'True Blood' Casting: Sam's mom and more!

With True Blood starting production on its third season this week, the spoilers are starting to flow as freely as Type O-neg at Fangtasia! The biggie: Casting is now underway for a role that sounds suspiciously like it can only be that of Sam’s mother!

Debuting in episode 2, middle-aged Melinda Mickens, The Ausiello Files’ sources say, is just about the only character in history who lives in more trash than Oscar the Grouch. And since she and equally filthy hubby Joe Lee share the same surname as Tommy, the character this column’s already reported is Sam’s brother… well, you can do that math, can’t you?

The show is also on the hunt for a knockout to play Crystal Norris, a mysterious beauty who bewitches one of our alpha males. (Figuratively. Um, I think.) She’ll also make her first appearance in the second eppy.

But wait, there’s more…

In that same hour, we’ll flash back to a World War II werewolf dogfight, flash forward again to meet a werewolf biker who likes the look of Sookie’s kibbles and bits, and be treated to the spectacle of Tara smacking down a couple of rednecks who diss the recently deceased.

Alas, poor Eggs.

So what do you think? Juicy enough for you? Weigh in below. (If you don’t, even while he’s on holiday, Mike will know. And he won’t be pleased.)


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  • Pisces228

    Can’t wait for season 3 of True Blood! I’m in withdrawl, so any news you can share is great. Thanks!

  • crispy

    So Season 3 is not following book 3 (Club Dead) hardly at all? Probably for the best… book 3 is mostly lame.

    • Sarah

      I think AB has said they are cramming themes from books 3, 4 and 5 into this season.

    • barrr

      Really? I thought Club Dead was one of the best, if for no other reason than Alcide and the easy friendship between him and Sookie.

      • crispy

        One word: Bubba

      • Carrie

        I loved Club Dead. I absolutely loved Alcide in that book.

      • gretchen

        Im not a big fan of Alcide. The best parts of the books are when Eric is there.

    • Lette411

      So far, they haven’t used Bubba. His character was introduced in book 1 and we haven’t seen hide nor hair of him. Besides, Bubba was a filler, not a main character. I agree with Barr, I loved Club Dead. It is close to being my favorite.

      • crispy

        Thanks for clarifying. I didn’t know he was in the first book. Honestly, I have only read book 3… I read it to see if the whole series was worth reading. It is terrible. The writing is just awful… hate to say it, but it’s on par with Twilight. Alan Ball is a genius for what he’s done with the original source material.

      • TS

        I loved book three, four and nine. I like the writing; it isn’t pulitzer prize winning but its is conversational and fun. I hope that while AB isn’t following the books to a science or staying in the sequence of the books, that he keeps the main ideas of each book. Like *Book spoiler* Jason and Crystal, Bill and Lorena, Alcide and Sookie etc….Can’t wait to find out. And of course, can’t wait for more Eric!

      • Sammy the K

        At Comic Con Ball said they would NOT be using Bubba in the show because it would just seem as a cheap Elvis impersonation because Bubba is supposed to the the actual Elvis.

        He said it worked in the books, but it just wouldnt work on screen.

      • Fangirl108

        Ack! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I sort of agree with crispy. The show is much much better than the books. While I did read all the books, I only started them after watching the first season of TB. Alan Ball’s development of the characters is outstanding. I have no idea which book I would say is my favorite, though. The Twilight books were much much more enjoyable.

    • charli

      there are some elements that they need to present cause they lead into later events. sounds like they are just fleshing it out by giving the secondary characters a lot more depth which is definitely good

    • Jill

      I thought Club Dead was one of the best in the series. I hope AB follows Sookie’s s/l closer (meaning her relationship with Bill and Eric) than he did with Book 2/Season 2.

    • Stacy

      I agree that was the hardest for me to get into. Although I do really like Alcide and the story with Debbie. I hope they do sort of cram a couple of books into this season.

  • Taylor

    I LOVE True Blood…. these teasers are so cruel. I love hearing the latest and greatest but its kind of depressing when you realize that you have to wait a good 6-7 months before seeing any of these characters! And in addition to seeing new characters we better be see a whole lot more of the delicious Eric!

    • LauraM

      I totally agree with the Eric comment. He’s so gorgeous!

    • Jill

      I want to see more development of Eric and Sookie’s relationship.

  • taylorrness

    alpha male = Jason.

  • izikavazo

    Oh yeah, I forgot that Eggs is dead. Yay!
    Do we have Alcide yet?

  • nacho mama

    Teasers, tidbits, rumors…this O-neg fan will take anything on TB she can get.

  • Sarah

    Can’t wait to see who is cast as Crystal.

  • Juniper

    I thought Crystal was supposed to be slightly odd-looking, which is why it’s so out-of character for “one of the alpha males” to be dating her… I think in the books she is cross-eyed or something like that.

    • ZoeStars

      Nah, Crystal is supposed to be beautiful in a slutty way and look kinda off. Like not something you can pinpoint right away, but you just something isn’t right about her. I wonder if they’ll follow the story line of making Jason a werepanther?

    • Dana

      Alot of the people of Hotshot had problems, I think one person was crosseyed, from all the inbreeding they do, but Crystal looked fine in the books. For those that know who she ends up with, that person doesn’t seem to be the type to go for a cross eyed chick, or anyone less than totally hot.

  • alex

    WHERE THE F&*%^ IS ALCIDE??? thats all I want to know – just include him and the werewolves!!

    • k

      i think alcide is the biker mentioned…

  • Audrey

    ^Ditto. I’m desperate to find out who’s gonna play Alcide and Debbie Pelt!

    • charli

      i’m thinking it’s this Grant guy that they said they cast but won’t name is part. the one that is also on Ugly Betty

      • junglered

        Grant appears to be a little old for Alcide.. may be Crystal’s uncle Calvin

  • chrisconcert

    mmmmmmm I would just love to have an ERIC, BILL, and JASON sandwich!

    • vamp wannabe

      Gotta throw a little bit of Sam on that sandwich!!

      • Fangirl108

        Yes – remove Jason – add Sam.

  • Jos

    Kat Dennings is a good Crystal in my mind.


    • Bird

      Excellent call! I agree.

  • Sus

    “a werewolf biker who likes the look of Sookie’s kibbles and bits”…love it – hilarious!

    • TS

      That sounds like Tray Dawson maybe.

  • Judy Uhley

    I think Alan Ball would do a wonderful job of adding Bubba to the story, would make all the Elvis fans happy, even though Bubba is a few cards short of a deck! PLEASE, HELP–I would like to know the name of the singer and song that is played during the credits of “Cold Ground”!! Thank you!

    • LouM

      Rusty Truck is the artist; The album is called ‘Luck’s Changing Lanes’

    • crispy

      Good gawd no! And I’m pretty sure Alan Ball has promised never to include Bubba. Let’s hope he keeps that promise.

  • jmh1340

    I love the book series and the show. AB has said he will not put Bubba in the series because it would seem like a bad Elvis impersonator. I love Bubba. He is my fav character besides Eric. I can’t wait to see Alcide on the show.

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