Extremely juicy 'True Blood' spoilers below!

Alan-Ball-true-blood_lFor a backwater burg with only a single watering hole, Bon Temps sure does have a lot of colorful characters passing in and out (well, those that end up making it out). Case in point: Check out the motley crew Alan Ball and Co. are introducing in season 3 (premiering next summer). While Ball teased some of these arrivals in my recent Q&A, there’s nothing like sinking your teeth into the actual casting notices.

* Tommy Mickens is a grungy but handsome man in his early ‘20s who just so happens to be Sam Merlotte’s long-lost younger brother. Apparently, at some point he’ll be showing his unadorned backside, which, with Sam’s similar feral tendency towards the “full moon,” proves that they really must be related after all.

*After his mysterious abduction, Bill finds himself with the latest addition to the True Blood Gallery of Impossibly Attractive Male Vampires (or the TBGIAMV). Talbot, a bitingly (har har) sarcastic vampire with a model’s looks, will appear starting in the second episode as a guide of sorts for the kidnapped vamp.

* More news on the PYT front is the appearance of Jesus Velasquez, an unordinary orderly with a heart to match his good looks.

* In a friendly bit of one-upmanship, Tara gets her very own over-protective vampire buddy. And a “sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy” one at that. That’s right, four sexys. Eat that, Sookie. The neckbiter, Franklin Mott, is also clearly in the running for TBGIAMV status.

* We’ve had vampires, shape-shifters, and demi-gods, and now the next supernatural spook to waltz through Louisiana is…rednecks?! Well, maybe they aren’t so unearthly, but they can sure pack a punch and we can expect a group of them, led by a guy named Coot (of course), to unleash their mobile home magic on some of our dear characters.

* Jason Stackhouse will find that his notoriously limitless libido has taken a hit, when two NYU girls, Jen and Missy, ménage à try to get him into the sack to little avail.

* Yvetta, Fangtasia’s new Czechoslovakian dancer, is tremendously hot and comfortable being in the buff. Oh, and she makes lots of sexy time with Eric. (Don’t shoot the messenger!)

* Tara’s ever-distraught mom turns to the church for comfort (and maybe a little more) in the form of the honorable Reverend Daniels.

Got casting suggestions for any of the above? Share ‘em below! (Additional reporting by Keith Staskiewicz)

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  • taylorrness

    hmmm….Franklin Mott is from the books, but the rest are brand new. let’s hope this goes the way of Jessica and makes for a great third season!

    • Julie

      Yeah…because in the books it isn’t Tara’s non-existent mom who goes to the FOTS…

      I’m ok with new characters – it makes things fresh…but if they’re going to change things this drastically, I certainly hope they don’t mess with the central relationship in the books – Sookie/Eric.

      I like Bill well enough and Stephen Moyer does a fab job…but the direction IS Sookie/Eric in the books.

      • Becca

        I agree – new characters are great, however, I can’t WAIT for season 4 if it is going to follow the 4th book – my fav in the series because of the Sookie/Eric hook-up! Just as long as that isn’t messed with, I can’t wait to see season 3??? Maybe they can hurry it up and get it out sooner!

    • Javabooknut

      I’ve liked a lot of changes but this is a little worrying. A key mythology in the book is that only one child of a shapeshifting couple will be born with the gene to shapeshift. I don’t like a huge change like same having a shapeshifting brother.

      • JR

        that is true but remember the first born thing only has to do with the female. A male can have multiple shifters/weres with different women. so maybe it is his half brother.

    • TS

      Talbot is from the books too.

    • Heidi

      I just caught Goran Vijnic (Luca in ER) in Practical Magic playing quite a sexy but not so nice guy turned zombie demon…he’d be awesome as Alcide or Russell…

      And for Pam’s lover, what about Mia Kirschner?

  • Victoria

    Ugh all these characters I don’t know.. I’m sorry, I’m a book purist! Why change a good thing? Too late now, seeing as how they made me want to punch season 2. *Siiigh* at least they’re doing Franklin Mott. Does this mean we’ll one day have Tara’s Togs? Haha..

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      I can totally understand the sentiment “why change a good thing”, but I hardly think it applies to this situation. While I love a lot of the characters to come out of the books, we all know they are poorly written, trashy fiction. Alan Ball is putting out a much different product, one with many layers, and lots of subtext. Which are some things the books could use.

      • candace

        Do we really need to bash the books? I think both the series and books have their own charms. I personally prefer the books, but i prefer books in general. Unfortunately for most reading seems to be a lost art. And lets not forget without the books Alan Ball wouldn’t have had the material to create the series. It doesn’t have to be well written to be good. The ideas just have to be good, which Harris’s are.

      • bootsycolumbia

        “We all know they are poorly written, trashy fiction”. Who’s “we”? Oh, that’s right, it’s someone who calls herself Mary Q.Contrary. I doubt you read all of the books, Mary. They got stronger and more complex as they went along. Having said that, I have no problem with the show, which I haven’t seen (I don’t get it up here in Canada), adding new characters. The show sounds awesome and I plan on renting the DVDs some rainy weekend.

      • Stacy

        Agreed! I do like the books but I really LOVE this series. Sometimes they characters in the books had me scratching my head. And sometimes the rapid ERIC/SOOKIE fans have me scratching my head! They only hooked up in one book and *SPOILER* only because he wasn’t himself!

      • jjbc

        Stacy obviously you have not read all of the books. Eric is a much more prominent character in all of the books from 4 on than Bill. And Eric/Sookie have some real good scenes in book 9.

      • Javabooknut

        Who’s We. They are not poorly written or trashy. They’re funny, and nuanced and fun. I used to be a book snob that only read literary fiction. A book doesn’t have to be pullitzer level with a sad ending to be well written.

      • Amy Leigh

        @Stacy: It’d help if you read more than the first 4 books. Book 3 is when Eric becomes a more prominent character and gradually becomes THE main guy in her life as the series goes on.

      • Sassy26

        Let’s not forget before you call the books “trashy” that we remember all the porn type scenes in the tv series. There was not nearly that much sex and nudity in the books as there was in the show.

      • TS

        Mary, thats your opinion. I liked the books and while I like TB too, one can hardly say it is deep and meaningful. It is soapy and a little campy and thats why I like it. But that is just My opinion too.

    • Becks

      Shut up. The show is different from the book series. They’re separate, they’re different (and the TV show is better). Get over it. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. I didn’t like the first few books so I didn’t read the rest. It’s really quite simple. Shut. Up.

      • Lee

        The easiest and most ignorant way to counter an opinion is by telling someone to, “Shut up!” If you don’t like the arguments being made, then don’t read them. At least others are contributing valid points. Wanting to silence those that don’t share your viewpoint is frankly, disturbing.

      • niki

        You didn’t like the first few books so you gave up. Yup, you sure have a solid basis for saying the show is better and for being superior to anyone who disagrees. Fantastic argument.

      • Sassy26

        Wow! Let’s show some maturity. This is a place for people to comment about the show. There is no need to tell anyone to shut up. How can you like the series when you didn’t like the books? Yes there are a few differences, but it’s still the same plot. So unless you’re into more sex and nudity or just don’t like reading, that doesn’t make any sense.

      • CeCe

        Are you 12 Becks?

    • Amber

      What about Gabriel Macht for one of the hottie vamps?

      • Denise

        Oh I really like that idea. Macht is a good actor with some serious sex appeal!

    • kattykat246

      I agree….. I understand some changes must be made to go to tv….. but seriously, they should retract the statement that the series is based on the Sookie Stackhouse chronicles…. they are veering SOOOO far of course. By the end of this season, Sookie will probably be “turned” and Bill and Eric will be romantic partners. Bad move Alan Ball.

      • Denise

        I agree Katty — it does seem like Ball is moving much farther off course than he did with seasons 1 & 2. Hopefully the changes will be good – but he shouldn’t forget the reasons people love the books. I doubt that Charlaine Harris would allow them to do anything TOO drastic that would affect her serious though.

    • NickC

      Damn i hate you Book loves who just want the show to be the same.If they followed the books then Lafayette would be dead and that would suck.I wish you “why can’t the show be just like the book”would get a life.I love the books and i love the show.It’s nice that there are different.

      • MoGal

        I agree, they are both good in their own way. I am a reader and love the books more, but the show is really good and keeps me interested, but I mainly watch the show to see Eric and he does not get near enough air time. I truly admire talent and Alexander Skarsgard is such a fantastic actor that I just love all of his scenes.

  • JRose48

    Oh no! Franklin Mott! He better be super hot because I know he’s super bad. Otherwise I can take it or leave it.

  • Corran

    Alan Ball, if you are reading this please bring back Sarah Newlin! Her character was awesome last year, and I think she is the best match for Jason!!

    • Chappel

      Maybe she’s too busy playing Pam’s sister on “The Office”. Ha… I wish. She was great in the wedding episode and I’d love to see her as a regular.

  • Heather

    When is Lafayette gonna get some love? He is deserving.

    And I know that I am going to get blasted for this, but it would be some funny shiznit to have one of the Twilight bunch for a cameo, especially for a sex scene. Kristen anyone?

    • crispy

      That is the worst idea I’ve ever read in my entire life.

      • KatyCharles


        Corran, I am literally crying. That is so funny. And true.

      • KatyCharles

        still laughing…

        (And I meant crispy, not Corran. Corran, your idea was also terrible. Sarah Newlin was a phenomenally written character… but she was cuh-razy. Even Jason… who is a moron… deserves better.)

    • Erin

      Lafayette isn’t even supposed to be alive!!

      • Jess

        I’m so glad he is still around, though. I love me some Lafayette, even though he wouldn’t go for me… he’s nice…

    • Hannah

      Why on Earth would any of us want to pollute True Blood with Twilight crap?
      It wouldn’t serve anyone in Twilight to be put side by side with anyone in True Blood, lest people notice how woefully inadequate Twilight is in comparison.

      • rachel

        You said it perfectly, Hannah!!

    • MandyB

      Good grief! Keep those little kids out of Bon Temps!!!

    • Kelsey

      “Kristen anyone?”
      I’m sorry, you seem to be confused. Having sex with the undead is NOT the same as having sex with corpse, which, given her complete lack of presence and emotion, I characterize KStew as.

  • Ms. Puddy

    This is going to be very interesting season. I can not wait for summer. :)

  • Irish

    Blah. No good news here. Defiantly not the “Extremely juicy” spoilers the title of the article promised.

  • Rhoswen

    ***Book (and possibly show) SPOILER***:

    In book 3, Talbot was Russell Edgington’s human companion. Info on Talbot for season 3 referred to him as Russell’s trophy husband. That info together implies that Bill’s being held at Russell’s mansion in the show, like he was in the book.

    ***possible SPOILER above***

    • Stacy

      Good job putting that together! I actually hated the 3rd book so I couldn’t remember if I knew Talbot or not!

      • Stacy

        OH and Thanks for labeling as a SPOILER! I’ve read the books but I just think it’s so rude when people come on here and post spoilers without labeling. Common Courtesy Y’ALL!

  • Liz

    Eric with someone other than Sookie? That’s some GREAT news!!!! I want my Bill & Sookie together! :)

    • mel

      I agree, I love Bill and Sookie, i have read all the books and i have to say i love the series more, bill would lay down his life for sookie, eric never will, he loves himself too much. Also in the book series, I find Sookie very self absorbed and unforgiving. I like the Sookie I am seeing on tv way better!!

    • Carol

      Oh come on, you know it’s just a sexual relationship and won’t last. Don’t get too excited. Alan Ball recently said that Eric and Sookie would happen b/c they were “fated”. I can’t wait!!

    • Fallon

      Sorry, but Bill & Sookie are the most boring part of the show. Who cares if he would lay down his life for her, whats the fun in that. I think Eric really loves her but he is so complicated and conflicted that it makes him the most interesting character in the show. He is funny too Bill has no humor at all to him.

      • Sassy26

        I totally agree Fallon! Even in the books Bill started to become dull starting in the 3rd book.

  • Katherine

    Sookie & Eric are the reasons I’m watching TrueBlood. ZZZZZ to Bill.

    • Emilia

      Me too ! There is so much chemistry between them .

  • Paulina

    Mike, did anyone ever tell you that THERE’S NO CZECHOSLOVAKIA SINCE 1993?!

    • Sarah

      Hahhh…correct. At least call it the Czech Republic!

    • machunny

      True, but if she’s a vampire she easily could have been made when there was, and would still refer to herself as Czech. Vampires don’t always care that the world has changed around them; she’s working at Fangtasia, so she’s likely a vamp, right?

    • Cam

      Hear hear! Nor is there a “Czechoslovakian” language! Ouch!

  • Tre

    can I suggest myself for casting?

    that would be gear.

  • Heidi

    Tara’s new hottie – how about Blair Underwood? He’s older but pretty gorgeous…
    And I like the idea of Gale Harold for Talbot or Alaric (is that his name? The casting call from awhile back for the tall dark and handsome cynical hottie)

    • Kerri

      Blair Underwood would be great for Franklin Mott. Good choice Heidi.

  • lola

    matt bomer would make a great vamp… think about it

    • MC

      He can already glamor people with his hotness!

  • chelebr

    If Yvette is a vampire, she could easily be Czechoslovakian, Paulina.

    • Paulina

      Well, Czechoslovakism a term for the political and cultural conception of Czechoslovakia, which was made by the nations of Czechs and Slovaks. Therefore there is, and never was such nationality as “Czechoslovakian”. I mean, really, don’t you Americans know any history at all?

      • Hannah

        Yep. She’d either be Czech, or Slovakian. She wouldn’t be both. And don’t give me the “she could have been alive when it was still Czechoslovakia” spin.

      • cricket

        You might want to do a little research before you start bashing the US for not studying their history.
        Czechoslovakia: A former country of central Europe. It was formed in 1918 from Czech- and Slovak-speaking territories of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Communists gained control of the government after World War II and stayed in power until late 1989 when demands for democratic political reform forced Communist leaders to resign. In 1993 the country split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
        If they are united under 1 flag, they are considered 1 nation. Therefore, they WOULD be Czechoslovakian.

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