'Big Bang' scoop: Romance for Penny and Sheldon?

Holding out hope for a Sheldon-Penny romance on The Big Bang Theory? It might be time to throw in the towel. Speaking to reporters at press tour this morning, exec producer Chuck Lorre pretty much shot down any chance there was of the polar opposites hooking up.

“Part of what’s wonderful and unique about [Sheldon] is he has chosen not to play in the relationship game either way — heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, any sexuality,” Lorre said. “He has said, ‘This is not for me. I’m a scientist. All I’m interested in is science and what George Lucas thinks.’ We’ve stumbled into creating a character who has chosen a lifestyle for himself that is unique. And I don’t see any reason to modify it.”

Added fellow e.p. Bill Prady: “[Sheldon] has made [a] choice that work and all of that is where he finds his passion.”

Lorre acknowledged that Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco have “become a natural comic pairing because [Penny] can tell him the truth. She’s not intimidated by him. They bounce off each other beautifully.”

Lorre also admitted that the Penny character was “underserved” in the Big Bang pilot, a problem he quickly set out to rectify. “It was [a priority] to develop that character and find more depth.”

Mission accomplished, right? And thoughts about Lorre and Prady’s stance on Sheldon’s romantic life?

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  • t.t

    kaley deserves an emmy nom she has in 8 simple rules and she def does now!

    • Stephanie Tanner

      I don’t think she is that good. I loved this show, but the first 2 seasons clearly were the best. Too much emphasis is on Penny/Leonard and their boring relationship. Honestly, those two are the most boring characters on the show. And while I love Sheldon, they are starting to overuse him. I think it will end up like Homer on the Simpsons, Urkel on Family Matters, etc where the character is so played out, he becomes annoying. They should spread the stories equally among the four guys and use more of Wolowitz and Gunthrapali in the process, then the show will come back on track. I would also suggest more Kripke (a great foil to Sheldon, better than Penny – I am tired of hearing an exasperated “Sweetie” from her when she deals with him)

      • Kevin Guinnused

        YES!!! I hat how Leonard has sort of become the “cool” guy of the group criticizing the other guys. Penny is a one note character – and getting boring. Sheldon should be used less, its like how Kirsten Wiig on SNL who was funny at first but now I just shudder when I see her one note act.

      • Lucky Penny

        Penny is a hot addition, some day she will have her own show…when she smiles she lights up the room and she has telepathic abilities…

    • Susan

      Raj’s last name is Koothrappali, not Gunthrapali.
      But I agree- I’d like there to be more stories that involve Raj and Howard.

    • Laer Carroll

      Totally disagree with Stephanie. I want to see more development of Penny. She’s the practical farmer girl type who at 12 rebuilt a tractor. And her common-sense (except when it comes to guys) is refreshing. I especially like it when the guys come up with an elaborate solution, and she trumps it with a simple practical one. Oh, and let’s shake things up a little by having her get a bit part on a TV show. And says snarky thing about TV shows!

  • Jack

    Good. I think only crazy people want them together. There is nothing remotely attractive about them bumping uglies. There is no sexual tension just intellectual tension.

    • w

      Hey now! As a crazy person who violently oppose the Sheldon/Penny match-up, I feel I have to object to that statement. Only normal people are crazy enough to want them together (since they clearly can’t wrap their heads around the fact that Sheldon’s asexual). Normal people are always way crazier than crazy people.

      • cas


      • m.

        I don’t get also why everyone in every show must hook up. There are actually asexual people in the world. Also there are actually people who work together have good chemistry, but they never hook up!

      • Gawain

        True dat, m. Too bad some people don’t believe this is so. Like, say, Guy Ritchie. :P

    • Anne

      Ha ha, well put and very true. ‘Normal’ people are so preoccupied by sex and relationships they need for everyone who have some sort of chemistry to hook up. ‘Crazy’ people however (like Sheldon for example) have too much other stuff to worry about to care who sleeps together or not.

      • Jet

        Sheldon isn’t crazy, his mother had him tested. Don’t you watch the show?

  • HRFE

    I’m ind of glad they don’t hook up- it’d just feel really unnatural and I don’t think Sheldon could handle it at. all. not to mention Leonard…..

    • Jet

      Sheldon isn’t crazy, his mother had him tested. Don’t you watch the show?

  • TV watcher in FL

    I think they should have one episode in which Penny and Sheldon get really drunk, then wake up in bed together and can’t remember whether they slept together or not. Then leave it a bit ambiguous at the end, but the pair clearly disgusted for life.

    • Kashmir

      Simply a brilliant idea! I hope the writers take note.

    • Lili

      Agreed. That way they don’t have to get Sheldon to be definitively sexual for any screen time :P

      • Dave

        Well, there was one time for about 10 awkward seconds when Penny slipped in the bath and Sheldon very innocently put his hand somewhere.

        Anyway, Penny and Sheldon are a great team. She’s street smart, which Sheldon isn’t. And he’s scary smart, which she isn’t. They’re yin and yang and absolutely perfect as they are. Beautiful casting Mr Lorre.

    • Elmo

      That actually seems like a good idea for a storyline. What if Leonard walks in on them waking up too?!? And he’s like “PENNY?! SHELDON?!?!” Penny:”..It’s, at least I think it’s not what it looks like.” Sheldon looks underneath the blanket. “I’m not wearing pants. Why am I not wearing pants?” Leonard: “SHELDON?!?! SHELDON?!??!” Sheldon: “Leonard I don’t know whether to answer you or not because you seem to be saying my name as a question-not a statement.” Penny: “I think we should all just calm down and figure this out-(Raj and Howard walk in)Howard: “Oh. Oh this is a scientific wonder. I didn’t think he had it in him.” Raj leans in and whispers in his ear. “Yes-Raj. Oh snap!” Penny: “Can you all just get out so I can find my clothes?!?!?!” Sheldon: “I think these are yours.” (Holds up thong) Howard: WOOOOOOO! Leonard: “Thats it. I’m leaving.” (Exits the apartment, slams door) Howard: “Whoa. He seemed pretty mad.” (awkward silence) Penny: “WOULD YOU JUST GO!” mwahahah.

      • Ali

        That was awesome! I loved the dialogue and no one was taken out of character. I would die if the writers made this an episode

      • mattie

        now this scene is just beautiful. love the idea. if anything im hoping that at least there’s a kiss or something, for some reason, like they dont even need to hook up necessarily, to me. but i really love this idea xD

    • Hooch

      Having sex with Sheldon would be like doing it with a 12 year old boy. Ew. Sheldon is adorable and it would be almost an abusive molestation. I still have no idea how he was going to be able to donate his sperm at the genius sperm bank.

  • JLM

    Ditto, I would never want Sheldon and Penny to hook up. Sheldon has never shown any inclination towards women or sex, ever!

    • Crystal

      Um, yea with Leonard’s mom!

      • cas

        I think that was entirely intellectual on his part. He seemed kind of squicked out when she kissed him in that one episode.

  • wag the dog

    I think they have great comedic chemistry together but I don’t think that means they need to make it sexual. Good on the writers for having boundaries. And well done developing Penny. The show wouldn’t be nearly as good without her. I never knew Haley before this show and I wouldn’t have expected much, but she does a great job.

    • Dave

      Kaley was very good on 8 Simple Rules. Admittedly she was overlooked at the time because of the main actors like the late John Ritter, the excellent Katey Sagal and the very funny David Spade, but once you rewatch them, it’s clear as day how talented she is and how deserving she is of her role in TBBT.

  • Christopher

    Yeah, it would never work. The day that Sheldon and Penny hook up will be the day that the show jumps the shark.

    • Crystal


  • Mags

    They’re kind of like Jack and Liz on 30 Rock. I kind of want them to get together to see what happens, but I know intellectually that neither pairing should ever happen.

    • Tessa

      I dunno, b/c its possible for Jack and Liz to hook up and not have it totally undermine their characters, but on TBBT, Sheldon must remain asexual or the whole dynamic shifts in a really bad way.

      • Helena

        You people seem to forget what asexual really is,it Dosent mean you’re not allowed to like someone or be in a relation ship

  • darclyte

    Good. Thank God. Can people move past this finally and get on with enjoying the show as it is? If they pair Sheldon up with anyone it should either be Leonard’s mom, or someone completely polar opposite of Sheldon in every way except intelligence. Like a hippie environmental scientist.

    • Crystal

      Leonard’s mom/Sheldon scenario was funny but I’m down with the hippie angle!

  • Heather

    I really love their relationship and a romance would screw things up. So this is great news for me.

  • BT

    I am so glad they finally laid it all to rest
    Sorry but pairing them up would kill the awesomeness of their scenes.
    I do hope they go against normal sitcom rituals and keep Penny with Leonard. That is a pairing I am enjoying and would like to see develop alot more. also it give Sheldon and Penny so much more funny material to play with

    • Sue1

      Agree with you completely, BT. I don’t think they could make it any clearer…that’s a sinking ‘ship’.

  • Desiree

    Good! Their friendship is fabulous for the show, but I would never want it to turn into anything romantic. I like Leonard and Penny together. I thought in the last episode that Leonard’s mom showed up that something would happen with her and Sheldon. That I wouldn’t mind.

  • rebecca

    i think it would be funny if it was just for one episode if they were together. like maybe in a dream of Penny’s or Sheldon’s. if one of them dreamed about the other that would be hilarious! but i want it to be for only one episode, or else it would get boring if they would be together!

    • Crystal

      That’s a great idea! Imagine the awkwardness of the dreamer especially if it were Sheldon!

      • cas

        That would be hilarious, because he’d want to ask everyone inappropriate questions about it to figure out what was happening to him.

  • Tarra

    Wow I didn’t even realize that a romance between Penny and Sheldon had even crossed ANYONE’s mind. Raj would sooner voluntarily talk to women.

    • Sue1

      A HUGE amount of people wanted that to happen. Surprising, isn’t it..:)

  • J.G.

    I see them as non-romantic soulmates.

    • Aiden


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