Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Grey's,' 'House,' 'NCIS,' 'Bones,' 'Gossip Girl,' 'Supernatural,' and more!

Got a scoop request about your favorite show? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of […] Read the full post.

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  • Rachel

    Any theories about the Brothers & Sisters scoop? Does this include extended family or just the Walkers…i’m thinking it might be Sarah

    • 5am

      noooo, not Sarah, let it be someone else…maybe Ryan, hate that guy

      • Rachel

        totally on board with the Ryan hate

  • Chloeville

    Thanks for taking a question about Chloe.

    Still, I’m not sure how many folks will be interested in watching 10 episodes of junk in hope that an ambiguous “twist” won’t be another huge disappointment in the long line of kick the Chloe developments.

    I’m really shocked the show runners haven’t done more to reassure the hemmoraging fanbase. I guess they don’t care if Chloe fans watch. Which is good, because I don’t think many will.

    • Autumn

      Too True. I know I’m not planning on tuning in. If that is all there is to look forward to for Chloe fans, then…that’s just sad. I’ll just read the twist in recaps and laugh at how sucky it probably will turn out to be.

  • dryedmangoez

    Kidnapped’s Michael Mosley, most recently of KINGS!

  • Jen

    Thank you for the Gossip Girl scoop, but can someone please translate what he said in French? Also, can we please please please have Blair/Chuck scoop!!

    • Catsy

      Translation: Lady GaGa makes an appearance in the special episode “Halloween”. Batman also. And Robin. And…Do you see where I’m going? (They are all disguises, my friend)

    • LH

      I am of the opinion we can never have too much Chuck/Blair scoop or C&B awesomeness for that matter. Blair & Chuck/Chuck & Blair are so delightful!!

  • Kalie

    Thanks for the “Supernatural” & “Smallville” scoop!

    • Clark Kent

      awsome somebody who like both of these shows :)

  • Robert

    Regarding your Chuck scoop… Any chance they are trying to create a fun role for a guest appearance by Richard Dreyfuss, who played the dashing and suave dictator of a small, fictitious nation called Parador, in the movie Moon Over Parador? Seems like a odd coincidence that they would create a name for a fictitious country that had been used previously in a major movie and it wouldn’t be the first time they had big name guest stars on the show (Chevy Chase and Scott Bakula come to mind)

    • Vicki

      I KNEW I had heard that name and scenario before. Thank you for reminding me where.

  • Anna

    Vampire Knight?? Seriously? That’s the name of a really popular manga series. It seems like one of the writers must be a fan.

  • Donna

    I wish Grey’s producers would talk about something else other then MerDer. How many times do they need to tell MerDer fans that they will be together? Seems like its said over and over since the writer’s strike. Has to be the most neurotic fanbase in tvland to require such constant reassurance. Too bad the show continually appeases them. A little wondering about what would happen with them could have made them somewhat interesting instead of dull.

    • sarah

      Maybe it’s because Mrs. Rhimes talked about it? “Reverberations”? IzzMe’s Anatomy?

    • kelly

      IA. MerDer fans are a bunch of whiny babies. If they don’t like the show, then they should stop watching instead of spending every day and every hour complaining all the time. MerDer are sooooo yestersday. Viewers were completely bored with them after the early seasons. That’s why more characters were and continue to be added to the show.

    • angela_p

      I agree give me news about the real star and great storlines on that show, BAILEY!!!!! and for the Great Love Affair OWEN & CHRISTINA! who cares about MERDER!

    • Maria

      Agreed. MerDer are so 2005. Nobody cares anymore other the the rabid teenies that Ausiello panders to.

    • GG

      Perhaps one of the reasons people want to know about the fate of Mer Der is because the creator has messed with the fans for 5 seasons and they’re sick of the back and forth. Just a thought…

  • topoopon

    For Chuck’s Parador dictator: Richard Dreyfuss. (As in “Moon Over Parador”)

  • The1337

    Wow, nothing notable and I watch a lot of those shows.

  • Pat

    Can the twist be that she goes back to being a reporter? If not I don’t care.

  • Tyler

    So, I know Greek starts up again at the end of the month….any chance we can get some spoilers about the season?

  • Whitney

    Thanks a lot Ausiello! I actually had to Google: “French to English translation” to figure out your Gossip Girl scoop! LOL But it sounds interesting…

  • SnazzyO

    “Cool twist”? Not going to watch 10 Clois-fest episodes for a “cool twist” moment for Chloe.

    Not good enough but thanks for trying.

    • Dee

      Given the ratings are barely at 2 million, I think a lot of people agree with you.
      SV is slowly isolating themselves from their audience by just focusing on Clois (yuck). You can complain about Clana all you want but when they were the focus the show was the highest rated drama on the network!
      With the way things are going, I don’t even know if the show will make it to its 10th episode. Oh, what a mess :(

      • Pat

        Yeah I can’t stand this ICONIC bs. At least with Clana I understood why they were together and why they loved each other. Clois just makes no sense within the Smallville universe. I’m not talking about the other representations of Clois in Superman Universe because it makes sense in those. It seems that Smallville!Clois is trying to ride on the coattails of Iconic!clois and are not bothering with logical development.

      • Amy Leigh

        Path, 2 words I hate the most: iconic and mythos. Well, I’ll just be happy that season 9 will be the last. Can’t wait to see Allison Mack in other things.

      • Katie

        I have to laugh @ the Clois soft core porn pimping by PS – because “Stiletto” featuring EDLois: series record low ratings, & the numbers for their big Operation Wild Cherry” – 104 EDLois fans. Pathetic.


  • Jamie

    Thanks for answering my Addison/Private Practice question. Not the answer I wanted though. I wanted closure with Noah. I can’t stand whiney stupid Morgan.

    • Tara

      I don’t think the writers on that show know how to do closure.

      Kate Walsh is sadly wasted on it but Shonda has her to thank for keeping it on air.

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