'House' alum news: Jennifer Morrison heads to Broadway!

Jennifer Morrison is Broadway-bound.

A month after checking out of House, the actress has joined the forthcoming revival of William Gibson’s The Miracle Worker in the role of Helen Keller’s mother, Kate.

The play focuses on the relationship between a young Helen (played here by Abigail Breslin) and the teacher (In Treatment‘s Alison Pill) who taught her to communicate.

Matthew Modine rounds out the all-star revival.

Morrison’s participation all but rules out a return to House later this season since Miracle Worker begins previews in February and runs at least through the spring.

Thoughts? Sad that this probably means we’ve seen the last of Cameron? Already planning a trip to New York to stage-door stalk see JMo make her Broadway debut? Sound off below!


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  • Gaby

    Good luck to her!

  • Tego Livi

    Good for her (though that play is about Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan–the other roles aren’t anything special), but it’s sad that Broadway is doing YET ANOTHER revival. They should declare a moratorium on revivals for a year or two, before the next round of Grease and Gypsy and Hello Dolly starts all over again. And no new adaptations of familiar movies or TV shows either.

    • Jane

      Agreed. Let’s not forget the perennial Bye, Bye Birdie.

      • Celimene

        The current production of Bye, Bye Birdie is actually the first since it opened originally. It’s just that the show has two filmed versions and is done to death in community and high schools. But yeah, sick of the Arthur Miller and Eugene O’Neill revivals. Sick of the obvious musical revivals – although will make an exception for A Little Night Music, which I saw last week in previews. Such a delightful evening!

      • Jayne

        God, I hate Bye, Bye Birdie with such a passion. I’ve always found it annoying with it’s constant ‘We love you Conrad, yes we do!!!’

      • John

        Sondheim revivals tend to be ok, since they’re so different from the original productions. Also, exception should be made for the current Ragtime revival, since it was so overshadowed when it first opened.

    • Buzz

      like the ‘addams family’ revival as a musical . UHG!
      why not revive realllly reallly good tv shows and not subpar fare like AF?

      • Keira

        The Addams Family musical is not a revival. It is new. Yes, it is based on a TV show, but a revival is a show that has previously played on Broadway.

      • Jenn

        I saw the Addams Family Musical on opening night in Chicago and I thought it was really quite fun. It’s not just a TV show on stage at all and has the sort of grandiose characters that lend themselves well to a musical.

    • Leslie

      So who is she playing? Mrs. Keller?

      • Buzz

        yes, see link above which confirms this

  • anonymous

    Good for her.

    • Emma

      I know… but I’m still unbeliebably sad!!!! I had so hoped she would be back.. i guess this is the final nail in the coffin. At least now i know House is totally dead to me… and I can go see her in person in NYC!

  • msmack

    I guess that means she is going to be playing the mother. Good for her. Hope she can pull it off. Stage and screen are two different kinds of animals.

    • E

      You seem to be unaware she trained at Steppenwolf in Chicago – I doubt she’ll have a problem.

      • Tarc

        She was always better than she was ever allowed to be on House. Material is everything. And yes, she was vigorously stage trained before she ever did TV. I’m sure she’ll be as good as she always is.

      • Buzz

        great, she’ll just add to the prestige of the casting this far

  • Lou

    Good Luck Jen!

    *I am in New York in the spring….

  • Sarah

    Wow, this sets a new record of lies, Shore and co. either think Jennifer Morrison’s fans are stupid or that gullible.

    Best of luck to Jennifer Morrison, as Michael Ausiello once wrote “”Once a class act. Always a class act””

    • Alice

      I totally agree with you.

    • Sandra

      Couldn’t have said it better

    • m.

      What do you mean?! She still has a contract (till the end of this season), so they can call her back anytime they want. It’s been confirmed by multiple sources that she gets paid without working!
      I still think that Cameron (well the Cameron in first 3 seasons) is one of the better characters and really hope that they will bring her back. Cameron has the best chemistry with House (ok House’s wife had maybe better) of the female characters in the show.

      • Sarah

        She has a contract BUT not time to do House since she will be doing previews in February and on stage from March 3rd until well into Spring

      • Alice

        But how she would be able to shoot some House episode if she will be busy to play at BDW? I think this new confirms her exit. Good for her, House does not deserve her anymore.

      • Sarah

        I guess Alice, some people still don’t get it

      • A

        She had a contract.

        Now, who knows? Shacobs et al have either now released her from contract or they’ve given her permission to take the role because they know they wont be using her.

        I think its pretty clear TPTB have no intention of using her on House (funny how they keep lying about that.)

      • ShutUpRob

        To give the show the benefit of the doubt:
        1) Shows *can* film episodes and/or scenes wildly out-of-sequence.
        2) Most Broadway shows don’t go on Mondays because it’s *the* day off per week. Any night that she skips the Sunday night performance is a night I’d be wondering if she flew into L.A. to film a scene or three of House. She could be on the set for only one day and *still* be in 2 or 3 major scenes depending on nature of the given scenes because, well, movies and TV do a lot of stuff like that.
        Nevertheless, unless they really *do* have something big in mind for bringing back Cameron (and hopefully writing Chase out) at the very end of the season, my last episode is going to be the one that Sasha Alexander is in. Thematically speaking, House as a person is as fixed as he’s ever going to be. The run-around with Cuddy is tedious because of not only how much he’s manipulated her over the years but also how much she’s let him. It’s an ugly relationship, no matter how far he’s recovered.
        As opposed to his bromance with Wilson — it hasn’t been a bromance since Amber died. They’re family.
        There’s *one* thing that I’d do if I were the writers on House to make the show have a point again, and that’s to break House in a totally *different* way. That would not involve writing out anyone in either generation of Greggie’s Kids. Although I’d still kill Chase off. You simply have to make House’s current personal goal explicitly unachievable.
        — Rob

      • Anne

        Thank you! I COMPLETELY agree.

    • Lynn

      Contract or no, I don’t think Shore and company was lying about wanting to think of a way to bring her back (although I don’t think he ever meant permanently). When Shore made those comments, he had no way of knowing that she would be getting a job which would essentially prohibit her from coming back. They probably assumed she would stay in LA, where filming can always be adjusted and schedules can always be worked around.

      • Whatever

        ROTFLMAO! Yeah! I slept with an alien

      • Buzz

        where contracts are involved with large scale works like tv shows and broadwayplays, no assumptions , written /unwritten /spoken/unspoken are made- JM surely has an agent-manager -and lawyer , like most performers at her level, that made sure she was free and clear to do this or another project …
        “When Shore made those comments, he had no way of knowing that she would be getting a job which would essentially prohibit her from coming back. They probably assumed she would stay in LA, where filming can always be adjusted and schedules can always be worked around.” This comment doesn’t make any sense, from a professional acting viewpoint. She was either released( or negotiated a release) from her House responsibilities , or not . Clearly she was.

      • Hughlover

        LOL Justify much?

      • Kristen

        Jennifer could have made sure the Broadway production knew that she was contractually obligated to return to House any time they call upon her. They do always have an understudy for broadway plays that could take over if House calls her back to work for a week or more. Though I do think it likely that she was given the okay from House producers. Hopefully she wasn’t fully released from her contract; I’d love Cameron to come back. I miss her.

      • ShutUpRob

        Point of clarification: Since Morrison is still getting paid for the episodes, that means that the show has First Position claim on her[1], which means that Miracle Worker has to accomodate the show if/when they want to use her.
        — Rob
        [1] Note: a show can have First Position claim on an actor without said actor being paid for episodes s/he’s not in, it’s just that in this case, the (alleged) fact that she *is* getting paid is a much stronger sign than usual to the peanut gallery that she is in First Position. (Given that this is all educated guesstimations as it is.)

  • Glau

    I’ll miss Cameron for sure she’s such a brilliant character my favorite in House’s team :( I still have hopes of her coming back and the old team reuniting again and Lucas and Cuddy breaking up! Old team + Huddy + Wilson = Ftw!! Then all will be dandy again in House land!

    • Sally

      Well, I’m not a Huddy fan (and I actually like Lucas and Cuddy together, although Wilson is my first choice for Cuddy), but other than that I totally agree!

      • Glau

        I’m not the biggest fan of this season the Dibala and Lucas arc resulted into my Huddy being thrown out of the bus:( And my favorite fellow Cameron leaving the hospital :( I miss JMo so much, she’s such a wonderful actress!!!

  • Robert

    This pretty much confirms that she was fired for no reason

    • Jill

      Fired for no cause on her part anyway. The reason she was fired was probably because Cameron was better loved then Thirteen, and not everyone is drinking the Huddy Kool-aid.

      • lol

        I hate Cameron and I love 13: happy to see her gone for good :D

      • Merry

        I prefer Thirteen over Cameron. Her character always came off as self-righteous to me.

      • ShutUpRob

        I lurve both Cameron and 13 and intensely *dislike* the Huddy situation. It’s Lorelai (House) and Christopher (Cuddy) all over again — only, it’s the Lorelai and Christopher storyline if the Lorelai and Christopher storyline never had any point.
        And mind you, if you couldn’t guess from the above, I *loved* the Lorelai and Christopher storyline of Gg’s s6 and s7 because its point was to show the wrongness of their relationship. The writers of House, by contrast, are trying to manufacture non-existent “rightness” of a relationship that can not ever be made right.
        If they want House to end up in a relationship with a woman around his age, with a woman around his age that would be credible, then they should bring Sela Ward back (Kill off her current husband, natch.) House hasn’t burnt nearly as many bridges with her as he has with Cuddy.
        — Rob

  • Meme

    Great for Jen, even though I will totally miss her on House. I wish she never left… House MD is completely sucky lately!

    • Sally

      best of luck to her and glad she has work….

  • Serena

    Good for her! She is better off without House, the show doesn’t deserve her.

    • ken

      And we don’t deserve to be annoyed by Cameron: I won’t miss her

      • Emma

        I will!!! The show sucks now, everyone’s saying it, and the numbers are starting to tank (at least from what they used to be). The egotistical writers are frustrated that the audience haven’t drunk the Huddy-Foreteen-Thirteen kool-aid and so decide to just fire the best actress on the whold show.

        It makes me sad, it really does. Think of what House could have been – imagine if they had never changed the team in the first place? I honestly think that if they were smart enough to be able to think of plotlines for the original six with their ORIGINAL personalities (cough cough Cuddy) then we could have had a great show on our hands.

  • Jill

    Good for her. I hope she has a brilliant career. She deserves it.

    It was always obvious that Jacobs was lying and the show had no intention of brining Cameron back ever. If you’re a female and not sex-obsessed, they don’t want you.

    That’s it for me and House then. It’s gone downhill so much from the greats how that it was. Cameron was my last reason for watching.

  • rbrown205

    But who is she playing? Alison Pill is playing Annie Sullivan, and Abigail Breslin is playing Helen, so who is Jennifer playing? Her mom? A maid/housekeeper?

    • Sandra

      Oh yes, I’d like to know that too! I think I should plan a trip to New York soon :-)

    • Jill

      Either the mother (played by Patricia Neal in the original play and movie) or Aunt Ev. Both are good roles.

    • Jill

      New York Times says she’s playing the mother.

      • el

        guys did you read what ausiello wrote? it said she’s playing her mother…

        and i am SO THERE :) i miss jen.

  • Sandra

    I’ll miss her, and I’ll miss the show. I hate being lied to, so now I’m even more than done with the show than I was before (after Cameron left). It’s sad, because I loved House, but boring new team and the doom of Huddy is not worth tuning in. Good to know I don’t need to keep my hope up for Cameron’s return. Bye House, and all the best to the lovely Jennifer Morrison. You deserve the best, girl!

    • ken

      Bye bye Sandra :)

      • el

        I agree with Sandra

    • MandyB

      Only thing that will keep House afloat is more episodes like the one that featured Wilson. Maybe things will get better in the future with House and Wilson moving into that fabulous “loft” together. Talk about the “Odd Couple”! I cannot stand “13”. “Taub” is interesting because he can go head to head with House, but 13 is boring. I will miss Cameron; Jennifer didn’t deserve to get treated like she did.

  • dorian1963

    Jennifer Morrison FTMFW IYAM. Sexy sexy woman.

    • justjack

      You might want to post a link to Urban Dictionary with this so we’ll know what you’re trying to convey.

  • Maralyn

    Good for her! I’m a bit disappointed that she won’t be returning to House though. I figured that was the case, but It’s sad to hear it. D:

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