'Supernatural' first look: Dean and Meg face off!

This Thursday’s Supernatural — the final original episode until January — finds Sam and Dean traveling to some creepy ghost town in search of that hell-raiser Lucifer. But as you’re about to see in this exclusive clip, first they have to get past the demonic welcoming committee…

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  • Cal

    Aw, dude. Ellen and Jo are so not surviving this ep. (Sad, but better them than Castiel!)

    • anne

      Agreed! I think they’re the supporting characters that die from a previous Ausiello Files spoiler.

      • Gabby

        I really wish I didn’t know that someone was going to buy the farm…. Just love this show, so I couldn’t resist.

      • Jacki

        I don’t think both Jo and Ellen will go. If I had to guess, I’d say Ellen, although that would really depress me. But better either of them than Bobby!

    • Ro-bert

      I prefer Ellen and Jo both or either to Castiel, kill him off I say.

      • spikenalabama

        Yeah! I thought I was the only person who didn’t care for Castiel.

    • Lauren

      I hope its Jo. Cas, Ellen, and Bobby are too awesome to be killed off . . . although that’s probably why it’ll be one of them. Kripke’s evil like that.

    • Zoey

      I don’t really care for Jo, but Ellen I will be sad for, should she die. I like Castiel, so I hope he’s not a goner.

      • Zoey

        Oh, and Bobby too! There’d be much sadness all around if Bobby bit the dust.

  • Rion

    Not worth it without the real Meg.

  • BlatantURLPimpingMustDie

    There are Canadian accents in Hell?

    • Hoser

      What are you talking a-boot? lol

      • Zoey


  • Leanna

    Why do you not kill Castiel Kripke? He’s boring, obnoxious and un needed Sam and Dean don’t need some little lapdog following them around commenting about God. Please bring this show back to its core, and let him be one of the ones to die. There are many people who aren’t fans.

    • Gabby

      And most likely many more who are.. (at least bigger fans than Ellen/Jo)

      • Mira

        I agree, Gabby. And I am one of the large majority who are Cas fans. I am also a fan of the brothers!

        I hope Jo and Ellen survive.

      • Kalie

        I adore Castiel!

      • Jen

        Big Cas fan here too!

      • immie_8

        Another Cas fan here, as well!

      • evelyn27

        The only reason I can think of that anyone wouldn’t like Castiel is if they hated any mention of God or just don’t like anyone but Dean and Sam getting air time.

    • Maddy

      Yeah, sorry Leanna but Castiel was a great addition to the show and really moves the brothers storyline forward. And really, anyone who thinks that Sam and Dean are “lapdogs” clearly hasn’t been watching the show this year or last.

    • KingLion

      They are not going to kill Castiel as he is the first person EVER to make series regular outside of the brothers. Not even Bobby(Jim Beaver) has that status. . .and Misha Collins does a fantastic job in his roll and I’m willing to put my life on it that there are more fans that like his character than there are those that don’t. The last two characters that the fans didn’t like was cut from show, one being recast season and the other being out right killed.

      • Andre P

        I’d say it’s split evenly actually, I’ve seen a whole lot of hate for the character but fans see only what they want to see a lot of the time. Chalk me up as disliking him too! Beaver deserved the spot a lot more than this guy. He earned that.

      • Lisa

        An even split? I don’t think so. Everyone I know who watches the show loves/likes him a lot, and so do most of the people on the forums I go to. Sadly I think most of the Cas hate comes from a certain side of the SPN fandom, I won’t say which. But they’re not going to kill him off, he’s way too popular. And that’s a good thing!

      • roadi

        Ruby & Bela had both series regular status.

      • Lora

        And all of the love comes from a certain part of fandom, stop acting like we’re not entitled to dislike his character, he is so dull in my opinion and that’s an opinion us who don’t like him are more than entitled too thank you.

    • Ro-bert

      Agreed. I dislike the angel a lot and would much rather see Ellen and Jo survive than him if i’m honest, they bring some much needed estrogen to the show.

      • Francine

        Bobby(Jim Beaver) was asked to be a series regular but he turned it down.

      • Lauren

        Why on earth would you want Jo to survive? All she brings is some unwanted whining. Ellen’s awesome tho.

    • mel

      Did you do a survey or how do you know that?
      Cas is great!

    • spikenalabama

      Hear Hear!! Let’s kill of Castiel or at least give him some personality.

  • VJay

    Why is Dean always the only one who gets to speak and shoot the gun, hello Sam’s supposed to be the one the demon’s want not Dean, the angels want Dean as a vessel the demons want Sam, why aren’t they going after their chosen one. It’s weird.

    • Sarah Lee

      Hey, VJay, actually as of 5×01, the demons want Dean dead and are not allowed to hurt Sam (as he’s needed to be Lucifer’s vessel).

    • Angela

      Not really weird when you look at the bigger picture. Sam has to agree to be Lucifer’s vessel and killing him isn’t going to accomplish that, and I’m sure that Lucifer would not deal well with demons who screwed up. Of course that doesn’t mean that they might not try to torture him into submission, I suppose. Dean, however, is majorly in their way, and the demons have no bigger use for him. (it’s the angels he has to watch out for! LOL)

  • I’ve always liked Meg. She was much more fun than the backstabbing bitch Ruby. But, I want the old Meg back. The actress was great and old Meg was just great. Miss her.

    • spikenalabama

      Totally agree. The old Meg was great.

  • Rion

    Count me in as another Castiel hater.

  • Heather

    Poor Dean, you can see the fear in his eyes when he hears the hellhounds. Jensen is so great at emoting from his eyes!

  • FRED


  • Jesus Christ

    Castiel rocks. He’s one of the best aspects of the show. Supernatural fanboys suck so much ass.

    • Harry

      Hahaha are you joking? Clearly that’s your opinion but he certainly isn’t a best aspect of the show for me, it did fine three seasons without him and it seems since making him a regular in five the ratings have coincidentally fallen. Say about that what you will but clearly a lot of the audience feel differently.

      • AshleyBrooke

        The ratings are up, actually.

      • Mariah

        You’re attributing the fall in the ratings to Misha Collins miniscule airtime? Come one. Castiel had more airtime last season and the show enjoyed a ratings bonanza. If anything I’d say the drop in ratings can be attributed to competition from Fringe. Don’t blame it on Cas just cause you’re not a fan. It’s your right to dislike, but get real.

  • Jesus Christ

    Or should I say fangirls…?

    • milkj

      Yeah, I think you should. From what I’ve seen it’s mostly the really over-invested SamGirls/DeanGirls who have their panties in a twist. It’s kind of sad because instead of seeing how much the character adds to Sam & Dean’s story and just how great Sam and Dean are when given a interesting character to play off of, instead they sit about on thursday nights counting lines in the script to rack up percentages of which character got what percentage of the lines. Now that’s a big old bag of weird.

      • Lauren

        I basically love you right now.

      • Mariah


      • evelyn27

        Thank you! Someone knows what they’re talking about!

      • Chris

        I don’t know any Dean fans who don’t also love Cas, including myself. However, Sam fans… oh yeah. Most of them seem to hate Cas, probably because he isn’t all about Sam. Whatever. I love Cas.

      • Suze

        I would take on all three any day.. Dean/Cas/Sam.. mmm

      • spikenalabama

        Actually I am a Dean fan who does not care for Castiel. I don’t mind the “concept” of Castiel just don’t care for the way he is being portrayed. Give the guy some personality.

  • Zena

    How could anyone ever say Castiel
    is boring, unnecessary, and obnoxious?! :(

    He’s one of the best additions to the cast, EVER. Misha kept his job as Castiel because the fans loved him so much.

    As for the episode, it’s going to be EPIC. :) Very excited. Can’t wait to podcast about it.


    • Stewart

      Chill dude some of us don’t like him, for every person who does there’s a similar person who doesn’t opinion seems pretty divided to me. I’m not a fan at all and would see him die before either Ellen or Jo, sorry.

    • Zena

      Castiel isn’t dying in this episode, so I’m not worried. Misha’s signed on for 17 episodes.

      I have faith in Kripke. He knew what he was doing when he decided to make Misha a regular.

      • Lora

        Knew what he was doing you say? The ratings have gone down since he came on as regular, strange wouldn’t you say?

      • evelyn27

        Seriously Lora!? To say that people altogether quit watching the show because of Castiel alone is delusional.

  • Melangell

    Def a Jo and Ellen fan. Gonna be real sad.

  • Ivan

    i agree castiel rocks i hope they kill off meg though as much as i like her character i think it’s time they kill her off also i kinda like the new Meg maybe not as much as the 1st but i still do like her

  • Krissy

    Man, I personally don’t want anyone to die! I love Ellen and I’ve personally never had an issue with Jo. And Castiel, well, we won’t even get into how much I love him! ;) But this episode is going to be awesome! It just stinks we have to wait until January for the next episode! :(

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