Exclusive: 'Ugly Betty' pretty close to Betty-Daniel romance

Remember earlier this season… that near-kiss Ugly Betty choreographed for our title heroine and Daniel that we wrote off as a sight gag? Yeah, um, suddenly, it’s looking a lot more like foreshadowing. In fact, series creator Silvio Horta confirms for me that he may take a page from the show’s source material and explore a romance between Betty and her boss.

“We’ve been batting around the idea,” he confesses. “It is not outside the realm of possibility that something [could] happen, but we’re not sure yet.”

A lot of Horta’s indecision stems from the uncertainty of Betty‘s future. While he’s encouraged by ABC’s decision to move the show to a night when folks actually watch TV — Betty debuts in its new Wednesday timeslot this week — the creatively resurgent comedy is still fighting for its life.

At least if Betty does hang up her glasses for good in May, Horta is confident that ABC will give him time to script an appropriate ending… maybe even, as rumor has it, one that would allow Betty to ride off into the sunset with ex-love Henry (Chris Gorham). “I think there is a place for him to come back in some way,” Horta says. “But I don’t know if them being together at the end is what’s going to happen.”

Whomever Betty ultimately ends up with — Daniel, Henry, Gio, Matt or no one at all — one thing is certain: Half the audience will be seething. “There’s a chunk of people who won’t be happy with whatever we do,” Horta sighs. “You’re always going to piss somebody off.”

What scenario would piss you off? Or most piss you off? And which would make you cry tears of joy? Sound off below! And check out Ask Ausiello later this week for more scoop from Horta, beginning with an answer to this question: What’s up with Betty and Matt?


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  • Christy

    Daniel is Betty’s happy ending. The whole series has seemed to point to that ending. And I am ok with that. Juss sayin.

    • cas

      Honestly, I like the idea of Betty/Daniel, but I thought I read somewhere that Eric Mabius and America Ferrara were both dead-set against it, to the point of threatening to quit if the show went there.

      • Jessica

        I was thinking about the same story when I read this, cas. I guess Horta might be thinking that they’re both under contract and can’t do diddly…especially if the series is getting close to an end?

      • AK

        You can’t quit a show that’s already been canceled. And we all know this one is already dead (Wednesday time slot or not). Just do the right thing and put them together.

      • Cassandra Elise

        *sigh* What Eric Mabius said, and what has been frequently misquoted since then, was that he didn’t want them to get together too soon or it would be the end of the show. Which is true. In TVLand, once the OTP happens, there’s really nothing left to write about.

      • SirLizard

        Christy, I disagree with your statement that “the whole series has seemed to point to that ending.” The series has pointed to so much more than ANY specific ending. This show has never been about one central romantic relationship, because there has never been one. Yes, there have been scenes of closeness between Betty and Daniel, but they have mostly been of the brother/sister variety. I think that the writers could indeed make a relationship between them believable, but I don’t think that such a relationship is what “Ugly Betty” has been all about.

        And AK, I can tell you that we do NOT “all know this one is already dead.” I don’t know any such thing, and neither do you. It is entirely possible that the series will not be renewed for a fifth season, but if it does well in its new time slot, ABC would be foolish for getting rid of a series that has held its own against some of the toughest competition in prime time (“Survivor”), and that is so close to reaching the desirable syndication total of 100 episodes. Cancellation is NOT a done deal here.

      • shaz10

        of you want it to happen, make sure you sign the Daniel and Betty petition.Just type those words into google.Daniel and Betty petition.

      • pre++y be++y

        Please dear God no.

      • Eilis

        I heard that they said they would like a daniel/betty romance, i think it would be what the majority of people would accept because all the other versions of ugly betty end that way, and if she ends up with no one then i think no one would be very happy about it.
        i really wouldn’t like to see henry again because hes a bit boring and she needs someone more exciting, i dont like him, it would make me kinda mad if they ended up together :/

    • DW

      No, that idea is TERRIBLE. What’s wrong with a man and a woman on TV remaining friends? This idea is about as appealing as a brother and sister making out.

      • wakeforce

        I agree! What I would like to see- Betty ending up with the job of editor and to come into her own as a beautiful woman (complete Makeover!) Why does a woman need a man to be happy? Shows like the Bachelor make women seem desperate. Is that the way they should all be portrayed?

      • cas

        wakeforce… why does she need to be made over into a “beautiful” woman in order to live happily ever after? can’t she be happy and successful — even loved — just as she is?

      • aleksa

        Well put. Daniel/Betty is a horrible idea.

      • Sandy

        I agree completely with DW! I think the best man for Betty was Gio.

      • Tego Livi

        Betty doesn’t need a “complete makeover,” but it’s unrealistic that she’d not evolve her appearance somewhat–especially since they have always “uglied her up” to make her stand out in the fashion magazine milieu. A confident happy character wouldn’t get major plastic surgery or anything like that, but she wouldn’t wear braces or unfashionable clothes or glasses for the rest of her life, either.

      • Bonnie

        Agreed! It kills me when they have to ruin good friendships just for kicks. That was never the direction of the show and when they did it earlier this year it was creepy. That is the scenario that would most piss me off. At this point I’m rooting for Matt, I like their thing…but my favority was Gio (mostly because I got to see a lot of Freddy Rodriguez)!

      • jmo

        Agreed! Why does she have to have a guy to be happy? I thought the whole point was to be herself. She wanted to be an editor of a mag, not to get a boyfriend. I adored all of the men on the show (even Walter!) but that’s not why I watch. That’s not how I want it to end.

      • drama17

        I’d be really interested in seeing a Daniel/Betty relationship but I’ve got to admit it seems kinda gross. I’ve never thought of them that way. I really like the whole Matt and Betty thing now anyway. I just don’t want Henry to return. Too much baby mama drama.

      • NA

        DW, I agree completely. The best ending would be Betty and Daniel as the best of friends and Betty getting Wilhemina’s job.

      • Pandi

        The only way that this would even remotely work is if it was a series ending development. Otherwise, it would be a jump the shark moment for sure

      • Sina

        Yes Sandy…GIO!!! That is the best guy for Betty. He motivated her and gave her confidence. I loved Gio.

      • Nick T

        I agree with Dora Winifred too. I love those two as friends. They have so much chemistry. But as couple? No.

      • Mindy

        You say “brother and sister making out” like it’s a bad thing.

      • scarlett

        as a person who enjoyed THE ORIGINAL, Betty is SUPPOSED to end up with Daniel…

      • Tracey

        I agree with DW. Why can`t a man & a woman{mo matter what they look like}be friends & stay friends w/out any romance? I like Betty & Matt,but why must they put her w/a man? Does a woman need a man to be happy? Hell No…If she doesn`t end up w/Matt,then I think she should end up w/ no one cuz of that previous statement.”Women don`t need Men to be Happy!”

      • Jess

        Yeah, I’m anti-makeover. If we look at Betty from S1 to today, she’s already grown into her own as a beautiful young woman who embraces herself as she is. She’s quirky and fun and funky, and most importantly, has a great heart. She obviously hasn’t had ANY trouble finding fantastic young men to adore her, and just as anyone else, has also made mistakes. She’s a talented, great young woman… And she should NOT end up with Daniel. That’d just be WEIRD.

      • Lisa

        Wakeforce, why is the idea of Betty finding fulfillment through a loving romantic relationship so distasteful to you, yet you think she should be fulfilled by having a stinking makeover? Being awfully judgmental about a woman’s appearance, are you not? If Betty is happy with how she looks, and apparently she is because she has made few changes along the way, GOOD FOR HER. I’m sick of this attitude that women need to be of a particular level of ‘attractiveness’ to be ‘fulfilled.’

      • tv lovah

        for those of you wanting a purely platonic male/female relationship, look no further than 30 Rock. Great show, like Betty, and like Betty, needs more viewers.

      • Jen

        I agree with Sandy, I thought Gio was great. Matt isn’t bad either but do not have Betty get back with Henry. That ship is has sailed, thank goodness. As far as Daniel/Betty, they act more like best friends or brother-sister, putting them together would be awkward and unappealing.

      • Tickle LaBean

        I agree! I only see Daniel & Betty as brother and sister…

    • michael

      I think that Betty is Daniel’s happy ending. He’s grown with her in his life, as she has(without compromising herself) and I see them ultimately together.

      • jmo

        I like how you said that, Daniel has grown up a lot since the pilot. But I really like their friendship. I see Betty with Matt than with Daniel. In many ways, Matt is Daniel.

      • scarlett

        again, the orginal had Betty with Danial and i’m a fan of the original so i’ve always just thought that should be the ending…Betty and her Daniel…

      • preettyy ugllyy

        I agree with you especailly because in the original ugly betty that is the ending hey do get to gether I saw it when i was younger .. and in this show i see it as well ! So they most certainly belong together !

    • Stephanie

      Daniel and Betty together would be a great way to end the season. If the show continues on, I would like to see more emotion between the two of them with each of them continuing on with their own relationships. It would keep me coming back for more to see if they finally get together. Great idea! To expect the least expected.

      • shauna

        I Agree with Stephanie

    • shelbycheri

      AGREED. I’ve always thought the chemistry between the two characters and actors is there, so I am so excited to see them explore it! They’re each others ying and yang!

      • Adam

        i agree the both america and eric always have tremendous chemistry with each other its going to be awesome to really see work their magic onscreen.

    • +a+iana

      As if any girl this ugly and goofy would have ANY man interested in her. We’re supposed to believe that just about every man that comes in contact with this homely dork falls in love with her??? Yeahhhhh riiiiight!!

      • Mari

        THANK YOU. Could not have said it better myself. Putting aside her looks, Betty has a horribly obnoxious personality and a grating voice. I refuse to believe that that many guys would fall in love with her.

      • Chi

        Don’t agree with you two AT ALL. What I really liked about Betty from day one is that I grew to see her as beautiful, and that beauty came from her personality and the way she stood out. All the model types began to look banal and the same to me. Guess I just don’t find her voice grating, nor do I find her obnoxious. I like that all of the characters have flaws and all have good sides (even Willie!) The one character I can’t stand is Matt. He is one whiny crybaby that loses it with Betty every time they have a disagreement. Matt and Walter are two of the most unattractive men (personality AND looks) on the show. Betty deserves better! I’d be ok with Daniel if it was done well – say evolving slowly. Couldn’t happen too quickly, based on their reaction to the accidental kiss.

    • mindy@thesuburbanlife

      I’ve been a longtime fan of Ugly Betty and would hate to see it end. That being said, I’m not sure I would buy a love story between Betty and Daniel. She’s too good for him.
      And to the above comment…everyone is deserving of a happy ending and some people actually recognize and acknowledge inside beauty. And, there is nothing more homely than a person who’s ugly on the inside. Just my two cent’s.

  • Ellie

    Are you kidding me? I have seen it coming and have waited for them to get it on. Betty is good for Daniel, nuff said.

    • shaz10

      and they can’t bear being away from each other,how would it ever work if they had to go their seperate ways.

    • ali

      while i think betty would be good for daniel, i don’t know if i think he would be her best match.
      but to answer the original question: her getting back with henry would piss me off the most. and, personally, i liked her with gio.

  • GimplyGump ☺

    Oh please, as if I didn’t see this hook-up from the day the show started.

    • shaz10

      well actually as Detty shipper have had to fight pretty hard for this.you clearly don’t know about the infamous brother /sister comment from Silvio Horta before he learned how to play the media game.

  • Dee

    It’s not really a shocker. In the Spanish Telenovela Betty married her boss.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      I knew that’s how the telenovela ended, but I hoped they wouldn’t do the same here. The platonic M/F friendship between B & D is the strongest relationship on the show and the dynamic works so well it would be a shame to toy with it.

      • Abby

        I agree with Bobby. Daniel and Betty have a big brother/little sister vibe which I really like. I think it would be much better if they each remained as they are: best friends helping each other learn and grow in the big bad publishing world.

      • Bonnie

        Agreed (again). I like their platonic relationship because it’s a rarity for tv for a man and woman to have this type of relationship successfully. It’s the same reason I like Castle…the relationship Castle has with his daughter and mother are very unique to tv. I don’t want them to mess with any of it.

      • Abby

        Especially since America Fererra and Eric Mabius are the stars of the show. How many other shows can you name where the male and female leads weren’t each other’s love interests? Keep them friends Ugly Betty!

      • Cassandra Elise

        So we should keep them as friends because it’s a novelty on TV? Never mind if it makes the most sense for the overall story for the two to fall in love.

      • queue55

        ITA! I like Betty and Daniel as they are, but if there MUST be a man at the end (and I don’t think there must be) I vote for Gio! He believed in her talent before she did and they were really cute together!

  • Kenbud

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Geez, Louise. Can’t a man and a woman be good friends? They are more like brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend.

    • Brandon


    • Pepper

      I second your NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I like them the way they are. Why does everyone have to hook up??? :((((((

      • Sseddra Liam

        NO NO NO NO NO

    • Maddy

      I agree with you, Kenbud. Betty and Daniel are at a point where a romance would just be too weird.

      • Mark

        and that is why relationships usually fail, because people dive into them head first without knowing the other person and then realize they have absolutely nothing in common and have ZERO respect for each other.

        Of all my relationships, the two that I was friends with first were the best relationships I ever had and are the only two I am still friends with to this day. We may have grown appart but they didn’t end because we couldn’t stand each other after dating for some time.

    • maryb

      I totally agree with your NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Betty and Daniel have been supportive of each other’s relationships that to have them together would be too easy and not necessarily true to the characters as they exist in this particular version (the American show vs the Spanish telenovela).

      I think Betty and Gio should get together…for me that was the best pairing ever.

      • Gata

        I thought the best romance Betty ever had was Gio too. I was so upset when that relationship was written off. I absolutely hated Betty and Henry, and I think Daniel and Betty would definitely make the show “jump the shark” as they call in in TV land…

        Since I have been out of the UB loop for quite sometime, I really can’t say anything about her last romance, but I know her and Daniel should not be a couple.

      • cvs

        ewwww. brother/sister AND, let’s face it, no matter how much he’s grown, a guy like daniel isn’t going to be attracted to a girl like betty. as much as we’d all like to think unattractive people can date the daniels (or even Matts) of the world, it’s the exception and not the rule.

      • Sydney

        I miss Gio too!! I hope Freddy can do a few more episodes before the series ends. Honestly the Betty/Gio pairing made me so ecstatic. Mark is just ehh. It’ll be interesting to see how they justify Daniel falling for Betty. He must work real hard to convince us that’s he honestly attracted to Betty.

      • Chi

        I liked them together too, but I thought the show made it pretty clear that Betty’s feelings for him were strictly platonic, after she considered his travel offer. I think that boat has left the shore, much more so then the potential for Daniel & Betty to hook up. Still undecided about that one…

    • Kunal

      So what if they give off the brother/sister vibe? What relationship doesn’t have that? What do siblings do? They fight and at the end of the day, they try to make it work again. They’re always there for each other, no matter what. Just like a relationship. People fight, they bite of their heads, but in a relationship you try to make it work because you love that person undoubtedly. We’ve seen it with Claire and Bradford’s relationship. I just hate when people put the idea of Detty aside just ’cause they give off that vibe. You ask your parents or a couple that’s worked through the roughs and the lows and they’ll tell you the same thing. And don’t even get me started on them having more than just a brother and sister relationship. They have chemistry. A lot of it. People just disregard it because they’re too closed off in their own little world to realize it because all they wanna see is JUST a brother and sister relationship. I agree with a lot of people when they point out the brother/sister bond, but it’s not only that, which makes their relationship unique. They make it work like siblings, they bitch like old married couples and they trust each other, no matter what, like best friends. They have all of the components for a working, healthy and slightly dysfunctional, yet funny relationship.

      • Cassandra Elise

        Just like to add: As long as two people are not related, they can never be JUST like brother and sister. There will ALWAYS be a chance of something romantic and, dare I say it, sexual, happening between them.

    • Ashley

      I never saw their relationship as a brother and sister relationship. I always saw them as best friends. And in the end shouldn’t your significant other be your best friend. I’ve actually been waiting for Daniel and Betty to get together since day one.

      • shauna

        i am with u on that one

  • Ally

    Having Henry return, and break her heart all over again. I rather have Betty with Matt, or Daniel.

    • Dawn

      Totally agree! Henry has not proven himself worthy of Betty! Matt is a great guy, and I’m coming to grips with the possibility of Daniel.

      • Ally

        Yeah, I absolutely HATED when he returned last season and how they shared a kiss, only for Matt to witness and all the crap we got after it. I want either Matt/Betty or Daniel/Betty or nothing at all.

      • Chi

        Eeeek! I HATE MATT. I am hoping he will be written out, now that he has left MODE.

    • maryb

      What about Walter? (hee hee hee)

  • Melinda

    I’d be okay with Daniel and Betty, but only at the end… I’m afraid if they try it before the end we’ll have a “Moonlighting” scenario

    • april-ann

      ITA, we would not want a Moonlighting scenario. Or an Arnie/Roz-like ‘ship (LA Law). On the one hand, Betty and Daniel seem to belong together, but on the other hand, just because they have developed a close friendship based on mutual respect/admiration does not mean they should be together romantically. I enjoy this show without this hookup, so I agree with everyone who thinks if there is to be such a pairing, it should wait until the end of the show. Let both of them experience more failed relationships, let Betty fall in love, and make Daniel fight for her.

  • Hann

    Daniel and Betty have to end up together. It would be the perfect way to end it all.

  • Recovering DJ

    I just want Betty to stay on the air! That would be the happy ending! ;)

    • Candice

      ME TOO! It’s a great show! The least ABC can do it put it on Wednesday nights! It was a lot better than Witches of Eastwick!

      • shaz10

        you know what everyone has to do .tune in and get your friends to watch.season 4 has been great.as much as i don’t want Silvio’s manipulation to work.we needs ratings for the show to stay on air.

  • Magickster

    Betty and Henry. Enough Said.

    • Season

      I stopped watching during the second season when I saw what was happening between the two of them. It’s only season one for me.

    • Rachel

      UGH!! I would rather Betty with Daniel or Matt. Anyone but Henry, he was awful!

      • Chi

        Christopher Gorham is HOT! He plays adorable geeks very well. Makes up for Henry being an accountant.

    • seattle_girl

      Yeah! I loved Betty and Henry. He would have to redeem himself a bit though — didn’t he have a fiance or something when he came back for that kiss last season?

  • Booger

    Gio! Daniel is too much like a brother to her. Ewww.

    • Jenny

      I agree. Thought Betty and Gio rocked as a couple. Basically quit watching after he left the show.

      • Celi

        OMG me too,they were the best…I only watch in hope that I see Gio rounding the corner with his sandwich cart wanting Betty back

    • Kunal

      Gio? Really? Of all the people you could think of, you thought of Gio? Mr. 5-year-plan? Augh. No comment. Your comment should be burned to the stake.

      First of all, he was never thought of as anything more than just a friend. And not even a close friend. He was a great friend to Betty because he pushed her to think beyond her little bubble. But he only pushed her, maybe on 2 occasions, before he pushed her to pick a vacation with him. Great friend, you know.

      Who pushed Betty the most? Daniel. Who pushed Betty on her own pace? Daniel. Who disappointed Betty on more than one occasion? Daniel. Who put a fashion show together for Betty, so that she felt needed, so she felt comfortable being who she was? DAN-freaking-IEL. Dare I say more? Maybe, I will. Who gives her the time of day, who listens to her, who fired Gio? DANIEL

  • Daph_

    I’ve been waiting since forever to see Betty and Daniel together.. So please let them end up together.

    • Sophia

      YES!! YES!! YEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! I also want to see them together!! I’m so excited in the idea of their first kiss!!!GO DETTY!

  • Sarah

    if ugly betty is ending, then daniel and betty should definitely get together!! perfect ending to the series!

  • Tara

    Daniel and Betty hooking up is the most ridiculous thing EVER. I hate the lack of professionalism of the idea – a single woman working for a single man must mean there will be romance between them. As a successful executive assistant for over 20 years, that is just not realistic and rather insulting. I KNOW it’s only just a show and it’s entertainment, but seriously, in the real world would a Daniel honestly be interested in a Betty? Seriously?!?

    • Chris

      You must obviously not be watching the show. Daniel has grown because of Betty. He has learned to see beyond her “ugly” exterior to see the beautiful woman she is and although he is the boss, he has over the years fallen a lot lower than any of his “peons”. Most recently the cult from which Betty rescued him so why not a romance as it was always intended. It is not an insult. They have written this Betty as someone who is not just happy being the boss’s secretary and now that they don’t have that relationship but still care for one another, a relationship would not be insulting at all. As a fan of the show through the highs and the lows, I can see it although why write Matt off. There is chemistry there. I am happy with either scenario.

      • Zach

        Just because she helped him grow doesn’t mean that they’re going to be in love with each other. Get past your Harry Met Sally B.S. and recognize the fact that a man and a woman (on a sitcom) can be lifelong friends and nothing more!

    • MandyB

      They are MORE than just boss and assistant. As many have said – they have chemistry together and they know each other so well. Both have grown in the friendship they have with each other. Both keep bouncing around to other people and it would be only natural for both of them to realize one day that that special person hsa been right under their noses all along! And yes, that does happen in the business world!!!

  • Peggy

    Personally, I would like to see Betty get contacts and get rid of the braces. And then become a strong woman who moves up the business the world — not someone who needs to be in a romance.

    • Brooke

      Has there ever been a show besides Buffy that was ballsy enough to refuse to put the lead heroine in a Happily Ever After romance? Buffy was great in that respect, when she refused to pick between Spike and Angel in the end and said she still needed time to become herself first.

      • cas

        Gilmore Girls did that with Rory. She went off to pursue her journalism career instead of accepting Logan’s marriage proposal.

      • Belle

        I still miss Buffy (which BTW, now comes on LOGO at 6pm). Okay, if this was the end of the series b(which I hope there are at least 2more seasons), then yes have them together since that how it ended in Telenova. BUT..I always thought Daniel & Betty’s friendship was great because basically Betty was the first woman who Daniel respected and wanted her respect. Before Betty, Daniel only saw women has sex objects and nothing else. Besides, I love Betty but has she seriously been alone? She has always had someone in her life whether it was Walter, Henry(they destroyed his character), Gio or Matt. Betty needs to do a Buffy and become herself first. There is a difference between being alone and being lonely.

      • chris

        hear, hear!

      • Cardsgal

        Actually, I think Buffy implied that she and Angel would be together in the end. Buffy said she was still “cookie dough,” but when she was fully baked, she’d wanna be with Angel. As for Betty, I’ve always found it hard to believe that guys like Matt or Gio would be interested in her. That said, Gio was her best match. I’d vote for her being solo when the show ends.

      • tvfan

        Buffy did it best, in Gilmore Girls you never felt that
        Rory found her great love.

      • Chi

        I agree with TV fan, not least of all because Rory became one of the most unlikable and obnoxious women ever when she left high school. I like to think that Betty does follow in Buffy’s footsteps, at least when it comes to finding herself.

      • Cassandra

        Daniel and Betty there always there for each other and why not? Its a good pairing.

    • Laura


    • orianis

      but why can’t she have both? Yes, Betty and Daniel get together in the original but Betty also takes over the company. I’m not saying that Betty will take over Mode but maybe her dream of writing about socially conscious issues will come true…and then end up with Daniel. Bring it on!

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