'House' exclusive: Will 'NCIS' star split up Hilson?

House-Scoop_lNCIS grad Sasha Alexander is about to get very close to House and Wilson, literally and (possibly) figuratively.

A House insider confirms to me exclusively that Alexander has been cast as House and Wilson’s genetically-blessed new neighbor. (As I previously reported, the BFFs will make their living arrangement permanent when they relocate to fancy new digs next month.)

According to my House mole, House and Wilson will develop a little crush on Alexander’s character. But there’s no need to worry, Hilson ‘shippers. TV’s second-best bromance (after J.D. and Turk, natch) isn’t in danger of breaking up over a girl — at least not this one. It’s my understanding that the actress is signed on for just one episode, slated to air in late ’09 or early ’10.

What do you think? Does Alexander warrant the attention House and Wilson will soon be paying her? Sound off below!


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  • Elizabeth

    what about cuddy??????

    • Narenika

      Who’s cuddy?????

      • Kristin

        Wow…if you don’t know who Cuddy is, then I am thinking you don’t watch a lot.

      • Apu

        Cuddy is a more beautiful woman that you will ever be

      • Elizabeth

        Cuddy and House are the true lovers like Lisa Edelstein said “Huddy”, you don’t watch the show do you?

      • Key

        I think she has on her ‘hameron glass’ LOL :D

      • Mary Pop ups

        Cuddy is the amazing character played by the imposibly talented Lisa Edelstein.

      • Pan

        Depends on which Cuddy you’re taking about. If you’re talking about season one Cuddy, then she is an intelligent, witty, no-bullshit, beautiful women. The Cuddy of now is an immature, attention-seeking woman who acts like an irritating, hormonal teenage-girl around House and doesn’t deserve the title of head of hospital. She also conveniently forgets she now has a baby to care for whenever she’s salivating over House like a shameless, female dog in heat.

      • Roberta

        Pan, bitter much? Cuddy is the best female character on the show.

      • Steve

        Pan just made a perfect description of Cameron!
        Go Cuddy!

      • Sunset

        GO CUDDY!!! Kill Cameron and Foreman off.

      • Someone

        A very ruined character. Where’s the badass Cuddy from the early seasons? She’s been replaced by a hormonal fangirl

      • Roe

        Cuddy, yeah. My favortite character oon the show. An intelligent, hard worker and lovely woman who is in love with the brilliant Greg House. Can´t get enough of them.

      • Jesus

        If you don´t know who Cuddy is it´s because you don´t watch House MD.

      • Rose

        Poor, bitter hameron, pretending she doesn’t know who is Cuddy, lol

      • Jill b

        Pan is absolutely right. For such a terrific show with such great character development, ‘House” writers do female characters a great disservice. While the males are strong, vibrant and deep, the females come off as two-bit, whiny, and shallow. They’ve ruined Cuddy, Cameron as never worthwhile and 13 was a cast-off. In fact, if they dropped all the female characters the show would be better off for the decision- even if it would be a bit mysogenistic.

      • kpsher

        the one who’s not leaving. zing.

      • Ardelia

        The one who hasn´t been fired.

    • Kristen

      Sasha looks very much like Cuddy, ironically. lol. I dont think she’s a Huddy threat she’s only there for an episode! Nothing wrong with a harmless crush:) Cant wait for more Huddy moments though!!!!

      • ShutUpRob

        Sasha Alexander looks *nothing* like Cuddy. C’Mon. Watch the NCIS DVDs.
        — Rob

      • Leslie

        She looks like her in this picture!

      • Dee

        She does indeed. Maybe its just in this picture, but my first thought on seeing it was that Cuddy had gone blonde. :)

      • Mariah

        I totally agree!!! Long-lost sisters?

      • BlueEyezRN68

        Hmmm..funny but IMHO..I don’t think this pic even looks much like S Alexander either.

    • namus

      Don´t worry about Cuddy. She is the only one.

      • ShutUpRob

        If by Cuddy you mean Cameron, then yes, ITA.
        — Rob

      • Morelia

        Yes, Cameron (JMO) is the only one who is fired for a lot of episodes. Cuddy is the only one for House

      • Ste

        Cameron? The only one whom House told
        “I don’t like you” LOL

      • Kristin


      • Virginia

        JMo´s performance was so weak in Brave Heart that I feel happy she is leaving. JS will do better without her and he is obviously more talented.

      • Pan

        I find it hilarious that there are a lot of people who are delusional and ignorant enough to keep pushing the idea that House belongs with Cuddy. We’ve witnessed time and time again that not only can’t she handle him, Cuddy isn’t in love with House himself – she’s in love with the idea of him.

      • Someone

        The only one that annoys the crap out of me, yes.

    • Someone

      Thankfully, she wont be a part of this storyline.

    • Marc P

      Cuddy’s my future ex-wife.

  • Nycki

    Sweet! This is two of my favorite shows coming together! :)

  • Elizabeth

    cool I was the first one lol, thanks ausiello, that mole of urs!!

  • Iran

    who cares about Cuddy!!! What about Cameron? Is Jennifer Morrison coming back or not?

    • thaty

      Bye bye Jen!!!!

      • Laura

        bye bye, Jen! [2]

      • tonia

        bye bye jen! (3)

      • namus

        Bye bye jen 4

      • Joey

        Sheesh and they say Hameron fans are bitter. No, seriously, I ship House/Wilson and I have no problem with Cameron. Saying Bye to the actress alone obviously are biased.

      • Julia

        Bye Jen -5-

      • Bios

        Bye bye Jenn 6

      • Mara

        Bye bye Cam and don’t came back!!!!

      • Apu

        Byeeeeeeeeeee Cam. Hello Cuddy

      • Virginia

        Bye bye, I don´t know my number.

      • Sunset

        Bye Jennieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Won´t miss you…

      • LOL

        Bye bye Cam and take hamerons with you!

      • Roe

        Bye JMo. See you…never.

      • Jesus

        Bye Jen. Your character won´t p** me off again and I´ll enjoy more watching the show.

      • Nina

        What’s a great idea to sit and type “bye, bye Jen” “Huddy go go” etc.
        I’am glad I’am not longer fan of this show.

    • Lionel

      Im sure she will dont fret!
      Hope to get more House, Wilson, and Cuddy scenes!

      • TullaytheFiend

        YESSS House/Wilson/Cuddy ot3 Now everyone’s happy- except Hamerons. (Sorry Hamerons, but H/W/C is too good)

    • Sally

      Totally agree with you! The only OTP on this show is House/Original Team, and that includes Cameron!

      • Alice

        ITA, House and the original team plus Wilson make the show much more interesting than Huddy or Boreteen.

      • Itaca

        Cameron more interesting than Cuddy? Wait, I´m LMAOing

      • Joey

        I totally agree on this statement. House/Original team also House/Wilson (in my perspective) FTW!

      • Julia

        HUDSON is the show. You can change the team anytime.

    • Gillue

      i don´t care about Jen. The show will be better without her. Go Cuddy and 13.

      • tas

        I like Morrison. But I’m not gushy over her and I don’t think her character is necessary for the show-the end all or be all for it, by any stretch of my imagination. And the old team together-meh.
        Many of her fans want to make her into a character that’s more than what she is. She’s just a character and one who hasn’t been on much at all in the past couple of years. No one has really been that upset about it except her fans who seem to see her as the center of the show.

      • Bios

        Yes but her fans think than she is more important than HL. One of them posted yesterday on twitter that HL is only a good actor when he is in a scene with JMo. Thanks God not every Morrison´s fan is so delusional. But a lot of them still think she is the most important part of House MD

      • Mara

        You know Bios, those hamerons are not delusional but IDIOTS!

      • Apu

        So Hugh only shines when he acts with Jennifer? AHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA

    • Katie

      you should read the TV-Guide article and David Shore says specifically that Jen is still on the payroll and that she will be absent for episodes but they don’t want her to leave

      • Julia

        I don´t care if she leaves or stay. I´ll keep watching anyway

      • cara

        good to know, cause i’m not watching without cameron. i would *maybe* watch to see sasha, i’d love to see her with wilson (though cuddy is my first choice for wilson).

      • Key

        Cara, I could care less if you’ll you watch it or not

    • Elizabeth

      majority cares about cuddy honey and thats why she is staying and jenny is leaving bye bye

      • Morenita

        Cuddy is the queen of PPTH and I love her, House, Wilson and Chase

      • Pan

        The majority of the people who watch House now are a bunch of delusional, hormonal teeage girls.

      • TT

        I love Cuddy so much. Sometimes i think I only watch for her.

      • Sunset

        I Do care about CUDDY. And you can´t imagine how.

      • Ste

        “a bunch of delusional, hormonal teeage girls.”

        aka hamerons!

      • Eva

        Pan I think you are a delusional and hormonal hameron. Get over it.

      • Pan

        Eva, I actually hate Hameron. Yet it’s funny how you automatically assume that just because I don’t salivate at the idea of Cuddy and House together, I must be a fan of Cameron and House. Nice leap in logic there.

    • Someone

      No :'(

    • Mariah

      I think Cameron is and has always been such a shiner! I wish in a strange twist that it was in fact she who had killed the dictator and was off to some foreign jail.

      • Mariah

        I meant whiner LOL!

  • charlie

    well, didn’t see that one coming

  • Jackyblu

    I loved Sasha on NCIS and it will be good to see her again. I hope they use her in more than one episode, this could be wicked fun with Hilson.

    • Vivian

      Yeeah I totally agree with you. Miss Sasha on NCIS, she is looking nice with this ‘blond’ hair *-*

    • BlueEyezRN68

      I agree too-loved her on NCIS-and haven’t seen her on anything since. I think she could be a good PERMANANT addition.

  • charlie

    who cares about cameron?!?! thats not what this is about!!

    • Lisa

      There are a lot of people who care about Cameron – this show is not about Cuddy/Huddy either and still people keep bringing her up here.

    • Peter

      I do care about Cameron/Jennifer Morrison, and a lot of people out there also care about her.

    • Bios

      Add me to the list of people who don´t care about JMo.

      • Luca

        Me too!

      • Lorena

        And me. I don´t give a s****

      • Jess

        And me!

      • Morenita

        I don´t care about Cameron. Bring the HUDDY on!!!!

      • Virginia


      • Sunset

        I don´t care about JMo.

      • Roe

        The show will be the same with or without Cameron so I don´t care.

      • Eva

        I don´t care because I really dislike this character and her spammer fans

    • Jasmin09

      Couldn’t care less about Cameron! I just want more House/Cuddy/Wilson – any scene without them is booooooring! And Cuddy is kicking some serious bootey this season – go Cuddy!!

      • TT

        Go Cuddy! I don´t care if Jen Morrison leaves or stays. I just want Cuddy and House. And sometimes Wilson.

  • Cheery

    Wow, how awesome, but they’re totally wasting a character. Sasha looks just like Edelstein/Cuddy; they should have cast her as Cuddy’s never-before-seen sister!

    • Mia

      I second that!
      I like Sasha (stopped watching NCIS after she left)but really, dont come anywhere between House & Cuddy! Hilson will be just fine anyway-

      • Torrie

        I stopped watching NCIS after she left as well. When I first saw the title of this article, I thought it meant Ziva would be guest starring, which scared me, because I hate Ziva. If anyone had to guest star from that show, though, I’m SO glad it’s Sasha!

      • Petra

        Too bad you stopped watching after Sasha left NCIS, in my opinion it’s one of the best TV shows ever. I don’t really miss her on NCIS, but it will be good to see her again.

    • Maddy

      I know Alexander asked to leave NCIS because it was “too much work” but I was really happy to see her character go. As an actress, I never found her terribly believable a Former Secret Service Agent charged with protecting a president (she played the character as way too girly, prissy, and whinny to have any credibility), so needless to say, I have my doubts about this.

  • Christi

    I totally came up with the idea of House falling in love with their new neighbor as soon as I heard they were moving. I really hope House will find someone to love outside of the hospital.

  • Becca

    Oh, nice. I miss Kate on NCIS so it’ll be nice to see SA on a something I watch again.

  • Freelancer

    How nice to see Sasha Alexander come back. :) Kate was wonderful in NCIS, and if she can get Gibbs’ attention, she certainly can catch House and Wilson attention. :))

    • Tia

      I agree completely, Sasha is so talented…I miss watching her on NCIS…she was the only woman that could make Gibbs squirm…

  • Coyote

    What an awful photo. I had to IMDB her to find out what she really looks like. Kinda Cuddyish.

    • Cheery

      DEFINITELY Cuddy-ish, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Probably one of the reason’s House is crushing on her is because of the strong resemblance.

      I hope her hair is dark for the episode though, it’s much more flattering, and Cuddy-ish. ;)

      • ShutUpRob

        Alexander doesn’t look at ALL Cuddy-ish/Edelstein-ish. Their facial structures are entirely different (Heart-shaped versus tall rectangle), their eyes are different, their hair is radically different, their complexions are different.
        What are you people smoking? I want to know so that I can avoid it like the plague.
        — Rob

    • Patrick

      Lisa and Sasha are really beautiful. Sasha should play Lisa´s sister

      • lily

        they could resemble each other if she dyed her hair darker and put the same make-up on

  • Melly

    I love Sasha, and look forward to seeing her on House.

  • Homer

    Cant wait for new episodes!!

  • Amarantha

    I think “Huddy” is not good for the show and hope that this is a sign that House M.D. is backing away from it. I like Cuddy and I like House, but not together. It’s impossible to see House as a husband and stepfather to Cuddy’s baby. Domestic bliss just wouldn’t fit the character!

    I liked House best in the first three season, when they stuck more closely to the Holmesian model. House/Holmes and Wilson/Watson are obviously central, and Stacey (House’s former girlfriend) was his Irene Adler, the woman he admired above all but couldn’t have. In that model, I guess Cuddy would be Inspector Lestrade, a more conventional thinker who respects Holmes’s successes even though he is dubious about his temperament and methods.

    • Mia

      OMG, I cant believe what you just wrote…
      making me sad-

    • Sally

      Great statement!

    • beccs

      Amaranta is a hard hameron shipper. Everybody knows it

      • Lisa

        Yeah, totally sounds like a Hameron shipper. And even if, so what?! She’s still right about that.

      • Amarantha

        I’m not a Hameron shipper. I like House and Wilson as friends. Honestly, I like relationships between equals, rather than the student/master dynamic between House and Cameron.

      • Patricia

        I don´t know if she is a hameron but all of her posts are so annoying. Get a life Amarantha.

    • Grace

      I totally love you for saying this. I agree with every word of it, straight down to the Lestrade/Cuddy comment. Yay for insightful people.

    • elise

      I respect your opinion Amarantha but disagree with your analysis on what is interesting for the show except for House and Cuddy being married. But it’s sort of beside the issue in a way in that, I haven’t really read anyone who can see this happening. Not even the most unrealistic Huddy. House and Cuddy aren’t the marrying sort and House is not the step-father sort. If they have anything together, and I think they should, this couple is quite popular from what I’ve seen online and from different people around where I live who watch the show, it could only ever be unconventional and theirs.

      • Valeria

        Word. We don´t want House and Cuddy getting married, we want them in a dysfunctional relationship. They like each other and that can´t be ignored.

      • Amarantha

        The ratings for House have gone since it started focussing on romance and interpersonal relationships rather than on the character of House and his diagnostic abilities. A lot of people haven’t been particularly pleased with House MD’s recent forays into romance territory. “Foreteen” has been an unmitigateed disaster, and I’ve also seen numerous unfavourable comments about the way that Cuddy has been dumbed down and “floozified” since Huddy started.
        I appreciate the Huddy’s contingent very vocal support of their pairing and I think that on this matter we are just going to have to disagree.

      • gigle

        Amarantha, the anti-huddies are very vocal too. You are one example of it. Every time I read an Ausi´s scoop about House you are there to complain about Huddy. We get it. You don´t like it.

      • Ste

        gigle you should add “you don’t like it and we could care less”
        Hamerons keep spamming and whining: for a while it’s fun but then they’re only annoying. Oh well, who cares about them? Let’s enjoy our show :D

      • elise

        Thank you very much, Amarantha. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a straight-forward dialogue with someone who doesn’t feel the need to shove their opinion down your throat and start in with ad hominem attacks if you dissent.

        I have to also disagree with you about the ratings. The ratings have gone down; that is a fact. But you are extrapolating something you can’t possibly know by inferring that the ratings drop is due to the focus on the inter-personal relationships (romantic or otherwise, I take you to mean, but either way-) of the show. I see this happen a lot. People co-opt the numbers to try to make the point that they want to get across (and personally hold) more valid. Not any of us have any hard facts to back this up as the motivation for people tuning in or not. And even more so, none of us can possibly know what every single viewer feels about the way the show is written now or why all of the ones who left, left. Unless we could get all of those people together and take a poll and depend on all of them being honest and to be able to pinpoint the reason they left. Then we would know. I think it’s best to stay as clear as we can about what we know and what we can possibly know and what we are extrapolating.

        I have paid close attention to and noticed that, the fans who take the opportunity to come to these places and complain usually can accurately be separated into two groups-those who genuinely dislike relationships in shows and those with an ulterior motive, i.e., they don’t really mind relationships per se, they mind the relationship that was chosen (that House chose Cuddy instead of the person they wanted him with). So they want to either get rid of Huddy or they want to get rid of relationships period because if they can’t have their ship, they don’t want the other guys to have theirs. Those who simply don’t like relationships in shows that they watch at least are being honest (even if their choice is no more valid than people who do like them) but they seem to be quite few in number. By far the largest of this sample complaining about relationships are the latter that do so in multiple posts under many pseudonyms, again to make their numbers seem bloated. When I peruse their boards (they’re more honest there, of course than here about their motives because they are among people who have the same goal in mind) they say these very things. I also find it interesting that they feel their opinions are honest and fair when they almost unanimously are not. They talk about Huddy (referring to it because that is where most of the motivation for these things come from, opposing ships) being unrealistic but in the next sentence they’ll be talking almost uniformly about skipping over those scenes (the ones who even watch at all now) and only watching the scenes with Cameron. How they want to watch the show is their business. But don’t let’s come to the rest of us and claim any true objectivity if you cannot possibly have it because you do not possess all of the facts. No wonder so many want to leave the show and think Cameron is more important to the show than she truly is. It would be almost impossible not to. If all you watch when you watch “House” is just the Cameron scenes then that *is* “House” to you. Not the medicine, although some who argue against relationships use this argument of convenience too, not the other characters, which they naturally devalue because they don’t care and don’t watch the others, not the directing or the themes, or the philosophical or psychological aspects. It’s all reduced down to a single character. How anyone could do that to themselves, their viewing experience, or the show is beyond me.

        I have seen that online 14 gets berated quite a bit, as does 13, but I wonder how much of that is the true sentiment of the majority of the viewers? Again, we are taking information from what we know and see online. The vast majority of “House” fans aren’t online and participating on these sites. We know this because there are 80+ million viewers of this show and not even close to that amount of people that post on the different “House” related sites. If we add that data in with everything we know then what we are going off of is what we see repeated ad infinitum on these sites from largely the same fans who, of course, post the same opinions repeatedly on all of these sites that are a mere drop in the bucket compared to the rest of the “House” fans out there, and are actually less in number than we can even tell. So how many people really do hate 13/14? We also have to factor in how some fans influence each other. I notice some people gripe about 13/14 because they are an easy target-a whipping boy that’s popular and that you can beat to shreds without much complaint from others. How many people like them and don’t speak up because they don’t want to go against the crowd and how many like them but see this behavior everywhere and just don’t feel like arguing or dealing with these people?

        About Cuddy, again most of these comments come from the same people with ulterior motives who couldn’t care a bit whether they are being objective about her (although if they did think about it, they seem to always rationalize their unfairness away about everything else, why not this too?). Almost none of them even bother to at least try to clothe their hatred for the character in rational arguments. Invariably they debase her. What is a floozy? Is Cuddy a floozy? Is she truly a mere shell of her former character? Who was Cuddy to begin with, I mean, after season one and the middle of season two when she was still, like many of the characters, a bit sketchy? Is she really the simpering, weak, cheap fool they’ve made her out to be? Again if you look at the motive behind these attacks you find that a great many of them say these sorts of things because they want her away from House, safely administrating.

        As for the vocal part, that is another argument that I’ve seen around (mostly from the Hamerons, especially on their fanboards) that seems to have come about due to insecurity. You see, they almost always note when there are multi fan discussions how many Huddies there are and how many Huddy questions there are and how much interest there is in Huddy. They then confess that they are afraid that TPTB might catch on to how many Huddies there ‘seem to be’. Very few Hamerons actually admit the possibility that there might in reality be a great many Huddies. Most of them try to tell themselves that there ‘aren’t as many as there seem to be’ (as if any of us knows this) and that they’re just a ‘loud faction’. Is this true? Shouldn’t we allow for the possibility that there seem to be so many Huddies asking about Huddy on all of these sites and during interviews and chats like the online one with Hugh, because there *are* a lot of Huddies? If we are both trying to be honest and seek the truth then we have to admit this possibility too. Obviously from a group of 80 million viewers there will be some who are not going to like relationships, because that is not their preference, and some who are going to say they don’t want relationships because they want House with someone else and if he is not with the someone else they prefer then they want him with no one. All three of these variations and more, I’m sure, exist, e.g., what of the ones who don’t care either way? Where we disagree is how we can possibly tell what the majority thinks of the things brought up in your post.

        By and large, from what I’ve seen, the people who use the arguments like numbers, and how the show used to be good, and how it’s gone away from the medicine, and now it’s just a soap opera and poorly written, etc. are using these arguments because they don’t want to come on here and say what they know perfectly well is a weaker argument-that they prefer this ship to that. So they hide under a veil of false pretenses to try to get their way. Obviously they can’t come to these sites and say that they want their ship and if they don’t get it then they don’t like the show. No one is going to take that seriously even though it is the truth. So they attack the show and the writing and the producers and Cuddy or Foreman or Thirteen or the lack of quality in any aspect of the show to hide the true reason for their displeasure but still be able to cry for the thing they really want-to get rid of Huddy or relationships period.

      • Amarantha

        Elise, your unfounded personal attack on me is everything that you complain about. You insinuate, with no evidence whatsoever, that I publish comments under numerous false names and that I am some sort of “Hameron” under disguise. I assure you that I am not “hiding under a veil of false pretenses” as you so poetically put it.

        You’re a hypocrite. You complain about ad hominem attacks and then launch one of your own. You accuse all those who disagree you of being immature, blinded by bias, and dishonest. Instead of trying to explain what you find so captivating about “Huddy”, you instead vilify those who disagree with you.

      • Lion

        Elise, I couldn´t agree more with you. Amarantha I don´t think she is attacking you. We know you always post with the same name and that you are a huddy hater and I don´t say a hameron lover.
        But Elise is right. Hamerons are getting on the nerves of a lot of people trying to degrade the show because they can´t get what they want. Sick of them. Great post Elise.

      • ililla

        Elise for president.

    • Mariah

      I agree, I think any romance will just kill the show. Let them be doctors and diagnose crazy stuff, even if it’s obvious that the only real true diagnosis comes at 8:57pm after House stares into space while someone (usually Wilson) is talking about some inane situation unrelated to the medical plotline.

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