'Grey's Anatomy' exclusive: The George story you'll never see

Tr-knight-greys_l It’s now common knowledge
that T.R. Knight declined Grey’s Anatomy boss Shonda Rhimes’ request to briefly
return in season 6 to give his terminal George some closure. “I kind of get it,”
the series’ creator says in this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story. “[He’d]
emotionally walked away.” Fans, however, may not be quite as chill when
they hear the killer story she had planned for him. Exclusive details about
George O’Malley’s lost Grey’s Anatomy episode can be found after the jump…

In this fall’s season premiere, George will succumb to the injuries he sustained after getting mowed down by that bus in last May’s finale. But that wasn’t supposed to be the last we saw of him. Says Rhimes, the episode was then going to flash back to the hours during which George was missing, from when he left the hospital to when he returned later on as a disfigured John Doe.

“I wanted to see his last day [alive] really badly,” she says. “What I thought was interesting was the idea of, we now know it’s the last day of someone’s life, [so we’re] looking at it differently than [we] would any other time.”

Viewers would have also seen firsthand how George’s split-second decision to save that girl’s life cost him his own. “I wanted to see the moment he leapt in front of the bus,” Rhimes confirms. “I wanted to bookend the episode [so that] the first time you see him leap in front of the bus, it’s really scary. But the second time you see it, he’s a hero.

“I thought it would have been a beautiful episode,” she continues, adding that, had we seen those missing hours, “We might have learned something new about George.”

Although disappointed she wasn’t able to tell that story, Rhimes insists she’s content with how George’s five-year arc concluded. “We really got to see him grow up,” she says. “It really does feel like we watched a full evolution of a character, and I feel good about that.”

Still, I would’ve loved to have seen those flashbacks. What about you? Do you wish Knight had stuck around a little longer to give us George’s last day? Or do you agree with him that the final shot of his character standing outside the elevator was “the best way to leave
it”? Comment away below!

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  • Eric

    He should of returned for one final episode. He’s disappointing his fans, so we’re supposed to follow and support him in his future endeavors? I get why he wanted to leave the show, but it’s the fans that lose out in this, not Rhimes.

    • Evelyn

      I could not take more sadness. So is better to live it the way it ended. I had hope that he was coming back. I liked seeing George and I am going to miss him dearly. I wish T.R. Knight the best and hope to see him in other TV shows.

    • Brent

      I will love the show no matter what Shonda Rhimes does unless she kills Derek, Merideth, and Slone! If she does ill never watch the show agian

  • EveatEden

    I would have liked to see it but I also feel the finale was a good ending.

  • Adam

    I do not believe one word of that! Why would she throw someone under a bus (litterly!), then want to relive his day in a flash-back? Not only that sounds awful, this isn’t LOST!
    And do we really buy she wanted to tell his story? I mean…he has had a GREAT story these past few seasons..right?
    I call B.S.

  • Scott King

    The show has gone so far down hill anyway. I half thought they’d bring in another actor and explain the looks/personality change due to the accident. At least they are killing off George.

  • Bean

    I would have loved to see George’s last day, but I respect his decision. I do think it is a little tacky for Shonda to be like “this is what could have been, but TR cheated all of you out of it”. Ok, she didn’t exactly say that, but it is kind of implied. She’s also kind of saying, “if you had waited just a BIT longer you would have had a whole episode to yourself”, which i also think is a little twisted. I feel like they are definitely having a calm media war. There is a land called Passive Aggressiva, and TR and Shonda are King and Queen. ;)

  • Xav

    Even if I would have liked to see it. I think it’s best we don’t see more of it. I’m not sure that the first episode of season 6 would have worked as a George’s character centered episode. We now need to see how it’s gonna affect the rest of Seattle Grace.

  • Tass

    A little flash back of how he decide to serve army and the accident heroic action would make people remember more about him.

  • Kate

    I would’ve tuned out for that episode. I really can’t stand George so I’m not feeling sad over the fact that he’s going to be killed off. In fact, good riddance.

  • Mira

    That would have been really cool to see. Shonda needs to do a death/life-or-death scene right – there are fans who stuck with her during the ferryboat debacle!

  • Lea

    This sounds like a great episode, but I’d be willing to bet that Shonda only came up with the idea to make TR Knight look bad AFTER he decided to leave. She seems like an incredibly manipulative person.

  • Adam

    Bean, 100% agree! Sounds like she’s putting this all on him…telling the fans, “look what he prevented you to see”
    I agree, like I said, I don’t believe one word out of her mouth.

  • sara

    Shonda finally decides to do a George centric episode AFTER he leaves the show? Up until the final ep she gave him all of 17 words to say all season. please, she really is just tryng to make TR look bad.

    • Pandora

      Yeah, they ignore the character all season, looks like he is finally starting to get a story line and they kill him? Please!
      I think it speaks a lot also that instead of just letting George go off to the army, they kill him altogether. No chance of maybe coming back even if just a guest appearence.
      Pathetic treatment for someone who’s been there from the beginning.

  • moreofthesame

    SR is full of BS. I stopped believing anything coming out of her mouth during S3. I am so done with this show.

  • Cory

    I think it would have been an amazing, touching episode, and I’m sad T.R. decided not to come back. Hopefully, there will still be some closure.

  • Nicolars

    I don’t blame him for not wanting to return…if my employer had treated me as poorly and as dishonestly as Shonda treated TR, I wouldn’t go out of my way to do them any favors.

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