'Fringe' exclusive: Look who's playing Walter's wife (and Peter's mom)!

The Bishop family unit is complete!

Irish actress Orla Brady — you may remember her as James Woods’ ex on Shark — has nabbed the pivotal role of Walter’s other half and mother to Peter, sources confirm to me exclusively.

The character — described in the initial casting breakdown as strong, smart, and likable — will debut in early ’10.

Thoughts? She kind of has a Lena Olin vibe going for her, no?

PHOTO CREDIT: Fringe: Justin Stephens/Fox; Brady: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


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  • cari

    When are castings going to be age-appropriate? She looks young enough to be Peter’s sister, not mother.

    • Maddy

      I think it’s pretty obviously either a flash-back or alternate universe apparance.

      • Eli

        She’s in her late 40s.

      • Gimplygump ☺

        “She’s in her late 40s.”

        And Peter is in his early 30’s (well, J Jackson is and I always felt Peter was)

    • Zedikis Zul’Zorander

      Epic FAIL. I would have picked Hallie Todd (Star Trek, Lizzie Mcguire) or Justine Waddell (Wives and Daughters, Tess of the D’Urbevilles) – Both are excellent actresses and Hallie Todd would be at least age appropriate.

      • darclyte

        I like your handle, but it’s actually spelled: Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander

      • Billy

        Hallie Todd is younger than this lady

      • Johnny 5

        Like Hallie Todd, she was Data’s daughter , i think her name was Lal or something.

    • Shadow Step

      1. Drop your damn ageism.
      2. She’s only 13 years younger than him – that’s nothing for adults.

      • Bethann

        I think Cari’s objection is that the actress doesn’t look old enough to have given birth to Joshua Jackson, rather than an objection that the actress is too young to be believably paired with John Noble. FWIW, Orla Brady is 48. If her character is the same age, then it’s not outside the realm of possibility that she had Peter, assuming Peter is the same age as Joshua, who’s 31.

      • ash

        13 years might be nothing for adults, but if she’s playing her age that would mean a nearly 30 year old john noble knocked her up at a not very adult-like 16. creepy.

    • Snsetblaze

      I think she looks almost young enough to be his daughter.

    • Danny Tanner

      An age appropriate person could be Shelly Long (Cheers)

    • ForensicMama

      Not only does it make sense that it’s going to be a time jump into the past, that’s also obvious because isn’t she dead?!!!!

      • Nicole

        I thought she was dead too.

      • Marilyn

        Yes you are correct. Peter mother is dead. So we are going back into the past when Peter was a little boy. I don’t know how they are going to do the father.

  • Sam

    Orla is an amazing actress. Anyone seen her on BBC’s “Mistresses” will fully agree to this. She’s totally going to nail this.

    • Eli

      I love Mistresses. Too bad this upcoming series is the last.

    • Dave

      Wasn’t Anna Torv also on Mistresses? It’ll be like a reunion

      • Sam

        Yes, Anna Torv was in the 1st Series of Mistresses. Sad indeed that the upcoming series will be the last. Though am glad that we can have the series end on a high note. Nothing worse than an ending where basically a series is on it’s very last breath.

  • Missmiggles

    Really? Isn’t she kind of young? I thought she was kind of young when she was on “Shark” too … I guess we’ll see!

  • Kevin

    She probably looks so young because she’ll appear in flashback (remember, she’s supposed to be dead!)

  • K

    considering the actress is 17 years older than Joshua Jackson, it’s not such bad casting. I can’t wait to see how she fits into the cast dynamic!

    • Snsetblaze

      Wow 17 years older. How old is Joshua Jackson exactly. He looks older than hear by 10 years.

      • Q

        Joshua Jackson is 31, or 5 years younger than Neil Patrick Harris. Unlike NPH, though, seeing him on TV at a young age gives a false mental image of what he should look like, resulting in the appearance of aging and, by extension, an older age. Orla is 48, though for the life of me I can’t find a photo that has her looking anywhere near that age.

  • the_legend

    Regarding the “age-appropriate” casting, something tells me that she is not going to be as old as Walter since she’ll primarily be in flashbacks? I could be totally way-off here, but I don’t recall them ever saying she was still alive.

  • Mells

    Wow she looks young in that photo. I wish they had actually just gone with Lena Olin instead.

  • cate


    John Noble – 1948
    Orla Brady – 1961
    Joshua Jackson – 1978

  • Amanda

    She was what, the ripe old age of 17 when she had Peter. A more age appropriate actress would have been nice.

    • Shadow Step

      Assuming they play their own ages – which they probably don’t.

    • Brian

      You people whining about her age either don’t watch the show or can’t read the comments above. SHE DIED WHEN PETER WAS YOUNG, i.e., BEFORE THE “REAL PETER” DIED AT THE AGE OF 6. THIS ACTRESS WILL APPEAR IN FLASHBACKS WHEN WALTER AND PETER WERE YOUNGER.

      • Casey

        thats not true. Peter was raised by his mother after Walter went to the mental institution.

      • yeesh

        Cool it with the all CAPS!! That said if you are going to go for the shouty all caps message: Get your facts straight. Peter’s mom didn’t die when he was young, in fact, she raised him, and he took care of her while Walter spent his days in the loony bin.

      • Billy

        If you’re going to use all caps, at least make sure you’re 100% correct. While it’s very likely she will appear in only flashbacks, give me one good reason why she couldn’t be Peter’s real mother from the parallel world he was kidnapped from… or an infinite number of others where she didn’t die. Maybe you should take your own advice and watch the show.

    • ShutUpRob

      Geez, Looweeze Fringers!
      1) It’s Fringe — it’s not only Science Fiction, it’s weird by even typical science fiction standards. Thus, age comparisons are, IMNSHO, entirely irrelevant. She’s been cast in the role, so IMO, they came up with a very good reason for her to be in the role that in all likelihood **can’t be derived from a wallet-sized head shot.**
      2) Seventeen years, shmeventeen years! It’s as if Gilmore Girls has been off the air for a lot longer than two years! (I WANT MY REAL SERIES FINALE!)
      3) Winona Ryder played Spock’s mother and she’s only a little over five years older than Zachary Quinto! (And yes, I do think that she played the role well, despite the makeup.)
      — Rob

  • Devon

    My guess would be we’ll only see her in flashbacks, and if in the future probably using aging prosthetics.

  • Bobby

    Seriously,if John Noble doesn’t get an Emmy nomination for his acting this season it will be the biggest travesty in TV history.He has been fabulous this year,just awesome.

  • tjj50

    Orla was born in 1961? The lady’s got good genes! Bobby, I agree about John Noble, he’s been EXCELLENT! Especially in the last episode!

  • Ariel

    She’s lovely.

    I only just realized he was in The Lord of the Rings (two towers?) this weekend upon rewatching it. Such a great cast for a great show.

    • Bobby

      Really? I checked IMDB and The Two Towers is not listed under her credentials

      • Mcat

        She’s referring to John Noble.

    • Brian

      He was only in Return Of The King, as Denethor. He was great in that.

      • umchic5

        John Noble was also in The Two Towers as Denethor. He can be seen in the flashback that Faramir has about Boromir.

      • Natalie

        wow, i didn’t know that. gotts go watch some LOTR now!

  • Bfrancis

    Everyone – she is just on hot lady – she was born in 1961 – certainly more than old enough to be Joshua Jackson’s mom!

  • alex

    seriously. FLASHBACK. Come on.

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