'True Blood' boss previews Sookie's 'intense' new romance

According to True Blood creator Alan Ball, whether you’re a fan of Bill and Sookie or Sookie and Eric, season 3 of the HBO hit is sure to make you very unhappy. And, oddly, very happy, too. “Take a look at Joe [Manganiello],” he teases of the hunk he cast as the psychic’s new love interest, the werewolf Alcide. “Do you think [they] have reason to be worried?”

Rhetorical questions aside, the writer is confident that, just as his new hire won him over, he’ll win over viewers. “We were looking for a guy who was big, sexy, decent and heroic, with some darkness,” he says. “And [Manganiello] showed us all of that in the audition.”

In fact, the One Tree Hill alum so impressed the boss that he wasn’t asked to take a chemistry test with leading lady Anna Paquin. “We do that when we have four or five options,” Ball explains, “and in this instance, I felt like Joe was the only one who came close to what the character needed to be.”

Though Alcide isn’t introduced as a potential suitor for Sookie — “As in the book, he’s helping her find [her kidnapped boyfriend] Bill,” Ball notes, “and he has a business reason for owing Eric a favor” — one (bad) thing leads to an (incredibly sexy) other. “He’s there with her during a very painful time in her life — and his life, actually. And they’re thrown into some pretty intense situations together.

“And hello, he’s hot!” he adds with a laugh. “And hello, so is she. Two hot people in some intense situations and, for whatever reasons, their significant others are not there… they’re human.”

Well, that last part may be a stretch. But it’s clear what Ball is saying. The question now is, how do you feel about what he’s saying? Should the show have spent a season exploring the Bill/Sookie/Eric triangle before making it a square? Or, given that OK, yeah, Manganiello is pretty appealing, are you looking at this as a “the more, the merrier” scenario? Sound off below — and don’t be afraid to go for the jugular! (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick)

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  • Billy

    I think what they are doing is perfectly fine. Sookie fought her attraction to all of three of them in the novel, so I am excited to see all the tension on-screen.

    • Brewnette

      Jimy, you’re a douche. This sin’t the forum if you’re looking to hook-up.

      • mrbilliam

        jimy’s not a person. He’s a bot.

      • equestrianlovematch

        I agree too

  • Julie

    I am drooling with anticipation!!!! … *grins*

  • Apple

    As long as Eric has more screen time, I couldn’t give a flying fig who Sookie is banging. MORE ERIC AND PAM!!!!

    • LBK30

      Agreed, Apple! Eric and Pam are the best things on that show (in addition to Lafayette). I find myself a little bored when Sookie and Bill are mulling around, but there’s a definite, fun energy there when Eric and Pam are onscreen. I’m so glad they’ve made “Pam” a series regular!

      • Liz

        SO not agree with you. I like Eric & Pam, but Bill & Sookie together, now THAT’s hot. They’re true love, and the main reason why I watch the show. Anna & Stephen have an amazing chemistry together.

      • Helen

        Eric and Sookie all the way! For those of us that have read the books, we all know what a lying, deceitful, no good piece of sh.. Bill is. If you like the series, read the books. As always they are SOOOO much better. Book 10 will be released in May and so far it has been Eric and Sookie. Thank God! But with Sookie’s fairy blood she is irresistable to any of the supes.

      • M

        Yeah, I like Eric better as a character, but I think Sookie and Bill should be together (although in the books his reasons for courting her apparently turn out to make him look like a jerk). But I honestly don’t know if Sookie will end up with either one of them. She could end up with Sam or someone random in the end.

      • Ashley

        @ Liz Bill and Sookie? True love? Seriously? HA! More Eric and Sookie! More Pam! I even have love for Alcide! Bill can get staked for all I care!

      • Saraj

        Finished with your tantrum Ashley?

      • TW

        Since the TV series is apparently following the books rather closely, how about refraining from revealing anything from the books which has not yet aired on HBO.

        Some of us may prefer to stick with the television series, or read the books after we’ve seen the corresponding season.

        Plot reveals from the books which go beyond the last televised episodes inconsiderately spoil the fun for those of us who are watching, not reading.

      • Heather

        To TW:
        Helloooo…The show is not following the books at all. That’s why I refuse to watch the show. The books are amazing, and I know that all of the changes Alan Bell has made would just drive me crazy.

    • Michelle

      AMEN! Eric and Pam are the only things I care about on that show anymore. The rest is kinda dull. Except Lafayette, of course. :)

      • Matevos

        I initially didn’t know what True Blood was and only started watching the show when I was channel surfing and saw Lafayette slam an “Aids-Burger” in some dude’s face. After that, I was hooked.

    • wd

      something tells me the addition of alcide, will take away from much wanted eric screentime. doesnt make much sense to add his romantic interest in the mix, when we barely got a whiff of a potential triangle last season. and im tired of people saying “well, in the books…”…guess what? just because it was in the books, doesnt mean its a good thing….the books are lovely to a certain extent, but are not without faults.

      • charli

        they are following the books to some degree and this is apparently one of them.
        and i’m glad. we already have one nauseating “I can’t bear to be without you, I love you, you can do no wrong” vamp boy/human girl couple out that and don’t get me wrong, I love Robbie’s perfect hair and all but gag.
        Sookie and Bill not being all happy always is more real and frankly more interesting. let her explore and grow a little. if she’s meant to be with him, she’ll be with him in the end. but she’ll have played the field a little and know that it’s because he is the perfect guy for her out of a range of guys and not just he’s the only guy that gave her the time of day

      • Sambra

        The books are great, but the series is different enough to Keep us guessing what will happen next. I think they have stayed true to the characters wonderfully.

    • isaaccat

      I could not agree more!

      More eric please in season 3

  • Lori

    Personally, I hope it stays an attraction with some heated sexual tension. Neither of them are in the right mind to enter into a relationship so if anything did happen I believe Sookie would feel it was a mistake and I don’t want to see that. She has enough going on with being in love with Bill (although it sounds like something might happen between Bill/Sookie that puts Sookie in Alcide’s arms) and her growing attraction to Eric.

    • Helen

      In the books there is an attraction between Sookie and Alcide, but it NEVER develops into anything. However, by book 6 there is a new love interest of sookie’s, a weretiger named Quinn. It doesn’t last long though. She dumps him. By then she has a STRONG blood bond with Eric.

      • webby

        I really wish you would stop exposing things that happened in the books, thereby creating spoilers for some of us.

        As, TW said, many of us have not read the entire series yet, and HBO may or may not choose to include some of the plot twists you keep revealing in your comments.

        Thanks to you, I now know that:
        -Bill is a shady character [not the good guy HBO has thus far led us to believe] and that he and Sookie’s relationship is doomed.
        -Sookie is not only telepathic, but apparently has some Fairy blood in her.
        -Afore-mentioned Fairy blood makes Sookie irresistable to all supernaturals.
        -Sookie and Alcide’s relationship never develops into anything serious.

        Now when I read the books, I will already have all of this information before-hand and out of context.

        It’s really rude. Please just keep whatever you know about the books to yourself.

      • Presley

        Webby, i could not agree more. I mean i am all for reading the novels before watching the adaptations and stuff, but in this case, since ive only JUST stumbled upon this show, i would much rather fans of both mediums go discuss these things in a forum dedicated to the BOOK… Please?
        And there’s def something about Bill’s actor that annoys me to a large degree, but things seem smoother when S and B are together, which i like. And i havent seen Eric do anything so far ON THE SHOW that makes him any kind of stand out… IMO, he has weird greasy hair and always talks with a voice like he is under the weather… and WHY oh why is his chin always tucked down in his neck?? buggy to me.
        He’s gotta prove himself. I dont see chemistry between he and sookie at all.
        But this new werewolf? Owen from OTH? H.O.T.

  • crazy2185

    sookie is a telepath not a psychic. and I was hoping alan ball wouldnt weigh down sookie’s love life like in the books, yet I am excited to see alcide

    • Melanie

      I am glad that I am not the only one who picked up on this when they read it… Sookie is not a psychic…

  • aemac

    I’m torn about this spoiler. This will be the second time Sookie will have shown this particular weakness for men. Seems to me she’s heading towards skankville and she wants to be mayor.

    • Melinda

      If they stay true to Sookie’s character in the books, she’ll never make it to skankville. :-)

    • cer

      Would she be heading toward skankville/slutsville if she were a man? Haven’t see True Blood, but bookwise, she’s not a slut. Or a snank.

    • Sarah

      Yes, dating more than 1 person in your whole entire life makes you a skank.

    • CarryOn

      IDK. Considering some of the comments the fangirls make about Bill and Eric on their wikis, I think they would be the experts on the definition of skank.

      • CarolyAnne

        Because they like fictional characters? Uh OK.

    • charli

      while Sookie might be jumping from guy to guy when she picks one for a time, that’s the guy. it’s not like Bill on Mondays, Sam on Tuesdays, Eric on Wednesdays, and to mix it up she’s ‘hitting that’ with Pam on Thursdays

  • Elizabeth

    If the show is kind of following the timelines in the book, I’m OK with it. The storyline in the book was fine with me.

  • crispy

    There’s only one way to resolve this: ORGY!

    • Ava C

      I’m for that as long as we get to see Eric in the pink lycra pants!

      • Amelia

        Honey time for that has passed. Alan messed up that chance by giving all heroic stuff to Bill, keeping Laffy alive and making the maenad more than half of S2 storyline.

      • Melinda

        Oh, I think they can throw in the pink lycra pants at any given time. The storyline has been twisted and tweaked, but I’m still very happy with it overall. As I think about it, I kind of like that the show doesn’t follow the books verbatim because even though I’ve read the books, I still don’t know what’s going to happen next in the show.

    • CarryOn

      Please. No more orgies. After True Blood I’ll never see orgies in the same way again.

      • Presley

        jesus, i SO get what you mean..

      • Joan D

        Amen to that! Hated that storyline.

    • rachel


  • Lou

    I’m a total Bill/Sookie fan and can’t wait to see more of them, but I also really like Alcide. Sookie can be fidelity-challenged when Bill is away, that we know, but I really hope the writers think the story through and handle it well.

    Sookie may very well think Bill is dead dead at some point, so if something happens with Alcide then…I could understand it.

    • aemac

      So how many times is Sookie gonna think Bill is dead? Every time she wants to kiss on someone else a pic of Dead Bill will pop up and away her lips fly? LOL

    • Melinda

      I don’t think Sookie is so much fidelity-challenged, there’s a force in her she can’t control and that’s the blood bond between her and Eric, it’s every bit as strong as the blood bond between her and Bill.
      Me? I’m on Team Eric! Although, I anxiously await the arrival of Quinn!

      • Liz

        Maybe she has a blood bond with Bill and Eric, but with Bill, there is also a deep love. And that’s the whole difference. Bill & Sookie are soul mates (if two fictional characters can be soul mates, lol!).

      • kat

        HA! over the course of the books, Sookie’s bond with Eric is a thousand times stronger than it is/was with Bill. For those of us who read the books, we know just how lousy Bill really is. Quinn is definitely going to be interesting. I’m very curious to see who they snag for that role…although Quinn was never really a long term guy… TEAM ERIC ALL THE WAY! :D

    • MG

      SPOILER for non-book readers
      What I’m curious about is if Alan Ball will stay true to the book in terms of Bill cheating on Sookie with his ex while he’s kidnapped, because that breaks their relationship and allows Sookie to see other men eventually (including Eric and Quinn). Also, I’m really interested to see how they do werewolves on True Blood. Should be great! Can’t wait for the summer!

      • Merlottesrule

        Well technically Sookie has already cheated on Bill in the show. Remember when he was at the council awaiting judgement for saving her life? Sookie was awash with anxiety and found relief by making out with Sam. Bill was away for a whole two days. And while that was pretty crappy thing to do to Bill I thought it was just another example of her playing games with Sam’s heart. And I don’t like people messing with my boy Sam. Girl’s a heartbreaker, no doubt about it.

      • Liz

        To Merlottesrule: I think she was in a very vulnerable position, not knowing if she would ever see Bill again, and Sam put a move on her when he knew she was vulnerable. So she’s not a heartbreaker for me.

      • CarolyAnne

        Still cheated.

      • Chi

        I don’t think it was cheating. It looked like they were only kissing. I’m sure if it was more than that, we’d have seen it. After all, we’ve seen Jason make out tons of times on the show, don’t think they went for subtlety on this one.
        Besides, she’d lost her virginity with Bill, she needs to try out more men before committing. Doesn’t make her a skank in my book.

    • Helen

      Bill came to Bon Temp under the queen’s orders to seduce Sookie and win her trust. He just happened to fall in love with her along the way. The queen, Sophie Ann LeClerc, knows of Sookie’s telepathic abilities because sookie’s cousin Hadley is the queen’s girlfriend and she told her. Bill intentionally keeps his orders from sookie even after falling in love with her. Eric, as Bill’s superior, forces Bill to tell her. This is the end of Bill. Thank Goodness. Eric really is better than he seems right now. Eric and Sookie even end up married in the vampire world. It isn’t recognized in the human world, but since it has been legalized I am hoping they end up married in a human ceremony in book 10 this May.

      • Saraj

        Wow, Helen. Thank you! I now no longer need to watch the show. You’re swell. *Major SNARK*

      • LB

        well, hello spoiler alert. And I had just started reading the books…

      • Chi

        Well I guess you saved me from even buying the books.

      • Chips

        saying all that was not helpful.

      • Chris

        Didn’t someone already tell your dumb@ss to stop posting spoilers?

      • kat

        YES! THAT was a GREAT summary (although I feel bad that a ton of people are getting completely spoiled by that.) I’m so excited to see where Eric and Sookie’s relationship is headed next… Team Eric!!!!!!!!

  • stella

    As long as Sam has airtime (and has some sort of love/lust interest), I am fine.

    • Ellie

      I agree! Love me some Sam. The question I want Alan to answer is if Sam’s gonna have any dreams about Mr. Compton. Hmmm…:)

      • Amelia

        FANTASTIC point!!! Though the writers never follow through on what they’ve already established unless it suits them. Holes much?

      • No Name Fan

        Well, I’d love that to happen but the producers/Alan Ball can argue that Sam is no mere human/shapeshifter so he doesn’t get erotic dreams like Lafayette and Sookie.

    • blossom

      what books did you read that Sookie and Eric are married in any world? Read the books and watch the show. There are things in the book not in the show and things in the show not in the books. just read and watch to enjoy. get lost in it dont compare. they are all good. and yes _ have read all 9 and the TS books. notice all of our favorite characters read alot too. ENJOY it all

      • Amy Leigh

        In answer to your first question, go back and re-read book 9 b/c you missed something significant that happened.

  • Laurel

    As long as Eric is on the screen I don’t care !
    Eric and Layafette are the best of True Blood.IMHO
    Bill can stay missing he was starting to grate on my nerves a bit.
    Perhaps a little absence will make the heart grow fonder in this case…

    And the werewolf is NOT hard to look at !

    • Helen

      Layfayette should be DEAD! He is killed off in book 2!

      • LB

        but he’s not dead! thanks god! the layfayette in the books and the layfayette in the tv series are two totally different characters. the tv layfayette is by far my favorite character in the books or the show. Sookie is just straight up annoying. in the books and the tv show. (I watch mostly for all the other characters and the story lines)

      • charli

        this is an adaption, not a recreation. so things are going to be different. if you can’t handle that then turn off the tv and avoid blogs that talk about the show.

      • smd560

        No way – I am an avid follower of both the books and the show and Lafayette is too fabulous to kill off. Love the interaction with him and Eric… FABULOUS!!! Lafayette is Satan in a Sunday hat! Love that charachter.

    • Chi

      I’m with you Laurel, they’re my favourites too.

  • Michelle

    I hate Alcide in the book; I haven’t seen any reason for me to like him any better on the show. My enthusiasm for the show wanes by the day. At this rate I’ll watch Eric’s scenes on You Tube the hell with the rest. Ugh.

    • Amelia

      Alcide hasn’t been on the show yet, and I’m actually a fan of Alcide. Though I agree, take away Eric from the “find Bill” adventure and I’m sure to do the Youtubing with you.

  • EveatEden

    This is the way the books proceeded so I’m fine with it! Stick more to the books I say!!

    • Liz

      No, I like Alan doing his own thing. That’s how we still have Lafayette & Tara after all. Alan & Charlaine said it best: it’s the same characters, but following their own paths differently. It wouldn’t be fun if it was just like the books, cause we would know everything already!
      And I love the BIll in True Blood, more than in the books. For me, in the show, Bill & Sookie must be together.

      • smd560

        Exactly – let the show follow the books just enough to give me the gratification of seeing some of what I imagined when reading the books. But keep up the surprises; like Bill walking out in the middle of the day to save Sookie. Now I just want to know why Bill was a slow burn and Goderick had the pretty blue flames… do you only get pretty flames when you are a couple thousand years old or is the show gonna be that inconsistent with its own story line?

      • Joan D

        Godric said he would burn really fast because of his age.

  • Katie

    I’m okay with that just as long as season 4 follows the fourth book somewhat and we see the infamous Sookie-Eric shower scene :)

    • Melinda

      OMG, you just had to bring THAT up! Don’t forget what follows the shower scene…

    • Lori

      Oh Hell Yeah!

    • Emma

      I myself am more partial to the graveyard scene between Bill & Sookie in the show. Now THAT was hot…

      • Susan

        Yeah. If you like dirt in your crotch. I’m surprised she didn’t get a fungal disease!

      • Pleiades

        Emma, if they do the shower scene right, it will hopefully blow the Sookie/Bill graveyard scene out of the water!

      • Ashley

        it was but im over it now…onto something new!

    • kat

      YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! The fourth book was my favorite (plus any other awesome Eric moments in the books)

  • Mary

    Alcide/Sookie had an attraction in the books, but it wasn’t that big. And the triangle in book 3 was eric/sookie/alcide. I’m fine with some alcide/sookie stuff but I hope AB does not leave out the great eric/sookie moments from book 3 (like he did with book 1 and 2), but I have a feeling he will. AB is just not a fan of Eric/Sookie. Period.

    • Amelia

      My fear entirely and if he does that, he’ll probably give Eric amnesia in S4 but it won’t have anything to do with Sookie. The rabid Ericshippers forget to mention to Alan that not only do they want Eric to get amnesia, but they want Sookie to take care of him like in the books. I’m sure Alan will perversely give Eric amnesia, but for a different reason and have Yvette take care of him. It’s like the banking commercial “You didn’t ask for a LIVE pony. Muahahahahahaha!”

      • kat

        omg! let’s hope Alan isn’t THAT crazy….i’d be a very unhappy woman if they sent eric off to amnesia-ville without sookie to be there! (and it would be just plain STUPID STUPID STUPID)

    • Melinda

      Yeah, bring on the amnesia!

    • Lori

      Here here! the Eric/Sookie book 3 moments are fantastic! and remember the were can’t heal stake wounds!

    • Emma

      I think people should stop comparing the books to the show all the time. The books are only the base, but them Alan does his own thing, which is amazing!
      Maybe in the books, Sookie is for Eric, but in the show, she is definitely for BIll, no doubt about that.

      • Elizabeth

        Yeah, but she’s pretty one dimensional if she’s just Bill’s the whole time. That’s what I enjoyed about her in the books — once she finally ‘let go’ and got involved w/ Bill, it was sort of liberating for her. Then she was able to see what else was out there. Sticking her with just Bill makes for a boring show. You can’t just have Jason toting around naked all the time :)

      • Susan

        If by amazing, you mean that I have to fast forward the DVR through the majority of the show, then it’s amazing. I only came back for season 2 because of Alexander Skarsgard playing Eric and that is the only reason I’ll watch and DVR the 3rd and 4th seasons. In many ways, I wish I had not read the books or that someone who would remain more true to them would have made the show. Well, nothing to be done about it now.

      • Mary

        TB will always be compared to the books. That isn’t going to change. Also, I don’t think it’s a given that Sookie is for Bill on the show. Actually, many people don’t think so. I agree with Elizabeth that watching Sookie only in a relationship with Bill would get boring, and it did in season 2. I’m ready for feisty, independent Sookie who doesn’t need Bill or anyone else to save her onscreen. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that AB shows her in season 3

      • Helen

        We are not to the part where Bill leaves Sookie for Lorena AND Sookie finds out Bill was ordered to Bon Temps by the queen to seduce her and win her trust. They say the closest thing to love is hate and by then Sookie pretty much hates Bill with a passion. I don’t blame her. I wish Eric would just rip his head off with his bare hands and be done with Bill once and for all.

      • Liz

        Wow, violent much, Helen?

      • ash

        More Eric but please not with Sookie. I didn’t like them together in the books and i don’t like them together in the show.
        Or at any rate please don’t let them last.
        More Pam. More 1st season Lafayette. Not the whiner from season 2. More Sam. More Jessica.

      • Ashley

        Yeah shes for Bill right now…that doesnt mean that cant change, and soon…why do you think AB tried to show the softer side of Eric with “I Will Rise Up” in season 2…he was showing Eric as a more vulnerable character, in order to make him a viable option for Sookie. AB stated this himself.

      • Joan D

        SPOILER! Well that is going to change…

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