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  • Ailene

    Thanks for all the Smallville scoop!

  • Samantha Delynne

    I like watching Dancing with the stars thats a fun show to watch.I dont watch chuck.Big Bang Theory.smallville.I also to watch True Blood.scrubs.I say that the ABC show scrubs should End its Run in 2011.

  • J

    Thanks for the Private Practice scoop. I can’t wait for tomorrows episode!

    • lily

      yes thanks!! i love addison and sam!

  • kat

    Ok, love you and all, but most non spoilerish something or others ever. Except for the chief thing. oh what was that, i already forget. evs, you are out wwking wwk with the “not really spoiling anyone spoilers.” I hate you for making me put that in quotes. ATV was good though!

  • j

    Um, 2 weeks with no Gossip Girl scoop??? Not okay!!!

    • Megan


  • jules

    ugh, thats it for NCIS? REALLY NOW?!

    • ash

      Agreed! Please get better NCIS scoop, Ausiello.

  • Suicidal Fish

    Seriously, what’s keeping the Grey producers from axing Heigl already? Owait, maybe next season??? (yay)

    LOL @ Rudy Reyes as Alcide in True Blood. While he was HUGE and very muscular, they don’t call him “Fruity Rudy” for no reason. He’s way too beautiful to be Alcide.

    • Debbie

      They can’t axe someone for taking maternity leave. That’s absurd.

      • Zera

        But can’t they axe her for taking filming-a-movie leave? I know if my employer found out I was taking time off work for a second job, I’d get fired.

    • Josie

      While I agree that Rudy is way too beautiful to play Alcide, I saw him looking pretty hot in a gruffy way on the extras on the GK DVD. He could maybe pull it off.

      • Lisa

        Rudy = Claude.

  • Jess

    Why did Heigl bother coming back. I havent missed Izzie what so ever since she has been gone and to come back just to go again. What was the point of her returning at all.

    • Garrett

      Couldn’t agree more! In fact, the last few Izzie-less episodes have been stronger than normal. Give Heigl her walking papers once and for all. She will not be missed!

      • jay

        Heigl definitely needs to go…permanently. Shes a waste of screentime, leave that to the people who actually want to be on the show.

      • jtohsix

        Aww, am I the only one who still likes Izzie despite her obnoxiousness? Probably. I think she hasn’t been missed just because we know she’s coming back. PLUS they keep shoving these new characters into our faces and we’re too busy trying to figure out what their deals are, or hating them, to notice. Or, you know, that might just be me being one of the only Izzie fans left and making excuses. But really, there’s so many freaking characters on this show now that take anyone out for a little while and they’re not going to be missed too much. Everybody needs their story lines, and Izzie has been so in our faces lately that this break has been fine by me…but I don’t want her gone forever!

      • Allie

        Actually I think she will be very much missed and it is pretty clear most of you have no idea what you are talking about. ABC will not let her go – she is contracted and their biggest name. It is pretty clear they want to hold on to her. As for “people who actually want to be on the show” – Pompeo and Dempsey (and others) have all said they dont see themselves on the show much longer – next season being their last contractually. Jtohsix – plenty of Izzie fans out here – the show isn’t the same without her and I know a lot of people who will not watch or watch a lot less avidly because of her absence.

      • Zera

        I agree. I don’t think I’ll be watching the episodes she’s in. At this point, I’d rather see Alex with Reed.

    • Darren

      You must watch a different show to me, because Katherine Heigl is the best thing about Grey’s as far as I am concerned. She returned to the show because erm..doh…she is contractually obliged to for a start. Personally if she is taking some time to spend it with her daughter thats great. I applaud her for putting family before her work.

      • Debbie

        Word. Heigl leaving would be a huge blow to the show. People need to calm down! She’s taking a leave to spend time with her daughter. Good for her!

      • Darren

        Darren I am ashamed to have the same name as you!! Did you really like it when Izzie layed on the bathroom floor for two days? Or when the ghost of Denny was amke the show ridiculous? As far as my wife and I are concerned Izzie being gone is the best thing that ever happened to this show. Now let’s get rid of Christina too!!

      • Cal

        @ Darren the Second: I agree that Izzie is practically unwatchable this (and last) season, but why would you want to get rid of Cristina?

      • Ana

        The one watching a different show is you. Izzie has been nothing but quite a pain. I say good bye. The episodes without her have been brilliant.
        KH and her leaves are the best part of this season.

      • Marion

        Darren2 – I didnt like the ghost of Denny thing too much – though it wasnt a ghost at all, but I also do appreciate Heigl has done a lot phenomenal work on the show. For me the worst was the George / Izzie hookup. But that is down to the writers and Shonda Rhimes. The actress to her credit has done a fantastic job and continues to do so.

    • Lisa

      I miss Izzie A LOT! She’s awesome, and the show is really lacking without her around. I wish they’d pre-tape some scenes with her, like they did with Ellen Pompeo, so she won’t be completely absent from strings of episodes.

      It’s interesting… few people express hatred of male characters on Grey’s, but there’s quite a bit of viciousness aimed at some female characters, most notably Izzie and Meredith.

      I smell misogyny.

      • Cal

        Well, the Chief kinda bugs me, and I really didn’t like Burke. Does that help? I don’t hate Mer, especially now that she’s happy and not whining all the time. But Izzie needs to go. Seriously. The show has been so much better without her.

      • Krista

        i may be in the minority here but I’m not missing Izzie on Grey’s Anatomy. Unlike some people I’m starting to like the new characters and I’m glad the last two episodes were for the most focused on one character. In the past couple of seasons of grey’s, Izzie has been annoying as ever. I much prefer Meredith to her. And I HATE the way that Izzie has been treating Alex (especially judging by this weeks previews). I would much rather have the new characters and get rid of Izzie completely than have them both stick around. For me, the last two episodes have been much stronger without Izzie than the beginning episodes that included her.

  • Kelly

    I cannot believe they are going there with Ben and Margene on Big Love! I’m horrified and curious all at once.

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      I’m pumped. I called that one from the get-go. Literally, from the beginning of the first season. I’m shocked and impressed they’ve managed to hold off this long. It will be exciting to see which one ends up suffering more, and what the repercussions will be.

    • B

      At least he’ll probably be 18 if it happens (if he’s not already? I forget). I’m curious, too, I always sort of liked them…will be interesting to see what happens.

    • Nick

      God, this storyline has unending dramatic possibilities! ‘Big Love’ has got guts to go there after the status quo has been so established. Hot damn, I can’t wait.

  • Cheery

    Lucas is gonna stick around until February–WTF!? He needs a cane to the groin stat!

    • Keir

      Look on the bright side: February Sweeps! Maybe that’s a good omen for House/Cuddy fans.

    • M Cox

      LOL I was thinking more in the crotch…
      I hope I can rely on Ausie good news that Lydia is NOT coming back. hate her.
      Feb sounds about right if you count the 5 weeks Xmas hiatus. it’ll be around epi 11 or 12.
      Monday’s HOUSE was OMG good!

      • Lala

        5 week hiatus? Yuck! Great episode on Monday though — they really know how to tug at everyone’s heartstrings. Anyway, I hope Lucas is gone by episode 11 or 12…he needs to leave! Bringing back Lydia would be sort of pointless, although entertaining (and painful) to watch.

      • Keir

        February means episode 13 or 14. (Greg Yaintanes has the schedule on his Twitter)

    • Ely

      I really hope Lydia won´t come back. Her story with House was nice but bringing her back would ruin the beauty of that moment and the beauty moments between him and Cuddy yet to come.
      I think if she comes back will be in the season finale and this is not written yet so it´s impossible for Ausi´s mole to know for sure.

    • Brill

      House and Cuddy belong together. This Lucas is a j***, I liked him more last year. Cuddy can´t be so blind

    • Thurd

      Don’t let the door hit you on your way out Lucas! Tata! House and Cuddy needs to get together ASAP!! I highly doubt Lydia will be back on the show ever, that would be overtly too dramatic for a show like House– Lucas is not even on the same league as House, Cuddy should realize that sooner. Btw I love the sweet (reminiscent of Stacy-era House). Abrasive but yet subtly sweet. Hope he doesn’t give up on Cuddy.

      • Carrie

        Sure, because House is SO likely to become selfless and decide he wants to be a daddy. . . Gimme a break! House and Cuddy ‘getting together’ could never last anyhow.

      • Ivana

        I think I will love this Luc-ass arc because it will bring more drama and banter to the amazing Huddy non-relationship.

  • jennifer

    Katherine Heigl is taking another leave of absence from Grey’s after this one? Which technically isn’t even over yet!! AHH I can’t stand it! I mean, I love that she’s getting to bond with her baby…but if this leaves MORE time for Reed to put the moves on Alex, it can’t be good. That relationship would make me punch holes into my wall. Sad day. At least other characters are getting more screen time, which is only fair.

    • Debbie

      I agree. If they go there with Reed, it will ruin Grey’s for me. Ew.

    • Cal

      I’d rather see Alex with Reed than Izzie. Izzie doesn’t appreciate him, and she stuck him with a half-million dollar medical bill when she ran out on him. Not cool.

  • Andres

    Ghost Whisperer Spoilers why dont you ever post !!!

  • Mary Q. Contrary

    I’m guessing that the scandalous storyline involves an abortion. It’s sad to think about any of the teenage girls on Friday Night Lights to go through an abortion. I’m thinking Tim knocks up his landlady’s daughter, no? Or maybe, just maybe, Julie is the one who gets the abortion. That would be very sneaky of Aus to refer to her as a student to throw us off. Which suits me just fine. I like sneaky.

    • Dolphin

      I’m trying to think of a Dillon High girl who is left that we, the viewers, would know or care about. All the new female students go to East Dillon.

  • Joel

    Wait, Zatanna causes love triangle trouble between Clark and Lois? Um…how does that happen exactly? It’s not like they’re attracted to each other (well, physically sure but not romantically). And speaking of attraction on Smallville, when are they going to get back to the whole Green Arrow/Black Canary thing? It’s in the comics, dammit!

    Thanks for the scoop on Chuck, Big Bang Theory, House, Grey’s, and Private Practice!

    • Brit

      The Black Canary actress is pregnant, so it wont be for awhile.

  • phil

    Jetpacks? Sigh. So much for NCIS. :(

    • Megg

      I love NCIS…but I was totally thinking the same thing. I love how they allow the show to be silly sometimes…but eh. Sounds like the jetpack episode will rank down there with the episode about the killer car and the one with that German Shepard.

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