'Heroes' spoiler alert: The rumors are true

I wasn’t planning to reveal this until after his swan song aired, but outside forces have, um, forced my hand. The rumors are true: Adrian Pasdar is leaving Heroes. And yes, he was the subject of my Oct. 13 blind item.

Okay, show of hands, who guessed correctly?!

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  • Brooke

    Totally. Called. It.

    Doesn’t make it any less sucktastic, though.

  • sendean

    This is the saddest news I have ever read about any of my favorite television characters. Although the “death” of Nathan is no big surprise after all the attempts to kill this intriguing well-acted character during every timeline imaginable, I am more distressed at the story that this fine actor was treated in such a manner. (Supposedly in the past every actor was told in person in advance, not from reading a script.) Adrian deserved better than that. I will miss Nathan Petrelli. I will not miss NBC since HEROES and Nathan were the only reasons to turn to NBC. Long live NCIS and CBS!

    • hope

      you can say that again NCIS has replaced Heroes in my list of favorite shows 24 #1(sorry has been that way from the beginning)NCIS has taken Heroes place at #2, and Heroes has gone down to #3 the bottom of the list

      • Irvin

        WOW!!! I think you still have Heroes overrated. It hasn’t been good in a while, although I still view it.


      • Michele

        I don’t watch NCIS, but I watch all the CSIs (except Miami, cannot watch Caruso) and Criminal Minds, How I Met Your Mother, etc. Anyway CBS has really declared itself the king, NBC is totally dead. The only reason I ever tune in is for The Office and Law and Order SVU. Community is also HILARIOUS and super under appreciated so far, hopefully NBC doesn’t screw that up and cancel it. It’s a shame, they used to be a ratings powerhouse but can’t seem to air a decent show anymore.

    • Cara

      Could not have said it better myself. Very upsetting!!

      • Bil

        Why couldn’t it have been his on the show brother Peter. Can not stand his acting. I know people that have stopped watching because of him and his acting. The talking out the side of his mouth and all.

      • Taylor Nunahman

        He talks out of the side of his mouth because he has partial paralysis. The same thing Sylvestor Stallone has. Make fun of the handicapped much?

    • thin

      Nathan’s been one of the most annoying characters on this show for most of its run. Adrian Pastar has done great work with a terrible character, and I wish him all the best, but I’m not sorry in the least to see the end of Nathan Petrelli.

      • thin

        Sorry, misspelled his last name. Pasdar.

  • Heather

    Thank God. I love Nathan but it was way over due.

    • paige

      Doesnt he die EVERY SEASON??? who cares?? this show is awful- pale shadow of what it used to be

  • Seth

    I thought it was pretty obvious he was going to go from the end of last season.

    • RP

      Me too. Maybe it was a surprise for him when he read the script for the finale but was anyone expecting Nathan to be brought back to life? I mean, we saw the body and everything and it’s been months since his death.

      • Alan

        indeed. I didn’t think that they would permanently turn Sylar into Nathan. I think it’s just as well–the show’s probably not going to last more than another season anyway. Plus it’s a multi-character superhero show–when Eden died in the first season, I felt that anyone could go from that point on

      • thin

        Of course they wouldn’t permanently get rid of Sylar. They’re way too obsessed with keeping the show focused on his going-nowhere journeys of self-discovery.

  • McIsaac360

    AWW son of a BI!!!!

  • Poor_Adrian!!

    Uncool. I love Adrian Pasdar and while I know that Nathan is dead, I think they should have treated him with respect and told him in advance.

  • AJ

    Doesn’t make any freaking sense, who’s going to be shocked AT ALL by this? Lame writing is lame. And the disrespect TPTB have shown Pasdar is just beyond all understanding. He was one of their strongest actors (certainly my favorite) and I wish him the best in future endeavors.

  • Lira

    WHAT?? OMG! But, I guess it makes sense since Sylar took over his body. Right?

    • eric

      Actually it is Sylar’s body with Nathan’s memories. Nathan is dead. I bet the reason he is being let go is that the writers don’t know how to get themselves out of the corner that they wrote themselves into. How can they reasonably bring Nathan back to life?

      • Jeph

        We never saw what happened to the body, so by Heroes standards (and by those standards alone) it would be perfectly acceptable to retrieve it from wherever it’s been “stored” this whole time and douse it with magical healing blood.

      • tina Sauls

        claire’s blood

      • eric

        I think the producers decided nid-season last year to steer away from that plot device because it angered fans and was overused. It was a cop-out and meant that no character was in any danger of actually dying.

      • RP

        We did see Nathan bleed to death and, as far as I know, they haven’t used Claire’s blood to bring back the dead (only save someone who’s dying).

        Unless Angela had a clone farm of her sons a la The Venture Brothers there was no way they were going to bring Nathan back to life MONTHS later.

      • RP

        Strike that. Hiro could save Nathan by grabbing him before he dies and taking him to the present (so they don’t have to re-do events from his death until whenever the present is) but they’d need a really good reason to make Hiro break his code.

      • KillSylar

        Kill Sylar. I’m sick of the catepillar eye browed ubervillan that just wanders around dorking with everyone. That story line is long gone and a waste of time.

      • ChubbyCheshire

        HRG was brought back from the dead by Claire’s blood after being shot through the eye.

  • Twitterers Anonymous

    I propose we all tag our tweets #HeroesFAIL in protest not (just) of the character’s final demise but of the way his portrayer was treated. #HeroesFAIL! Tweet it on and tweet it out.

    • RP

      Is this just to point out how many people don’t like this or do you want Adrian Pasdar to get his job back? You’d do better to boycott the show and it’s sponsors if you want them to change your decision.
      No one’s going to care that you got yourself booted off of Twitter for placing an unrelated tag on all of your tweets.

      • RP

        “their” decision. Bah.

      • charlie

        doesn’t matter one way or another, the show is dying. the network is not going to bring Adrian back cause his contract would have to be redone and he could hold them over a huge barrel to get way more money that they don’t have

      • Twitterers Anonymous

        Just to point out how many people don’t like this.

  • bdishere1

    i guessed it but to be fair that one wasn’t that hard. alot of people have been calling that one for a while now

  • Heather

    No surprise at all since we haven’t seen him in forever. I just hope we get to see Charlie again besides tonight’s episode

  • Becky

    That’s just harsh, I mean, Nathan wasn’t one of my FAVORITES, but Adrian is AMAZING. Him and all the actors are basically family, so I can only imagine how they felt/still feel about this whole situation.

    • Amy


  • Michael

    Ugh. It’s not Mohinder?!

    • Alex

      I wish it was too. But he didn’t quite fit the desciption because he wasn’t exactly a lead actor, or well respected given that a LOT of people really hate his character.

    • findingmyway26

      I know right!!!

    • Me

      A lot of people like Mohinder for who he was in season 1. Its not his fault the writers screwed his character up.

      And no, it isn’t him, so HA. Suffer.

      I will quite enjoy watching him on screen whenever he pops up!

  • Mario

    After the event at the end of last season there was no other alternative, it was either Nathan or Sylar and the show has treated Sylar like a backbone or a backup plan year after year. I’m sure if Hereos gets a future season they go back in time and ask Adrian back for a episode or so.

  • ed

    Not so shocking, considering that his character was killed at the end of last season. I mean, how long could the Sylar-in-Nathan’s-body story line really continue? A really shocking turn of events would be if they actually killed Sylar. I am growing a bit tired of his character.

    • Amy

      Right there with you.

      Thing is, Heroes will never have the guts to kill off Sylar. Never. (Not that the show will be on the air for much longer, but, you know.)


      • justin m

        your write slyar would wreck them

    • Melinda65

      I like Zachary Quinto, but am at least a year beyond wanting Sylar gone. Even if they’d permanently gotten rid of Sylar’s personality and kept Gabriel, it would have been more agreeable than pushing Sylar front and center all the time.

      • smryan23

        I agree with you completely. I wanted to see how the Baby Noah/ Gabriel is superdad arc played out before they killed off Kristen Bell.

      • CD

        They should have just left Sylar dead at the end of the first season. His character ran its course back then and has just been stupid since then.

      • thin

        Agree with you 100%, CD. He was a good villain when he was the villain. Now I’m sick to death of him and all his random haphazard bipolar bouncing all around the Heroesverse. It’s been nice that we’ve actually had a few episodes this season that haven’t focused on him.

    • JT

      I’ve never liked Sylar. How many times can one watch people cut heads open. I got it the first time. His character is also boring.

      • CD


    • Mike

      Sylar could have a been a classic villain had they used him right. But the longer they try and find ways of keeping him around, the more diluted and less memorable he becomes. The writers use him as a crutch because they have yet to be able to come up with a character (or find an actor) to replace him.

      • liz

        yup. They could’ve used John Glover to play off of ZQ for a whole arc and it would’ve been amazing–instead of one measly episode that had soo much wasted potential. They haven’t used Sylar properly in ages.

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