'House' scoop: Is 'gay sex scene' behind Thirteen backlash?

Olivia Wilde thinks she knows the real reason her numerically-monikered House alter ego elicits such a negative reaction from some fans. “I think it’s because she had a gay sex scene [this season],” she confesses. “I’ve got to be honest with you, I think that’s what it is.”

Is she serious? Or is she just joshing? They say the camera never lies, so it’s a good thing our entire conversation was caught on tape.

What are you waiting for, silly? Press play!


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  • Rishi

    Say what you want to about 13, but at least Olivia Wilde doesn’t take herself too seriously.

  • James

    Nice to see that the actress is as DUMB as the character. NO, IT WASN’T THE GAY SEX SCENE. Anyone who watches House can handle as much girl-on-girl action as you see on the commercials for Girls Gone Wild. We’ve had a gay aids guy spit blood into Cameron’s eye. We’ve had a 12-year-old girl get pregnant.
    We Hate THIRTEEN because she sucks up screentime and her story is stupid. She’s had BLACK-AND-WHITE flashbacks. She’s all of the sudden a “cocaine expert.” She is insufferable and they keep giving her more screentime.
    And no, I didn’t watch the video to see if she was serious, but I hope the producers get the message and GET RID OF HER.

  • Katie

    Considering House fans didn’t like Thirteen last season, I think she’s grasping at straws. Maybe its a defensive reaction… It can’t be too pleasant to be so unpopular.

  • David4

    What an idiot. As I gay man I’m offended by her stupidity!
    I’m sure some don’t like the bi part, but most don’t like her for other reasons. I can’t stand her, he character is whiny, unprofessional, useless, and has been getting WAY too much screen time when several other, less developed, and/or better characters!
    I swear she had more screen time recently then House, or maybe it just feels that way. I hope she dies in the season finale, but they already did that last year.

  • A

    Wow, Olivia, what a dumb, offensive thing to say. I don’t like 13 because she’s a cliche ridden Mary Sue who’s sucking the life out of this show. Stop blaming the viewers & take a long, hard look at the crappy writing this season & your crappy performance.

  • shelly

    From the way she was laughing while saying it, it seems to me like it was her feeble attempt at a joke. Obviously it’s incredibly awkward to answer your questions about how the fans hate your character so she tried to laugh it off. I doubt she’d be so stupid as to call the fans homophobic.
    I feel bad for her, but I’m still incredibly fed up with the way House has been going this season. But then unlike other fans, I blame the writers more than I blame OW for the sloppy, disjointed way the show is being written now. I just don’t think the writers are making the same show they made in the first 3 seasons, where they concentrated it on the medical mysteries and how it affected House’s character. They’re trying to turn the show into a traditional medical drama now instead of the medical mystery procedural it was and THAT is what’s dragging it down the worst, not 13.

  • Anonymous

    “I doubt she’d be so stupid as to call the fans homophobic.”
    Excuse me, she just did. Just because its a “joke” doesn’t mean what she’s saying isn’t offensive. She should have kept her mouth shut.

  • Allison

    Hey, Olivia, maybe people don’t like Thirteen because the character is poorly-conceived and you (the actress, not the character) have very, very limited abilities. That said, sucks for her to have to answer that question.

  • Ben

    I don’t know. She always has a very wry sense of humor that comes off as serious. A couple of weeks ago the paparazzi caught her coming out of a party in L.A. and she said Obama was inside and the best dancer there. The way she delivered it everyone believed her. It took almost a full minute for people to realize she was kidding. With some people it’s hard to tell. Watching the video it could be either, she could be serious and vastly offensive, or kidding.

  • Ashley

    No it’s because the show is called House, Not the Thirteen “I have Huntington’s” Show.

  • nah

    i personally loved that scene
    but the character?

  • pai

    I don’t care about her gay sex scene or her straight sex scene. I happen to like other characters who are drowning in the background better than her character. Characters we were invested in for three years before she showed up. Might that be the reason it bothers us to see so much 13? Well now it’s then and Ms. Wilde’s attitude.

  • Nancy

    I HATE 13 because her storyline is BORING and it takes precious air time away from House, Wilson, and the rest of the cast.
    I WANT 13 TO DIE!!!!
    Has NOTHING to do with the actress who plays her either.

  • Donne

    I wonder why she would jump on that as an answer? Kind of interesting. I have to disagree with her. Of all of the 13 haters I’ve read, at times, blathering on (and on…) I haven’t once heard anyone even vaguely allude to this as a reason.
    Speaking for myself, I don’t really hate her character. But I am largely apathetic towards 13. And I think the reason is because she is hard to penetrate-hard to connect to. She just seems sort of largely flippant as a character and of all of the characters she’s the only one that I can’t relate to on some level-even if it is a very minute one. Last week, when she looked at the kids and said she wanted one, that was one of the most human moments that I’ve seen her have. And OW did a good job with that scene. Even when she was dying in ‘Last Resort’ I’m sorry to say I was unmoved. And again, I think it’s for some reason I haven’t bonded with her character like I have the others.

  • Dee

    No OW, that’s not it. You and your lady love were great. The problem is we don’t like 13 whether you’re getting your freak on with a man, woman or dog. We don’t like your character. You joined the cast in S4 and that’s pretty much when the 13 hate started.

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