Michael Weatherly on Tony and Ziva of 'NCIS': a relationship would be like 'Kryptonite'

Weatherly-NCIS_lThere’s no mistaking the serious chemistry between Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Officer Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) on NCIS, but fans shouldn’t get too caught up in the will-they-or-won’t-they drama, warns the actor.”Let’s look at it from a practical angle,” Weatherly told EW.com exclusively. “It’s Kryptonite! She’s an assassin! That’s like marrying a hooker. You gotta be real comfortable with the fact she’s gonna go hook! I don’t see how, domestically, (a relationship) would work. But that’s me. Tony DiNozzo is completely unaware. You never know. Maybe they’ll be like those YouTube videos when you see the mongoose and the snake. Before they ever got together, one of them will kill each other. You never know.”

So far, NCIS fans have seen Ziva give Tony a peck on the cheek (in the season premiere last month, Tony and the team rescued Ziva from being held hostage). Is there more canoodling on the horizon? Weatherly is loathe to give any spoilers about future episodes, other than reassuring fans that “whatever is going to happen, it will not be cheesy. If I sense a beat coming up where I have to do something that feels forced and inauthentic, which I think would involve holding hands with Ziva, I will assume it’s because some greater hand is at work that involves a terrible ending.”

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  • dan

    Horrible…Dont like this article one bit! I want to see them together! Their chemistry is undeniable!

    • as

      Oh wah!!! At least respect the actor’s opinion….he DOES play the character.

      • Phil

        Seriously, “as” … your leaping to contest every single pro comment seems kind of trollish … and I happen to agree that the pairing is a bad idea. Is it really necessary to be such an @$$ to people who don’t share your opinion?

      • AS is an ass

        Troll. Again.

    • Rmariett

      Amazing how you don’t care MW enough to even give his views a small modicum of respect. Yet, anything said pro-TIVA by CdP is absolutely god’s gift.

  • Ali

    I sure hope they end up together.. all that wonderful UST.. and who cares about domestic success :) Hire a maid and get takeout!

  • Noelle

    I want them to be together!!

    • as

      You can’t always get what you want either.

      • AS is an ass


      • Noelle

        Well i will get what i want here!

    • Rmariett

      Gee – great to see the self-entitlement personality trait is huge and strong among the pro-TIVA faction.

  • kay

    I hate Tony & Ziva as a couple I would rather see Tim & Abby together. I wish Ziva didn’t even come back

    • ks

      I am stil hopping Ziva is a double agent………

      • jbk

        *That* would be great.

    • as


      • Kate


    • Pepper

      My feelings and wishes exactly.

    • hope

      great minds think a like Kay=)

    • Rmariett

      From your keyboard to SB and his writing posse’s ears! Word!

  • Autumn Gray

    He’s so just trying to manipulate us. MW has always been wary of romance on the show, but he’s professional, and if TPTB can pull it together in a way that will enchance the show and the characters, and they will, then he’ll be all for it. I can’t blame him.
    HOWEVER: I totally love Tiva and am dying to see them together.

    • Denial

      Michael has never been in favor of Tiva, Autumn. How is he manipulating things by giving his opinion?

    • as

      The only manipulation is from those who refuse to see that not everyone loves that stupid pairing. Respect the man’s opinion already!! He’s never been for the pairing & never will be!

      • AS is an ass


      • Jack

        I know what you mean. Stop trying to make Tiva happen, shippers. You’re almost as bad as those Huddy freaks over on the House forums.

    • Rmariett

      Michael is allowed to have a non-supportive TIVA opinion. His opinion of the pairing has remained consistent since it first started to be remarked upon in the media. The man is intelligent and has been in the middle of a onscreen romance that killed a show. Give him a bit of credit for recognizing the warning signs!

    • JustJeanette

      And it is your right to imagine them being together, after all you write fanfiction about that, but basically saying that IT MUST happen falls into the area called entitlement issues. The Pro-Tiva people squee very loudly when Cote makes comments saying she is for TiVa and yet when Michael’s comments show a little more showbiz sense he is lambasted for making comments that do not categorically support TiVa. We, those who still want to watch our dysfunctional family without the whole ‘let us have the pretty people be a couple’ are told that we show no respect for Cote when we point out that it is her opinion and not necessarily shared by her co-stars and yet when those co-stars say they are not absolutely for TiVa they are crucified and we (the fans) are told we are disrespectful because we only listen to theopinion that matches ours.

      As far as I can see Cote would like TiVa (and Tony DiNozzo is one very nice looking character with a wealth of issues to play with and bring out the nurturing side in any female [or male] partner) however she is not unilaterally supported in this position. Michael may well prefer to leave things at the current UST level; for one thing we fans can then all ‘see’ the subtext that we prefer and no one among the fans can then feel that by going down a fully canon relationship in a pairing that they think lessens the characeters has no leg to stand on when complaining.

      We have to trust that the writers want to keep NCIS as a successful package but the MEDIA push for S-E-X-Y NCIS is a turn off for some of us veiwers. If I want S-E-X-Y I’ll want S-E-X in the City.

      Subtext for ALL; text for none.

  • Justin


    • SpencerHopeful


      I’m with Michael on this one.

  • Trialia

    THANK YOU Michael!! I completely agree. Do not want to see that. It would wreck all the fun chemistry between the team – Ziva has chemistry with more than just Tony, and vice versa. I like it that way.

  • jbk

    Oh, no, don’t go there. They need to listen to Weatherly and just not do it. People keep talking about “the chemistry” between Tony and Ziva. *What* chemistry! Please don’t deconstruct Tony for this farcical pairing. Besides, he could do far better. Ziva’s a loser.

    • Red

      Great point. I guess “chemistry” is in the eye of the beholder — especially when it comes to Tiva — but why should every pair w/ chemistry be required to get romantic? (Gibbs and Abby? Jimmy and Ducky? Tony and Gibbs?) I like Ziva, but hope she and Tony remain snarky colleagues.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Often times actors say things like this, usually to throw fans off the scent. Tony and Ziva have undeniable chemistry and it was alwasy in the works that two agents would get together, that was straight from Donald Bellasario’s mouth. I love Tiva and but I think soon they are reaching that fish or cut bait point, they need to get them together soon, 5 years is a looong time to wait and fans are getting restless.

    • NavyResGirl

      Clarification: Some fans are getting restless. Love Tony. Love Ziva. Love the banter. Don’t want them as a couple.
      I want “Team Gibbs” to remain “Team Gibbs” and not Tony and Ziva with a side order of “Team Gibbs”.

      • NavyResGirl

        One more thing. Mr. Bellisario has not been involved with the running of the show since the end of Season 4 so his statements about Tony and Ziva being put together can now be taken with a grain of salt.
        He no longer has any say so.
        (We really need an “edit” feature”)

      • SpencerHopeful


      • RvE

        *Commences happy dance* Yes!! :D
        While it’s indeed not news that Michael Weatherly is not in favour of this pairing, it’s SO good to read that he has basically said that the Tiva shippers might not want to hold their breaths – if only because this brilliant series is so much more than the “will they or won’t they” thing and it’s such a shame that “Tiva” seems to be all some people are talking about these days.
        I love both characters to pieces, and love how they bicker, tease, challenge and generally “play with” each other. I also like the softer side of Ziva we have seen in recent episodes (just a shame she had to be hurt so badly to get to this point), and was glad to see that despite that, she hasn’t lost all of her spunk and is still able to make Tony jump by suddenly popping up behind him. It was also good to see that he has already gone back to laughing at her and teasing her the way he did when she turned around to check that Gibbs hadn’t heard what she said about him and computers.
        This kind of interaction is exactly what makes them such a joy to watch, particularly because we know that while they might drive each other crazy sometimes, when it comes right down to it, they have each other’s back.
        If these two are paired off, we are left with only three options:
        a) they stay together forever (or rather, until the end of NCIS), which would be boring because it would change the way they act around each other – and that would suck all the laugh-out-loud fun out of watching them;
        b) they split up, which would make it pretty much impossible for them to continue working together, and one of them would probably end up having to leave the team and the show;
        c) one of them would be killed off to prevent a) or b) from happening.
        And after the whole NCIS family banded together and went to such lengths to save one of their own, it would be a great shame to have them split up again!

      • Dolores Taylor-Smith

        Right On! Right On! Very well put.

    • CMK

      I don’t understand the fans who feel that there’s some sort of time period in which they’re entitled to the writers putting together the couple they want to see.

    • Phil

      They HAD undeniable chemistry. It’s been completely absent for two seasons now – frankly, Ziva had more chemistry with the plant in 7×02 than she’s had with DiNozzo for the last two years.

      Prior to season 6, I was a big Tony/Ziva fan myself, but with Ziva’s INSANE meltdown in Aliyah (and the canon show’s pathetic resolution of her positively criminal actions last season), I honestly don’t care anymore.

      Weatherly has been pretty opposed to the pairing for a while now, and not only is he entitled to his valid opinion, I tend to share it. Tony & Ziva have long moved past the time when they might have been involved; now, it would look like pandering to a vocal minority who want to see an untenable pairing.

      • Genni

        Weatherly is entitled to his opinion and I share it too. The show has wrecked Ziva for me. I don’t want her on my screen at all, and I don’t want NCIs ruining Tony and Gibbs to force this pairing when Ziva isn’t a character that has any redemptive qualities. Most of the Tiva fans are in the fickle teens and early twenties and will move along to someone else soon. While we’re still watching our show, long as it isn’t destroyed.

      • Phil

        Saying that the Tiva fans are all in their “fickle teens and early twenties” is something of a gross exaggeration, isn’t it? Do you have quantifiable evidence proving that?
        I would actually say that, with the rapid rise in popularity of the show, there’s been a reciprocal decline in quality. Compare ANY of season 6 episodes with something from season 3 and there’s a major difference above and beyond them actually investigating crimes linked to the USN or USMC instead of screwing around with lame Mossad storylines.
        I certainly don’t disagree that Shane Brennan’s stewardship has ruined the Ziva character though. I STILL don’t know what he was thinking with that crap last year.

      • Jane

        Agreed. Apparently ‘under the radar’ is to awesome what ‘headline’ is to sh**house…

        I want my quirky, funny show back. Sigh.

      • A.R.

        I totally agree that the Tony/Ziva chemistry has dramatically faded… along with the quality of the show. I used to be absolutely hooked, and now (that it’s gotten “big”) I feel like I watch it more out of habit. Sad.

    • as

      What fans are restless? If anything they are sick of the farce & media creation that is Tiva. Dump the stupid idea already!!

      • Genni

        The teenyboppers who wish to be Ziva kissing the cute boy. Just you wait and then when the new Harry Potter or Twilight movie comes out, they’ll forget about Tony.

    • Rmariett

      Oh, yeah – some fans are getting restless. Worried that the show has become the “Ziva David, Probationary NCIS Agent” show with a side of Ziva stalks her coworker/partner thrown in – many fans are checking out the competition to see if there are other things to watch on Tuesdays. As well as many are starting to simply tune in to the USA and ION reruns (skipping the crappy season six eps on USA) for their NCIS fix.

  • Stacey

    All the differences he cited are what make them perfect for each other. They are so opposite. Her kick ass nature and his goofy, yet at times serious side make a perfect connection. I think they could make it work if they tried. Sometimes opposites do attract. Tony and Ziva have the right amount of differences added with chemistry. I hope they do cross that line soon…

    • as

      In what universe are they perfect for each other? She doesn’t respect him at all as a person. She accused him of murder & then pushed him down & pointed a gun at him while he was injured…oh yeah – that’s twu wuv – not. Plus while she’s been in love with him, she’s practically had a different flavor each episode….

      • Bravo my Lady Grace

        Although I respect Michael’s opinion as to Tiva, I would ask (and this is not me being confrontational or derisive, but purely out of curiosity) where people are findings interviews etc where MW states that he catagorically does not want Tiva. And also – ‘twu wuv’ is not simple and steady, it happens like this – jagged and broken and completely AWFUL in places…but it’s different for everybody. What I’m trying to argue is that (as a massive Tiva fan myself, but I’m trying to be neutral) you get angry with those you love – he DID kill her boyfriend, and however shady and complicated THAT storyline was, it had to hurt. So she was furious. And although it wasn’t perhaps the most caring action, to push him over etc, you can’t take that as categorical evidence that they’re not in love/one doesn’t love the other etc.
        Just wanted to put my view across without being all melodramatic and using excessive punctuation.

    • Rmariett

      Perfect for each other? Really? So I suppose if she’d actually pulled the trigger on her gun that she’d shoved into his chest after knocking her injured partner’s feet from under him – then that would’ve been absolute proof-positive that Ziva was in love with Tony?
      Tony may have commitment issues. Tony may play the field but as he’s stated several times in the past – Crazy trumps hot chick anytime.
      The character deserves better than a woman who wants to manipulate and mold him into HER idea of a perfect mate. AND Michael deserves better than for fans to constantly dismiss his views simply because he does not want TIVA to happen.

      • NavyResGirl

        Great post, Rmariett.
        I’ve never been able to figure out people who translate acts of violence as a sign of love.

        I respect Michael’s opinion (Nay: Tony and Ziva) and I respect Cote’s opinion (Yea: Tony and Ziva) but fall firmly on the side of Michael.

        Note. You’re a bigger person than I am because I simply can’t use that silly word when discussing Tony and Ziva.

  • Connie

    If I were him I wouldn’t want a onscreen or offscreen romance. Once it happens they will only be known as Tiva or Zony. When and why do we insist on combining names. Sorry but this has become a huge pet peeve of mine.

    • Denial

      He’s married. There is no offscreen romance.

      • NavyResGirl

        I think Connie meant within the show off-screen between Tony and Ziva, not off the show between Cote and Michael.

      • Rmariett

        Thank god the man has tastes that run a far from his costar.

      • caramel

        the way CdeP is always getting in his personal space, hanging off him, touching him and mauling him in pics and in interviews half the time, which – to my mind is downright rude – plu she looks so silly and I dunno…desperate – and poor Michael just looks SO uncomfortable…me? I’d have told her to back off before now but then, I wonder if she might actually be a little…um…dim…

      • brandee

        He’s married? Really? Last I heard he was engaged to Jessica Alba but broke up years ago. He WAS married and has a daughter but they divorced in 1997. Didnt know he got married again.

      • jek

        Brandee —

        He announced it at Fanfest. They married in September. I don’t recall her name, just that she’s not in the industry.

  • meg

    what a lame article.

    Just a big bummer.

    • as

      Why lame? Because the actor didn’t feed into the entitlement factor that revolves around Tiva?
      Thank you Michael for being honest!!

    • Rmariett

      It’s only a bummer because you’re not getting what you obviously feel entitled to.

      • NavyResGirl

        Michael has never given her name – she chooses to remain anonymous.

  • Lynn

    while I would love to see tony and ziva together, Twice this season Gibbs has kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear, hmmm?

    • Gabi

      hmmm indeed! :D

    • Rmariett

      Hopefully Gibbs has learned his lesson about getting involved with women he works with [Jenny and Mann]. ‘Sides much like Tony – Gibbs deserves MUCH BETTER than a manipulative, self-centred, self-righteous former-Mossad Assassin Princess!

  • dani

    I hope he’s just trying to get us off the scent… I’d love to see these two together, but I wouldn’t want it to be cheesy… If it’s going to happen, I don’t want them to rush things and make them behave OOC… And it would be nice if they could retain some individuality, not be just an item for everything…
    About Gibbs and Ziva? I see them more having a father-daughter kind of thing…

    • as

      Having Tony in love with Ziva would be OOC….

    • Rmariett

      Michael has been firmly in the ‘No TIVA’ camp since it first began being mentioned in the media. I doubt that would be considered him ‘trying to get [you] off the scent’. Seems more like Michael expressing HIS OPINION.

      • dani

        Well, he’s entitled to his opinion, that’s for sure…
        But it doesn’t mean that whatever he says is going to happen in the show…
        The way I see it, we’re all entitled to our opinions, some want this to happen, others don’t…
        I’d like to see them together, but I’m well aware that the relationship could affect the dynamics of the show… but I’d like to see them get together maybe in the last season…
        Besides, if the writers play it right, it might turn out to be fun to watch too…

  • holly

    MW is kinda right. Although I was a big fan of Tony and Ziva getting together I really can’t imagine how a relationship would work between them day to day. The deep and meaningful moments that they’ve had over the years have always come after some big dramatic life or death type situation. But its not like that all the time and if it was just an normal day it would be completely unnatural for them to be talking about their feelings for each other.
    They do have a lot of chemistry which I love to watch but if anything happens, I would prefer it to just be a physical thing that eventually petters out!
    The idea of the two of them holding hands makes me shudder!

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