'True Blood' exclusive: 'Tudors' star is Franklin Mott!

Something tells me Tara’s going to fly through her five stages of grief when True Blood returns next summer.

Tudors star James Frain has just been cast in the heavily recurring role of Franklin Mott, Tara’s over-protective vampire squeeze, sources confirm to me exclusively.

The English actor, whose TV credits include recurring roles on Invasion (as Eli) and 24 (as Paul Raines), will debut in the second episode of the show’s upcoming third season.

The casting breakdown for the role describes Franklin as a tall, dark, and handsome vampire who seems to have an “immediate and torrid” connection to Tara. In the books, Franklin is essentially Tara’s sugar daddy, but I’m guessing Alan Ball is taking the character in a different direction.

My question for you: On a rebound relationship scale of 1 to 10, where does Frain’s Franklin fall?

PHOTO CREDIT: Wesley: John P. Johnson/HBO; Frain: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos


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  • anonymous

    From Eggs, also known as HBD to this, tragedy……

    • Jennifer

      What’s HBD? Hot Black Dude?

    • OJ

      i think when u see James Frain act you’ll know why they picked him. he was the only reason i ended up watching the Tudors for as long as i did. i didnt think he was sexy when i first saw him but he is…even if it isn’t obvious at first. Something about him just pulls you in. he plays dark very well.

    • lovin’TB

      I’m sorry…don’t go off of this one picture of James Frain. The actor that played Eggs had all body and not enough acting talent and face…


    a definite step down from Eggs … i don’t see no “tall, DARK, handsome dude” here

    • Heidi

      I was totally thinking someone along the lines of Blair Underwood or actually any of the names that we on this board tossed around awhile back…Frain would not have even registered as a possibility, honestly.
      I just see Tara having more chemistry with someone a little taller and stronger than herself – Frain is an excellent actor but he looks smaller than her – and those ears – I’m sorry, but dude is a character actor all the way, and I can’t see him fitting the Franklin Mott character at all! Maybe Ball is going in a totally different direction with the role. I’ll be okay to wait and see, as Ball’s done a good job so far.

      • Heidi

        Oh, but to answer your question, I’m thinking this would be a 4 on the 1-10 scale if 1 were a ‘hell no’ and 10 were an ‘oh God yes’

    • Amy Leigh

      You do realize that using the words “tall, dark and handsome” to describe someone can apply to men of different ethnicities, not just black men.

      • Nikki


      • Jennifer

        Yes. It can apply to men of different ethnicities but this guy is just plain wrong. Eggs was HOT! This guy isn’t tall, isn’t dark (I’m not even talking about being black, here, he isn’t dark at all), and certainly isn’t handsome. Come on True Blood. Why can’t the black girl get some arm candy?

    • Lauren E

      If you were expecting Mott to be black then I’m sorry to disapoint you… but he is not.

      Franklin Mott was white in the books, but with dark hair/eyes/presence…. all that good stuff.

      I’m sure he will do awesome!

    • Diana

      Eggs was gorgeous and all, but he was the worst actor True Blood. He had the charisma and stage presence of a block of wood. James Frain might not be as handsome as Eggs, but he’s a better actor x1000, which is why I’ll give him a chance.

      • lovin’TB

        Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you! Well, it’s all about ppl’s perception of what handsome/hot/attractive is. Diana, I agree with you about James Frain’s being a much better actor…Eggs was a good looking guy but the potential of James’s Franklin Mott is so much better.

  • JRose48

    Forney? I’m not judging till I see what Frain and Ball do with the character. Mott is creepy.

    • mydove

      JRose48, the “Forney” was hilarious! I love that movie; I watch is every time it comes on.

      • t.c.

        I’m with you, what he did with Forney was change from a caterpillar to a butterfly.
        and I also watch it, not matter where I tune in, till the happy ending.

    • Stacy

      OH MY GOD IT IS FORNEY!! I’m sorry but he is not tall dark and handsome! I hope they don’t make Tara into the Tara she is in the books because I really don’t like her character in the books. This TV series has done so much to make all the characters better and more fleshed out! I really hope they don’t ruin it!

      • hope

        he may not be in the literal sense what you would call handsome but he has a certain cuteness to him that no one who know his skill as an actor can deny,plus his british accent slightly cockney to it is just so sexy to me I love him

    • Lori

      Thought he was geeky-cute as Forney, let’s see what he can do on TB. I’m guessing he’s going to be fantastic.

      • Kristina

        Geeky-cute is hot!

      • mizmode

        At first I didn’t see him as Franklin Mott either or as sexy, sexy, sexy but I’m changing my mind little by little. Sexy isn’t always how people look but how they carry themselves.

        I agree with Hope, Lori and Kristina, let’s see what he can do. I think he’ll be fine.

        I’m kind of excited by this. :) I can’t wait. Tara is my favorite character.

        Now who is playing Alcide? lol

    • DE

      If you’ve watched the Tudors, which I have avidly, James Frain can definitely pull off dark. I’m curious to see what Alan Ball does with him. But more importantly who is playing Alcide?

    • Helen

      LOL. I call him Forney in everything I see him in. He will always be Forney for me. Just like how Ryan Reynolds will always be Berg.

  • Deion

    So NOW they are going to take Tara along the path of Tara in the books? Not sure that works with the TV Tara that we know and love.

    • Elizabeth

      I hate Tara in the books as well. She doesn’t do much except get herself in trouble. She has no backbone and Sookie always has to save her. If they turn her into that on True Blood I will be pretty angry…

  • J.G.


  • Zoe

    The photo doesn’t do him justice. Great voice and presence. He was Cromwell on Tudors and also appeared memorably on “Invasion.” I can totally see this casting, and of Tara being taken by someone who is charismatic, appealing, and completely different from Eggs.

    • lovin’TB

      Sorry…I just have to comment on posts that are giving positive feedback on James Frain. It doesn’t seem that ppl are giving him a chance. No more Eggs! I’m anticipating James’s ‘Franklin Mott’…he’s definitely a great choice and I’m excited for this upcoming season.

  • maria66

    i love this actor. I am excited to see him in a new role.

  • Mad Men

    Are you guys kidding? He’s a very good actor.

  • Maria

    As soon as I saw the tagline, I knew it was going to be him! I’m looking forward to it. Great actor & while not considered classically handsome, there is something about him. Looking forward to the 3rd season

  • Kelsey

    Interesting…I agree the photo doesn’t really do him justice. The guy played Thomas Cromwell, for pete’s sake. If he can pull off that kind of charisma and presence, he can play Mott, easily.

  • Amy

    I’m excited!

  • paige

    that is a gross picture

  • AmyK

    That is not a very flattering picture of him, he’s much more attractive than that.

  • cictrubie

    Frain is an excellent actor — absolutely diabolical as Cromwell on The Tudors.

    But “sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy”? I don’t see it. If he makes this work, i’ll gladly eat my words.

    • jacicaalban

      yea i am agree with you.
      Frain is an excellent actor

  • Sarah El

    He’s alright, but no Eggs, that’s for sure!

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