First Look: 'Big Love' unveils new look! You like?

Take a good look at HBO’s new poster touting the Jan. 10 fourth-season premiere of Big Love: It may be the last time you see the Henricksons looking this tight.

When we rejoin the family, man of the house(s) Bill (Bill Paxton) will be running for state senator. But the issue won’t be whether he wins but what he stands to lose along the way. “His goal, if he’s elected, is to put himself and his family out there as public polygamists,” says executive producer Marc V. Olsen, adding, “He can’t be impeached for that. Polygamy is technically a misdemeanor in Utah, [and a misdemeanor is not] an impeachable offense.”

Nonetheless, the Henrickson wives’ vote is split in a way that threatens to splinter the entire clan. “Bill’s decision renders major friction within the family,” Olsen teases. “What wives will or will not do to promote that agenda or stop that agenda dead in its tracks [is] a big piece of the season.”

So what do you think of the season 4 poster? And frak, has anybody missed Nicki as much as I have?


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  • Day

    Chloe Sevigny is brilliant and completely underrated on “Big Love”. I used to get excited about the show, but now I just can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve every season. I’m still not over the fact that she was totally snubbed for any Emmy nod. Not fair.

    • Mo

      I completely missed her. She is the best. The second best is Gennifer. She is really underrated as well. She plays the sweet, sassy and somewhat clueless Margene in a way that no other actress could. I think the only one who will be really not on board with his Senate run is Nicki, because of her family situation. Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Heidi

        I actually wonder if Barb is the one most concerned that its a vanity ploy and would show concern for the children. She’s least comfortable with being in a polygamist marriage. Nicki would view it as good for mormonism and she’s very committed to it, and Margene went in full force to being youngest wife and has been willing to be supportive of anything Bill does.

      • Gag

        you’re right on one thing – she is clueless

    • Gag

      chloe sevigny needs to get some acting lessons

  • Jenna

    I LOVE Nicki! Chloe was robbed of a much deserved emmy nomination last season. She was AMAZING

    • Levon

      thank you, Lee Strasberg

  • Yesenia

    I agree with Jenna and Day. While I can’t stand her, I always look forward to see what Nicki is up to. Chloe is really a great actress and Ginnifer…I just adore her.

  • Collin

    Are there vampires in this season?

    • Josh

      Yes, but as we have learned from Twilight, Mormon vampires can go out in the daylight and are completely lame.

      • Aprilcot26

        HA! Josh, you just made my morning! :)

      • Tiffany

        Josh, you ROCK!

      • Jenna

        explains the lame ending to the twilight series in genral i guess

      • levelheaded

        So I love Twilight…. And yet I find your joke awesome. Well done Josh, well done.

      • Ruby

        Josh, you just made me laugh out loud. Kudos.

      • ann

        *snicker, giggle*

        I am like levelheaded, also a fan of Twilight but I can still laugh at its expense.

        Go Josh!

      • kim in kentucky

        high five to Josh — YES!!!!

      • wtfnyc

        I totally heard that in my head in a Cartman voice for some reason (I think it was the “lame”), which made it even MORE awesome, Josh. BWAH!!!

    • Levon

      yes, Collin – vampires on Big Love would be a great improvement

  • Jem

    Oh I can’t wait for the new season to start. It is really the best show out there, it’s unfortunate it gets overlooked due to its subject matter.

  • Kacey

    I just spent a week home from work re-watching seasons 1 and 2 OnDemand. I just love this show…I can’t wait for new episodes!

    And, State Senate?! Is Bill nuts?

  • Diggity

    This is the best show out there. I can’t wait for the season to start. I worry about what Nikki is doing becuase she’s so stupid about things. But damn, Chloe is an amazing actress. The whole cast is unreal. Best show on TV.

  • Sandy

    I just don’t buy that Bill would put his family at risk like that. I am looking forward to see how the new season shapes up.

    • Em

      I disagree – I think Bill has shown an increasing propensity toward vanity, and I think he needs a big reality check to get some humility back. I think his current ego would absolutely allow him to put his family at risk; he’s so sure he’ll be loved and righteous that he doesn’t see the risk. I’m hoping this is the season where he is sort of broken down a bit, and has to rebuild himself. Makes for great tv, either way!

      • k8dee

        Amen. Bill is a selfish asshat. I simply want Barb to finally realize this and move on. She can do sooo much better! And she is always the one who suffers for his vanity! SPOILER: I mean, she got kicked out of her own religion [and, as an extension, her own family] for him! But, he is just sitting fine! I am all for supporting, sacrificing and compromising for your life partner but COME ON Barb! Not to mention she lost the respect of her own children behind his antics!

      • TLR

        Do you not get it? Bill isn’t her life parner, he’s her partner for all eternity. Of course she is going to sacrifice for him. You need to understand that if you are going to understand Mormon polygamy.

      • k8dee

        I get that. But so is the rest of her family, right? Her Mom and sister…and especially her kids. Sarah [I think that is her name] has NO respect for her! She loathes the sacrifices her mom has made for her dad. I think those realities are really starting to weigh on her. Not even her mom, but the love of her children. That is incredibly important to her. Her love for children is a major reason why she gave in to this whole thing in the first place.

      • k8dee

        Another thing. Her love for God surpasses even her love for Bill. And according to her religion, she is excised from LDR. I just think all these things can justifiably weigh on her. Also, I don’t need to understand Mormon polygamy. It is NOT the life for me, plus, I’m black, Mormons and black people don’t have such a good history. I enjoy the character constructions above anything else. They are interesting and entertaining, which is what a show should be. I just feel so much for Barb. Hell, even for Albie. Everyone except for self-righteous Bill who I believe is one of those guys that gives organized religion a bad name. He just all around sucks.

  • MikeNJD

    Can we talk about how hot Ginnifer Goodwin is? Dang!

    • Kit


      • castiella

        No kidding! Yowza.

      • chase

        you bunch of sickos – keep it in your pants, immature jerks


      Def’ needs a pearl necklace …

    • Levon

      can we talk about what a d*uchebag you are?

  • stan

    this poster makes me want to watch and I haven’t seen the show since season 1. hbo is the best.

    • Steven

      Why do you hate Niki, if anything you should feel sorry for her. She was abused and forced into a marriage she didn’t want to be in!!!!! Also Bill is not selfish, he’s trying to show the family they shouldn’t be ashamed of their believes or who they are.

  • Katy

    Oh dear Lord, I love this show so much. I love to hate Nicki, but I absolutely adore Margie. I can’t wait for her big storyline.

  • Gigi

    I have been addicted to this show ever since the very first episode.I love the entire cast and look forward to the new season.

  • Gregoire

    This really is the best written and acted show on television, bar none. Personally, I’ve always loved Jeanne Tripplehorn the most.

    And of course, the real underrated star — Grace Zabriske!

  • jenn

    The show, Chloe – great!
    This poster – not so much. Looks like they are playing a high stakes game of Red Rover.

    • castiella

      Heeheehee. Best reality show idea ever.

  • jen

    this is absolutely one of the best shows on TV! i am SO HAPPY that HBO has stood by it. it gets better and better every season. never miss an episode. nicki grates on my nerves, but the show would not work without her. can’t wait to see what happens between her and bill this season.

    • Levon

      she is terribly grating – and the show would work just fine without her – Bill would just find someone else to marry…not a problem

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