unit with the female-skewing Cold Case. But executive producer Shawn Ryan says Bridget serves a creative purpose as well. "The show was feeling like two different parts — the male-mission part and the women-at-home part," he says. "Injecting this character into both sides of it, to us, has made the show feel a little bit more connected."

Question: I love Pushing Daisies! They wouldn’t really cancel it, would they? — Anna
Yes, they would. Has Courtney contacted you about the flower drive she’s organizing? If not, you should be hearing from her very soon.

Question: I’m not feeling this Grimes guy as Brothers & Sisters‘ Ryan. Please tell me there’s more than meets the eye. — Doug
Believe me, I was as taken aback as you by the news that B&S handed the role of Ryan to a virtual unknown. But then one of my plugged-in TV industry moles e-mailed to assure me that "Luke Grimes may not be an exciting name to the public, but in Hollywood, he is a star on the rise. There is tremendous amount of heat on him — so much so that I was surprised he committed to a TV show." Also keep this in mind: Grimes’ casting was OK’d by Greg Berlanti. And if it’s good enough for Greg Berlanti, it’s good enough for me.

Question: Please tell me The Office is keeping Amy Ryan around permanently. She is perfect for Michael! — Heather
You’re preaching to the choir, my dear. Unfortunately, I hear producers have yet to approach Ryan about punching in full time. But maybe they’re just afraid of rejection; the Oscar nominee is in high demand, and likely keeping her options open. Whispers an Office insider: "I think she’s hoping to do both, but have the flexibility to take a great movie gig when it comes along." Here’s hoping it never comes along!

Question: Let’s have some scoop on Lipstick Jungle. I actually hate to admit I watched this by surprise during a day home sick, and now I am freaking hooked. I need the first season to know why and how things are playing out. Also, who is Kirby? — James
I’m ashamed for you, too. (Especially not knowing who Kirby is. Seriously?) Anyway, while you perform a Google image search for Robert Buckley, I’ll tell everyone else that this season you’ll get to meet Victory’s parents, polyester-lovin’ Marilou and down-to-earth Norm.

Question: Holy crap, the last episode of How I Met Your Mother was awesome. Is it safe to assume that we’ve seen the last of Sarah Chalke? — Ed
No, it’s not safe. It’s unsafe, in fact. Her last episode airs Nov. 3.

Question: Has Privileged been picked up for the entire season? I love Joanna Garcia in this show. — Anne
Quelle coincidence! I heart J.G., too. And since the network has ordered additional scripts, things are looking good for a full-season pickup. While we’re on the subject of Privileged, care for some scoop? (Rhetorical question; at ease.) We’re about to meet the MIA mom who managed to pop out polar-opposite daughters Megan and Lily. So…a cross between a grade-school hall monitor and Courtney Love?

Question: I have a question about the Fox show ‘Til Death. It seems that…. — Marc
Let me stop you right there.

Question: I really want Liz and Jack to get together on 30 Rock. How’s that looking? — Maria
Not so hot. But Judah Friedlander’s Frank may soon be getting some: The show is casting him an old (and older) flame, a Polish 30 Rock cleaning lady who can’t help but give dirty looks to any other woman who crosses his path.

Question: I need some Battlestar Galactica in my life. Scoop, por favor! Thanks! — Kat
You and me both, Kat. Luckily, one of us has some in his life, it’s me, and I’m willing to share. At the High School Musical 3 premiere, Edward James Olmos said the show’s send-off "is like a great book. You love reading it and you want to find out what happens in the story, but you also are so sad it is ending. That’s how I feel about Battlestar. It has been a great experience for me. I don’t want it to end, but I think the ending is so strong that I am happy to have fans see it. People are going to get their minds blown." Mine’s already boggled.

Question: Any info on the BSG movie that will follow the series? — Jamie
As a matter of fact, Olmos had something to say about that, too, as he’d just finished shooting it. "I directed it, so I am in the process of editing it right now," he revealed. "You will actually see it come to a conclusion. That’s amazing in my eyes because it is such a large story."

Question: I would really like to know if you have any scoop on exactly how William Petersen will be exiting CSI. — Bethany
I hear that after losing faith in the justice system, he allegedly suffers * **i*i* ** *********e and ****** on *** *** **c**d.

Question: I love Mad Men but I keep hearing rumors that it’s not coming back for a third season. Is this true? — Susan
It’s hogwash. It’ll be back. And it’ll be on AMC. And all the series regulars will return. End of story.

Question: Where is Friday Night Lights? — Julie
Before you guys start laughing and pointing at Julie, know this: The poor dear just awoke from a six-month coma. No joke. She chronicled the whole sordid tale in the lead-up to her question above, but I had to cut it for space reasons. (Plus, snoozefest!) Anyway, here’s the deal, Julie: FNL‘s third season is currently airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on DirecTV’s 101 Network. If you don’t have DirecTV or you’re too cheap to get it, you can watch the entire season for free when it airs on NBC in early ’09. It’s great to have you back, Julie!

Question: When does Gaius Charles’ final Friday Night Lights episode air? — Ben
That would be tonight. Prepare to cry like a 6-year-old boy who watched in horror as his favorite toy sailboat got swept away during high tide at the Jersey shore. And that’s just the Tyra-Landry portion of the episode. You’ll need a Xanax and a shot of tequila to get through the Smash stuff. 

Question: Thanks for the Shield scoop last week. You left me wanting more. — Sarah
Nov. 11. Walton Goggins. Naughty bits. Prepare to discuss at, um, length.

Question: Loved your Gossip Girl multiple-choice death quiz last week. My guess is Vanessa is going to die. Got any other GG scoop? — Jennifer
How about another multiple-choice quiz — this one pertaining to an equally tragic Gossip Girl event: Next month, Dorota will catch one of the following characters committing an act of self-love: 

A. Serena
B. Chuck
C. Blair
D. Eleanor
E. Nate

Question: More Gossip Girl scoop? — Annie
What do Nate and Jenny have in common with Michael Cera and Ellen Page’s Juno characters? Nothing right now, but my Gossip snitch says that’s about to change. In other words, either Jenny is getting knocked up, or the two of them are going to perform a cover of the Moldy Peaches’ "Anyone Else but You" over the end credits. 

Question: While I am willing to accept that there are endless wars, nasty election politics, and multiple financial crises, I refuse to live in a world where more people watch Knight Rider than Pushing Daisies. What can be done right now to save it? — Nicolaus
Talk to Courtney. The fate of the show rests in her hands.

Question: Life on Mars is awesome! Are you finally ready to admit that Scott Rosenberg, Andre Nemec, and Josh Appelbaum are super-talented? I’ve been waiting patiently for nice words from you towards my favorite TV writers! — Jill
If you’re asking me if I’ve forgiven them for October Road, the answer is yes. To borrow an overused (and therefore perfect for AA) pun, Life on Mars is out of this world.

Question: Is it just me or has Ugly Betty lost its charm? This season has been dull and boring so far. — Laura
It’s certainly been uneven. I loved the first two episodes, but 3 and 4 were borderline unwatchable. Alexis’ entire farewell arc was a hot tranny mess. The good news is, I hear episodes 5 thru 7 are a vast improvement. Of course, my Ugly mole had me at "Betty and Amanda become roommates." Less so at "Betty catches new nabe Jesse with Amanda," but I’m hoping I just misunderstood that part.

That’s another edition of AA for the history books. Submit questions, hot tips, and other stuff to Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Carrie Bell and Andy Patrick)

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  • rob

    well that cant be a good sign that so many questions are based on trying to save daisies. Ausiello must be hearing bad things from ABC insdiers. that sucks great show hopefully tomorrow and next week epsiodes go up.

  • Anonymous

    “…I was surprised he committed to a TV show.”
    Really!?! Oh My God, Are Serious!?!

  • Novi

    NOOO. Jenny cannot be pregnant! I hope its the latter choice! Also I’m assuming the answer to the first one is they are “related”. That gives us the connection but it doesn’t give us the character. My bet is on a character that is already dead. When are we getting Libby’s back story?

  • LenNy

    Everyone must watch Pushing Daisies it’s the best best show

  • Krystal

    Well, my eyes have officially become stuck in their sockets trying to solve the CSI asterik quiz. Damn you Ausiello! LMAO Go get me some Visine! I still haven’t figured the whole thing out…

  • Clarence

    Thanks for the scoops! I’m all for keeping Pushing Daisies (: It baffles my mind how there’s even the possibility that this brilliantly entertaining work of genius can be canceled.

  • Steve

    The cast of Brothers and Sisters must feel so incredibly honored.

  • Antonio

    LIFE ON MARS is a surprise hit for me.. I hope they keep the show on. I’m tired of PUSHING DAISIES, though i prefer it over KNIGHT RIDER

  • Sarah

    Oh please ABC, you cannot CANNOT cancel something as brilliant, original, and charming as Pushing Daisies. There’s nothing out there on par with it. Snappy dialogue, great acting, and hilarity?!… come on now!!

  • J.B.

    Who knew Ausiello was bi-phobic! :(

  • Dee

    Whaaat? I loved Ep. 3 of Ugly Betty. But I totally called both Amanda moving in AND hooking up with Jesse.
    Whatevs, I can’t stop liking this show. Same with Lost, for all it’s ridiculousness – I can’t wait to find out who Hawking is related to.
    (I hope it’s Ben)

  • Sina

    Safe to say Melissa George will ruin Grey’s. She ruins everything she’s in. And since Betty dissed Gio, that show is unwatchable.

  • Meredith44

    As someone who doesn’t watch Pushing Daisies (I tried!) or Gossip Girl, there really wasn’t much of interest this week. The Lost tidbit was sort of interesting. I’d guess she’s related to Charlie, as he is British. Or, perhaps that is too obvious.
    As far as the Grey’s scoop goes, I’m glad he’s coming back. He was one of the highlights of the past couple of seasons. (Although the last episode wasn’t as bad as some of the earlier ones!)

  • Anonymous

    Pushing Daisies is too precious for network television. Hopefully they will include any leftover unaired episodes in the “Special Pie-tastic Complete Series DVD Box Set” for you guys. I can’t wait to see where Lee Pace and Kristen Chenoweth end up next season.

  • zena

    Thank goodness Privileged is being considered for a full season pick-up. It’s one of the few new shows this season that absolutely deserves one. I accidentally stumbled across the pilot one night, was immediately hooked, and now I’ll be pretty devastated if this gem of a show doesn’t last, so the extra scripts can only be a good thing!

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