'NCIS' first look: Abby's awesome 'LA' crossover!

Crossover stunts have become as ubiquitous as season-ending character deaths. And let’s face it, more times than not they’re probably conceived at a network marketing retreat instead of inside a writers room — which is probably why many of them come off feeling like blatant ratings-boosting promotional gimmicks. But I’m here to tell you that this week’s NCIS/NCIS: LA mash-up is different, and I can give you at least two reasons why. First off, it revolves around the undeniably awesome Pauley Perrette. And second, because it results in the first face-to-face encounter between Abby and Linda Hunt’s Hetty — a memorable run-in you won’t have to wait ’till tomorrow night to watch thanks to the following exclusive first look…

[ewbrightcove “29888952001”, “51904074001”, “525”, “470”]

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  • hope

    i’m not pleased with the whole crossing over thing it would be better if she stayed put on the original

    • Linda K

      Really – this is a drama and characters do travel / visits others outside of their shows for rating purposes. If you want to stay in your little compartmented life, YOU may not want to turn your TV on or leave your house b/c you may meet people that are not from your world. ROCK ON NCIS!!!

      • hope

        Spare me the whole nonsense deal Linda K, I love NCIS as much as the next fan. I only think they’re going slightly over board with crossing over and stuff.

    • carole

      It’s OK Hope – crossing over to the dark side is not final – she still has good in her, we all feel it – she will turn back away from the dark side if the desire is there…..

    • Jayne

      Oh, come on … it’s tv! :p I love a good mix of characters. It’s sad though at how easily she embraces her character and how stiff the rest seem. A cross over is like a duet between two stars (in this case one star is better than the other). It’s fun and someone gets paid to do it!

      • Marcy

        to quote you jayne – it’s tv – the characters are only as good as the actors that portray them – yes, the abby character seems to be a bit more alive than the rest – I blame that on bad writing – the are trying to make everyone so serious but allow for only one character to be “quirky” or whatever..the humanity of it all

      • Irabor

        Nicole, I am wishing that I could take beuuitfal photos like you. They are amazing and so natural looking. I seriously need to learn how to use my camera to its full. Maybe some lessons would be useful

    • Chris

      Boy, slow news day.

      • Sachin

        Love these pictures, love being your first blog post and love YOU Junior Asparagus!!!!!!!! You made me tear up just a litlte Thanks for being a great friend- love you!

    • nilogan

      I don’t like the crossovers especially when it’s in favor of the spin off. Why Callen doesn’t come to DC and Abby goes to LA.. I am not going to watch NCIS LA

    • Avril

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  • Krystal

    Normally, I’m totally against crossovers, but Abby and Hetty together is so frakkin’ awesome.

    • Cassa

      Agreed. I bow to Linda Hunt’s awesomeness.

      • Stephanie

        As do I. This should be fun. :)

  • alex

    wow Abby travels to LA against all her fears of of bad things happening in LA, like when Jenny died.Well Abby Rocks!I’m sure any thing and anyone who gets in her way will be getting a huge surprise messing with her!

  • no daisy

    Sorry, but I think it’s still a stunt. I have not been impressed w/NCIS LA and stopped watch after the third week. LA’s characters leave me bored and wishing for recasting. But since Abby is my fav, I’ll have to tune in this week. So the ploy worked-but only for one episode, at least for me.

    • ObiHave

      You got further than I did. I only lasted two weeks. I will watch Abby though. Love me some, Abs.

      • starbuckcubed

        I almost quit after the fist a couple of weeks but I’m glad I didn’t. The last two episodes have been really good. It’s still not as good as the original but it’s new and has a totally different vibe.

    • Joe Jackson

      not really a stunt, she was scheduled to be on LA when LA was still the #2 show in the country

    • the_0ne

      I would have agreed with you up until the last 3 episodes. They were actually pretty good. Before that I usually just skimmed through the episode on the DVR. But the last 3 episodes, I can truly say I enjoyed.

      And since Abby is my girl (well other than my wife of course) I have to watch this one.

    • UnHoly Diver

      Of course it’s a stunt. All crossovers are stunts. Some are done to infuse some life(albeit temporarily in most cases) into a faltering show, some are done to help out a fledgling show(like this instance, IMO), and some are done for apparently no reason at all(i.e., the recently aired three-headed monster from the CSI franchise).
      That said, the fact that it’s a stunt doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing.

    • jmh

      I agree that LA is not as good as the original but I still tune in every week. I do like Chris O’Donnell’s character as well as Kenzie and Dom. LL Cool J I didn’t like at first but he is growing on me. I’ve actually been a little disappointed in teh writing for NCIS lately. I’m not a fan of how the writers are portraying Tony lately. Too much goofball.

  • Erika

    I love NCIS–and I actually like LA, too, though it took a while to grow on me. My favorite character there is Eric, so I’m loving the snippets and previews we’re getting! I look forward to it!

  • Leola

    I love both shows, but remember, the orig had a few rough patches in the beginning as well. I think that LA will step up and be just as kick ass as the orig very soon.
    Rock on Abby! Pauley is amazing.

  • Kaite

    1. Abby has a great (even better) show to have this actually really good sounding plot occur on, why a crossover? Let the show succeed or fail on its own!
    2. Abby does NOT call him Leon. I don’t think I would mind the crossover so much if she called him Vance. it’s a respect thing and according to Vance last year, she hasn’t earned it yet!

  • EveatEden

    Is it me or is there no sound on the video?

    • Libby

      It’s you.

  • JAN

    GO ABBY/HEDDY!!!!!!!1

  • EveatEden

    Oops just me.

    • Rodrigo

      Hi Abby!Sorry so late on the reply! Things have been a mite uber busy around here and we’re just getintg caught up So excited to have found this excellent activity and we thank you for allowing us to share your awesome work! We definitely have your site bookmarked for future visits!Have a fantastic week!~ Kayla

  • jay

    i love this.. i love crossover episodes it gives people a chance to see thier favorite characters interact with other favorite characters and i love both of these shows awesome!!!!

    • carole

      I’m part of the it’s a total stunt group … ratings here we come!!

  • Jabs

    Go Abby, you are the cutest, upbeat person on TV. NCIS-LA could use you on their show. It needs a pick me up.

  • cattyfan

    Why does the Lab Tech keep getting stalked and kidnapped? Seems a bit ridiculous. (And I’m a FAN of NCIS.)

    • carole

      What the “Lab Tech” can’t be the main thrust of the show – hey … lab techs of all kinds are the most interesting and important people on planet earth – without them it would just be a bunch of people standing around going “hmmmmm..wonder what that is” Yeah for making Abby a main story … as for crossing over…see my previous comment…

  • Kvivik

    I am a fan of the original, but I can’t watch it anymore. Love McGee, Abby, Ducky and Jethro, but couldn’t care less about Ziva and Tony…. In fact, I dislike them so much I’ve actually stopped watching the original NCIS.
    I was so happy to see Jethro and McGee in the “introduction” of NCIS:LA and am itching to see Abby and Eric interact in person.
    As for Hetty/Abby – AWESOME!!!! But I couldn’t watch them together all of the time.
    The thing that gets me is that the writers who do the two shows that are crossing over don’t crossover. The LA writers have probably made Abby ‘say’ some things that will be out of character, and that may break the show for Abby lovers everywhere.

    I hope it rocks!!!!!!

    • Phil

      I’m right there with you. Tony and Ziva used to be my favorite characters on NCIS but under Brennan’s stewardship, I’ve actively grown to dislike them both. Unlike you, though, I also can’t stand the way McGee has been written.

      As to this crossover, I could honestly care less. I’ve watched a handful of LA eps and they haven’t done much for me.

      • jmh

        I still like Ziva but they’ve made Tony, who was my favorite character on this show, so annoying that I can barely stomach him. Tony used to be endearing, a good agent with a healthy dose of a sense of humor. Now they’ve turned him into a complete joke.

  • stacie1919

    wherever Abby goes, i will follow!… NCIS:LA, CSI, Dora the Explorer… go Abs

    • Kat

      I would actually watch a Dora the Explorer crossover.

      • NavyResGirl

        Sorry to be so in the dark, but who is ‘Dora’?

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