Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Gossip Girl,' 'Office,' 'House,' 'Fringe,' and more!

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  • Supernova

    Thanks for the GG scoop, Blair and Serena are always awesome to watch!

    About Smallville, I’m more interested in #Chlark spoilers and wether or not Chloe will get her dreamjob back you know the one we watched her work hard for the past 8 years. Journalism.

  • Pissed off

    KJ – If you don’t think that the sex is important, then why are you shoving this House/Lydia sex in our face in the premiere. I did not wait four months to see this. Did you think this is what the fans wanted? We’ve waited five long years and only get a hallucination. Then this premiere degrades everything that happened between H/C last year. I’m not annoyed. I’m pissed off and so are many others.

    • CLARA

      I’ m a French Huddy fan and i
      completely agree with you !!!!!!
      I’ M SO SO SO SO PISSED OFF !!!!!

    • Lydia

      Do you think we normal fans (i.e. non Huddy) have waited 4 years to see Huddy, Huddy fangirl?! The hell we have. Don’t start annoy us when you got the entire season 5 full of Huddy crap. It’s time this show goes back to being smart again. I’M SO PISSED OFF BY STUPID HUDDY FANS!

      • CTB

        Very mature…

      • Shut up

        What is for you a normal fan? People who enjoy H/C aren´t normal fans? Maybe we are not normal but we are a lot.

        And we are so happy. Thank you Ausiello.

      • Bear

        Lydia you are an idiot. Borderline girl.

      • Rem

        I’m so agree with have you said.
        Not everyubody watch House for the shiper. Why everybody think if someone don’t like the uddy crap, is because is hameron?… that is so simple explanation.
        I’m House fan, not huddy, not hameron. HOUSE FAN. so I WANT MY SMART SHOW BACK, and end with the stupid teenager thing like huddy.

    • CTB

      And to add sth, before I see more people saying that House/Cuddy fans want sex and just sex, we do know that real feelings are more important than physical relationships and at least they do acknowledge that. We don’t mean to say we want them to screw around like bunnies. We can live happily if we get a hug or a touch or a kiss.. It’s just that it is irritating the hell out of us that they say they want it real and they make the most real relationship tv has ever seen look like it came out from a novel!!!

    • SI

      Well, as a non-Huddy fan, I did not watch three intelligent seasons and one hit-and-miss season of a once original TV show only to have it be highjacked by a lame will-they-won’t-they arc that continues to play like something out of “As The World Turns” or “The O.C.” No offense to those that watch those shows, but I didn’t sign up for a soap opera or a teenage melodrama. I was hoping that we were done with that storyline. It’s stale and boring to anyone that isn’t a Huddy (yes, there are some of us left after last season) and doesn’t move the show forward at all.

  • sherman

    Aueiello, how shall we, the ausiello’s, make Nbc pump up the Chuck premiere date? Waiting until March is going to kill me, especially with all the fantastic scoop you have been giving out!

  • tyson

    Lame Smallville spoilers. How about something exciting and new!?

  • Angélique

    Oh gosh, more huddy to come in House, it’s that ? Well, I can’t stand to see that happen, it’s annoying, I don’t see a ounce of chemistry betweem them apart from disrepect and childness.

    • Luv

      I don’t see a ounce of chemistry betweem them apart from disrepect and childness.

      This why I can buy the huddy crap… c’mon what are they thinking…

  • Jacob

    I had a hunch you weren’t fluent in French, Mike… There were a few tell-tale signs in your structure (things I would have thought natives would have caught), but I commend your internet skills… Translators can be fun!

  • phil

    USC rocks. Ohio State is going down!!!


    HUDDY OMG YES MORE !!!!!!!!!
    I’ M SO HAPPY !!!!!!!!
    I LOVE HUDDY SO MUCH !!!!!!!!
    HUDDY IS MY ” SUNSHINE ” !!!!!!!!

  • smmythosforever

    Thank you for the Smallville spoiler, Ausiello. It’s very much appreciated

    Of course, we(the fans) already know from another source that Clark and Lois will be going on dates with other people. Clark will be going on a date with a girl whose name starts with the letter C

    • Amy Leigh

      Clark and Chloe are going on a date?? Maybe I will watch an episode of Smallville this season.

      • Bob

        I don’t want your expectations to be high, so I will say it’s not Chloe. The girls name is Catherine(some think that’s code for Cat Grant) but from the description I am guessing it’s not.

  • Liss

    Katie Jacobs, I love you. And I so look forward to that OT3 trip! Thanks for the post!

    • Bear

      Me too. Love OT3

  • Rrroberttt

    Michael, what about the new version of Scrubs? Take it or leave it?

  • Lynn

    That Office spoiler makes me MUCH MUCH too happy! I really hope they follow through with that for Andy.

  • Quilly

    Good Office scoop, but a fail on the Bones questions. I think it goes without saying that they’d be cooking up something special for the 100th episode. This is usually how things go, isn’t it? Curse you with that bit about the fall preview issue, because now I’ll go crazy until I know what’s in it!

  • max la menace

    morte de rire! je lis ask aussie toutes les semaines depuis des années mais je ne me suis jamais autant poilée que cette semaine!!! ce serait super s’il y avait un post en français par semaine!

    • lilisullivan

      I agree with you, this french thing that’s been going on for the past couple of week was hilarious. But it has to end at some point. Missy m’a bien fait rigoler, quel coquin ce Ausiello alors!

  • sandra

    OMG! Thanks for ruining House for me before the season even started – more HUDDY?! WTF?! Get over with that crap!!! Those fangirls who are so desperate that they need to see House and Cuddy have sex (I’m shuddering just from the thought) should rather tune into Grey’s Anatomy or GET A LIFE! Their lamenting about “FP’s character” getting the real thing is embarrassing to read for every person with a brain, seriously.
    On the show they’ve effectively ruined Huddy when they tried to shove into our faces that Cuddy is House’s “love interest”. Yeah, sure. LMAO. I’ll go off mourn for the Huddy FRIENDSHIP (which was actually great to watch) and my most favorite show ever.

    • Hope

      I hope that producer react soon, because this show is really embarrassing to watch… This is not a soup opera, IS A MEDICAL DRAMA, not a show for teenager.
      I hope the huddy thing over now!!!

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