'Glee' exclusive: Joss Whedon to direct!

glee-whedon_lIf I hadn’t been warming to Glee already, this for sure would’ve begun defrosting me: Dollhouse-keeper Joss Whedon has agreed to direct one of the back nine episodes that Fox just ordered.

Turns out, the genius who gave us not only the “Once More, With Feeling” musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but also Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is a big fan of Ryan Murphy’s new phenom. So when Twentieth (the studio behind Glee) approached him about the gig, pretty much his only reservation was scheduling.

“Joss directed one of the great musical episodes in the history of television on Buffy,” gushes Murphy, “so this is a great, if unexpected, fit. I’m thrilled he’ll be loaning us his fantastic groundbreaking talent.”

And there’s no reason to panic, Dollhouse fans: I’m told the auteur’s moonlighting in no way, shape or form suggests that that show is a goner. He’d most likely tackle the side job after Eliza Dushku and Co. have wrapped their 13-episode order.

So whad’ya think? Good news or great? And any bets on how soon the petition will be started to get Sarah Michelle Gellar a bit part?

THIS JUST IN: Whedon confirms all of the above and more!

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Photo Credit: Glee: Matthias Clamer/Fox; Whedon: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

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  • Robin

    Dear Joss,

    bring NPH.


    • Cassandra

      I completely second this.

      • Shiny Tim

        Feed the Birds!

    • Cece

      I’ll go ahead and third this

      • Cole9219

        Fourth it, b*tch!

    • Cindy

      Dear Lord, YES! PLEASE!!!

    • HIMYM

      ill move to pass this motion

    • Katja

      Yes, please!!!

    • Mia

      YES PLEASE!!!

    • smryan23

      Hell yes!

    • Tara

      I’d sign that petition.

      • Heidi

        I agree but doubt he’d be released to do it given his starring role on another comedy – on another network, isn’t it?

      • Robin

        @Heidi: A different network, but both series are being produced by 20th Century Fox Television. There’s a chance.

      • ShutUpRob

        The petition to get SMG (and/or NPH) started in my head as soon as I saw the headline, but I’ll leave it to someone else to actually write it.
        — Rob

      • hen

        sign me up!
        anything to get more of the Wonder That Is NPH.

      • queue55

        It’s also possible because HIMYM isn’t on NBC…they didn’t even want the cast of Glee on a float in the NBC-airing Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Hopefully, CBS would embrace the (sure to be major) hype!!

    • BJohnson

      Yes, pass it on!

    • rachel

      Here Here!

    • Beaky


    • Dug

      Count me as a passenger on the NPH train! That would rock on soooo many levels!

    • Milly

      Dear Joss: I agree, we all love NPH. xoEveryone

    • Akemi

      THIS. SO MUCH.

    • Robin

      Yeah, great! –but petitions are useless nowadays. We should start a Twitter campaign. What about #joshbringnph as hashtag?

      • Robin

        … I meant, of course, #jossbringnph. Forgive me, I am not worthy. D8

    • Kath


    • Kris

      yes, please. NPH on Glee would be epic. wonder if the folks at HIMYM would mind if they borrowed him just for a teensy little guest appearance.

    • LadySolitaire

      OMG, YES, PLEASE!!!

    • Morne


    • Kayleigh

      Hell yes. I agree to NPH.

    • Rebecca E.

      Yes to Joss and hell yes to NPH

    • michael

      agreed NPH

    • MC

      NPH! NPH! NPH!

    • sgr1226

      OMG yes PLEASE!!!

    • JVN

      DO IT!

    • Phoebe

      For the love of all that is Gleen and Whendonvirse I am so excited I think my poor little brain is going to explode.

    • NPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      NPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 GIVE US NPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NPH NPH NPH NPH NPH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Katie G

      another voice added in agreement!
      NPH + Glee = an hour of pure cheesy joy.

    • Alli

      OMGGGGGG. NPH would be amazing/epic. DO ITTT

    • Michaela

      OH MY GOD.

      NPH + Glee = amazing.

    • Gleek101

      NPH and Glee… I think a part of me just died of the joyful thought!

    • Susan

      Robin – that is brillian. NPH on Glee would be the most amazing episode ever!

    • envy

      I don’t know what we’re up to on the count, but I agree 100%!

      Joss Whedon + NPH + Glee = one dead fangirl!!!

    • MK

      NPH and Cap’n Mal!

    • Angela G

      I think NPH should be on, too! PLEASE! PLEASE! I beg of you!!!

  • Robin

    Dear Joss Whedon,

    please bring NPH.


    • Mallory

      Nathan Fillion too please :)

      • Anissa

        Yes and Felicia! Maybe the Gleeks could watch a new Dr Horrible ep or something… :D

      • talkin’

        Nathan Fillion, as Rick Castle, will appear *as* Cpt. Tightpants on next week’s Halloween episode of Castle. Judging from the teaser, he makes a leaping brown-coated entrance. Woot!

      • Kathy

        Oh, my, YES! Both of them would be perfect, thank you!

      • queue55




  • ProgGrrl

    I seriously could cry right now. Tears of pure joy.

  • j

    i second that

  • Sarah

    Best. News. Ever.

  • Brad


    But if Bryan Fuller ever gets to direct an episode, I may die of excitement. Haha :D

    • Dug

      Nice Call! Perhaps with a little “Cheno-surprise” to go along with? Love it!

  • E

    I’ll third that! The only thing that would make this more perfect is NPH guesting.

  • Tom

    Thank goodness this wasn’t a show I watched anyway.

    • Adnama

      Thanx again to yet another nbc parade exec input…

    • Eph

      Your loss

  • David

    I agree with Robin’s post… Bring on NPH!

  • S


    • shannon

      multiple joygasms :)

  • Heather

    Dear Joss,
    Thank you. I am speechless. But to make it more awesome, please bring in NPH, Nathan Filion, and bascially everyone on Dr. Horrible. To make it more awesome force the Glee kids to sing your songs. That is not a suggestion. This is a command.


  • Joe

    Dear Joss Whedon,
    Bring NPH.

  • Gina

    Sarah? Meh… How about Tony or Amber? Or how about James as Will’s brother? (Or is he an only child? Can’t recall.) They both have curly hair anyway. :)

    • S

      Bring Tom Lenk!

      • dadra

        Seconded. He’d be perfect on this show!

    • tineymat

      Bringing Tony Head would be AWESOME!!!

    • jenn

      Yeah, SMG couldn’t sing her way out of a paper bag. I also vote for Amber, Tony, or James. Emma would work, too!

      • KEVIN


      • Heidi

        I thought she sang well and would love to see her – it’d be a great way to get back into something after having a baby and being away from work for awhile

      • Eph

        I agree, SMG CANNOT sing. Those who think she can are tone deaf. I vote for Amber and Emma.

    • Coyote

      Spike Spike Spike … I mean James James James! The Will’s brother or cousin or whatever idea would be a great tie-in.

      • MK

        Second…wait, third!

  • Michelle


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