Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'NCIS,' 'House,' 'Grey's,' 'CSI,' 'Greek,' 'FNL,' and more!

Greys-Sandra-Oh-Isaiah_lGot a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the above to

Question: Is it at all possible that Shonda Rhimes would bring Isaiah Washington back to Grey’s Anatomy for even one episode now that T.R. Knight has left the show? —Ben
Listen to me very carefully, because I’m only going to say this once: Never. Gonna. Happen. But Washington kinda-sorta gets a shout-out in this week’s episode when Owen-lovin’ Cristina utters three shocking words: “I miss Burke.”

Question: Sounds like you’ve already seen this week’s Grey’s, so I’ve got a Q: Any good Mer-Der scenes? —Megan
Nothing stands out on the Mer-Der front, but there’s a memorable Mer-Cristina-Alex scene at the end that will have you crying and laughing (and in that order).

Question: Any Grey’s scoop? —Sharon
You already know that someone gets fired in this week’s episode. But what you may not know is that someone gets fired next week, too!

Question: Julie Benz just Twittered a photo of a guy she says will be part of a big reveal in the Dexter season finale. What can you tell us about this? —Matt
Here’s what I can tell you: If this guy is who I think he is, fans are not going to be happy.

Question: Jenny is so boring on Gossip Girl. Please tell me she will become mean. —Juliana
Mean enough to drive her BFF away. I hear Jenny and Eric’s relationship will suffer big time due to her new “Queen Bee” status.

Question: I’m thrilled Jorja Fox is sticking with CSI, but what about William Petersen? I want to see Grissom and Sara together. —Alex
They were just together, albeit off screen. As exec producer Carol Mendelsohn tells me, Sara will reveal in this week’s episode that she “just got back from visiting Grissom in Paris.” Mendelsohn adds that, “We have no plans for Billy to return at the moment, but the door’s always open.”

Question: Will we see a storyline involving Chloe and Oliver on Smallville anytime soon? —Marie
Yes, very soon. Next Friday’s episode, “Roulette,” is all about Oliver, with a little Chloe twist thrown in.

Question: Why are you ignoring the No. 1 show in the ratings? Seriously, give us some scoop on NCIS! —Alexandra
This may or may not be a first for the show, but this season NCIS will devote special episodes to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. How much you wanna bet that last one will feature a golden Ziva moment? I’m in for $10.

Question: I am really confused. Did I miss a scoop that Tracie Thoms was leaving Cold Case? I liked her character and enjoyed how Miller was starting to get to know ADA Bell. Is she off the show for good? —Paige
No, not for good. Thoms’ episode order was cut back this season, so Miller will be missing in spots. But a Cold Case insider assures me that she remains a series regular and we’ll see her again “soon enough.”

Question: Rumor has it someone’s dying on Melrose Place. Who is it?! —Shane
It’s not a major character, so relax. If you want to discuss a major upcoming death, ask me who’s going to bite it on Vampire Diaries.

Question: You recently said that Robert Sean Leonard should prepare an Emmy acceptance speech, so that must mean Wilson has some juicy storyline action coming up on House. What can you tell us about our favorite boy wonder oncologist? —Clover
Don’t be surprised if around episode 10 the tables turn and House ends up nursing Wilson back to health.

Question: I am dying to know what’s going to happen before the season ends on Greek? —Paola
The Nov. 2 finale promises to be the show’s most ambitious to date. In a word, musical! “Our girls’ story is centered around a traditional sorority competition called ‘Songfest,'” explains series creator Sean Smith. “[They perform] some big song-and-dance numbers as they go up against Gamma Psi to get the house back on top.” That explains the return of High School Musical‘s Olesya Rulin as perky ZBZ pledge Abby, who Smith says sprinkles some “great HSM references” throughout the episode. And then there’s this: “One of our Kappa Taus graduates,” Smith reveals. “That’s right, I used the G-word.”

Question: I am dying to know what happens with Casey and Cappie on Greek! —Bri
Wow, you Greek fans are playing the death card to, um, death this week. Well, it’s working, because I can tell you that this season’s penultimate (and prematurely Thanksgiving-themed) episode on Oct. 26 will reveal which way Casey’s love life is going — towards Evan or Cappie.

Question: Is there any news on that planned Pushing Daisies comic book? —Tommy
Bryan Fuller just turned in the script for the first one and he’s currently working with the show’s writers on the next three. Here’s a spoiler to whet your appetites: The first comic, which I’ve read and is awesome, features the return of ***a* *****iu*!

Question: Two Criminal Minds Qs for you: Is Hotch going back to his ex-wife Haley after he catches Foyet? And will Emily finally have a love life? —Marbs
“Hayley will definitely play an important role in the taking down of The Reaper,” responds exec producer Ed Bernero. “That’s really all I can say about that right now. And as far as Emily, we’ve all been talking a lot about her and her ‘status,’ though no final decision has been made. She’s become a very important character for us in a number of ways. I think it’s fair to say that we are as interested in Emily Prentiss finding love and balance in her life as the audience is.”

Question: Is there a chance J.J. and Reid will hook up on Criminal Minds? —Elle
I suppose anything’s possible. Speaking of J.J., her portrayer, A.J. Cook, got to do something in the upcoming Gavin Rossdale episode that she’s been wanting to do since she first joined the show. Here’s a clue: It involves giving someone a good *is*** w*i**i*’.

Question: Where has Mohinder gone from Heroes?! —Rachel
Sendhil Ramamurthy resurfaces in November, so you’ll get your explanation then. Not sure if this is a clue but my Heroes mole tells me that more than 50 percent of Ramamurthy’s scenes since returning have been with Masi Oka.

Question: I heard that Sylar is going to have a love interest this season on Heroes. Could it possibly be Claire? That would make some people happy. —Laurie
The show has 12 episodes in the can and, so far, there’s nothing to suggest that Sylar will take a lover. “We [only] have six more episodes left [to shoot],” reports Zachary Quinto.” I suppose anything’s possible, but I don’t think the seeds for that have been planted in my storyline yet.”

Question: If somebody put a gun to your head and asked for a Fringe spoiler, how would you scoop your way out? —Nihat
I’d give you a Fringe spoiler. Duh. The episode currently in production — this season’s 10th — features the return of Leonard Nimoy’s William Bell.

Question: Is Astrid ever going to get her time to shine on Fringe? I don’t think we’ve ever seen out of the lab. —Oli
Good news, she’s coming out! “Astrid gets out of the lab a lot more this season,” reveals exec producer Jeff Pinkner. “And we just wrote a Astrid/Walter arc.” Adds fellow e.p. J.H. Wyman: “We adore her. She’s a diamond in the rough, and we know that. And we’re looking actively for ways to expand the character.”

Question: Is the actor from your “Fired Leading Man” blind item on Lost? —Jarrod

Question: Any further hints you can give us regarding the significant death on Dexter? —Emily
Look for a major clue at the end of this Sunday’s episode!

Question: Rumor has it (via Twitter) that you’ve seen the season premiere of Friday Night Lights. The first season was the best. Does season 4 have that same feel? —Shannon
It does. As I tweeted earlier today, the premiere (airing Oct. 28 on DIRECTV’S The 101 Network) is an epic triumph. Exec producer Jason Katims promised that the episode — which focuses on Coach Taylor starting over from scratch with the Bad News Bears East Dillon Lions — would feel like a second pilot, and he wasn’t kidding. Katims (who wrote the ep) did a remarkable job balancing the new (six characters!) with the old (Tami, Julie, Saracen, Riggins, Landry, and J.D.) BTW, one of the six returning faves I just mentioned transformed into an unbelievable douchebag over the summer. I totally didn’t see it coming. Equally as shocking: The episode’s gut-wrenching climax.

Question: How much screen time does Riggins get in the FNL premiere? Is his character regressing? Does he get even hotter? —Shannon
He’s rather prominent, his brother certainly thinks he is, and get ready to press the pause button at about the 28-minute mark (excluding commercials). In related news, I’m firing my trainer and hiring Taylor Kitsch. To train me. Anything more than that would be illegal.

Question: If Southland‘s sixth episode ends up being its last, will we get any closure (assuming the episode ever airs)? —James
Yes and no. It’s a self-contained ep, so the procedural element will be wrapped up. But there won’t be any big-picture closure — although Michael Cudlitz hints that the final scene contains “a little Easter egg for people who have followed the show and my storyline.”

Question: Do you answer your blind items after a certain time? Or do we have to wait until the story is “officially” broken? I’m particularly interested in finding out the answer to your most recent “Fired Actor” post. —Silmarwen
I take it on a case-by-case basis. Some blind items are so sensitive I can’t even offer any further hints. Others I feel comfortable narrowing down the possibilities to the point where it becomes painfully obvious who (or what) it is I’m talking about. And occasionally I’ll just end everyone’s suffering and solve the damn thing. Regarding the “Fired Actor” item, I’m going to try a new approach. I will relay the name of the fired actor plus two red herrings to the first Aushole that runs into me in Austin over the next three days.* And just to sweeten the deal, said Aushole will also receive a cool and extremely valuable piece of TV swag. Happy hunting! (BTW, I’ll be tweeting and twitpicing up a storm from FNL‘s Austin set, so you best start following me.)

Question: USA is calling this week’s episode of Psych the “fall finale.” Is that the same thing as the season finale, or will there be more episodes later on? —Kristin
More episodes later on. This Friday’s episode marks the end of the first part of season 4. The second half will run in early ’10 and climax with the return of Ally Sheedy as the Ying Yang Killer! The ep, co-written and directed by star James Roday, revolves around the release of Yang’s tell-all book.

That’s a wrap! Send questions/comments/anonymous tips to Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Adam B. Vary)

*Contest rules state that you must run into me somewhere other than on or near the FNL set.

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  • Abseaz

    Ahhhh nothing on Chuck?

    And I’m not sure you the Aushole in Austin is the best idea.. It’s the perfect play for people to make stuff up and start rumours..

    And I thought we were getting another hint here??!

    • kenpez

      @Abseaz – there was another hint. He said the actor wasn’t on Lost!

    • Mike B

      I second the question. Nothing on Chuck? It was reported that it might be back by the end of October. That kind of scoop doesn’t need to be asked.

      • Jenny

        Chuck please!!

  • Luke


    • Ed

      One is better than none. Stop complaining and be happy with what you got!

      • Mariah


    • hizzy

      as opposed to the five you get every week. wah wah.

      • lily

        lol thats true cant wait for huddy to start! i heard huddy goes on in 6×06 and on

  • maiv

    I was recently watching reruns of Grey’s and thinking, Man, I miss Burke. There was just something about him that was really cool.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Yeah, once he left the show went downhill…actually it started getting really bad halfway through season 3 after the whole “Meredith in Purgatory” story arc happened. Never put sci-fi elements into a hospital drama, it makes the entire show look stupid. But honestly I don’t think Shonda knew what to do after she fired Isaiah, she lost one of the main characters for her show so she basically just started throwing storylines around, regardless of how crappy they were (Gizzy, Denny friendly ghost…do I really need to name a third?)

    • chris

      Yeah I miss Burke 2!

    • Vivi

      I miss Burke so badly. Watching past episodes shows how much “Grey’s Anatomy” needs his character. It can still happen. *crosses fingers*

      • ShutUpRob

        Not. Going. To Happen. Why do the Isaiah Washington fans seem to be so willing to forget that while the turbulence behind the scenes regarded TR Knight, it was reportedly a fight between Washington and *** Patrick Dempsey *** with Knight as the *subject* that caused the whole thing to explode.
        Oh yeah, and then there was that whole thing at the Golden Globes where he publicly embarrassed Shonda, TR and the entire cast and crew. And the network and studio.
        Get a grip, Burke-ers. He ain’t never comin’ back and never was. Good riddance.
        — Rob

      • scott

        Burke rules. Nobody forgot the “turbulence” – just don’t care.

    • Mary

      I don’t miss him, he has too much ego and was always dragging cristina to do things she was not ready to do.
      The only reason she “misses him” is because he favored her, giving her surgeries. Owen is a more professional man who is not making her favors. When she will realize this is much better for her.

      • EveatEden

        More like he gave her surgeries so she could keep hiding his hand problem for him. Not so much because he was favoring her.

      • KEVIN

        Actually, I think all the turbulance started around the time of the blowup, and the cast was divided (remember before the story was leaked, the cast was named by EW as entertainers of the year and TR Knight, Kate Walsh, and Katherine Heigl “declined” to partcipate in the photoshoot and interview). I think they tried to make it work w/ Washington, but it was apparent he had to go. Regardless how people feel the show has slipped, bringing him back would only make it worse.

  • Chlark fan

    Ausiello babe – I luvs ya, but talk about a “cool Chloe twist” is making my stomach feel bad and I’m not even watching Smallville anymore.

    Thanks for FNL scoop, but NEEDS MORE GLEE!

    See ya next week!

  • june

    Regarding Sylar:
    So… I take it you haven’t seen those pics of him and Lydia from next week then? Right?

  • Mark

    The leading man death is on Heroes. Greg Grunberg tweeted that a main character is about to be killed off, which kind of de-oomphed the blind item.

    • John

      “Popular and respected leading man”…put both of those together and we’re faced with the depressing reality that Jack Coleman will probably be leaving Heroes. Hopefully to be on Bryan Fuller’s next pilot.

      • hope

        Oh noo!!!! If Jack Coleman leaves Heroes I’ll cry I know I will. He’s all I’ve got left on Heroes.

    • Jen

      Someone being killed off doesn’t mean it is the blind item. People die on Heroes all the time. We already know Nathan is pretty much gone but he knew that was coming so that doesn’t meet the blind item criteria.

  • Lita

    Srsly annoyed we only get ONE House spoiler. IT WAS JUST ONE SENTENCE!!! Isn’t Episode 10 when House say the ‘L’ word? So why would Wilson need House’s help??

    • piano_girl19

      No…it’s episode 9, which also happens to be the Thanksgiving episode, according to a set pic I found on SpoilerTV…episode 10 is supposed to have a lot of Huddy stuff though…

      • Evan

        So in episode 10 there will be a lot of Huddy and Hilson stuff. GREAT!!

      • booton

        Episode 10…HUDSON!!! I can´t wait. House, Wilson and Cuddy. I can´t love them more.

    • Leslie

      House has said “lesbian” before. What’s the big deal? ;-)

      • marie

        LovE L stands for Love

      • lily

        whats the spoiler tv website?

  • Jane

    I miss Burke too…

  • D

    Okay 2 CRIMINAL MINDS questions?? WOW.

    And 2nd. Elle. JJ has a “husband” and a child. Why the heck are you still pinning for a JJ/Reid romance? Get over it.

    • Cheery

      I know! So happy CM is getting some love. I just hope Hotch and Prentiss get some love…if-you-know-what-I-mean! ;)

      • marie

        LOVE L means Love!!!

    • Kvivik

      I want Kevin and Garcia together, Hotch back with Haley (and happy like he was in the first season, darn it), and Derek to visit his family again (and maybe a visit from Aaron’s brother Sean for good measure…I mean, Aaron did almost die)
      As for JJ, where is Will anyway? All of the pics in JJ’s office are of her and the kid, there’s no pics of the whole family.

      • Karla

        Reid and JJ=are you insane!
        Hotch needs a bit of sunlight in his life!
        Prentiss going on a fun date would be nice!

  • Kristen

    Holy crap! An Astrid/Walter arc?!? HELLZ TO THE YEAH!

    • dave

      Awesome! I’ve been waiting to see Astrid out of the lab and hoping she finally gets a storyline. She’s very mesmerizing on screen and I’ve always wanted to see more of her. So happy it’s finally going to happen!

  • Daya

    Your talk about the sudden appearance of Chris Vroman on Twitter makes the anticipation for the season finale of Dexter worse than ever! Can you at least tell us who he’s NOT? (And please nothing stupid, like Harry’s long-lost lovechild. xP )

  • Caren

    Cannot wait for Friday Night Lights to return!! Thanks for posting about it.

  • Amy

    Thank you so much on the FNL scoopage. Counting down the days until the premiere!

  • Chlollie

    Yes! Finally some Chloe and Oliver scenes together, I hope! They totally need to hook those two up on SV! :D

  • Michaela

    i guess i’m probably in the minority here, but i really never liked burke. it’s likely that my view is biased based on my feelings towards isaiah washington, but i really just thought burke, though a sort of general good guy, seemed to like to push christina to things she (understandably) wasn’t ready for, often without a real cause. but i don’t know.
    anyhow, i second Chlark fan in that there needs to be more glee scoopage to satisfy us gleeks out here. also, i have no idea what the pushing daisies asterisk thing is, so that makes me feel out of the loop. hopefully that feeling will be remedied by a definitive answer soon!
    and thus ends my rambling.

    • Keir

      Oscar Vibenius

      • John

        YES! That’s what I thought too. That plays into the supposed premise of a supposed sewer-flashflood causing Ned to wake up an entire cemetary’s worth of people.

    • Dominique

      i never liked Burke either, and that has nothing to do with IW, cause I hated Burke from the very beginning. He’s an arrogant, hypocrite bastard and Cristina and what she did was never good enough for him, she always had to be better, an dif not, he would punish her. Very unhealthy relationship.

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