Exclusive: Kim Raver teases 'Grey's' triangle and a possible '24' return

greys-kim-raver_lKim Raver is headed to Grey’s Anatomy to break up Owen and Cristina! I kid. (I think.) I was just trying to get all you O&C ‘shippers stirred up and, in turn, drive eyeballs to my interview with the actress. Speaking of which… In the following Q&A, Raver teases her Grey’s stint (kicking off Nov. 12), addresses reports that producers wanted her to dye, and solves a big 24 mystery: Are Jack and Audrey soul mates?

When did you start work?
I’m on my second day. It’s an amazing group.

Tell me about your character, Teddy.
She was in Iraq with Owen. She’s a cardiac surgeon. She’s really good at what she does. There’ll be some interesting stuff between Teddy, Cristina and Owen.

What exactly happened between Teddy and Owen in Iraq?
When we first meet her, we’re not quite sure. But there’s definitely a hint of a triangle.

There was a report that Grey’s producers asked you to dye your hair brunet for the role. True?
No. I don’t know where that came from. My hair may not be as blond as it was on 24, but it’s the same as it was on Lipstick Jungle. [She ain’t lying — check out the first look photo above.]

What’s the length of your Grey’s commitment?
I don’t know. It’s sort of a similar situation to when I joined 24. You just don’t know. I’m recurring, but I don’t know the [exact] length. It’s interesting because Teddy is in the same situation. It creates an exciting dynamic because it forces me to be very present and enjoy playing this really great character.

Is there potential this could become a full-time gig?
I don’t know. I would be thrilled and flattered [if it came to that]. I just love the cast and the crew and the writers. It’s such a pleasure to get a script and just be like, “Yes!”

This could be the last season of 24. Has there been any talk of Audrey possibly returning?
That’s a tricky one. I was happy to know Audrey wasn’t dead because there [may be] a little bit of a window to go back to that family. But I don’t know where they are with that storyline. I’m sort of a romantic at heart so I would love to see some closure between Jack and Audrey — especially if it’s the last season. I feel like [Audrey just] lying there not being able to talk to him wasn’t really any kind of great closure.

Are you of the opinion that they’re soul mates?
I am. I have a warm spot for those two characters. They are soul mates. I know that sounds corny, but they are.

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  • barbara

    She and Owen make a great couple. I think.

    • Sofia

      No way! Owen belongs with Cristina!

      • Jen

        Owen and Cristina are soulmates! Hopefully this isn’t another stupid Grey’s Triange because I will be fed up! They created such a magical love story with these two it would not make sense for Owen to all of a sudden be interested in an ex! I do think it will be interesting to find out a little bit more about Owen’s Iraq experience.

      • Debbie

        Cristina and Owen are sooooo good together! Can’t wait to see more of them!

      • Chantel

        Owen and Cristina is why I start watching Grey’s consistently again in S5! I love this couple and I am sure this will be fun to watch too!

      • June

        Cristina and Owen are so perfect together! I love they show each other their caring side and then are top notch professionals at the hospital! Also, Owen is able to handle Cristina’s snarky side.

    • Mary

      I hate to admit this because I LOVE Cristina, but they do look pretty cute together. However, you just never know until you see the character and how she is on the show I guess. I’m on team Cristina though.

    • Janet

      The thing that is keeping me calm about the introduction of this character, if Owen was in love with this gal or cared deeply for her the way he does Cristina she would not be an EX! We’ve seen how devoted (followed Cristina around like a puppy dog) and passionate Owen is when he has too stay away from someone he LOVES (Cristina)! She will cause Cristina to have turmoil because she will want to learn from her but be jealous and insecure about her past connection with Owen. Women also sense when someone is interested in their man.

      • carrie

        KMK had said in an interview this “blast from the past” will hopefully bring the closer together in the long run even though the road will be bumpy! So I am going to stay calm and watch because I know in the end Owen/Cristina will be together forever!

      • Mary

        Well, it is GA after all. I mean, look at season 2. We have the core couple of the show MerDer, and they bring in Addison who Derek clearly has fallen out of love with and he treats her like he doesn’t lover her through an ENTIRE season. But Rhimes put fans through it anyway. Just because characters are “meant to be” doesn’t always mean Shonda is going to make their road easy. We’ve seen enough examples (see S1-4 of MerDer story S1-5 of the AlexIz story)for 2 clear and frustrating examples of this. I’m rooting for O/C though:)

      • bam

        Word! You are so right! Cristina and Owen forever!

      • Chantel

        TOTALLY AGREE! What a brilliant point!

    • Piper

      Well both are attractive people, BUT that doesn’t equate to looking great as a couple/together!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! CRISTINA and OWEN are HOT!!!Even when the writers give us so little of them that we almost forget they are a couple! Luckily we’re not as shallow or as fickle as that! SOULMATES! Love at first sight! He wants to be around Cristina in 40 years!!!! She can’t breathe without him!!!.. Sooo married to each other, even if they’re not legally! Don’t stuff this one up Shonda and co!

    • Lyn

      Yeah, I don’t think Owen and Cristina will ever really understand each other. (But of course, their “odd coupling” will survive on the show.)

    • GA Lover

      WORD. I love that pic!

    • Sarah

      You haven’t even seen an episode with the together and you are saying that? Senseless.
      Owen is Cristina’s souldmate, the one who save him from the hell he was living, it’s as simple as that. And no new doctor or anything will break that.

    • ernie

      ummm….her name is Teddy, for one thing. For another, no no NO. If they were going to do a triangle, it should have been cristina with another guy. cristina/owen, audrey/jack. Keep it that way, haha

  • hope

    Even though I love Audrey, I know Jack belongs to Renee

    • Olivia


      • relulu

        Jack and Audrey are soul mates , yes! Jack belongs with Audrey not Renee , Renee is a young woman a student in Jack’s life , come back Audrey !! bring Audrey back 24 ..

    • Joel

      I’m torn here. On the one hand, I think Jack and Renee have great chemistry. But, I cannot see Jack attempting anything with Renee without first getting some closure with Audrey. And I love Jack being with both women.

      • Amy

        Jack doesn’t need a female version of him. He needs an Audrey to make him softer and more human.

  • lisa


    • Kaylie

      Totally agree! This couple’s is amazing and so meant to be together! Two badasses that love each other

    • Lisa

      Agree! Owen and Cristina are made for each other.

    • Chantel

      Soulmates for sure! I just finished watching S5 and S6SP and every step of their love story spells this out! I can’t wait to see them fight, so we can see the “make up scene”!

  • maiv

    I’m not too bummed b/c I never really warmed up to Owen, but this might make things more interesting

    • Ana

      Have to agree with you here. I’m not fond of him so…maybe this will make him more interesting in my eyes.

  • Michelle

    Keep your grubby paws OFF Owen, woman! It’s the Plant 2.0. Get some new schick, Shonda.

  • Sofia

    Hate this already -.-
    Cristina and Owen have enough problems without a stereotype triangle…

  • Lisa

    Owen and Cristina are SOULMATES! This Teddy might cause trouble but Owen/Cristina will make it through!

  • Nick T


  • Kelly

    UGHHHHHH! I already hate her! Owen needs to get his hand off her now! If they have her create a wedge between Owen and Cristina’s relationship I will just plain ole be pissed. What would of S5 been for just to have he cheat with an ex! Just crap! Hopefully she is their to be Cristina’s mentor only!

  • tina

    screaming nooooooooooooo! I don’t think I can handle another heartbroken Cristina and Owen.

  • cindy

    Really Shonda. Can’t you come up with something more original than the tiresome triangle schtick? It’s clear that the people who run this show will do ANYTHING for ratings.

  • kitty

    LMAO at Callie’s face!

    She knows it’s ON

    • Nick T

      LOL! I just noticed it!

  • Susan

    It will be interesting but I’m not worried. Cristina and Owen will end up together in the end. Their fan base is too big. They are fantastic.

  • SID

    Cristina should hook up with JACKSON, he’s better looking!

    • Me

      YES! YES! Christina and Jackson would be fire.

      • magdalena

        Well, Jackson is a good looking boy, but Cristina needs a man. Real man, who can impress her. Like Burke in the past and like Owen now.

    • GA Lover


    • Ethel


  • Jill

    Just looking at that photo makes me ill! I can’t imagine Owen with anybody else, the love between Owen and Cristina should be able to get them through anything. For heaven’s sakes they got back together after the choking! If that couldn’t break them up this ex skank shouldn’t be able to! I just can buy it.

    • Kellybell

      WORD. As soon as that pic popped up on my screen I felt sick. :-P Hands off. My only thought is that Owen wouldn’t be so openly friendly/touchy with her if there was something really there on his end. It’s like he feels like he can do that (or doesn’t even think NOT to do it) because it means nothing. That is my hope.

      • Joan

        Good point Kellybell! It looks like he is going up to a table that Cristina is probably sitting at with Callie by the look on Callie’s face. If he had romantic feelings for this gal, he wouldn’t feel comfortable going up and introducing her to his girlfriend or his girlfriend’s roommate! This just put a smile on my face!

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