Exclusive: 'Desperate Housewives' loans Dana Delany to 'Castle'

Kinky ABC has OK’d a kind of “wife swap,” lending out Desperate Housewives‘ Dana Delany to Castle for two episodes, sources confirm to me exclusively.

But Delany won’t be playing Katherine Mayfair, she’ll be playing Federal Agent Jordan Shaw.

Why this almost unprecedented move? Try ulterior motives. The network likely is hoping that Delany’s presence will draw more eyeballs to Castle, particularly since her first episode will air on Sunday, March 21 at 10 pm/ET following — duh — Housewives. (Brothers & Sisters has the week off.) The Emmy winner’s second Castle, which reunites her with her Desperate ex, Nathan Fillion, will air in the series’ regular Monday-at-10 timeslot on March 22.


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  • castiella

    Anything that gets Castle some love is a good thing in my book.

    • Luminosity

      Exactly what I was going say!

    • MandyB

      Totally agree. This show has really grown on me. We’ll see how good Dana Delaney’s acting chops are. If she is just a mirror image of that nutcase katherine but as a federal agent, then she sucks. I’m anxious to see how it turns out (Could this also mean she is getting the heave ho from DH???)

      • kathy C

        Have you heard of a show called China Beach?
        Dana can act just fine.

      • Chappel

        Dana Delany, who has been nominated for 5 Emmy awards (as well as many others) and won twice (as outstanding lead actress in a drama series) has little to prove regarding her acting chops. She has been around long before Desperate Housewives and will be around long after Desperate Housewives is gone.

      • Garry

        Yes, Dana Delany is obviously a superb actress. MandyB, brush up on your television history so you don’t embarrass yourself next time.

      • carmel

        she also played in ‘tombstone’ opposite kurt russell

      • SirLizard

        Um, Katherine Mayfair is NOT Dana Delaney’s first role. Her acting chops have been tested and proven LONG before she ever stepped foot on Wisteria Lane. There is nothing wrong with her acting on “Desperate Housewives”. I think that you may be judging her acting skills unfairly just because you don’t like her character.

      • Ricky

        Well, to be fair to Mandy, China Beach was a looooong time ago.

        Heck, I was only a kid when it ended…but I still remembered Dana Delany from the show (was it her in that swimsuit that made it stick in my head???). Anyways, Dana has been a good actress that hasn’t had the “role” that has pushed them into super stardom like other notable actors. Regardless, I think she’ll be a good addition to Castle. I just wished the two male cops weren’t just gophers for Beckett. It seems like they exist only to get Beckett her coffee. Let them get in the mix with Castle and Beckett too.

      • jenn

        Haha, I hope Dana Delaney meets Mandy’s expectations. Maybe if she does well, she might have a real shot at acting.

    • mtp

      Amen! Castle is great! Anything to bring more attention!

    • dt

      Castle stands on it’s own!!!! Luv that show!

    • Brenda

      I would love to give him some love.
      He is so so so hot.

    • talkin’

      and ditto :)

  • paige

    i forgot he was on Desperate Housewives.. he was such a non-entity on it. completely underused

    • Jen E.

      Totally! I caught a rerun of one of his episodes the other day. I am a huge NF fan from Whedonverse and still, I forgot he’d been on DH. I can’t believe they didn’t do more with him.

    • CandyMaize

      I agree that Desperate Housewives *could* have done more with Nathan when they had him on it, but it did show him to a different audience AND gave ABC a good look at him too. I’m sure both things helped with getting him on Castle :-)

      And yay – a Dana / Nathan reunion on Castle!!! I’m excited for it. Plus we’ll have 2 nights in a row of Castle :-)

  • Rebeca

    I am a happy Dana fan for this.. That and winning a few bets about her being on the second season.

    • Daniel

      Hopefully they won’t make her a waste of space nut job like Marc Cherry decided to do. KEEP DANA SANE AND POWERFUL!

      • Rebeca

        I know! I mean, Marc had to wait for over four years to make her join the show, for God sakes! Katherine’s storyline better improve and soon.

        At least seeing Dana on Castle will lighten up my mood.

  • Kermonk

    I’m thinking: What are you smoking? She’s an actress, she does a spot on another show – what’s the big deal – its even on the same network. If it had been the character from housewives that might have been slightly interesting.

    And “sources confirm to me exclusively” means the PR department told you, right? ;)

  • Lisa

    Like DD, love Castle, as long as she is not another ‘love interest’.

    • jericho

      Here, here … Last night’s episode with Milano was kind of sweet, but the last thing the show needs is more love interests. Its the relationship between him and Beckett that makes the show run.

      • april-ann

        What “relationship” between him and Beckett? The one where the two assistants have nothing to do on the show but share knowing looks, winks, chortles and chuckles while looking on? The one where Castle is cute, charismatic and sexy but gets no action whatsoever because Beckett is an iceberg? The big brouhaha over Alyssa Milano coming on as a love interest resulted in nothing more than one episode where there was one slight kiss. Is he supposed to be a monk until the iceberg wants to start melting? A real love interest for Castle, please.

      • talkin’

        The show, and the relationship, is about the change next week, if the promo is to be believed

    • Susan

      ditto!!! canNot be a love interest! the iceburg Will melt….

  • Michelle

    Yay! Even though Nathan was criminally underused on DH, I really did like he and Dana together. This should be a fun two parter! I wonder if Dana’s FBI agent will be helping with the investigation into Kate’s mom’s murder?

    • TriciaA

      I don’t even REMEMBER him on DH! But I love me some Castle!

  • anon

    wth are you talking about? It’s not unprecedented or “almost” unprecedented or in any way, shape or form odd for an actor to guest star on a show while a regular on another show. Maybe a few years ago, but in this age and this economy? It’s common. Just look around tv land and you’ll see people from “Heroes” on “Psych” and people from “Scrubs” on “Castle” and people from “Cold Case” on “Private Practice”. You’ve got John Tenney on “Brothers and Sisters” and Timothy Omundson on half the shows on television. JK Simmons does non-Closer work constantly. Jon Hamm recurred and will show up again on “30 Rock”. What is so special about this? The cool thing is that we’ll see her working with Nathan again and maybe “Castle” will get a bit of a ratings bump with her help. Other than that, whatever.

    • AJ

      Couldn’t have said it better anon! Reporting the news is fine, but not need for the extra adjectives!

    • SirLizard

      anon, you are SO right. I would think that anyone who watches as much television as an entertainment reporter does (or as much as I do) should know that there is nothing “unprecedented” or “almost unprecedented” about this.

    • scott

      Whats funny about this is how you are talking about cable stars guest starring on network shows and vice versa mainly. It IS unusual that a regular on one show will guest on another drama for the same network. Cable and network stars cross over (the idea that they will bring a different audience to their shows but won’t hurt an audience perception of the original show they appear on)but it is HIGHLY unusual for it to happen on a main network.

      • bdoll

        sarah chalke guested on himym while she was on scrubs and crista miller made a guested on scrubs med school last night although she is a regular on cougartown. last year rashida jones guested on the office even though she was starring in parks and rec. those are just off the top of my head. it doesn’t happen a ton but it is hardly even close to unprecedented

      • anon

        Some of the people I listed were cable, some were network. I picked random examples, but as you can see from bdoll’s post there are plenty more network to network crossovers. It’s not unusual.

    • Michelle

      Ausiello just likes to puff out his chest and strut around like he’s king s h it. Throws unnecessary words around to sound important. I usually avoid his crap but this one was about my true love…Nathon Fillion so I had to read it.

  • Sebastian

    My biggest fear is ABC trying to do anything with its Sunday lineup of DH, B&S. I’m pretty sure DH is set until it’s end but outside of the post-DH slot, I think B&S will tank. So to hear them trying Castle on Sunday night, sounds like just for more exposure since it will go back to Monday the next day, but make me weary about what ABC might try to do to B&S. B&S has really held steady this year with its ratings, which is awesome!

  • DHFAn

    And that is good news how exactly? They know that DH fans aren’t all that crazy about her but can’t get rid of her or what?

    We hoped that Delany was finally 86d out of DH. Now we have to see her again in another show that doesn’t seem to be a tgood fit for her? I could see her on something like B & S, but neither DH nor Castle needs her. Nothing personal.

    And true, paige – I don’t remember seeing him there, either. How weird.

    • bunker

      Speak for yourself. Delany is awesome on DH and one of my favorite characters.

    • neens

      Eh Dana saved Dh’s ass on season 4 and didn’t even get the emmy nod she soooo deserved! Did you not see Katherine’s breakdown on 6×10 it was epic! come on give her some credit! She’s a brilliant actress!! I’m so happy she’s gonna be on Castle. She’s gonna rock it :D Her and Nathan back together is going to be so brilliant!! :D

      • Admin of Dana-Delany.org

        Yeah, speak for yourself DHFAn. The Dana Army has clearly spoken and has shut up many more Dana/Katerine haters then you. Marc fought for THREE years to get Dana on the show. He totes adores her.

        – Dana-Delany.org

  • C.

    Anything that brings more eyes to Castle is a good thing in my book and I’ve always liked Dana. I’m just holding my breath for Castle to get picked up for a third season. I love this show.

  • bunker

    I’ll definitely watch. It’ll be cool to see them together on screen again.

  • Leigh

    This show is such a great one! I don’t much about Dana Delany nor have I watched DH in years but I for one can’t wait for each episode so bring her on!

  • LiasMom

    DD and NF also worked on “Pasadena” together – no one ever mentions that!

    • Rebeca

      Yes! Finally someone remembers Catherine and Glenn!

    • jbj

      Personally, that’s the show where DD and NF had the most chemistry. I was a bit disappointed with how DH wasted the pair. Maybe they’ll get it back on Castle.

  • Jeffrey C

    I’m waiting for the line by her… “You remind me of my ex-husband”

    • FireflyFlan

      Or … you remind me of my priest. =P

  • Don J

    Good for Dana. Love her, but she is wasted on DH and the turn they did on her character annoys the crap out of me every week. It will be nice to see her play someone else other than Katherine.

    It will be cool to see her and Nathan onscreen again. Can’t believe she’s 53 years old. Smoking hot.

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