'Grey's Anatomy' scoop: Kim Raver to play spoiler in Owen-Cristina romance

Cristina-and-Owen_lGrey’s Anatomy is enlisting Jack Bauer’s ex to throw a monkey wrench into Owen and Cristina’s burgeoning romance. Sources confirm that Grey’s has tapped former 24 heroine Kim Raver to join the cast as a new surgeon and a possible love interest for Kevin McKidd’s doc.

Back in August, Owen’s portrayer, Kevin McKidd, revealed that a major skeleton would tumble out of Owen’s closet this season. “Someone comes to the hospital that he was connected to in his past, not his ex-fiancĂ©e, but it’s somebody we didn’t expect,” the actor told E! Online. “I think it could get a little tricky, but exciting and interesting. Hopefully it will bring [Owen and Cristina] closer in the long run.”

Raver’s role is recurring and she will debut in this season’s ninth episode, airing Nov. 12.


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  • superso

    ugh. don’t like kim raver at all. i was just starting to get really excited about christina and owen, too! i hate wrenches.

    • ila

      You can’t be too excited about Cristina. You don’t even know there’s no h in her name!

      • Andie

        ooh, you’re such a fan. stop showing off!

      • superso

        wow, sorry. i didn’t know there were spelling police on this board.

      • Bianca

        @ ila:

        You DO know that you can like and watch the show without “McDreamy Cornflakes” for breakfast, right? ;)

      • Emily

        I reely like Deruck, Meradeth, Izzy, Arazona, Balee, and the Cheef! It’s a grate show!


      • ej

        ur a dork

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      I really don’t like Kim Raver either. I hope she pulls a Rose or Hann and is kicked to the curb for being unlikable and uninteresting.

      • ila

        You mean Hahn??

      • Rachel

        Get a freaking life! Now!!

      • @ila

        I hope you never make a typo…then we’re all going to jump on it!!

    • Denise

      I am really starting to LOVE Owen and Cristina too! But I am not worried about this character, it will just make it interesting!

    • Kate

      I love Cristina and Owen but it will be fun watching Cristina jealous of Owen’s ex!

      • Chelse

        Yeah, it should be interesting. However, it was really fun to watch the baseball game and it would be far more interesting to watch Owen get to really know Christina, and how he handles “dark, twistd Christina”. Love it when he stands up to her. Definitely soulmates! THE BEST couple on tv. And the Min reason I watch Greys again! Also love Mer and Chris together, need more Callie with Mark too! LOVe the friendships in the show! It doesn’t always have to be about romantic love Shonda! More outside hospital scenes too please!

      • Chelse

        Oops, better watch my spelling! Cristina with no H. Also, I meant “main”, not “min” reason I watch Greys again! Can’t wait for lighter Owen this season. Can’t blame Kim’s character for saying she’d go back to the battleground just to be with him!.. Oh, and I know the whole Burke thing is probably being avoided by the writers and ABC but, come on sooner or later he has to be mentioned by Cristina. Owen has to find out! Now that would be interesting.

  • Amy

    Love, love, love Kim Raver. I’m thrilled she’s coming to Grey’s. If she won’t reappear as Audrey on 24, being on Grey’s is a nice consolation prize for this viewer!

    • jenn

      I like Kim Raver, too, but we seem to be in the minority. It sounds like she’s playing the Addison-equivalent, if Cristina and Owen were Mer and Derick. I hope the writers are more imaginative than that.

      • emily

        Kim Raver is perfect. She and Jack were the best and she and Owen will be too. Enough if Cristina’s negative, poor me crap. Welcome Kim Raver. Can’t wait for tonight!

    • Tracy

      I love Kim Raver as well and I was a fan of Audrey in 24, but I can see the Cristina-Owen fans disliking her a mile away.

    • ernie

      I love her too, but if she breaks up C/O, I will want her to die a fiery, horrible death.

  • Illyria

    I don’t like Kim Raver at all and now she’s going to help ruin the best thing GA still has going? No thanks.

    • Megan

      I agree with you 100%! I can’t stand Kim Raver! However, I’d be all for a shake-up of Cristina & Owen’s relationship just to keep things interesting (so long as they ultimately end up together, of course!) but at least get a less annoying actress to play the part.

      • Deborah

        I am all for a little shake up too! As long as ultimately Cristina and Owen are together! The physical and emotional chemistry between this couple is off the charts!

      • Allie

        What I love about this couple is they can be so freaking HOT / Sexy one moment and freaking adorable / awwwww worthy the next moment! Cristina and Owen are the whole package.

      • Allie

        Owen and Cristina are just perfect together! As the writers say in their blog, Owen is good for Cristina!

    • Linda

      Agreed 100%

      • Tami

        BLAZING VOLCANIC CHEMISTRY = Cristina and Owen!!!!!!

  • Barbie

    As long as no one messes with Lexie and Mark, I’m good.

    • Kristen

      I agree, do not mess with Lexie and Mark!!!!

    • Elsa

      Please, mess with Lexie and Mark!! Can’t stand them together!

      • Annie B

        Oh, no way! Lexie and Mark are freakin’ adorable! Seriously.

      • Mothra

        Amen, Sistah! Bring back Mark and Callie who were sooo smoking hot together. Get Lexie a nice little milquetoast (WHICH I spelled correctly!:p) just like her.

      • Bee

        I think Lexie and Mark are awesome together.

  • Lulu

    how many hoops are these guys gonna have to jump through? They were just starting to work it out! Of course now that Mer and Der are quasi-happy Grey’s needed a new power couple to make (more) miserable…

    • Lulu

      Then again, this could be really fun to watch. That, or just really painful.

    • relulu

      well , just to say you have an lovely name !! , I will watch GA and see what Kim will add :)

  • T

    I think Kim Raver will be a great addition. She is a great actress!

  • Bobbi

    I wish Kim Raver would stop infiltrating my shows! She’s as stiff as a piece of cardboard and doesn’t know the meaning of emotion. Yuck! On top of that, she’s going to mess with one of my favorite couples? Double yuck!

    • Lina

      Glad to see I’m not alone in my dislike for Kim Raver. Lousy actress. Not happy about her showing up on Grey’s. Less thrilled about her as a spoiler for Cristina and Owen.

  • Yolanda


  • RE

    Definitely not a Kim Raver fan. Hopefully she won’t last long.

    • dcet

      How does this woman continue to get work? She is a horrible actress and a show killer! Can we say the Nine? Lipstick Jungle? Shonda what are you doing?

      • Joel

        And yet she was amazing in 24, which I’ll be honest is where I’d rather she show up.

      • p3

        i agree i want her back on 24, not greys. I WANT AUDREY BACK NOW.

      • Tracy

        I want her back on 24 as well, for me she’s the only one who is meant for Jack!

  • Kristen

    You want the writers to throw obstacles into the way. More interesting. No obstacles and you get the lameness of Mark and Lexie.

  • Sam

    I don’t love the thought of an obstacle for Cristina and Owen, because I love them together, but I do adore Kim Raver and can’t wait to see her on TV again.

  • Briana

    Ax her now, Shonda. Ax her now.

  • maiv

    I hope it’s fun and not painful like the short-lived Derek/Rose relationship

  • ABC

    I absolutely love Kim Raver and can’t wait to see her on one of my favorite shows!

  • Becky

    Why? No seriously, why?

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