'Lost' exclusive: War erupts over Charlotte's real age!

An ugly dispute between Rebecca Mader and her former Lost bosses over the correct age of her late character, Charlotte, appears to have been settled. Read the full post.


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  • c bourque

    If I were on the LOST staff I’d tell everyone (in a flashback, of course) that the character of Charlotte lied on her resume to get the job with the boat in order to get herself back to the island. Ben, you may recall, got his info from his ‘snitch’ on the boat, and Walt’s dad obviously got it from her resume or other forged paperwork she gave them. Therefore Ben got the wrong year from his source. And Charlotte didn’t correct him since no woman is likely to admit to being half a decade or more older. (And Ben got everything else right so the wrong year might have even slipped past her anyway.)
    Case closed!

  • @Adam

    We’re just following our President’s wonderful example.

  • Kevo

    Saying that the actress changed her age in the script makes no sense. They expected us to believe that one supporting actress changed a line of dialogue and none of the actors, nor the director or assistant director on set said anything? It’s nice that they apologized but they really shouldn’t have blamed her in the first place – and there is no way Rebecca Mader looks 37.

  • Lucy

    what real difference does it make, her character has been killed off!

  • @Dan

    They’re not making this up as they go along. They’ve foreshadowed the Faraday/Charlotte story since the characters were introduced, and it’s going to be major. You can even tell what was left out because of the writers’ strike.

  • @Lucy

    No, her character is alive and well. But she’s a child in 1977. And she’s still going to be important. Very.

  • Kelly

    Just out of curiousity, how does all of this talk about the originally conceived/scripted age of 37(!) jibes with their originally conceived plan to have Kristen Bell play Charlotte. Rebecca Mader doesn’t look 37 by any means, but Kristen Bell was playing a teenager not too long ago.

  • cekma

    OK team Darlton now fix it! Make Ben realize he had the wrong info cause her parents gave her fake info to protect her island past and make her not believe it was real.
    While your at it fix this please…
    How does Walt know Locke is known as Jeremy Bentham?
    Jack claims to Ben John told him he was off the island, we have no indication that this is true.

  • Chris Kw.

    Technically, if Charlotte was born in say 1970 or ’71(the girl looked 3 or four) than that would have made her character around 34 or 33. Remember, she landed on the island in late 2004, not the 2008 (the date when the show aired). So I could buy her as a 33 year old but 37 is pushing it. Especially, when we are supposed to believe that Ethan was 27 (born 1977) when he first encountered the 815ers. The actor who played Ethan was actually born 12 year earlier in 1965. The question I have is what happened to DHARMA leaders Horace Goodspeed’s first wife Olivia. It seems that the producers totally forgot about her.

  • Not 37

    She wouldn’t be 37 anyway, she would be 33, if that makes any difference. If she was born in 1971 we’ll say, when her character showed up on the island, it was still 2004 on the show. 2004-1971=33. Not that big of a difference but she could pass for 33 easier than 37.

  • Olivia’s gone

    And won’t be back. But I believe she can be explained away as a sister. She’s a prime example of why people who want their TV shows to be planned to the smallest detail will necessarily always be disappointed.

  • AKH

    What I want to know is why she was lurking around in the shadows while Christian was talking to Sun and Lapidus last week. Creepiest.thing.ever.

  • FrankyJay

    No…the producers don’t forget about Olivia, everybody “assume” that she was Horace’s couple, but they don’t specifically say that. We’ll probably see what she really was in the next episodes.

  • Laura K.

    Man! It was exciting enough to have Darlton read my question on the podcast–now to have it referenced by Ausiello! I actually hadn’t heard about Rebecca Mader’s response, but glad to know the real story.

  • t3hdow

    I agree with Nicotine and other like minded people who stated that this isn’t a big deal. The age discrepancy was noticeable, but in a show that requires an entire chart of details to keep track of, screwing up one is kind of expected. If it’s something as trivial as someone’s age, it’s forgivable. At least Cuse and Lindelof owned up to their mistake before the dispute got much uglier (which it easily could’ve been).
    And enough on the ‘retarded’ debates. I thought this was resolved, back in August 2008 with Tropic Thunder. Look at the intent before accusing all of us acting hurtful towards the physically/mentally challenged. Many people use it as a synonym for stupid, but hardly associate it with actual physical/mental retardation sufferers. Talk about offense over nothing. Enough already.

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