'Ugly Betty' exclusive: Look who's returning!

ugly_betty_lI didn’t think he’d stay away for long, and goshdarnit, I was right: Grant Bowler has inked a deal with Ugly Betty to reprise his role as Wilhelmina’s crooked ex, Connor, for multiple episodes, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Last seen at the end of season 3, Connor fled town after Betty discovered that he had embezzled millions from Meade Publications. Willie spent the rest of the season mending her broken heart — a process I’m guessing will spill over into the fall.

Happy the little thief is back? Sound off below!


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  • Tim

    When I saw ur post, he was my first thought. lol I’m happy he’s back. Good news for Willie I hope! http:tvtimepodcast.com.

  • Natalie

    Awwww, I thought it was going to be Henry. Henry was perfect for Betty.

  • redmagicwoman

    And I thought it would be Henry. now I´m dissapointed.

  • Bec

    Didn’t realise that another Australia actor was in USA. We don’t have recent “Betty” episodes here – hope he’s retained his accent.

  • Daya

    I used to like Connor, but he eventually got on my nerves…especially after he messed with Willie and ran. (Willie can be evil sometimes, but I was sad to see her heart broken.)

    I was hoping to see that it was Lauren Velez…Little Miss Nursie (can’t remember her name!) and Ignacio were sweet together.

  • Melissa

    I wonder if he’s Daniel’s brother through Claire’s affair with Matt’s father.

    • SirLizard

      Uh, Melissa, Claire and Cal’s son is around 20 years old, not in his forties.

  • Sunny

    I was hoping for Gina Gambaro… this dude is boring.

  • Melena

    Ah man I was hoping for Henry or even Gio – as much as I like Matt I wish they hadn’t made Henry kind of unlikable and that Gio hadn’t left.

  • Becky

    OK, just when are we going to start towards the ultimate coupling on this show??? – Daniel & Betty!! Come on everybody, you’ve got to have seen this one brewing!! They keep dropping us all kinds of hints – 1) Betty is good for Daniel. She’s made him a better person. 2) Daniel’s good for Betty. She’s turning into a formidable business woman and publisher with strong ethics! 3) Right before Mr. Meade died, he told Betty that she reminded him of his wife and told her to take care of and stay with Daniel. He wasn’t just talking about her relationship w/Daniel in the friendly, business sense! 4) Daniel’s mother even sees that the two of them belong together. Remember how many times this last season whenever Daniel began talking about his horrific lovelife, she’d immediately assume he was talking about his relationship w/Betty which would throw him off for a moment. Then she’d look disappointed that it wasn’t Betty he was obsessing over. 5) None of their relationships with others ever work. In fact, their reliance upon each other has hindered more than a couple of each’s relationships with others! 6)And isn’t it odd that Daniel’s dying wife’s ghost showed up and stood right behind Betty at the awards ceremony just as he gave such a touching speech (which I’m sure Betty and everyone else present assumed was directed at Betty) talking about love, loyalty and inspiration. Why did she stand right behind Betty? Psst…It was a blessing!)7) And who did he call (who does he ever call when something happens)first to comfort him after his wife died? Can we PLEASE start moving these two closer together!?!? I don’t know…a little jealousy on Daniel’s part as he watches Betty dating other guys…or vice versa… Come on!!! This show probably has about 2 seasons of life left. It’s going to take at least a season to make them aware of each other and another season to get them to work through their differences (rich boy/poor girl), (gorgeous guy/diamond in the rough girl)…oh, this WILL be SO GOOD!

    Oh – Yes, Connor’s probably Daniel’s half brother but not through Faye Summers. Remember his mom burned up a birth certificate for the child she’d supposedly aborted many years ago.

    And I hope the writers get back to the funny, fast-paced wit that made the first season so memorable. They haven’t been quite the same since the writers’ strike.

    Love this show!

    • Jade

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but America Ferrarra (also producer of the show) has said in several interviews that Daniel and Betty will never get together. She said she hated the idea and has always imagined them as having a brother/sister relationship.

      • cibele

        Well, she can hate all she want. It’s time for the producers to grow some back bone and do courageous things ’cause this show is gonna get canceled. And obviously, Betty and Daniel are not working out with other people. Everybody expects them to be together eventually. So WHY NOT? Are they gonna sit and wait for this show to get canceled? Do something, UB writers.

      • Jordan

        Just a correction – actually, two corrections: (1) America Ferrera isn’t a producer of the show, and (2) There has never been any official interview where America has dismissed anything, even Daniel/Betty. Once again, that’s actually just a rumor that people have taken as fact.

      • Jordan

        Correction, love: (a) America Ferrera isn’t a producer of the show (You must be thinking of Salma here), and (b) America has never said anything against Daniel and Betty during any interview, written or televised. Again, this is just another example of how a rumor has been taken and accepted by fans as factual.

    • Livia

      Producer Silvio Horta also recently announced that Daniel and Betty will never be a romantic couple. It’s not true she didn’t work with other people. The current romance with Matt isn’t very popular but Henry-Betty had a strong following at the time and Gio-Betty has a huge following that is active to this day.

      • cibele

        If those romances worked out, why they are not together? To me that indicates the “did not work out” status, they are over, history. And I really liked Matt, that one was working, but they created a way to ruin that.

      • Margaret

        If they pass up Betty/Daniel, they’re nuts. It’s canon in virtually all other versions of this show worldwide, for a REASON. The fundamental core of the show is about these people together, and its fundamental tone is romantic comedy. Matt = a nonstarter. Gio = I loved, but mysteriously the writers chucked that good idea. Henry = started adorable, has now been run so deeply into the ground we will never see it again. I liked Molly, but that’s done for good. The whole idea of the story takes its power and its narrative arc from Betty and Daniel being opposites who slowly come together. And IMHO, it would be the greatest thing the show could do: The once-shallow, wealthy, womanizing guy finally comes to realize that Betty is beautiful just as she is. (While I am not opposed to a gradual Betty makeover, I would never want it to be as stupid as Daniel going, “Oh, she’s pretty now, so I’ll like her.” It would have to be about Daniel realizing he wants to deserve her.)

        Maybe the producers will pass it up, but that’s one of the reasons this show has lost a lot of its creative fire and energy the last few years: They keep playing it safe. Too bad if they do, I say.

      • Gillian

        “The current romance with Matt isn’t very popular but Henry-Betty had a strong following at the time and Gio-Betty has a huge following that is active to this day.”

        Funny thing is, Daniel and Betty are still quite popular with fans as well – even though they haven’t reached ‘couplehood’ yet. So, who knows? The producers have been known to change their minds with storylines, so perhaps we haven’t seen the end of the road for that potential Daniel/Betty romance.

      • Jordan

        You never know – Matt and Betty might become a popular couple later on, when things get better between them. As for Daniel and Betty, I wouldn’t mind seeing them together. They’re not much of a ‘cliche’ as some people may think. I think what they have going so far is sweet and natural.

      • alaina

        Well…you know what they say: Never say ‘never’. What the producers say one minute can always change the next. I think we’ve learned that much from watching this show so far, lol. For all we know, Betty could end up with Daniel when all is said and done.

    • Ana

      I totally agree. Your post is awesome. Not to mention, this is based on the novela and those characters end up together there. I hope so. But it would have to be done well. This jaded feminist needs the ridiculous fairy tale ending. Remember Ricki Lake in BabyCakes..?

  • Jane

    Bec – Grant was actually born in New Zealand, so he’s as much an Aussie as Russell Crowe, though I like him much better especially from his Blue Heelers days

  • Beatrice B

    I hoped it was Gio Rossi. Can’t wait to read news bout the most expected return of a character.

    BUT meanwhile. This news is not so bad. I just had a feeling it was Connor that Wilhelmina saw in the finale. Forget his thievery, he’s the Malemina and I love it when they are mean. (plus he’s darn sexy!!!!) I think it’s the only thing that might tempt me watch a few episodes of this show.

  • Emme

    I wish it had been Gio, too. They really need to bring him back. But Connor’s ok. It’s really hard for me to get excited about anything involving this show anymore.

  • MDEP

    The only person I would be super excited about is Santos, but I know that is never going to happen :( That being said, I really liked Connor, so I am happy to see him back. It makes sense he would come back – his ex just died. And I thought he was perfect for Willie.

  • Margaret

    I am glad to see Connor will return — the story between him and Wilhelmina isn’t over, plus I bet Connor is going to blame Daniel for Molly’s death, illogical though that would be. I dreamed last night that I was telling the producers of “Ugly Betty” that they needed to get Daniel and Betty together in the end — so apparently my subconscious votes yes on that!

  • cibele

    I’m probably the only one who does not want Gio or Henry back. I love both actors, I would be glad if they returned to the show without being linked romantically to Betty again, since I know they would be crushed on Betty again, I want them far away.

    • Gillian

      Nah, you’re not alone at all. I say screw both Henry and Gio. They’re old news, but some fans just don’t know how to let go. Now, Connor makes sense to bring back since his story was left open-ended. But Henry and Gio? We know where they both stand in Betty’s life now, so there’s no need to bring them back. They were just a bunch of guys who have come and gone, so whatever.

    • Jordan

      I never cared much for either Henry or Gio either.

    • Jordan

      Nah, not everyone wants them back. I don’t. With Connor, it makes sense to bring him back since his story was left hanging and it needs closure. But with Henry and Gio, we already know where they stand in Betty’s life. Their stories are over, but unfortunately, some fans can’t let it go.

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