'Lost' exclusive: War erupts over Charlotte's real age!

An ugly dispute between Rebecca Mader and her former Lost bosses over the correct age of her late character, Charlotte, appears to have been settled. Read the full post.


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  • Facebook?

    I see Mader’s comments on her MySpace page, but not on Facebook…

  • Mister F

    Jesus christ, how the heck would Rebecca Mader look 37 in the first place?

  • Charles U. Farley

    wow who cares, really?

  • Mozz

    so how do they explain the gaffe away, cause i think the brilliant writers should totally try to find a way to explain how Charllote was born in 1979… my explanation, was the her own mother, when she escaped the island changed Charllotes identity and falsified new records.

  • Dan

    While writing a show which turns around time travel, they should’ve been much more careful. It shows that in Season 4 they had no idea about what would happen to Charlotte. That’S what they always do. They never write consistent stories for the characters. They make up as they go along and try to show it “genious writing”. Cowards!! Well done Rebecca for standing against these clowns …

  • Matt

    Well, I understand why Rebecca reacted this way because this could have damaged her reputation. I don’t blame Darlton for misremembering things, everyone does, but they really should’ve checked the facts on this before telling the story in the podcast. But now they confirmed Rebecca’s story, apologized and took all the blame. No need to make a big deal out of this, IMO.
    And Dan, that also not a fair statement. I think they always planned that Charlotte was born on the island (remember how she smiled when the found that DHARMA collar in Tunisia?). Since they map out each season before the writing process starts, they knew time travel would play a huge this season. And they only got her birthdate wrong, what’s the big deal? The story is still as good as anything on TV today. But if you’re feeling better having called these guys “cowards” and “clowns,” be my guest.

  • Matt

    Sorry for the double post. Dan, what examples do you have that they “never write consistent stories for the characters”? Charlotte’s story is consistent, they always had in mind that she was born on the island (when Miles said to her that he’s surprised she wants so leave after all this time she she’s been trying to get back here, Darlton said on the season 4 DVD that her backstoy unfortunately got chopped because of the strike and that we would get her story in season 5, which we did.) Her story is consistent, just because her birthdate got mixed up doesn’t change that.

  • Carly

    I wonder how Darlton will deal with the continuity error? Charlotte said that she met Faraday when she was a child, and he told her to leave the island. If Darlton are sticking with Charlotte being born in 1979, does that mean that Faraday encountered young Charlotte in the early 1980s?

  • Matt

    Carly, I don’t think they’re going with the 1979 birthdate but the one they originally had in mind (70 or 71). When they were in the Barracks with Dharma, Faraday saw a little girl and said it was Charlotte, that was 74. They made a mistake with the birthdate but it still could be explained that Ben (or Michael) got not entirely correct info (which makes sense since Ben also mentioned that Charlotte was born in Essex, England). It’s doesn’t bother me much since this doesn’t change the story one bit and I’ll just go with 71 as her birthdate. :)

  • Dan

    Matt the show is dealing with time travel. Charlotte’s story is not that complicated to make such a mistake. How many facts did they have to remember actually? Age is a crucial element for a character. They are not writing Charlotte for years. It was a character introduced just last year. If they can’t remember last year I wonder if they remember what they wrote in Season 1?

  • Matt

    Dan, I agree that it was a stupid mistake. But it doesn’t change the story one bit. They screwed this up. I’m willing to go with 71 as her birthdate because, hey, maybe Ben got a wrong date. But to take this story and say “see, they had no idea what to do with Charlotte” (which is absolutely wrong) or that they have no idea where to go and just make it all up (which is also wrong), that isn’t necessary.

  • Jason V

    @Matt: if Ben got the date wrong, then Charlotte wouldn’t have acted shocked when he said it. She would have said “no that’s wrong”, Plus it makes Ben seem foolish.
    Rebecca should just come out and reveal Damon & Carlton tried to fu ck her in that perfectly round arse of hers and refused when Hurler wanted to join in.

  • Farva

    I didn’t notice or care until this article, and, guess what, I still don’t.

  • J Victor

    So why the hell did you post if you didn’t care Farva? Are you retarded?

  • Adam

    I hate it how some people think the expression ‘are you retarded’ is acceptable! Why is it OK to use a term that is so hateful to people with disabilities? It seems to be used all the time on US web forums.
    On the subject of Lost, it’s such a great show I’m sure we fans can forgive a little error like this. (just as long as the whole series doesn’t end as cheesily as BSG did last week)

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