'House' stars react to 'Huddy' pullback: 'I think it's very smart'

House boss David Shore’s surprising announcement that he plans to temporarily “pull back” on House and Cuddy this season drew interesting reactions from co-stars Lisa Edelstein and Robert Sean Leonard at Fox’s press tour bash last night. “It’s never a step back in my book,” says Edelstein. Adds Leonard : “It’s very smart. It’s a very boring storyline. And fans don’t seem to lap it up.” Were they being serious or silly? And what did Edelstein have to say about the fake Huddy sex backlash? Our complete red carpet run-in is after the jump…

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  • Pamela

    I don’t like Huddy storyline and am glad they are moving on. They have NO chemistry and are more like brother & sister.

    • Sandra

      Agreed. Seeing RSL and LE together on screen, I’d say bring THEM together on screen, because these guys really have chemistry together!

      • Corinne

        While I wouldn’t say they have NO chemistry, I do think they have 0 romantic chemistry.

        Cuddy and Wilson might work, but it all honesty, I’m tired of all romances on this show.

      • Lizzie

        I agree that LE and RSL are both wonderful and have great chemistry together, but Cuddy belongs with House – LOL! To say that House and Cuddy are like brother and sister makes me wonder if you’ve even watched the same show as me!

    • Sam

      I’m sorry but to say they have NO chemistry is just plain insane because whether you like “huddy” or not you can see they have chemistry. I just started watching the show and before I knew who they were I could see they had chemistry.

      • shana

        omg i totally agree huddy all the way!!!!

    • bush

      I like Huddy storyline and I hope they´ll keep it till the end

      • joke

        me 2

    • Annie

      OMG!! Yes they do!!! They would be good together. He’s too lonely and so is she. They need to hook up!

  • bondfool

    I agree with Robert Sean Leonard.

  • karen

    I want Huddy to happen..I think Robert was joking..There is a load of Huddys out there..

  • Daniel

    Huddy sex is as boring as you Ausiello only talking about Huddy sex, B-O-R-I-N-G, please move on

  • Kate

    Wow – They so didn’t want to give you any info! lol ;D

  • Kate

    Forgot to mention: While I think RSL was joking… I wish he was serious! For me personally, (and no disrespect to Huddy fans), but any step back from that is a step in the right direction.

  • Fernanda

    “And fans don’t seem to lap it up.” That is the quote that makes me think he was joking, if he was not, it’s not really important, right?
    Oh, Ausiello, you enjoy doing this.

    As long as the show’s creators think they have chemestry, there’s nothing to do, honey.

    (Ugh, it’s a bit disturbing that some people think that is what they could call a brother/sister relationship).

  • Liddy

    You mean that the cast is aware that a big chunk of their audience loathes the Huddy storyline? After trying to shove it down our throats last season could magically make us forget how awful and lame it was? Wonders never cease.

    • Caroline

      I doubt that a HUGE portion of them do. I personally like it. But I don’t watch it JUST for Huddy. I like the medical mysteries. The show IS called House for a reason. The Huddy only adds to it for me. It’s the number one most watched show in the world as of season 5. So obviously, they are doing something right.

  • Mia

    people who take RSL seriously are clearly not familiar with his sense of humour.
    and sorry but no chemistry? I beg to differ.
    Hugh, Lisa & Robert have the best electricity of TV. you can mix & match them, they always deliver killer scenes!

  • Rachel

    Lisa saying “Who many times do you get to lose your virginity twice?” was way too funny:D
    I love House and Cuddy and I think they have a sparkling chemistry:D
    But I also agree that they have to wait until House recovers to follow that storyline…
    And what did Lisa mean with the “The truth lies behind these eyes” thing?…Was she trying to say something with that?

  • Alex

    Hugh, Jennifer, Jesse and Omar have also the best chemistry in the House, Shore just doesn’t want to use it, his lost and the show’s not mine.

    • Sandra

      Absolutely! House and the old team were so perfect, these guys have so much chemistry, they rock!

    • lyly

      You’re so right!

  • Melanie

    I love Huddy.
    I hope they will still persue it after a while, it seems interesting enough to me.

    • Eletron

      Agreed. I mean, House and Wilson have more chemistry on set than House and Cuddy IMO. More RSL and HL IS WANTED!

      • Amarantha

        So true! I love House and Wilson together!

    • Chazz

      you must have a really boring life

  • Angélique

    Wow, totally agree with RSL ! We need more of House/Wilson interactions and less House/Cuddy, RSL is really great when he’s on screen.

    • Caroline

      You DO know that he was joking, right? That’s his style of humor.

      • Chazz

        Caroline, so you must be close personal friends or something?

  • Tina

    If there’s one thing I’ve always love about House producers is that they got b*lls! XD OMG I’m so happy I quit this show ages ago!!! XD

    • Jan

      I fyou quit it, then why are you even reading about it??

      • Tina

        It’s a problem for you if I “even” read about it? I like all the taleted actors, so I like to see their interviews, I just hate the boring storyline!

  • Elena, 21

    Wow. Can’t people appreciate good writing and good drama, then BASH other peoples choice of ship? I mean, come on. It’s pathetic now after five years, get over it. The writers know what they’re doing.

    The only BAD thing about House is the disrespectful fans from both sides who seem to be so self indulgent about their own ships etc. that they completley miss the rest of the show.

    I can’t wait until they all leave, and let people who just want to watch the show without the hate and the stupid petty fights every week on the internet let us watch it in peace! For Christs sake. You lot take it too seriously!!

    Don’t you have jobs? Don’t you have families? Or do you enjoy sniping at each other over something that is not even in you control!!

    • Jada

      ITA. It’s lame and doesn’t acheive anything.

    • Courtney

      Elena, thank you for posting what I would never have to courage to post! I wanted to say all that you said after reading the first three posts, but now I don’t have to!

      Anyways, putting Foreman in charge is just stupid.

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