'Eastwick' boss retracts 'furious' remark: 'I misspoke'

eastwick_lEver say something and then kick yourself the moment it appears on the most popular blog with the words “Ausiello” and “Files” in it on the planet? No? Well, pay attention anyway. Eastwick exec producer Maggie Friedman — who earlier this week told me she was “furious” about the cancellation of her ABC dramedy — is regretting her choice of words. She just e-mailed me the following clarification:

“The other day, when we were discussing the cancellation of Eastwick, I misspoke in the worst possible way. The word ‘furious’ was poorly chosen by me. You had said to me that ‘the fans are understandably furious’ and so I agreed that I was too, but the truth is, I’m not. I see that word now in print attributed to me and it’s very painful, because it seems to imply I am angry with ABC and nothing could be further from the truth. They treated me really well. I am not the least bit furious, with anyone. That’s simply not the kind of person I am. Yes, I’m sad about the show being cancelled, because it was creatively fulfilling and tons of fun to make and an amazing group of people, but I’m not angry.”

Consider the record set straight.



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  • Knope Knows


    • Sara Zeigler-Tollett

      I’m furious! I loved that show.

  • Josh

    Your show gets canceled but your not angry? What a joke.

    • piratesdaughter


    • Teeps


      You’re = You are


      • TriciaA

        Love it! A fellow grammar junkie! Those things drive me nuts too!

      • N

        If you’re going to correct someone’s grammar and spelling, perhaps you should also take a look at your own.

      • Josh M

        Ellipses have three dots, and then should be preceded and followed by an open space. Of course, they should never be used to represent a pause, but instead when text is removed. “Four score … years ago.”

        Sorry, but if we’re gettin’ our grammar nerd on, I’m locked and loaded.

      • Marylynn

        Obviously you yourself have spelling issues. Difficult not dificult.

      • Kelsey G

        This is a mechanics issue, everyone. Grammar has nothing to do with anything that’s been posted here.

      • dgh

        Wow you people are so smart your parents must be proud!!!!

    • ItIsARecession

      It’s really more like, “I must eat my words so that I may be employed by ABC in the future again… Really, I’m furious, but I can’t *say* that outloud if I want to work with them again.”

      • renee

        got that almost right, skippy. it’s really, ‘i’m eating my words cause either somebody from abc or powerful enough to make me think or a close friend got in my face and said – you will not only never work at abc but other networks won’t work with someone who burns their employer. retract a dact.

        so while i’m really furious and making voodoo dolls because it’s my only way to get back now, i’m leaving it to the fans to say that word and i’m going to smile and suck butt cause the bills gotta get paid. God i hate this town.

      • becky


  • Jill

    She should be furious; nothing wrong with admitting it. Oh, but we must all be so PC.

    • John

      Sometimes you step back and see things look worse than you meant them to. We’ve all done it. I think she doesn’t want to appear ungrateful to ABC; I mean, they did pick it up and air it. This is a good business move, and a good life move as well.

      • Heidi

        She’s thinking of any future dealings with ABC and her career in TV going up in smoke.

    • Joe

      Um…no one even knows her name. She can be as furious as she wants to be, but that’s what a therapist or a bottle of Jack Daniel’s is for. See, she was smart to recant (even if she was dumb to react emotionally in the first place) because she wants to still work in this town, and hopefully bring you another show in the future that you’ll invest your time in…one that will maybe last 7 seasons. Sorry if you think it’s stupid, but you get nowhere in this town if you don’t play the politics game.

    • BobDob

      This has nothing to do with being PC. She just decided that she doesn’t want to badmouth a possible future employer.

  • Jonas

    I always knew this is how Ausiello was claiming Amy Sherman Palladino had promised him Lorelai and Luke on Gilmore Girls were “soulmates.” She said something general, he turns things into stuff to get attention for his blog. Michael, turn off the TV and step away from the computer.

    • steve

      Umm, she didn’t say she said something general and Ausiello made it into a big deal… she said she regrets having said it. Ausiello reported what she said first, and now is reporting she wished she said it differently. I’m not seeing any exaggeration here?

      • charli

        go back and look at the original article. the phrase is in quotes implying that it is a direct statement by her. she’s basically saying that it was out of context and with the followup quote looks like she was saying she was pissed at her current, and perhaps future, bosses. which is not what she meant

      • steve

        She basically just changed her mind…

        “The word ‘furious’ was poorly chosen by me. You had said to me that ‘the fans are understandably furious’ and so I agreed that I was too, but the truth is, I’m not”

  • bdishere1

    Oh, she was furious alright. But now she realizes she mighta burned some bridges and is just backpedaling.

  • Harker J

    I loved Eastwick and am sorry to see it go but because the ratings were so small, I’m not surprised. It was nice to visit a place in a TV show that wasn’t NY or LA! : )

  • petermiller

    Oh, come on, Maggie, don’t backpedal, try to find a new home for your show !
    DirecTV ? CW ? Lifetime ? The first two combined to save money ? I mean your show is produced by Warner that owns half of CW, that should count.
    Whether you are onto something to save the show or not, please e-mail it to Ausiello or someone so we will know that there is any glimpse of hope or not. Thanx.

    • charli

      you assume that it is HER show to do anything with. rather than she was hired by Warners and ABC to create the show and they have the power.

      as for the folks saying no one knows her name. maybe in the great wide world, no. but in the industry folks will know it and they will have their own opinions about her comments and what they mean and she’s trying to save face and not look like a moron that doesn’t get how the game works (sorry but the ratings were crap on that show so it was only time). Time will tell if her spin game worked.

      As for what she said or didn’t. if someone is putting words in her mouth, he should apologize and cut it out. this is EW NOT US Weekly after all

      • Phillygirl

        That’s quite a leap to say that he put words in her mouth. Not even she made that claim.

  • Kathy

    Even if ABC treated her well, they still cancelled her show – it’s okay to be furious.

    • Christa

      It’s OK to be sad and disappointed, but furious is kind of over the top considering how badly the show was doing in the ratings…

  • Jenny

    I wanted to like the show but I just couldn’t make myself do it.

  • Ann

    I couldn’t connect with the characters but I did casually enjoy it. Good that she’s being smart. A little tact goes a long way.

  • MockingbirdGirl

    Looks like someone got chewed out by the network suits. I didn’t watch the show beyond the first episode, but I don’t blame her for being pissed.

  • graeme

    In other words, “I’m hoping ABC will still employ me”.

    • Chandramas

      I totally agree with you! It sound to me like a “I can effort to be furious, I need other job after that!”

  • Danny

    human beings aren’t allowed to have real emotions in Hollywood, it’s all press and contacts and keeping your options open. This is why I moved out of California from all the fake plastic people.

    • Lakergurl

      Danny, glad you moved away. It is getting too crowded here for us California natives.

      I did enjoy Eastwick, but I had a feeling it was going to be cancelled.

  • Don J

    If she wants to continue to work in the industry and have a relationship with ABC in the future, then of course she can’t bash them. TV Producers are seasonal workers, they only work if a network or studio is willing to listen to their pitch. So, I can’t fault her for retracting her statement.

  • LeighAnn

    well she might not be furious but I am. I finally look forward to Wednesday tv again, and of course its shortlived. this show was SO refreshing, funny, and yet had its dramatic moments. There were great storylines to be unearthed and now there wont be a chance. they give crappy comedies time to get into their groove, but God forbid they allow a dramedy to have the same courtesy.

    • sww

      I agree. I felt sure that this show would make it. I can’t believe ABC has done this to me again (anyone else still mad about Invasion?)

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