Ratings: Barack Obama, World Series hit it big

Barack Obama’s 30-minute presidential ad — aired on CBS, NBC, and Fox — drew in a total of 26.4 million viewers Wednesday night, with NBC getting the most love. Meanwhile, ABC’s decision to skip Obama’s ad and air recently flailing series Pushing Daisies paid off, as 6.6 million viewers chose pie over politics (a no-brainer!), a 14 percent increase from Daisies‘ audience last week. But it was Fox’s telecast of World Series Game 5 (which finally concluded the game that started but was rained out on Monday) that won the night with an average of 16.7 million viewers over 90 minutes.

Both of CBS’ trusty Wednesday-night procedurals lost viewers this week: Criminal Minds (13.8 million) was down from 15 million, while CSI: NY (13.6 million) lost 800,000 viewers from last week. The New Adventures of Old Christine (7.6 million viewers) dipped only slightly. Meanwhile, both of NBC’s hourlongs saw ratings spikes: Deal or No Deal (9 million viewers) enjoyed a 16 percent bump from last week, and some of those Dealers stuck around for Lipstick Jungle, which averaged 4.9 million viewers after hitting a series low last week with 4.3 million viewers.

The second episode of The CW’s new series Stylista lost 30 percent of its series-premiere viewership from last week, while this week’s Amsterdam-set Top Model lost 800,000 from last week, thanks to the campaign special on neighboring networks. (I always suspected Tyra’s foreign policy was thinner than Obama’s. Now I have proof.)

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  • Katie

    I sure hope that 14% extra that checked out Pushing Daisies last night stick with it!

  • mk

    Vote, vote, vote!!! Obama/Biden!!

  • Mandy

    Hooray for Pushing Daisies! Hopefully all those new viewers will be as hooked as I am!
    Oh and vote Obama!

  • Anonymous

    Obama sure knows how to sell his product of presidency. It was a really nicely done 30 min ad, but a lot of what he was saying was utter crap.
    His example of using the school teacher with another job in the medical field failed. A teacher on average for a public school gets around 50,000+ yearly, with that and a medical job, there is no way you can classify her as poor. If anything she just doesn’t know how to manage money.

  • Steve

    I don’t care who wins but anyone who sat around and lapped this up for 30 minutes is pathetic. The idea of the remote control is to change the channel when a TV commercial comes on — that is all this was

  • R Rothchild

    Just a side note.
    People who don’t speak the English language (our native language) should not be allowed to vote. They can’t even understand they issues and they easily manipulated by multilingual friends who tell them who they should vote for. Watching CNN, I heard a guy, who could barely speak English, say that he was going to vote for Obama because when he heard John McCain speak all he could picture was George Bush. When the reporter asked for a better reason, all the guy could say was that he wants change. Well I hate to break this to you buddy but change doesn’t automatically mean things are changing for the better. If you don’t understand the policies and programs of each candidate, you should not be able to vote. The presidential election has become a popularity contest. It’s sad.

  • Karl Marx

    I’m sorry I did not have time to enjoy the brainwashing. I am trying to figure out how — if Obama wins — Obama take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution when he thinks it is incorrect and needs to be changed?

  • Zela

    Ok, let’s have reality check. Teachers do not make $50K. Some administrators barely make that depending on the state. I don’t know any single or married school teachers that don’t have a second job….For all of you cheering those who didn’t watch…did it ever occur to you that they are already Obama supporters? No, because deductive reasoning is above your grade level!!

  • tb

    Obama just showed us exactly what he is — a TV illusion.

  • Anonymous

    That was a wonderful Obama infomercial! People need to stop the hating against Obama! And for those who say it was brainwashing or propoganda- grow up! If you had watched the damn thing then you would have actaully seen that it was about what he is going to do as president and four different stories about Americans going through tough times and how he would help them. There wasn’t even a mention of John McCain! So stop with the arguments that make no sense whatsoever, it’s just plain desperate.

  • bostonbean

    The fact that Karl Marx thinks getting informed is brainwashing says a lot about him. You can hear it out and disagree or decide against it but the simple act of hearing and/or learning doesn’t equate to brainwashing. Good luck to your children

  • Robinson

    Istead of worrying about what everyone else makes why don’t you get busy making yourself better (that’s the American way) instead of sitting around waiting for the Messiah to give you a handout.

  • bostonbean

    As expected the most ignorant are the ones hating on Obama. Just because you can’t speak proper English doesn’t mean you don’t understand it or the issues. There isn’t an automatic connect there. And I know plenty of people who speak well and have turd for brains so I wouldn’t go too far out with that argument.

  • Karl Marx

    Its brainwashing when there is only one side of the story is being rammed down your throat. That is what the Russian media did to its citizens in the 70’s. I guess we’ll get used to it if Obama wins since socialism is a transitional phase towards communism. If you want to get educated start at the follwing not at a canned Obama fantasy show: http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=303952499910291

  • bostonbean

    Karl…there you go again. As I said, you do not have to agree with him or any other politican. He said his piece, John McCain said his piece. You go inform yourself what the truth is on both sides because honestly each has an agenda so its up to us to discern the ‘messaging’ and make our decisions. I still don’t see what the brainwashing is. If you just sit there and allow yourself to hear only one side then you are brainwashing yourself, Obama nor McCain have anything to do with it.

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