'Gilmore' creator's stunning reveal: 'I had a different path planned for Rory'

gilmore_lMy ongoing mission to get Amy Sherman-Palladino to cough up those elusive final four Gilmore Girl words is finally starting to bear some juicy fruit. Not that particular plum, no, but at least for the first time, she’s revealing details about what the series finale would’ve involved, had she stuck with the show. Hey, it’s a freaking start.

“I wanted different things for Rory,” confesses AS-P. “I wanted her to follow a different sort of path… [go] off on her own adventure, which I guess she sort of did. I haven’t [actually] seen the last season, but I heard about it from other people.”

Although Sherman-Palladino declines to detail her intended journey for Rory, suffice it to say it would not have involved her joining Obama on the campaign trail. And while she’s also mum on what she had in store for the rest of the Gilmore gang, she does hint that she “had planned different paths” for them, too. “I don’t want to totally say [what my ideas were], because if there is a movie in the making, I’m going to be basically delving back into where I left off, and then I’m kind of [screwed].”

Yep, you read that correctly. AS-P, who’s currently hard at work on a new dramedy for HBO, is not giving up on the possibility of a Gilmore movie. “Anything can happen,” she insists. “I’m in touch with [Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel]. If there’s a story to tell, then absolutely I think we’re all going to want to tell it. That’s the bottom line.

“If I thought it was definitely not going to happen, I would say, ‘No, it’s definitely not going to happen,'” she adds. “I would do that for you, my friend. But I don’t want to say that. Because I think that the beauty of Gilmore, and the beauty of family relationship shows is, you never really run out of story. You’re going to battle your family until you’re all in the ground. Those things never resolve, doesn’t matter how much therapy you get. Ten years later, there’s still going to be [material] there to mine and to delve into.”

So what do you think, Gilmore guys and girls? Theories as to what road AS-P wanted to take Rory down? Are you also hanging on to hope of a Gilmore movie? Or do you think it’s time that everyone (myself included) moves on? Share below!

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  • Jamie

    I think she would have had Rory get pregnant by a boy she didn’t intend to marry or stay with. It would have forced Lorelai to see herself through her own mother’s eyes. She probably would have questioned herself as an example and much angst would ensue.. with a wedge between the 2 women.. but ultimately they would be together again and possibly with a new Gilmore girl!

    • A.J. Simon

      That is actually interesting for a storyline. I would like to comment though on all of these shows on the CW. It seems every character went to the Ivy League or is going there adn super smart. Don’t they realize how rare this is? even supernatural, one of the brothers mentioned he went to Stanford. Don’t writers realize there are other schools in the country? Also, I think shows should showcase regular people, not super beautiful people who get into the Ivy with ease and whose biggest dilema is deciding which good-looking guy to date. But please drop the cliche of having these pretty girls being a klutz as a way for us to think “Wow, they are just like me” – its lazy and stupid writing.

      • Jackie

        Just a quick interjection regarding the reference of Sam going to Stanford on “Supernatural,” it was mostly to demonstrate two things. 1) They needed to show how smart Sam was. 2) They needed to show where his bitterness towards his father came from, how even with his very unusual childhood, he was accepted to one of the top schools in the country on a full scholarship.

        In the case of “Gilmore Girls,” Rory’s going to Yale was supposed to be indicative of how smart she was. She also went there because that was where her grandfather went as well.

      • Jackie

        On point 2 regarding “Supernatural,” I meant to say that they needed to show where Sam’s bitterness towards his father came from, how even with his very unusual childhood, he was accepted to one of the top schools in the country on a full scholarship, and it still wasn’t enough to make his father proud.

      • A.J. Simon

        @Jackie – I can understand your points, but why Stanford? What about Harvey Mudd or Cal Tech? these are elite universities (better than Stanford if you ask me). What about UCLA?, its a good school with plenty of bright people. They could have said he was tops in his class there to show he was smart or take a difficult major (engineering) to make their point.

      • Cal

        Cal Tech and UCLA, while they are fantastic schools, don’t have the cultural cache that the Ivy League has. Having characters go to Ivy League schools usually has a lot more to do with the the Ivy League “brand” than with the quality of the schools themselves.

      • Jackie

        A.J., I definitely understand where you’re coming from, but keep in mind that Sam’s character was planning on going to law school (still at Stanford) and that a school’s name recognition can do a LOT for a law student looking for a job.

      • A.J. Simon

        @Jackie – You are absolutely right about the Law school-prestige factor. I just can’t help but roll my eyes in exasperation when yet another CW showc(or any network in fairness) has a character somehow involved with the Ivy league. Toss other schools a shoutout – Wash U in St. Louis, Georgia Tech, UNC, University of Texas, etc

      • fredo451

        First, let’s get one thing straight; Stanford is NOT an Ivy League school. While prestigious, it is a PAC 10 school just like UCLA. The Ivy League are all northeastern schools.

      • kal

        but Stanford is not in the Ivy League.

      • Mark

        Not true — None of the characters on Smallville went to an Ivy League (Clark Kent goes to Central Kansas A&M, and Chloe and Lana go to Metropolis U — yes I know, both made up, but neither are supposed to by ivies). The Gossip Girl characters go to NYU I believe.

        Pre-CW, on the WB, Buffy and Willow went to UC Sunnydale. Dawson went to USC and dropped out. Ephram from Everwood missed out on Julliard. No characters from 7th Heaven went to elite colleges, as far as I recall.

      • AK

        Ouch! Stop hating on Stanford. We’re good people too.

      • christine

        I hate how One Tree Hill has gotten so bad, but none of them went to Ivy leagues, Nathan went to Maryland and Mouth went to Syracuse (Go Orange!) other than that, if they went to school at all it was small schools

        point is, you’re making a HUGE assumption based on Gossip Girl talking about Yale and Brown a lot (though none of the characters ended up going there) and Gilmore Girls where the whole point was what a genius Rory was.

      • Matti

        can i just say that not everyone is super dooper text book beautiful or smart. look at lane she is georgous in her own right but many wouldn’t look at her and say wow hot. she is smart but she is following her own path no iv league for her she is following her passion.

    • Landman

      I think the real question if AS-P writes a movie is, will she act as if the entire last season never happened? She obviously wasn’t happy with what they did and I can’t really blame her – it was her creation after all. It could make for a strange story line if we have to mentally undo what we already know.

      • maskedavenger

        I think its more to do with hurt feelings on how she left the show.

      • CraigB

        I hope she doesn’t re-write the final season, don’t get me wrong as a Luke and Lorelai fan I hated what Amy (then David) did in the final 2 season but she can’t re-write the shows history it would be the worse than leaving in the first place.

      • mary

        i want to see a wedding for luke and loreili. also want to see rory find happiness and a great career. maybe doing owning her own paper from stars hollow and making it known thru out the country. maybe luke and loreili have a kid.

    • Katali

      People outside the US do watch these shows. Speaking as one of them, I can promise you I pretty much only know of the Ivy League schools, and I could understand that as a reason for using it: it’s a recognisably ‘good’ school, even for people unfamiliar with the US system.

    • jess

      i like this idea:):) especia;;y another gilmore girl with those bright blue eyes:):) i hated all rorys bf’s thats maybe because i preferred the lorelai and rory relationship lol but logan he was so rrrr lol really didnt like him lol but yeah another lorelai lol but they could call her lori or summin like

    • kathryn

      I know that my comment is very late, however I would like to say how I feel. I have watched every single gilmore girls episode atleast 900 times and not once have I got bored or thought I was wasting my time. I would love there to be a movie of the gilmore girls,it would amazing just as the televison programme is! If I was going to make a movie I would have a happy ending for both Lorelie and Rory, ie Lorelie and Luke and Logan and Rory. However this would not be a sucsessful movie and other surprises could be added in! It would be fantastic and I’d go to the cinema on the day it came out! Brilliant.

    • Don

      That would have been too simple. ASP doesn’t write that way.

    • Jim King

      Hopefully something better than that!

  • MJ

    Time to move on. Her interview didn’t even actually SAY anything.

    • ShutUpRob

      Actually, the interview DID say something: it confirmed that Amy Sherman-Palladino STILL wants to do a Gilmore movie.
      What I wonder is if last week’s cancellation of Eastwicik, which freed up Stars Hollow for filming again (Roxie’s store is Luke’s Diner, for instance), is the most immediate motivation for Amy to say, “Hellooooo, Warners! I’m still here and I still want to do a Gilmore movie!”
      — Rob
      PS: I agree with Jamie that Rory is going to get pregnant at some point — but I suspect that it would be by Logan rather than by Random Boyfriend or One Night Stand To Be Named Later. Rory has tended to do all of the rites of passage stuff in the most conventional order whereas Lorelai tends to do the rites of passage stuff wildly out of order, almost at random. One of those subtle compare/contrast things about the Two Ms. Gilmores.

      • Sienna

        I thought the Eastwick set looked like Stars Hollow–now I know why.

      • heidi

        Please, let it be Jess, not Logan. I know Milo’s got the “Heroes” thing right now, but to me Rory and Jess should be together!

      • ash

        yeah i coouldn’t stand logan. Jess and Rory all the way.

      • heather

        I have been rooting for Rory and Jess ever since they introduced Jess. I so hope this happens if they do decided to do a movie.

      • Juan

        When I was touring the Warner Bros. lot in early September, the tour guide took us to the Northeastern-y set, explaining how they had prepped it for Eastwick, and before he had a chance to explain how they change the exteriors/interiors of the buildings for different shows, I yelled out demanding he take us inside the building that was Luke’s Diner. And then I shed a tear inside when it was a completely different get-up.

      • Reid

        That town square set is a story in and of itself, and it has been MANY things in its long life. (I very nearly drove onto it when going to visit a friend at Warner Music, right next door, which was a surreal moment.) I believe it was the town square in Dukes of Hazzard, for starters (though I’m not 100% sure of that.)

        So yes, having that set would be a plus, but given the budget for a movie, there’s no reason why they couldn’t find an on-location spot that they can fashion into Stars Hollow with a few key touches. (Hey, why not in CT, where the show is actually based? A strange and revolutionary thought, I know…)

      • Amber Vann

        Wow, what an interesting fact about that set! I would be amazed if Rory did end up pregnant. That just seems a bit much. But I do wish that Rory and Jess would eventually end up together, they have such great chemistry and the story works so well. I will never give up hope for more Gilmore Girls, it is still one of the best creations ever put on TV. AS-P needs to get a move on it, and make it happen soon. I am disappointed all over again when I see the last episode on ABC Family. What an ambiguous ending… We need more Gilmore Girls, and we need it NOW!

      • CB

        The ONLY thing I didn’t like about Jess was that he wanted Rory to leave Yale and just runaway with him. That doesn’t demonstrate that he actually loved her, if he did he could let her go and let her do what they both knew what was best for her. Grown-up Jess, I like, but he lost some points there. As for Logan, he grew up too – Rory is a good boyfriend trainer!

  • Sam

    I agree with MJ. I didn’t actually need to read this article because it said it all in the title.

    • Mark

      Sadly, that’s what almost all of Ausiello’s posts have come down to. His “exclusive scoops” are just disappointing blurbs that are revealed in his “shocking” headlines.

  • Caitie F

    She didn’t watch the last season? Really? That seems immature to me. I liked how it ended – both women were doing what they wanted and were happy – and Rory didn’t need a man to make her dreams happen just like her mother!

    • S

      I don’t think it’s immature. I would imagine it would be very difficult to watch someone else take over what was essentially her baby.

      • Jackie

        I agree with S. Plus, in spite of how much I enjoyed the series finale, I have to say that I think the quality of the final season was just not up to par with the rest of the series. You could definitely feel the lack of Sherman-Palladino presence in it.

      • Jessica

        Not to mention the fact that she’s a busy woman with a big career and probably didn’t have the time to watch. She was developing that show with Parker Posey at the time. Yes, I know it ultimately failed, but it doesn’t mean it that her schedule wasn’t being dominated by its launch.

      • Liz

        The last season was just “off.” It was trying so hard to be “gilmore-esque” and it just didn’t hit the stop. I desperately hope a film is made so that we can all finally see the ending the show should have had.

    • Tarc

      Her departure was bitter, so I’d not have watched either. And yes, in comparison to the rest, the last season was pretty awful.

      • maskedavenger

        I enjoyed the last season and would have like another season to finish what was started.

    • april-ann

      It is immature of AS-P to say she did not watch, because I’d bet she totally did so. And I don’t think she has any right to comment now about a show she willingly left hanging. And if there is ever a movie, well, hurry it up because this show ended almost four years ago and interest in old tv shows increasingly declines the longer you wait.

      • Namni

        Especially immature since ASP drove the show into a ditch with the characters all behaving however she wanted, rather than “in character”. Was the Lorelei who made room for Luke in her life the one to sleep with Christopher because she got miffed at Luke one night? And the Luke of her last season was surly and stupid beyond all reasoning. No, this woman was unhappy with her contract so she took something beautiful and ruined it. From the stupid rich boyfriend who overstayed his reason for existing to the silly unknown child storyline–ASP screwed over the show and all of us. (And, yes, I am very bitter.)

      • Laura

        I totally agree. Every time I see ASP throwing out little nuggets about what she would’ve done differently, I roll my eyes. SHE’S the one ended season 6 with Lorelai in Christopher’s bed and created the whole April debacle. Then left when her salary demands weren’t met. It may have been her baby, but she abandoned it. The last season wasn’t as good BECAUSE of her—as they had to spend time cleaning up the wreck she left. They had to deal with Christopher—which is most people’s complaint with the last season. ASP brought that on and I lost all respect for her for trashing the show on her way out the door. Thus, any interview where she gets all high and mighty makes me mad.

      • Alex

        I agree with Namni 100%. I don’t care what ASP has to say at all. She is the one that left the show & ruined season 6. I rather she wasn’t even a part of the movie. (Doubt there will ever be a Gilmore Girl movie at all). I actually like the way the show ended.

    • Allison

      While I don’t like that she left the show, I actually think the second-to-last season was worse than the last. Come on – April? Rory and Lorelei apart? The seventh didn’t have much to work with, and I think it brought everything together the best it could.

      • Leslie

        The second-to-last went to hell in a handbasket because AS-P wrote it that way. She was trying to make it as hard as possible for the writers of the last season to make things go well. I agree with the person who referred to scripts going totally out of character. It was a train wreck, and the last season could only do so much to make up for it.

    • Jenn

      While AS-P might have added crazy storylines to season 6 which messed up season 7, you can’t blame her for the ending. The ending of the series finale was the worst of any show I’ve ever seen. I absolutely loved the show and was so excited to see the end… and that was it?? I hope she does a movie and completely ignores season 7. I want the ending that I hoped for and we all deserve!

      • Bren Ren

        The pay-off at the end of Gilmore Girls was one of the worst finales I’ve seen–and as a certifiable tv junkie, I’ve seen many. For the fans of Luke and Lorelai, we got a resolution consisting of a few short lines of dialogue and a kiss we saw for two seconds before the camera panned away for a distant shot of the ongoing and uneventful party under the tent. For the fans of Rory, her serious relationship came to a crashing end and she hit the road as a rookie political web-journalist. That was the grande finale after a final season so full of needless angst and character assassination.

        I adored the Gilmore Girls right up until Luke decided not to tell Lorelai about April. That was one of the most painful shark-jumpings I’ve endured. But they had created such a beautiful production, had such touching characters, and a cast of performers with amazing chemistry that I’d still love to see a Gilmore Girls reunion-type movie. I can only hope and pray, though, that the story would be one that provides some real vindication for both the characters and the audiences, and that the story concludes with a denouement that lasts more than the last two minutes of the show. Maybe, just maybe, with the current climate for love and romance and happy endings, that might not be too much to hope for.

      • manda

        I agree that it was a horrible ending. I sat there waiting for Jess to show up and take Rory off with him to Philadelphia with the two of them living happily ever after. Jess really did care for her and he did “grow up”. he has his own business now. he’s not the sarcastic slacker he was in the beginning of the show.

  • Hilary

    I’m still hoping for that Gilmore movie. All the time.

    • heidi

      Me too!

  • ali

    How I wish it would have something to do with Jess! He was always my favorite! :)

  • Stefan

    got, i dont give a sh*t about her, she left the show, and hasnt even seen the final season, i have no respect for her

    • alex

      this is how i feel. i don’t know the details, but i was PISSED when she abandoned the show. the last season felt so off and she left to write a bunch of horrible shows that ended up getting cancelled anyway. She should have finished the series that she started because she owed it to the fans. I hope she doesn’t get to do the movie.. it seems like she’s just trying to make up for her huge mistake of leaving. why should she get a second chance?

      • Barb

        I believe she was forced out (her contract was not renewed) – she did not quit.

      • paula

        She left because the CW didn’t gave her the 2 seasons that she need it to end the show. If you want to blame someone blame the channel.
        I totally understand why she didn’t watch the last season, you can read it here, there is a great interview of her and she is totally right

      • Shari

        I agree. ASP had her chance to tell the story her way and she chose not to, so she doesn’t get another one. Let it go.

      • mimi

        no – she left because the CW wouldn’t pick up her other pilot. not because she needed two more seasons of gilmore girls.

      • Judy

        She didn’t abandon the show, neither did she leave beacause she wanted more money or because she wanted the cw to pick up antother of her pilots… she left the show because she and dan were basically doing everything on their own and it was just a lot of work… they did everything from writing to directibg to costumes etc. the cw just didn’t care enough…
        I for one would love, love,love, love a movie. just hoping if she does write it she won’t completely ignore season 7. although i am not happy with how the show ended, it is still out there and people just automatically link it to the show.
        And on to 2nd chances… everybody does deserve one…don’t tell me you’ve never needed one…

    • mary

      there never would of been gilmore girls without amy. and like she is the only writerer to ever do that

  • matt

    A GG movie would be awesome! The show did take a turn in that final season and wasn’t nearly as good. I want to know what ASP wanted to do with it. I want to see a better conclusion to Luke and Lorelai. I want to see a better conclusion to Rory and Logan. Make the movie or spill the beans, ASP, but the media better never let this die without one or the other happening

  • Jayme

    Yeah, okay.

    Just frakking watch the last season, kay? What if she accidentally comes across it whilst its on re-runs. “DANIEL, COME THIS OFF, PLEASE!”

    • Dryden

      I gotta admit Jayme, your comment made me laugh. Daniel probably gets a lot of grief.

  • me

    I didn’t even finish watching the 7th season cause it sucked so much. If there was a movie made by Amy, I’d watch it.

    • A.R.

      I’ve watched the first six seasons several times each (it just gets better!) but I’ve only watched two episodes of season seven because it sucked SO MUCH. If AS-P makes a movie, I’m totally there on opening night. And probably the night after opening night, too.

    • Barb

      I agree. If she decided to make a movie, I’m all for forgetting that last season.

    • manda

      haha. i stopped watching 7th heaven too. theres no coming back from that one. a GG movie however could completly change everything. Rory+Jess=<3

  • Laura

    She revealed nothing. I’m sure any GG fan assumed she would’ve done something different. What would’ve been a stunning reveal would be WHAT she had planned or that she actually had a movie in the works.

  • Sarah

    I would love to see a Gilmore movie…um, mainly because I want to see exactly what happened after Rory turned down Logan’s proposal and how Lorelai is doing with Luke and dealing of course with her parents. So yeah, I’m crossing my fingers for a Gilmore movie!!! =)

  • Jacob

    I too am shocked she didn’t watch the final season. Not even the last one? Geez. I get that there’s bad blood b/w her and WB TV, but this is ridiculous.
    And yeah, she said nothing new. Of course she would have done something different! How obvious was that? I do like Jamie’s suggestion for where the show could have gone, but the dramatic irony is almost too much. Still, better than what did happen (liked the finale, but didn’t love it)
    I miss this show. There really is nothing like it on TV right now. The writing was too good to be true. I just hope Amy doesn’t blow it Jezebel James style on her HBO show.

  • ali

    I don’t understand why everyone is trashing Amy, Gilmore girls was an incredible show! She didn’t want there to be a 7th season and the network did and she did what she felt was best for her. Get over yourselves. If she were to make a Gilmore girls movie, I’d be first in line to see it.

    • Liz

      Um, she did want a 7th season. She wanted two more seasons, actually. But she didn’t get what she wanted out of the contract deal.

      • Julie

        Actually she only wanted a 7th season. She was willing to sign a contract for ONE year and the WB (now CW) said it HAD to be for TWO years. They played chicken and they lost. She always wanted to end the show when Rory graduated. Then the show ended up getting cancelled because the show blew so bad without her and the actors weren’t happy. It all comes down to corporate greed.

      • Liz

        You’re gonna make me pull out references for this huh?

        Amy and Dan wanted a two year contract, but CW wouldn’t give it to them because the actors weren’t on board past season 7.

        Daniel Palladino: …look, we’ve been working for the last two years with one-year contracts, working seven days a week for the past six years, and we wanted not a two-year pick-up for the show, but a two-year contract for us.

      • Jim

        It’s been forever, but my understanding of the break between the Palladinos and the network was mostly over the workload. They were doing all of the writing and overseeing the direction and production of every episode, and they wanted the network to help lighten the load so they could focus more on making the show GOOD.

        This would have meant more staff and higher production costs, which the network understandably didn’t want for a show whose ratings were slipping.

  • Liz

    I’d happily take a movie years from now that started us off back where AS-P left, thus replacing the stupidness that was season 7. Season 6 wasn’t perfect, but it was AS-Ps and I’m sure any ending she gave us in a 2 hour format would be more satisfying than all of what David Rosenthal gave us in 22 episodes.

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