'The Mentalist' exclusive: Meet Jane's dad!

Mentalist-casting-baker_lTalk about playing mind games. The Mentalist is finally introducing Patrick Jane’s father, but it’s doing so via flashback.

In the CBS smash’s Nov. 12 episode, Nick Chinlund (Desperate Housewives, The Sopranos) will make his debut as Simon Baker’s TV dad, Alex, in a series of circa ’80s flashbacks that promise to shed light on Jane’s early days as a carnie freak.

According to a Mentalist insider, we’ll come to learn that young Jane (played by relative newcomer Chris Brochu) worked as a psychic at carnivals under the watchful eye of his overbearing showman dad.

Could this flashback-heavy ep be foreshadowing a present-day visit from Pa Jane — assuming he’s still alive? A Mentalist rep declined to comment, but I’ll go out on a limb and say duh.

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  • etc at www.fierceandnerdy.com

    80s flashback and a dad? How is this not Psyche again?

    • kaytea

      Because the Mentalist is actually good, instead of just being campy.

      • inturnaround

        The Mentalist is clearly a ripoff of Psych. At least Psych bothers to be funny (not campy, kaytea).

      • Margo

        Psych is sooooo much better than The Mentalist. I can’t believe they are ripping off the 80’s flashbacks.

      • Martine

        I have to agree the Mentalist is both more amusing, and more intriguing the psych. the premise is vaguely similar at best but so what! Name one show that isn’t like about twenty others. There are five shows about fat, stupid cartoon dads out there!

    • Brody

      Easy. Psych (no e, because that would be pronounced “sigh-kee,” and is the Greek word for soul) is a light-hearted comedy, whereas Mentalist is a medium-to-dark drama. They just happen to have a similar premise, which — let’s face it — is hardly uncommon these days.

    • Martine

      You are saying that because there is a flashback with a father in it its a rip off of psych? Come on. They couldn’t be more different.

  • Ferniesfreckles

    Ooh, Donny Pfaster, the creepy guy from the X-Files?

    • Nic.

      Yep, that’s him. He owned that role so well I can only see him as that character now!

    • ScullyWant2B

      Ooo, that was my first thought, too. I can never see him playing a character without wondering whether the character’s a psychopath.

  • Jenna V.

    80s flashback? overbearing/controlling dad? working on his “gift” as a child?
    wait…this ISN’T psych? are you sure?

    • Margo

      The Mentalist has copied so many things about Psych, except it doesn’t have as good a supporting cast as Psych.

      • Brody

        Both shows have great supporting casts… and aside from the premise, they’re not actually that similar. Besides, most shows delve into the pasts of their main characters at some point, don’t they?

      • mary

        I totally agree.
        Except for Simon the cast stink!

        How many armed police officer walk with their hand in their pocket?
        NONE like in NEVER; picture this having to shoot;;;get hands out of pocket;;;reach for gun;;;you’re already dead!

        Lisbon is the worst detective wanabee ever!

  • Zeke

    Let’s see. CBS crime show with a flashback scene with their father. I think I just saw it last night on CSI:NY.

  • Nancy

    Its not Psych because Jane is not pretending to be a psychic, he tells everyone that psychics are frauds. The guy on Psych claims to really be psychic, even though he’s a fraud.

  • Stillwellangel

    It’s Billy Bedlam from Con-Air!

  • fila19

    Yes, but he is hyper-observant and assists cops on cases. You can change everything about the show, but the fact remains that it is exactly like in these two critical ways. Simon Baker is great as Jane though; I wish James Roday would get some recognition for his work.

  • Engbunny

    Yeah, we are sure this isn’t Psyche. Why? the Mentalist has a future on TV. Can Psych say that? No? I didn’t think so.

    • Brody

      Psych’s actually a pretty decent show with solid cable ratings. You CAN like both shows, people. It’s not a competition.

    • Gretchen

      Um, Pysch is actually into its 4th season. So you claim is bunk. Thank you and good day!

      (BTW, I am a fan of both shows, but people hating on Psych pisses me off)

  • Min

    Look, I’m just thinking the Mentalist should TRY to be original, not just taking Psych and making it a drama. The entire show is borrowed from other better shows that are clearly better executed!

    • Martine

      Wewll its only clear to you. Its a fairly original show. Psych is blatantly silly. It has nothing to do with how mentalists work. Mentalists do not use deduction, but persuasion. Psych isn’t about a mentalist of any kind. Its about some idiot whose dad taught him to memorize stuff, who lies and pretends to be a real psychic because he needs money.

  • Casey

    I actully really like both shows. I don’t feel like I have already seen it before when I watch an episode of one or the other. Its definitely possible to be a fan of both!

  • abbey

    Am i the only one in the world that loves both these shows?!?

  • Tiffany

    It almost feels like The Mentalist writers just aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. I like the show, but can’t they pick a path Psych hasn’t already taken? There are a million ways to introduce a character. Must they really set up that relationship in the exact same way that Psych already does better?

  • Sherika

    oh wow, just had to comment, psych much?

  • Kristina

    Ah, so that’s where Patrick Jane gets his dreamy voice from, his dad! :-P Cool casting.

  • Todd

    I’ll take Psych any day.

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