'Vampire Diaries' ratings: They don't suck!

vampire-diaries_lThis should make up for those lackluster Melrose Place numbers.

Vampire Diairies drew an impressive 4.91 million viewers in its debut last night, making it The CW’s most-watched premiere ever (even beating 90210 last year). Among females 18-34 (a.k.a. The CW’s sweet spot), it notched a strong 3.1 rating.

Preliminary ratings suggest the fifth season premiere of Supernatural didn’t fare as well, drawing (a still decent) 3.4 million viewers.

Did you watch? Will you come back next week for seconds? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  • Kimmy

    booo heres hoping next week will be worse.. prob just got the ratings from supernatural

    • Reverend Newlin

      Supernatural is on after Diaries in my neck of the woods, unintended pun. It must be the work of the devil because God hates fangs! Even TV show fangs. Try living with real ones.

    • Fallon

      I’d like you to offer at least 3 reasons why you think that’s at all a reasonable excuse based on the data in this article.
      This will make it harder for you: Supernatural is on AFTER so no lead in. Also, Supernatural’s ratings were worse.

      • Shannon

        Reverend Newlin… he’s f–ing wit you people. If you watch True Blood which our commentor obviously does you would know this. He has to much of the lingo down plus he has graciously named himself after a character. True Blood the show is way off beat from the books but is a good show! As was Vampire Diaries, I really enjoyed it…

    • Martina

      It just shows what people will watch. I just don’t think kids should read the books, or see the show because Elena has a terrible attitude. She talks back to everyone. She is spoiled, bratty and thinks her advice has to be followed like the law by everybody. Especially in the books she needs a spanking. And whats with the blond hair????? What makes blond hair angelic? Who thinks blond is angelic besides maybe HITLER? No one I know. These books need to find the trash. I wouldn’t want a young girl to think that acting like that is a sign of strength. Its a sign of childishness.

  • Jason

    Seriously, how foolish do the networks (esp. CBS) now appear, cancelling Moonlight after one season and a Golden Globe win? Kudos to The CW for Vampire Diaries, a much-better-than-the-ratings Melrose Place, and the show I’m really looking forward to, The Beautiful Life—which has been critically praised as “the best script ever developed by the network.”

    • Jane

      Moolinght didn’t win a Golden Globe.

      • Jason

        Pardon me, a People’s Choice Award. Which, frankly, should carry more weight than the self-aggrandizing Golden Globes. At least actual TV viewers vote on the PCAs.

      • Jennie

        Jason, you are too much. Thanks for the LOL, dude. The PCA’s carrying more heft than the Golden Globes? Wow. Has Hell frozen over?

      • Jodi,

        Moonlight was an awesome show! It was fun and very much a hit with the public, earning its PCA. I agree with Jason in that that award I think is more important because it means the paying public likes you, not “the board”, “the guild” or whatever. I hope that the CW keeps VD around because it is also very entertaining.

    • XK

      /sigh. Is there -anything- that Moonlight fans won’t seize upon as a chance to bemoan the passing of the show? It’s been years… time to move on. :)

      • Javabooknut

        Actually it was only one season. And with Alex O’s new show most likely to tank we can hope that they could still resurrect was was a great show beyond just being a vampire show.

    • luvmichaeljohns

      I totally agree with you on Moonlight…so dissapointing!

    • Yesenia

      I totally agree Jason.

    • Fatima

      People’s Choice Awards are in no way worth anything. Honestly, if you let regular people vote, they’ll vote NCIS over Mad Men. And we all know as lovable as she is, it’s still going to be an inevitable joke when Sandra Bullock wins best actress for the Proposal at next year’s show.

      • sherrilina

        Um, yes, they ARE worth something as far as showing that a show has a good fanbase and is popular enough to NOT cancel! *rolleyes*

      • kirakira

        stfu, NCIS is awesome. :P

      • Jodi,

        I hope SB wins! The Proposal was a great show! I saw it a few times.

  • Jason

    Oh, and Kimmy and all the Supernatural nutjobs: Vampire Diaries had a 30% greater audience than Sam and Dean. Are your legions weakening, fading, or just non-existent? If you want the Winchesters on your TV each week, you’d better be skipping the medical dramas and tuning in Supernatural. A 2.2-rating ain’t gonna cut it, girls.

    • Derek

      Sick burn.

    • Mariah

      Jason, maybe you should take a look at SPNS ratings before you make comments about what will and won’t cut it for their ratings. 3.4 million is decent. It’s up from the finale last spring and higher than the shows average ratings for last season.

    • keanna montanna

      jason you should shut up if you haven’t got anything good to say. b**ch

      • emily

        you need to take some of your own advice dude

    • Kalie

      Not all “Supernatural” fans are nut jobs, but you most certainly sound like a jerk…I’m glad “Vampire Diaries” did so well in the ratings. It’s definitely a step up from reboots of “90210” or “Melrose Place”, but does anyone think those ratings are going to last? They’ll lose viewers until they settle into their loyal audience. Also, 3.4 million viewers is awesome for a show in it’s 5th season on such a small network. The CW doesn’t expect any more than that. Most of it’s shows have around 2 million viewers. And, if you think our ‘legions’ are ‘weakening’, SN actually experienced a ratings upswing in its 4th season, which is almost unheard of. The show has actually gained fans.

      • Nicole

        The CW did the right thing in premiring their shows this week. Next week all the other networks start their shows. I loved The Vampire Diaries (and am choosing to DVR it over Survivor this year) but I am sure it will take a hit when Bones, Survivor and Flash Forward start in the next few weeks. Same thing with Supernatural. I think Supernatural has it worse with CSI, Grey’s Anatomy and Fringe. It will be interesting to see where the ratings level out to once everything else starts back up.

    • Jess

      it probably has something to do with losing the Smallville lead in.

    • Maria

      Vampire Diaries is steadily losing viewers. It will settle into a loyal audience, but most people gave it a chance because of the vampire content will probably lose interest when they find out its just a soap opera that has nothing to do with vampires.

  • Danielle

    It was good, not great. Too much, too fast. I think they should have keep the brother out of the first few episode. Build up the drama between the two of them. Moonlight was much better and yummier.

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      I really like the show, but I agree with you. It moved at a blistering pace, and I felt like it would have been better to introduce the characters slowly, and less deliberately.

    • Marge

      I agree, Danielle. I was watching it thinking to myself that wow they are giving away all the secrets in the first episode. I’m surprised they didn’t tell us what the beef was between the brothers.

    • sherrilina

      I love Moonlight, and doubt that VD will top it, but I have to say that this pilot was MUCH better than the crappy Moonlight pilot, even if the ML show is better overall….

      • Jodi,

        Moonlight had a great cast. The stories were well written in that it kept my attention from week to week. I always hesitate to get real involved in new shows because they always seem to get cancelled and the stories never resolved, which makes me crazy:)

  • maiv

    that’s exciting. i’m always sad when promising shows start off to low numbers

  • Sam

    Vampire Diaries, boring opener. Looking at comments from some other websites, if the next week or two does not get more interesting, the ratings will start to dive.

  • Curt

    By far one of the weakest “vampire” shows in recent history. The show startred with a promising teaser about the couple driving home from the rock concert and the *gotcha* vampire attack, but it spiraled down afterwards. “Moonlight,” “Bloodties,” “True Blood,” “Forever Knight,” “Angel” and “Buffy” all did it much much better. On a night that is chock full of alternatives, I’ll definitely be watching something else – “Bones” anyone?

  • Antonia

    I thought it was GREAT ! They have a really good show here it’s one of my new favs and I’m 31 yrs old. I will DEFINATELY be coming back each week to see what happens. Thanks Kevin Williamson and CW for bringing us another good VAMPIRE SHOW….
    I can’t wait until she finds out what he is….. :)

    • Jess

      Ditto to everything! Antonia.

    • Kristy

      Loved the books VD is based on, read them in 8th grade (31 now!). I’m willing to give the show a chance. Thought the pilot was good, not great.

  • Hannah

    Happy for TVD, it’s a great show! I’m sure if Melrose hadn’t been up against Big Brother it wouldn’t have done so poorly. Most people watched it online or DVR’d it anyway.

    • Derek

      I think the CW would be smart to move Melrose to Mondays before Gossip Girl and have OTH move to it’s time slot, MP just doesn’t work well with 90210 IMO, and never has.

  • Lynn

    Come next week those ratings WILL DROP, and Supernatural will continue to stand strong…….”Supernatural didn’t fare as well”, PLEASE DONT EVER DISRESPECT THE SHOW LIKE THAT AGAIN AUSHOLE!

    • J

      How is he disrespecting the show by saying its ratings aren’t as good as TVD was? It’s called “calling it like it is.”

      • keanna montanna

        oh really?!?! well he should have said something nicer!

      • jenn

        I agree, some people are complete idiots. Saying something didn’t fare as well isn’t “mean.” Should Ausiello make up ratings from now on so he doesn’t hurt all the 14-year old girls’ feelings?

    • spikesgrl

      Ditto. I dvr’d Vampire Diaries to see what it was all about and I may or may not continue to watch it. But I will watch Supernatural until the very last episode.

      • linds

        You Supernatural people are a bunch of nutjobs! Said something nicer? What would you suggest? Would you like him to hold your hand when he tells you that the lead in was bested by a new series?

      • Mariah

        linds, TVD WAS the lead-in.

    • Fatima

      I am so afraid of Supernatural fans.

      • kate

        I’ve just gotten into Supernatural due to some of my friends. I swear I’m not crazy :) I enjoy the show.

  • Brooke

    Should we even care about Supernatural’s ratings? I’m almost wishing it doesn’t do as well so that the network doesn’t feel motivated to force it back for a 6th season that Kripke never intended to have.

  • Sophia

    I watched MOONLIGHT too… And I bought the DVD. I miss it BUT I have also moved on because there is NOTHING that can be done to bring it back so now. There is TRUE BLOOD and Vampire D. I NEVER miss TRUE BLOOD (TEAM ERIC)and now with this new show Vampire D. I won’t miss it either….

  • Paige

    There shouldn’t be any argument between 2 CW shows. If you like VD GREAT ! if you like Supernatural that’s great too.. People should just watch the shows they like the best and leave it at that. The CW has finally got more than 1 show (supernatural) that people will tune into watch. 90210 and Melrose should have never been brought back. They wasn’t good in the 90’s and they still aren’t good now. But with VD and SN they have really found shows that we want to watch. I hope it stays this way… With people tuning into these shows it would really be GREAT for the network… I like Sophia NEVER miss True Blood and I too won’t ever miss VD.
    Great work CW !

  • timotey

    It amuses me when people compare a show in its fifth year that depends more on male audience and faces the main part of a football coverage on NBC to a show in its first year, one that depends on female audience almost exclusively. The fact that both shows feature paranormal stuff doesn’t mean that they are compatible – imagine pairing up 7th Heaven with Gossip Girl… And remember what numbers Supernatural’s premiere had back then on WB!

    Besides, wait for the next week or two before you cry “success”! Do you remember the disaster field that was 90210 last year? It dropped from almost 5 mil. to barely 2 in one season.

    Supernatural might not have huge ratings but it proved to be more of a stable runner for the CW, even against heavy competition. Though I fear the influence of Fringe this year…

    • Mariah

      Word. I’m a little annoyed that Ausiello deliberately fanned the flames of competition by wording this in such an inflammatory fashion. The 8pm/7pm time slot just isn’t as competitive. Plus as SERIES PREMIERE is always going to get extra attention.

      • Fatima

        It’s weird that Supernatural fans at all feel like everything has to be a competition in the first place. As for Supernatural having a male demographic…not quite.

      • timotey

        Fatima – SPN and SV are the most male skewing series on the CW. The Vampire Diaries are aimed almost exclusively at women, it’s paranormal romance after all. That’s like comparing apples to oranges.

      • sherrilina

        Actually the 8/7 pm slot is VERY competitive, have you seen how many shows are going to be airing in thayt slot on Thursday?! Bones, Fringe, FlashForward, Community….the only thing is that they haven’t started yet, I suspect VD will lose viewers once they do…

    • Jodi,

      I didn’t like fringe. I found it boring. Supernatural has always been a great show IMO. These types of shows have their own type of fanbase. I would rather watch a so-so episode of VD than Gossip Girl or MP anyday. All of those shows are so similar that they don’t even hold my interest.

      • Riek

        Awesome site. I come to this for watching all moeivs. Gonna check out this vid now. I know you probably have a ton of vids to watch but i def recommend 7 years in tibet with brad pitt and yes man if you havnt seen them. Im glad you still have the entrepreneur spirit.

  • megan

    I enjoyed this show and I hope the rating don’t drop…at least not by much. Hopefully they will start to make the show more interesting.

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