Mariska Hargitay drops 'SVU' bomb: 'There's a lot of making out coming up'

A high-profile health scare. Contract renewal drama. Nearly a year without seeing me. You name it, Mariska Hargitay endured it in the past eight months. Yet my reigning BFF was surprisingly battle scar-free at Sunday’s Emmys. I guess it’s true what they say: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, more gracious, and extra generous with the spoilage. Which brings me to the quote in the headline. Who is she talking about? And is she joking? The answer’s after the jump…

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  • dinosaurL

    What about Warner making out with Fin?

    • kelsey rhae

      Melinda is married with a kid…so i doubt that. Fin does get a “lady friend” though according to Neal Baer.

      OMG do we finally get Liv and El together?!!??

      • Kelly

        I’ve thought about that, and I’m hoping that ‘lady friend’ is Alex. Just because they’d be cute together.

      • inturnaround

        So, you reject Warner with because she is married with a kid, but entertain the possibility of Liv hooking up with the married with children Stabler? C’mon Kelsey, be consistent. :)

      • Lauren

        What u and many of the people are failing to comperhand is that Mariska didn’t say anything about Finn and Melinda kissing she said that Olivia and Elliot go and kiss. I’m just correcting u and i hope you and the other people who wroye the same question like yours dont feel angry or upset at me .

    • Lauren

      Melinda and Finn are not making out Elliot and Olivia are. duhhhh u didnt see the video?

  • Bill


  • donner

    Love her!

  • Shan

    Hell, I’d love my job too if I were getting $300,000+ for a few days work!

    • bashia

      actually, now it’s $400,000+ lol

  • doxiemom

    She makes the show, the chemistry between her and Elliot hs to go somewhere, lets hope

    • jenn

      No way! If they make out, their characters lose all credibility, in my opinion. Not all close relationships involving people of the opposite sex have to culminate in, well, sex, and if they haven’t done it in ten years, they don’t need to do it. For it to happen, it will have to be after a DEVASTATING case, one that really shakes them to their core and they just can’t hold back any longer. But it will really piss me off if that happens because Elliot just got back with Kathy and Olivia is supposed to know better. Both of them need a partner that isn’t anchored in tragedy, and besides, Olivia wants a baby, and if Elliot has his twentieth kid with her I won’t be able to respect either one of them. I know they’re human beings and they make mistakes, but it will ruin the show for me. Why does everyone discount the significance of an intense friendship? Why does the fact that they aren’t romantic with each other make their relationship any less special?

      • KATT

        I totally agree! If there is anything between the two, it should be left to the imagination! That would ruin the show for me too!

      • Mickey Z.

        here here!! I totally agree with ALL your points Jenn… Benson and Stabler should remain JUST best friends and partners. He has a family and it would go against the grain of Olivia’s character to stoop to being the “other woman”. Maybe Olivia will get a boyfriend, or maybe someone else will hook up this season. BUT NOT BENSON AND STABLER!!

      • Leslie

        I agree 100% that it would ruin the characters’ credibility if Olivia and Elliott hooked up. Heck, for them, it would be a lot more serious than “hooking up,” and it would be wrong for both of them. We know they love each other; they are best friends, and there are certainly strong undercurrents of something more. But Olivia has always respected Kathy and the kids, and for Elliott to cheat on Kathy would mean he had totally lost his moral compass with his family, and he doesn’t let that happen. He’s not perfect, but if he and Olivia even make out, I’d be greatly disappointed. Besides, it would just be too WEIRD.

        But can anyone explain something to me? I thought the Stablers were divorced, and I happened to see a repeat of the show recently where he signed the divorce papers and put them in Kathy’s mailbox. So are they divorced are not? Was this before or after Elliott showed up at the house and said he wanted to come back? Hasn’t he been back since the baby was born? I can’t see either of them being fine with living as if they were married even though they are divorced.

      • T

        See, Jenn, just because of that point – “one that shakes them to the core” and “because they just can’t hold back any longer.” That complete acknowledgement of their intense relationship and chemistry is what confuses me about people who refuse to entertain the possiblity of E/O. Now, I agree with you that it shouldn’t happen while Elliot and Kathy are married. I completely agree that his moral compass, as well as Olivia’s would stop them before that even became an issue. I don’t look for the show to go that way, because that would disappoint me, as well. However, Kathy and Elliot’s marriage hasn’t been portrayed as a particulary strong one for *seasons* now. Even through the near-divorce and now after he’s moved back home, all we’ve seen is strife: slapping Elliot while Kathleen was on trial; Kathy packing her bags and grabbing Eli when Elliot didn’t tell her he was going undercover; Elliot’s constant complaining about ‘avoiding diaper duty’ and staying later and later on the job. That’s what happened to them in the first place, and they’ve never stopped to fix it. They’ve used Eli as the glue, and everyone knows a child can’t hold a failing marriage together. My personal opinion? It’s not Kathy that holds Elliot together – it’s Olivia. And if he should finally realize that, I’m definitely interested as to how the show would play out.

      • Liz

        I agree, Elliot is married and off limits. Olivia would never do that and neither would Elliot. A great relationship for Olivia would be nice though.

      • dipasqu

        Well said. I know it’s just a tv show, but it feels like we know these characters by now! I too love the tension between them but would respect the show for never taking them there. The two leads are amazing actors!

      • Alix

        Yes, yes, yes!

      • sicus

        I thought this show was about equality,humanity and justice?
        not about fornication, infidelity
        and adultery.

    • Kae

      T, You said it perfectly. I completely agree. Neither Elliot nor Olivia would never do anything whilst Elliot is still “married”… If you even call if that. The last time we saw anything of El’s marriage was Wildlife, I believe, where everything was still pretty unsure, and before that, the Kathy-slaps-Elliot-in-the-courtroom! I mean, where is this marriage going? I think that Elliot and Olivia need to come to a bit more realization of how much they need each other to stay sane. Now, I’m not saying “Let’s have Elliot and Olivia have making out every episode!” No, I think that we should see some more building up to their ever-growing relationship, and see what happens. I personally am dying to see them get together eventually. Eventually, though, as in the last season would be fine with me. Hell, make it the last episode ever, I don’t care. I love the two characters and think that they honestly are fitted to each other perfectly.

      • Joke

        Last episode ever plan is sooo not good.. Too many shows ended with that already and make me want to kill the one who made the decision to stop….

  • Kelly

    A few days work? Are you kidding me? They work ridiculous hours and I believe Mariska deserves every cent she gets!

    • Shan

      One episode shoots for a few days-a week and she gets $400,000+ for that one episode. I’d be smiling 24 hrs. a day with that deal and to work with Meloni:) Not a put down, just an observation. Calm down, I’m a longtime svu fan myself.

      • N

        An hour long episode takes about eight days to film, not a “few days a week”.

      • Jodi

        And they are usually working 16 to 17 hours a day. Oh, and let’s not forget all the extra time they have to put in filming promos and doing interviews.

  • Astrid

    She is… joking, probably, isn’t she? Isn’t it highly unlikely that the two of them are starting sth?? With him being married and them being friends for such a long time?

  • Jennifer

    Thank you! Thank you! I don’t care if she is kidding! Thanks for posting something SVU related. You’ve been neglecting SVU since the move to EW! :(

  • steve

    Shan are you kidding a few days. They spend the majority or there lifes filming. They work ridiculous long hours and it takes about 9 months to film a season.

    • Shan

      Hey, I’m a big Mariska fan and have been since 2nd season, and I love that she’s got a wage increase to stay on for 2 more years. That said, they do put in long hours, but they’re not exactly saving lives are they and 9 months of work for millions of dollars? Personal trailers, people waiting on them hand and foot, memorizing scripts? Not exactly back breaking work is it? I wasn’t putting down Mariska, just making a fact that I’d love my job too if I was raking in that kind of money.

      • really?

        you ever work on a set? it’s not like that at all. especially not on an nyc show.

    • Alan Shore

      Takes about eight days to film an episode. 22 episodes a season makes 176 days–less than half a year of on-set work. Keep in mind that promotional duties (interviews, appearances and so on)
      would add some time on to that as well.

  • ShutUpRob

    Hmm. I don’t think she was teasing when she said that Oliviott where going to be making out, given that she’s citing showrunner Neil Baer. Makes me think that the Blind Item about the crimefighting duo whose network fears Moonlighting Syndrome is about them. (SVU was renewed for two seasons, after all.) It seems that Baer has decided to ignore the network.
    — Rob

  • bashia

    omg…like I was telling others, if that did happen, you heard Bashia say this at 6:11 pm EST. ‘Might as well dig my grave and say your condolences if Benson and Stabler make out’

  • T

    Aw, lol, I love Mariska. Seriously, just more in love every time I see an interview with her. She comes across so ridiculously grounded and grateful for what she has, and I love that. Oh, and Aus… again, rock on in that interview. You gotta ask about the Benson/Stabler making out. Something tells me she’s not serious (*at all* because I think Neal Baer would fall over before he gave us fans any good stuff from E/O)… but here’s hoping!!

  • Samantha Delynne

    She makes the show great for Viewers to watch,

  • nikki

    mariska, i love you, but you’re evil.

    • vanessa

      rofl, that seriously made me laugh out loud. youre so soon as he starts that question, she gets that imfamous smirk on her face. love it.

  • Marie

    How cute is Peter in the background, tacking pictures of his beautiful wife… This couple makes me dream ! I just love them together !

    I don’t think it was all that serious, but I do see at least one make out session… Well it depends of where they are gonna go with Olivia and Elliot individual storyline… We’ll see…

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