'Smallville' exclusive: First look at the super season 9 trailer!

Zod! Metallo! The iconic S! Lois in peril! Chloe throwin’ some ‘tude! Clark in mid air! All of that and more can be found in the action-packed new trailer for Smallville‘s upcoming ninth season. An exclusive first look awaits you after the jump…


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  • Melinda

    That looks amazing!!! I can’t wait for this season.

    • Acaela

      Am I the only person who’s wondering if we’re ever going to see the other two of the big three? Are we getting a Batman or Wonder Woman sighting ever? Not that I don’t like the show, but we’ve gotten just about everyone and everything else ever in the DC Universe. Give us some Bruce and Diana!

      • Red Robin

        They can’t use Batman, because his copy right is currently being controlled by the movie franchise. Wonder Woman has a similar problem.

      • Randomroy

        I always thought they could introduce a young bruce. One that perhaps had just had his parents killed. then do a spin off…
        No chance after Begins/Dark knight though.

      • Bobby

        The first reply is correct; there are some legal issues. Plus, Bruce, at this time in Clark’s life is off on his own road to becomming the Dark Knight (traveling the world, learning anything and everything possible); and Diana Prince does not visit Earth until she takes the Wonder Woman mantle, which is after Clark has taken the name “Superman” given to him by Lois. Now, Smallville has already messed with quite a bit of the mythos, so who’s to say they can’t tweak it a bit to include a Bruce and Diana encounter with Clark? It’d be cool, no doubt…

      • Katie

        I think the reason they introduced Oliver Queen as Green Arrow was as a way to explore the nature of Clark’s relationship with Bruce since they couldn’t use Bruce Wayne due to legal restrictions. Ollie and Bruce are similar in that they are both billionaires who have a different approach to “justice” than Clark. Ollie has a darker view of the world and often wants Clark to use more force and darkness to get the job done while Clark clings to his hope in humanity and in setting a good example for others. It’s an interesting conflict between the two. I think they’ve done a good job of establishing the kind of friendship that Clark and Bruce will have in the future by showing us his relationship with Oliver. I like Ollie on the show.

      • Matt

        In one of the early seasons there was a sighting of a “Bruce”. Not to say that he was Bruce Wayne, but it was at one of the private schools rich boy parties. Anyway, I remember Bruce saying he had to get back to Gotham to Queen.

    • Katie

      Season 9 looks like it’s going to be fantastic. Season 8 was a huge improvement over Season 7. The producers have said it was a “transition” season as they moved Clark forward. Really excited to see him really start to embrace his alien side. It should be interesting to see him try and fight his humanity and his feelings for Lois. He’ll try to turn his back on his humanity only to realize that he can’t because he loves her. Callum Blue looks really great as Zod. Can’t wait to have a really bad ass villian again.

      • Spencer

        I really have stopped liking the show since Season 5 ended. It’s watchable, but that’s all I’m afraid. Not what it used to be.
        They COMPLETELY ruined Doomsday. But, your opinion is your opinion. I hope Season 9 makes some repairs.

    • Jennifer

      I’m sooooo excited to see Tom again!!! After I saw the trailer, I wanted to jump up and down and squeal like a little girl! Season 8 to me, was boring and I was starting to get discouraged. My husband and I discussed that you can only drag this out so long before you a) run out of ideas or b) HAVE to have Clark dawn the tights. I’m kind of curious as to see what direction the writers are going to go with Zod seeing as how Zod appeared in the 2nd Superman movie. Yes, I know, these two story lines have nothing to do with each other. Who cares?! Tom is back!!!

    • Erik

      Bring back LEX LUTHER.

      • Brandon


    • cloverdale bc real smallville

      all the seasons led up to this.the ninth great installment of clark kent becoming superman or maybe it will take 10 11 12 seasons.who caresI’m ready for as many seasons as it takes.Its been a great way to spend my thursday nights.Now my fridays will be even better god speed smallville keep it coming!!!!!

  • Becca

    Wow…that was incredible! I’m stoked about Season 9.

  • CJ Sonic

    For the first time, in a very long time. I am actually excited for a new season of smallville

    • Mary Rose

      I totally agree with you!!!
      Can’t wait for Sep. 25th!!!

    • Gina Vera

      me too. . i’m going to miss the show but is going out on top this is going to be the best season ever!

  • Shelley

    OMG!!! I love it. I am Super Excited:D

    • michael sales

      smallville is looking great but when do we get it in the U.K .

  • Son of Jor-el

    WOW!!!!! This season looks great. I was at the Comic Con panel and there seems to be growing buzz around this show. i think DVD sales have really helped to grow the fan base. Look forward to having something to watch on Friday nights!!!

  • Zoot

    Holy mother of ***, Callum looks awesome as Zod!

  • Leanna

    This show should have been cancelled five seasons ago. It’s like how much more can they do with it? It’s exhausted.

    • Fuelbot

      I think I’m in love with you for saying that.

      • Banana

        Yeah, ’cause that’s not creepy.

      • Zachoid Sutto

        Are you gay?

    • Jean

      your such a f*cking jerk for saying that

      • Patricia

        Jean I m definitely in love with you for saying that

      • Jean

        i love you too

      • Zachoid Sutto

        who is

      • Dorsydoll

        Jean Patricia, since you’re sooooo in love with each other, Then what are you waiting for, Happy married life! (irritated hiss)

    • george

      “It’s like”?Now idiots are starting to type the way they talk…using the word ‘like” between every other word.

      • Chris

        Like no we aren’t. Dude, Smallville will be the totally best how on tv ever. Just watch baby.

    • javier


      • Yogurt


    • PG817

      Don’t watch it then… learn how to work the tv remote

      • Lynda

        Thank you for saying that. So many people complain about watching Smallville, but it’s their own fault…they have the power to change the channel….SO DO IT!!!!

    • bob

      leanna are you dumb or what?
      that trailer for season 9 makes it clear that they are doing something good with season 9

      the past seasons were a waste i agree with you there

      but this one will be good

      • cloverdale bc real smallville

        all the seasons added intrique,superb story telling.I really as if I’ve grown up with Clark Kent I hope there is a season 10,11,12.12 should do it.thanks smallville for the memories.

      • john

        are you kidding ima proud owner of every season and countless smallville merchendise this is one of the best super hero stories ever told and the details (streched or not)are amazing but on the other hand im glad they are adding more action and less drama ima sucker for lana and just wish there was more of her in store and man can alicia baker rise from the dead…. please

    • Foopher

      you apparently haven’t been watching

    • kryptonian x

      ur just a hater leanna

      • Zachoid Sutto


    • Khawaja

      I agree!! lol

    • Karlie

      What’s your favorite show? Whatever it is, I think it should be canceled, too. Feel good?

      If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. No one is holding a gun to your head. To insist that something a lot of other people enjoy should be ended just because you don’t like it is pretty selfish. Do you quit playing and take your ball home when you’re losing, too?

      BTW, in order to have the right to make such a judgement, you would have to be watching it. If you aren’t, you have no right to make any comment on it’s quality. If you are, then why are you watching something you think is so bad?

      • Michelle

        How much you want to bet that they can quote every episode with the rest of us that love the show

    • superboy17

      i agree with karlie dont like it dont watch it this show is awsome and season 9 is going to be an awsome season. i never miss this show!!.

      • Daniel

        thats right i watch every episode even during the reruns, if they dont like it then dont wath it those people only watch the ones that are of interest to them not like us die hard SMALLVILLE FANS we watch all of them, and i can say this new season premiere will be the best one yet it is like wine the more with age the better it is, even in the world of SMALLVILLE he more seasons the better it is. happy watching

    • Mike

      Man, you don’t know a great show when you see one … youmust be an idiot

      • john

        thank you i own them all and have been through every season 26 tymes and counting i just hit round 2 on season 8 and i bought it at midnight on monday… the soonest they could release it

    • Zachoid Sutto

      Leanna all you are is a sissy little girl who loves hannah montanna your a hater smallville is a successful show it will last longer than you think why don’t you stuff your stupid little poorly made comment up yor stupid poorly made a**!

    • Adam

      Theres much more they can do with the show. We haven’t even seen clark fly and Doomsday may still be alive……….

    • AC

      Are you an idiot, or just do you just not enjoy a good superhero flick? Smallville has paved the path of interest back to comics, if not for it I don’t think we would have all these comic movies and shows being made!

  • Victor Hugo

    Wow!!!! I can’t Wait…

  • Stan

    …That’s it ????

    • Foopher

      what do you mean that’s it

  • JRose48

    That’s neat. I was already looking forward to the new season. I think “dark Clark” is a little weird, but I’m willing to just go with it. It’s about the big picture.

  • David4

    I’m so glad they moved it to the Friday death slot. Finally this show might end!

    • PG817

      you wish

      • David4

        I pray to god all the time, and never get an answer, maybe I should pray to the devil instead.

      • Zachoid Sutto

        David4 what the hell

    • Mike S

      OH NO! Friday night is the soon to be dead show slot! I hope they can push it one more season. I will miss the show alot! :(

      • M

        I know! It’s the death-spot. It has killed so many good shows, but hopefully smallville will be able to survive :P

      • cloverdale bc real smallville

        me too, sad to see it end.anything on a season 10

    • Dorsydoll

      OMG!!!! If you dont like it DON’T EFFIN WATCH IT IDIOT! Stop being an educated illiterate.

    • john

      well for not liking the show you sure are spending a lot of tyme hasseling us i bet you are a sex and the city kinda lame thirty five still living with your mommy kina guy huh

    • Jon

      This show was brilliant but really should have ended at season 5, His dads death was really what pushed him into being Supes in the comics, now it feels like this is really dragging on and how long can the keep saying Red blue lur for ffs!?

  • brandy

    can. not. wait.

  • Lori

    OMG this season looks to be the best yet! love the suit, love Chloe as Watchtower, love shirtless Justin HOT

  • Nick

    I’m baffled by the haters on here. The show has gotten much better over the last couple of years since they finally quit with all that crappy Lana stuff and started using more DC characters like Green Arrow and the Legion. Season 10 should be the best yet now that they’re finally putting Clark in a precurser to the real costume.

    • Mike

      I don’t agree with Nick. DC characters have taken over the show. Just read the comics, SV is tired and has been for years.

      • PG817

        Mike then stick to the comics. I am glad Smallville isn’t the comics.

      • Zachoid Sutto

        the whole point is dc characters

    • jess

      i totally agree with you Nick. I’ve you made it through season 6&7 you were happily rewarded with Season 8 for the most part. And 9 promises to be awesome!!

    • Chappel

      People bash Smallville because it isn’t the show THEY want it to be. No matter what the show does there will always be people who complain. That’s their prerogative and no show can please everyone. I take it for what it is and always enjoy it. Looking forward to the new season and, hopefully, much more from the delightful Erica Durance. A few good super fight scenes wouldn’t hurt, either.

      • Foopher

        You rock

      • Fatima

        Completely LOVE Erica. She’s a great Lois. And :PP to anyone else that doesn’t think so.

    • Shelly

      shhhhhhhh, all the haters are Chlarkeres/Chloisers ;)

      • Hells


      • Amy

        And what are you? A cloiser? How does it feel to be generalized?

      • Sarah

        Anybody else think it’s annoying to go through the comments hoping to get some info about Smallville, and have to read all the people going “I hate Smallville”, “well then you’re stupid” “no you’re stupid”. I’m not trying to b mean but really what are we five. Stop wasting everybody’s time saying how you wish the show was canceled. It isn’t yet get over it. And true fans of Smallville let’s ban together and stop encouraging it by calling them names.

    • Christina

      I couldn’t agree more. I have watched all the seasons, and there has been good and…not so good seasons throughout. I like Lana, but it was getting old. She was constantly on the verge of tears. It was a little annoying. But now, like you said, they are including great characters, and thickening the plot. It has gone from a teen soap, or a comic book show. Very interesting. I just finished watching season 8 and am really excited for the new season to start.

  • kelly

    WOW, that is utterly amazing! Can’t wait for 9/25!

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