Ratings snapshot: 'V' arrives with a bang!

So much for those promises of peace. V destroyed the competition last night. Read the full post.


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  • michael

    I’d watch Elizabeth Mitchell in a remake of King of Queens, playing the dumpy guy lead role…that’s how much I love her. There’s no question I’ll keep watching this.

    • Rick

      I’d watch her swim in a pool full of yogurt, but that’s just me.

      • Big Boobs McGee

        You’d like that wouldn’t you pervert.

      • Rick

        Hey, I’m not the one with the nickname Big Boobs McGee!

    • charliemarie

      I love Elizabeth Mitchell and the only reason I’m watching V is for her. But they haven’t even decided on an airdate for Australia yet so it’ll be a few months until I can watch it :(

  • davidsask

    If the network wants to keep it high rated and a staple show after the next episode and ratings hold, they would be STUPID not to keep running it past the 4 episodes immediately,instead of shelving it until spring?

  • Mariah

    What was that about NCIS only being #1 because it had zero competition? Oh, it was crap? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  • Chris Shifty

    Not interested, waiting for The
    Prisoner mini-series on AMC.

    • No…

      Waiting for “The Walking Dead” on AMC whenever Frank Darabont gets it off the ground!

      • Chris Shifty

        AMC did post an interview with the creator of the series last week so that’s a good sign the series is going through. But it won’t be until late 2010 or early 2011 until The Walking Dead starts. 2010 already has Rubicon, Breaking Bad and Mad Men. If they can get Mad Men to end in October like the first season then The Walking Dead could air in October 2010 in time for their Halloween movie marathons.

    • crispy

      I’m anxiously waiting on The Prisoner too… but I’ll be shocked to see it get more than a passing mention on EW.com.

      • Chris Shifty

        Ken Tucker will probably have brief post about his thoughts. Anyway, can’t wait!

  • Drew

    I enjoyed the show a lot, and will be coming back for sure. Whether that means a week from now, or stupid four months from now. As long as they don’t lose the topical political commentary… that was half the fun.

  • Danielle

    I’ll keep watching, but, in my opinion, it’s not as good as the original. Of course, I was a kid when the original came out and I will always have a soft spot in my heart for it.

    • michael

      Yeah…but I thought that the original fell apart quickly. Here’s hoping that the updated version learns from its mistakes because I found it extremely promising.

  • KC

    I hope NBC is taking notes. They could’ve used a series such as “V” instead of wasting viewers/affiliates time with this Jay Leno debacle!

    • Haha

      Maybe they’ll do a remake of “Mork and Mindy”!

    • Allen

      KC: That’s funny because NBC was the network that the orignal V miniseries and series aired on back in the 80s. And by the way, the SyFy Channel aired both miniseries and the one season TV series on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

  • Haha

    ..or ALF!

    • Lori

      My cat just read that and hid.

      • Jill


    • Kat

      Maybe they’ll do the promised miniseries/movie to get an actual ending to Alf. Hey there’s an idea, whichever network owns Alf should just show the old shows and then create a tv movie to end it. Lots of money made, very little spent.

  • chuck

    seems like a better a miniseries. liked it though. morris chestnut was bad@ss. Not sure about the hiding among us plotline… already saw that done on battlestar. still, a fun ride!

    • just me

      The original V had the “they are among us” plotline before Battlestar ever came out..and they are staying close to the original right now.

    • just me

      The original V had the aliens already living among us long before Battlestar was made, and the pilot was pretty true to the original.

      • dohrayme

        Unless you know of a novel V was based on that most people don’t, you’ve got your facts wrong. BSG bowed in 1978, V in 1983.

      • RJ

        Sorry dohrayme. While your facts are correct, the original BSG didn’t have cylons that looked human. So the “they live among us” concept wasn’t introduced into BSG until the 2000’s. So yes, V was first. (between these two shows. I’m sure some other show or novel had that concept as well)

      • dohrayme

        RJ, I realized that last night and gave myself a good slap to my head. Perhaps next time I goof so badly I’ll claim to be related to the late Emily Latella, R.I.P.!

  • Christy

    seemed dull and I am going to have to force myself to give another hour.

    • I kind of agree…

      The premier episode probably needed to be a 2 hour affair like the series premier of Lost back in the day.

  • I wish they’d get rid of Scott Wolf…

    There’s something about him that doesn’t work for this show.

    • Lori

      I don’t like him. He strikes me as a wannabe Michael J. Fox, or a human Ken doll. Flat and uninspired. Eh, maybe they’ll kill his character off. They killed off the female version of his character in the original, so I can hope. I did quite like the episode otherwise though.

    • RJ

      He has a gigantic forhead. It creeps me out.

  • seawilli

    I LOVED THIS SHOW!!!!! It fills my BSG void…love Elizabeth Mitchell I would watch her in anything

  • TBFan

    One of the best pilots in a long time!

  • Sue

    Loved it! Will keep watching. Hope people come back next week and don’t draw their conclusions about the show just from the pilot. Most pilots are a little off. Lost was the only pilot I have ever seen that kicked A**. Plus the V previews for upcoming episodes looked amazing and action packed.

  • Jane

    It was okay, but that’s maybe because I absolutely loved the original mini-series and it’s sequel. I do like how the journalist is more skeptical, unlike Christine in the original who just played into Diana’s hands. I like how Anna is very media savvy, although a little too savvy for someone from another planet should be. Elizabeth Mitchell is wonderful as always and I loved how Alan Tudyk turned out to be a visitor. Also loved how Morris Chestnut is actually a member of the Fifth Column. What I don’t like is Mitchell’s son. He’s way to glassy eyed and stupid looking. I know he’s supposed to be the type who’d fall into the alien’s clutches, like Brian in the original, but there’s something that tells me he’s supposed to be the Zac Efron of this show- a good looking guy who’ll get the teeny boppers to watch, but not really a good actor.

    • LoveTV

      Agreed Jane! I love the original mini-series. I couldn’t get myslelf to watch the remake last night.

      • No Boobs McGee

        I agree about the actor playing the son. His acting was by far my least favorite part of the show.

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