Exclusive: The shocking story behind last night's killer 'Vampire Diaries'

vampire-diaries-exit_lSPOILER ALERT: You know the drill. If last night’s Vampire Diaries is still taking up space in your FauxVo, stop reading now. Everyone else, onward and downward…

This sucks. My favorite Vampire Diaries character, nascent fang-bearer Vicki, bit the dust thanks to a stake-wielding Stefan in last night’s bloody good Halloween-themed episode. Or did she… In this exclusive interview, Vicki’s portrayer, Kayla Ewell, reveals shocking details surrounding her onscreen death, including the identity of the original killer (it wasn’t supposed to be Stefan!) and how a clue in last night’s eppy may foreshadow her return.

Is Vicki really dead this time?
Sadly, yes. It’s funny because I almost died four times on the show.

Has it been hard keeping the secret?
Yes. It’s a relief to finally be able to talk about it. People have been coming up to me in L.A. going, “Why aren’t you in Atlanta [working on the show]?” And I’m like, “Oh, I’m just here visiting my family. I had a couple of days off.” I’ve had to basically lie. But The CW and Warner Bros. wanted [my death] to be a big shock. And I think it will be.

How long have you known that Vicki would die?
I knew very early on. But knowing it and actually going through it are two completely different things. Seven episodes is a lot of time to bond with people. Being back in L.A. has been harder than I thought it would be because this job was more special to me than any other job I’ve ever done.

So when you initially signed on you knew it was only for seven episodes?
Yes. [Vicki’s death] was something that needed to happen in order for Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) to go through a transformation.

At least you got a chance to play a vampire!
It was such a gift as an actress to be the first [human] to turn. The audience got to go through the whole thing with me, which was really fun.

Was part of you hoping Kevin Williamson would change his mind?
Of course. I’d be lying if I said [leaving] wasn’t difficult. But it was also the most amazing experience of my life.

What was it like shooting your death scene?
Funny story: In the original script, Jeremy kills Vicki. And that’s what we shot. Jeremy is forced to choose between saving the love of his life or his sister, and he chooses his sister. We shot the whole thing and I [moved back to] L.A. Then about a week and a half later, I got an e-mail from Kevin and [coexecutive producer] Julie Plec asking me to come back to Atlanta to reshoot my death scene — only this time Stefan kills me.

Why the switch?
They chose to have Stefan kill me because it makes him more of a hero since he saves Elena. There was also the question of would Jeremy know to actually stake a vampire in the heart?

Any chance you might return?
Anything can happen on a vampire show. Dying doesn’t necessarily mean that someone’s gone forever… In the original script, when Vicki gets staked you see her disappear into dust. But in the [reshot scene that aired], Stefan pulls the stake out and Damon takes me away. So they left the ending open to interpretation.

PHOTO CREDIT: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

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  • Laura

    Tonight’s episode was so intense!

  • Ashwee

    So is Ausiello.

    • Annie

      Is this your attempt at an insult? Newsflash: gay isn’t one.

      • AaronT

        Thanks Annie!

    • Lola

      Thank you, Annie!

    • Bonnie

      and you’re ignorant.

    • Johnna

      your mom is a whore Ashwee

  • catbean

    This was quite a shocker. They did a great job keeping the secret because, after all the press I read, I was sure Vicki was going to kill someone and it was the complete opposite! It was nice to be surprised for a change.

  • Golly G.

    And you don’t think that responding ‘First!’ is gay? Don’t post if you don’t even watch the show.

    • Golly G.

      And I’m sorry, I didn’t mean gay as an insult. That’s what you get for stooping to a twelve year olds level.

  • Jess

    i was definitely surprised hope Vicky comes back really enjoyed her character.

    • Kathy

      I thought she was kind of annoying. I’m glad that she won’t be jerking Jeremy around now.

    • Levente

      I only enjoyed her as a vampire. Shame that I’ve only liked her for an episode or two then… and now she’s gone.

  • ggny

    awesome kill off the show best character but keep around the 2 other boring girls…good job vampire diaries you are blowing through storyline like crazy and its just the first season

    • Bonnie

      I agree! I was hoping they’d kill off the blonde girl! she’s so boring I don’t even remember her name!

      • cmbg34

        I thought the exact same thing!

    • karen

      actually Vicki was quite annoying. Insecurity is not something attractive, and Vicki was really insecure. Caroline is quite fun.

    • Michael Collado

      Right? I mean I liked the way they killed her and it was a huge shock but they ARE blowing through storylines like none other. I do like how there’s something Jeremy doesn’t know now and such but I think they should make this show have only 13 episodes a season and contain they way they waste storylines!

  • Sina

    That dude who plays Jeremy is really starting to look like his grandfather. I’m actually said Vicki dies. I liked her as a vampire. I loved her hating Elena. I will actually miss her and I’m surprised by that.

    • Pisces228

      Once I read that the actor playing Jeremy is Steve McQueen’s grandson, I completely saw the resemblance, even though “Jeremy” is a brunette. The McQueen genes must be strong!

  • Molly

    Ugh can she come back? She was so good! Even next season (please, Jesus. Please.) would be fine by me (I am basically in charge of the whole thing, btw :P)

    • Vamp


      Wow molly get a grip

    • J

      please jesus please? seriously?

      • Molly

        I was kidding… so…yeah. Don’t actually believe in God, so any reference to Jesus isn’t serious.

        So I’m guessing people aren’t as keen as me on a second season? haha

        I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.

  • David

    Kayla Ewell was excellent as “Vicki.” CW blew it. Hopefully they’ll come to their senses and find a way to bring her back. Something to look forward to…

  • luly

    this sucks I love vicki and Jermey together =( they were my fav couple

    • eclipse

      Mine too! But too bad Jeremy thinks she’s still alive. Sooner or later he’ll fine out.
      Gosh, i still couldnt believe how his own sister would control his feelings like that. “It’s for the best” It’s like saying “Forget her, you dont love her”

      Im just glad this isnt real.

  • ggny

    yah Kevin Williamson and the CW blew it big time Vicki was a great character and had so much left to give it was dumb move to kill her off already…And her and Jeremy where just great together bad bad move Kevin

  • David

    Who is in charge at The CW anyway? They deserve to be fired. One of the best actors on the entire network and you let her die? Good lord people. I guess leaves her free for the real networks and the big screen.

    • Brooke

      ROTFL, that would be Dawn Ostroff, aka the woman who killed Everwood and Veronica Mars. So, no surprise here, although I doubt she actually plays any part in deciding which characters on her network live and die.

      • Jane

        I LOVED veronica mars. :(

  • Zoey

    I’m glad she’s dead. She bugged me, even after her change. And Jeremy can finally stop whining about her too.

    • Cindy

      I am with you – I wanted her to die from like the first episode because she was so whiny and only thought about her next fix all the time. I was hoping that she would take out Tyler and Jeremy before she died so that all three of those characters could go away in one episode. I did know that they would have to kill her because either Stefan or Damon were going to get tired of running around after her trying to keep her in check – I honestly thought it would be Damon who would kill her.

      • chi

        yes i thought they were whiny and annoying together. i didn’t like her at all.

    • karen

      Finally someone with sense. Vicki was annoying. And Jeremy can finally move on.

      • eclipse

        Dude, didnt hear what Jeremy said? Vicki was the best thing that ever happened to him after his parent’s death. Losing both of your parents is tragic, how can you ever live your life again? And vicki just basiclly gave Jermey life again. You think Jermey would move on that easily after vicki’s disappearance without a goodbye?

      • JenJen

        Seriously? Did none of you see how AWFULLY she treated Jeremy when she was alive? Dragging him to hang out with her junkie friends in a cemetery, encouraging his drug use, toying with his heart by constantly going back to whatshisface-doofus-date-rapist-footballhead, and using Jeremy for his pharmaceutical stash? And even when he calls her on it, she pulls out the “I’m damaged, I’m junk, so if you can’t handle it, then leave” speech, COMPLETELY ignoring the fact that he’s also a damaged kid, having lost his parents. Please. She was “the best thing that happened to” Jeremy only in Jeremy’s very wounded, very troubled head. He’s better off without her, and I’m seriously glad her character’s gone, b/c no matter how much sympathy you felt for her troubled life, it doesn’t excuse her trying to drag Jeremy down with her. We’ve got Damon to handle to “evil villain” angle of the show, and he’s more interesting anyways, because at least we can see he does have some feelings in there somewhere for Elena. We didn’t need Vicki’s bratty, selfish, annoyingly immature villain, too. Congrats to the actress for scoring the role, nothing against her at all, but I definitely won’t be missing her character.

      • JenJen

        Erm, my reply was intended for eclipse and the others on this board who were slobbering all over Vicki, NOT most of those in reply to Zoey here. Sorry.

    • stacy

      I’m also glad she if finally dead. I am really surprised that such a whinny and unlikeable character has so many fans.
      And to the people who blame the network, do you really want to watch a show run by networks?

  • Sparky

    I want to know what was going on with Damon when Elena slapped him and then he is the one that turns up at her house to glamor Jeremy. Something very fishy about that….At the same time it was also a good scene where Elena has to turn to Damon to help save the day instead of Stefan and how broken hearted he was when she aggreed to let him do it… Its funny I knew Vicki was going to die but at the same time it was a shock to actually see it – she was really good as a vampire her and Damon made a good pair…

  • Cheye

    I couldn’t stand Vicki’s character. It was terrible to have her play two guys and the character had a serious drug problem that was starting to go overboard.

    • Tarc

      I think the actress is very likable, but the character was gratingly pathetic. I was glad to see the character go.

      • Michelle

        I agree. I’m excited about what this means for Jeremy. Poor kid’s been through so much already. I wonder what Elena’s gonna tell Matt though…

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