A 'Buffy' movie without its maker? Joss Whedon speaks out!

Buffythemovie_lBlasphemous. Insane. Moronic. Re-freakin’-diculous. Those are just some of the colorful reactions that greeted today’s announcement that H’wood is planning to make a new Buffy movie without Joss Whedon (a.k.a. the worst idea in the history of civilization).

But one person has remained suspiciously silent throughout the escalating controversy: Whedon himself.

Until now, that is.

In an explosive Q&A conducted over e-mail, Whedon weighed in for the first time about the sure-to-be-hellacious Buffy reboot. What follows is a complete transcript of that interview…

What do you think about this Buffy movie they’re making without you?
I hope it’s cool.

Alright, so maybe I over-hyped our exchange a little bit. In my
defense, it’s all I could get out of him given the time constraints.
(Whedon’s crazy busy shooting the horror flick Cabin in the Woods and only had 10 seconds to spare.)

But while his words may have been brief, come on, the meaning behind
them was anything but. At the very least, his statement is open to all
kinds of interpretation. Is he taking the high road? Is he genuinely
hopeful it won’t suck? Is “cool” secret code for something else — like
“colossal failure,” perhaps? Post your theories below!


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  • gingerbreadmama

    NOT pleased by a Buffy-verse sans Joss! Just don’t think anyone else can do it justice!

  • Susan

    Totally an epic fail! WHY?!?

  • Ron Olexsak

    The first movie was B A D and the series was up and down. Why not get a new face in there (since Hollywood is locked into the remake/reboot mode). Maybe this will have good results (What did all the Trekkers say about JJ versus how good the result was?)

  • Gusar

    This thing won’t work. It can’t work. Not necessarily because Whedon is not on board, but because the “Scooby Gang” won’t be.
    Is Hollywood really so much out of ideas that they have to do *this* and ruin the awesomeness that was 7 seasons of BtVS??
    Yeah, one could maybe say the same thing about Star Trek. But that at least had JJ Abrams. And when I heard Zachary Quinto will play Spock, I thought “If they made the absolutely right decision when casting Spock, then I’m confident they’ve made the right decisions about everything else too”. And my feeling was right, the new Star Trek movie is great. With this Buffy thing though, I have no such great feeling, in fact, my feeling goes in the total opposite direction.

  • Kara

    I… Whose idea was this? You’d think after all this time, people would realize *why* Buffy worked. (Joss Whedon.)
    The anger may come later, but right now I’m just trying to get my mind around the stunning amounts of *stupid* that this is. Jeez.

  • lurvebooks

    Nuking the fridge pre-release

  • Nickolz

    So we’re still waiting for officially official announcements by him.
    I just hope these Kuzui guys DO contact him. Or else, they’re going to Quor’toth for their miserable intelligence. (Quor’toth! Ha! Got it? Like hel!! lol =B)

  • patrick

    NOOOOO. a buffy without joss is no buffy i want to be apart of. And even worse, if they try to reboot the film the question remains WILL WE EVER GET ANOTHER JOSS SHOW IN THE BUFFYVERSE? i don’t want them to screw with the continuity of the show

  • Melissa

    The movie was campy fun, but it wasn’t awesome. Even the series was made better because of the other characters. And why the hell wasn’t Joss brought on? I hate this idea. I really, really hate it.

  • John

    Buffy-verse sans Joss? Try a Buffy-verse sans BUFFYVERSE.

  • moxie

    Good for Joss for taking the high road. This is so silly. I get it if the Kuzuis want to capitalize on the reboot trend but the idea of re-doing BtVS without any of the supporting characters despite such a rich cannon, is, at the very least, short sighted. Wouldn’t they want to introduce a new slayer to lessen the obligatory and most likely negative comparisons? The use of the name “Buffy” as the Vampire Slayer is to capitalize on the built in fan base. Except these are the same fans the Kuzuis are offending with the reimagining of the Buffyverse. Silly and not an economically wise idea.

  • KDTV

    I’ve been dying to see a Buffy movie made since the show ended (especially a Spike-centric one), but a Buffy movie without Joss Whedon or any of our beloved Buffy cast? Worst idea EVER. Who on earth is going to see this faux-Buffy movie? I can guarantee you die-hard Buffy fanatics will be staying far away. None of us want to see our favorite show destroyed by writers who have no clue what they’re doing. All we can do is hope this horrendous idea never makes makes it past the pitch.

  • dao

    He is not very hopeful and doesn’t care anyway.
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  • Kermonk

    You know ausiello, you could have stretched that out for many many more paragraphs – joss himself usually talks page after page of waffle when he is trying to (avoid) making a comment on something – so it would only be fitting if you did as well!

  • hayley

    I’m kind of offended that they are even talking of making this movie. Without Buffy or Joss or anyone really, even one recast is too many. Where would it start? Is she in highschool again? will she lose all of her independence and edge to try and be the Hannah Montana (Not that there’s anything wrong with HM) of vampire slayers? I am against this.
    Sorry. That was way too long.

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