Exclusive: CBS to its stars -- no raise for you!

Okay, now you know the recession is bad when the cast of CSI: Miami has to start clipping coupons. Read the full post.


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  • Aaron

    First, I’m under the age of 65 so I don’t watch CBS. Second, I think that the studios have every right to ask to renogiate contracts if in fact it’s commonplace for the actors to do the same. I’ve seen similar situations in MLB where a player demands a new contract but then has no repercussions if they don’t perform. As is noted in the article, you can’t have it both ways.

  • Miss Misery

    Boo-Hoo, life is so tough for an actor who makes $100,000 an EPISODE. Meanwhile the rest of America barely scrapes by and hopes their jobs will still be there tomorrow. I have ZERO sympathy for any TV star who has the gall to whine about their salaries in this economy. Welcome to reality!

  • Nancy O

    I agree with Dan. If everyone takes a pay cut, then it is fair to all. I would rather have my co-workers employed then see some of them laid-off. We all need to work. I can sleep better at night, knowing I am not next on the chopping block.

  • Ryan

    They better watch out. According to Nancy Pelosi, 500 MILLION Americans lose their jobs every month.

  • KatieNix

    Companies go into wage freezes and spending freezes all of the time. Why should tv be any different?

  • Darrin

    This will never be a problem at ABC or NBC – they cancel all their quality shows that people love within a year or two, so they never have to worry about giving raises.

  • bryan

    I agree with those that say that everyone at the studio from execs to janitors should accept a freeze. no one should be singled out. if actors have an easy job and don’t really have to work for their money why are more of you not actors. i pity those that have malicious envy towards people who have chosen a different route in life. don’t hate others because they are better off. some of these comments are pathetic.

  • Margaret

    Oh, please….these actors are so ridiculously overpaid anyway. In the greater scheme of things, what is it that they really do for the world other than entertain. My husband is a chemical/petroleum engineer who works for EPA cleaning up hazardous underground wastewater for America, and he gets peanuts for helping our environment compared to these actor’s pay.

  • Ace

    I agree with the freeze if it is a difference between a rich person getting even more money and keeping the show going. But I do think it was a little shameless of CBS to allow what they are doing to leak into the press. Now you will KNOW if a show you love loses a second tier character, that it was the main peron’s fault.

  • Darryl

    It’s a shame that these actors and actress are so self involved with there big homes three cars and the lavish lifestyle they live that they can’t even see what’s going on around them. We should not have any sympathy for the millions of dollars they make. They need to remember who put them there, we did the fans, further more we can take them out of that lavish why of living. The ecomony is in such bad shape and all they can do is whine about a pay cut–give me a break they should take the cut and perhaps give to those that are hurting, or I forgot the have to buy the next big car, the next fur coat etc. Look don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that the should not have the things they want and be paid a decent salary, but you have to adjust to the world around you, and when the world and it’ people hurt, stop thinking of yourself, because before your know it, you might be in the same boat. God don’t like ugliness and he’s not to fond of being cute. Remember who you owe & put you there

  • Lauren Houckman

    Boo f-ing hoo.

  • Alex

    You know all of these comments are so angry and petty. The truth is if you make $50K, $150K or $1.5M a year, you’ll pretty much adjust your lifestyle to it. And why shouldn’t they… we put such a high price tag on fame & fortune that they have an elevated status in our society. But, at the end of the day, they go ‘to work’ and bring us viewers our weekly entertainment where we can enjoy a story for an hour with our loved ones and forget about the economy, war, terrorism, and other noise out there. Stop complaining jealous people.

  • Eli

    Please, PLEASE, CBS, AX David Caruso from CSI MIAMI at LAST!!! this is your chance. TAKE IT CBS, TAKE IT!!!!

  • To Ryan

    Seeing as how there are only about 350 million Americans TOTAL, I’m thinking your numbers are a little off.

  • Edna Adams

    As far as honoring a contract,, what about the auto workers who had to give up what they signed a contract for,, that is what happens anymore any where. So yes , boo hoo to them. Try welcome to the recession!

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