'NCIS' shocker: A 'tragic' fate for Tony and Ziva

“Tiva” fans, I’ve got good news for you, and, as the title of this story suggests, bad news — potentially very bad news. But hey, first the good: NCIS executive producer Shane Brennan tells me that for viewers who are in love with the duo — and I know there are lots of you — “the last four episodes of the season are going to be amazing. They will not believe what’s in store for these characters. We focus on Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) in a way that we haven’t focused on them in six seasons!

“I’m very serious,” he adds. “They carry the last four episodes in a way that is really, really shocking, and in a way, the audience will not see any of this coming.”

Okay, you’ve got my attention. Now tell me more. “It starts with part one
of “Legend” on April 28, which is the spin-off episode,” Brennan says.
“Now, having said that, it doesn’t really start in part one. We’ve been
sowing the seeds of this for some time. And the audience is aware
there’s a character out there called Michael Rifkin (Merik Tadros),
because he was introduced in the first episode of Season 6. And they
know Tony’s aware of Michael’s existence. So let’s just say, in the
last four episodes, Michael makes his appearance in a big way.

“You’ve got what you might want to call a triangle,” he continues.
“It’s a triangle with very, very pointy ends. Someone’s going to get

As in, um, dead hurt? “Something tragic will happen to Tony,” Brennan
confirms. “Something tragic will happen to Ziva as well. It’s one of
those arcs that has been building and building and building for so long
that we decided it really deserved to be featured in a big way. It’s
emotionally and physically explosive.”

“Physically explosive” doesn’t sound good. But the boss won’t reveal
whether anyone, much less either of Tiva’s portrayers, is on their way
out. “Possibly,” he teases. “I won’t take it any further than that.”

Yikes! Okay, your turn, Tivotees. Excited about the final four or just
worried about how final they may be for your fave couple? Weigh in
below. (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick)

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  • ks

    Ziva has not been on NCIS for six seasons. Did you forget Kate was an agent before Ziva?

    • Aeos

      And did you forget that this is season 8? Kate was only on for 2 seasons. Use simple math from there. 8-2 equals 6. They are counting season 8 as a full season. Use your fingers if you need to.

      • tons

        actually, you need to read the year when ks wrote that comment. it’s in 2009, technically NCIS had only been for 6 seasons that time. so do the math yourself.

    • Caitlyn Bogle

      Ziva is 1 billion times better than kate!

      • .:izabella:.

        YES YES YES!!! i’m so happy for Ziva!

    • emily

      No , I do remember kate ,I cried when she was taken in death.
      But I do love ziva.
      Please dont take Ziva ,
      Dont take my team apart. I love Gibbs ,Abby she is adorable.
      I love the team .
      At times I cant stand that director.
      But I cant help myself I love her too “sometimes”

  • julia

    Let Ziva and Michael be a couple, PLEASE. She can ride off into the sunset with him. Tony deserves better.

    • Emily

      WHOA! Ur thinking wrong! TIVA ALL THE WAY!

    • Caitlyn Bogle


    • maddi

      tony deserves better ? sounds like you wish you could be with him. seriously, if anything, ziva deserves better. but they’re perfect for each other

      • dessi koeth

        Tony and Ziva belong together-remember “undercover and “boxed in”..

  • Mantix

    Oh. My. God.

  • Phil

    Well, looks like I’m about to check out of NCIS then. Tony & Ziva are most of the reason I watch the show; remove that (ANY part of that) and I’m gone.

    • Stephen

      I agree, Change the chemistry of this show and I am gone.The same thing happened on CSI.

  • julia

    Let Ziva and Michael be a couple, PLEASE. She can ride off into the sunset with him. Tony deserves better.

    • Aeos

      Yeah, and that *better* is Ziva. Michael just needs to die.

      • cat

        dude, u r SOOOOOOO wrong. michael and ziva desrve two b together.

      • .:izabella:.

        Michael have to die… !?

  • chris

    I am just about finished with network tv tony and/or ziva dying would pretty much leave bones and chuck at the last 2 network show. I certainly won’t be getting involved in any new ones.

  • Meredith44

    Ziva is my favorite character, and I will be upset if something happens and she is no longer on the show. With that being said, I’m taking this spoiler with a grain of salt. First, because nothing is truly said, and I don’t want to worry unnecessarily. (I mean, they split the team up at the end of last season, but they were back together by the second episode.) Second, even if Tony and/or Ziva are off of the show, I will continue to watch in hopes they can redeem it. I was upset when Kate was killed, but it turned out that I liked Ziva a lot more than Kate, and I ended up being fine with the change.
    With that being said, I’m definitely hoping for it just being a misleading tease! *fingers crossed*

    • cat

      meredith i am with u. ziva like rocks!!!if she evr goes off the show i WILL have to kill somebody. when i saw the first episode with kate, i wuz like, she is NO good.i used to hate tony with ALL my guts, but now, hes my second favorite character.

  • Brody

    Yikes! I don’t like the sound of this spoiler. Let’s hope it’s misdirection from TPTB.

  • Kristen

    I could not continue watching the show if they killed off Michael Weatherly.

    • Emily

      Same. NCIS would be nothing without Tony and Ziva. They have been through a lot.

  • ShutUpRob

    Please let this result in killing off Ziva. I like the actress, I greatly dislike the character. The malapropisms are greatly overdone, she has zero chemistry with Tony and finally, Chilean does not equal Israeli. Salma Hayek’s younger half-sister in a movie, yes, Israeli in any TV show or movie, no.

    • robert

      Cote does Israeli just fine…in fact many of my Jewish friends thought she was Israeli….btw if Ziva goes, so goes the show.

  • Joe

    I really don’t like the trend NCIS is following for ending a season. “We need something dramatic–quick, KILL somebody.” Kate, Jen Shepard, now possibly Tony and/or Ziva? The producers and writers need to have their butts kicked. If Tony dies, I’m so over this show. How stupid can these people be?

  • Jenn

    If we have learned anything with Shane Brennan its that he is an expert at teasing the fans and raising interest in the show. Everyone thought they got rid of the entire team last year in the finale and everyone said they were never watching again and the whole team was back by the end of the 2nd episode. And now the ratings are higher than ever. So lets not get worked up just yet thinking someone from the team is going to die. Or anything like that. Just let things play out and wait to see what happens before everyone stops watching the show before knowing what actually happens.

  • julia

    Tony’s the main draw for me. The relationship between Tony and Gibbs is the one I’m most interested in. If killing Ziva off is what it will take to get TPTB out of this stupid UST crap, then so be it. I doubt I’d continue to watch if Tony were gone or if they really put Tony and Ziva together. (And let’s see if I can post this without it posting twice.)

    • Caitlyn Bogle

      TAKE THAT BACK!!!!!!!!

  • Gwenda Winder

    I won’t watch NCIS or the spin off if they kill Tony and/or Ziva. I absolutely love them together. They have a great cast. Don’t screw it up. Economic times are tough in the US. Please don’t take away Tiva.

    • mary

      I have been a fan of ncis since the beginning. plesse don’t kill off any of the regulars,they make all the show worth watching, oh yea, do not pair any one.

  • Joanie22

    I too am tired of a major character getting a bullet in the head in a season finale. If this happens, especially to Tony who has been there since the beginning I too shall leave.

    • Autumnvicky

      I wish Cote all the best in life. She was an exceptional actor, Ziva was a character I really looked up to. Cote gave us years of enjoyment and helped make NCIS something worth watching. Thank you Cote

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