Kate Gosselin's next gig will be .... a reality show? A talk show? World domination?

A TLC spokeswoman confirmed that it has a “number of different scenarios” to help kick-start the next chapter of Kate Gosselin’s TV career but nothing’s been set in stone. That, of course, didn’t stop one online publication from reporting that the ex-star of Jon and Kate Plus 8 will appear in a new, fish-out-of-water show that could bow as early as this year. Apparently, the idea is to insert Gosselin into many different jobs to see how she handles them – kind of like how The View borrowed her for a guest-hosting gig last September. A TLC source only had this to say about the latest rumor: “This is just the latest speculation from supposed sources …We are still in development and looking at a number of ideas. When we have determined what the show will be, you will hear directly from us.”

Gosselin remains under contract with TLC and, as such, must seek the network’s approval to attempt other projects, such as a View-like spinoff in the works at Telepictures that features Gosselin and Food Network star Paula Deen. That project remains in the development stage.

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  • Allie

    who cares

    • OMG

      If you don’t care, don’t tell us. Comments should only be for people who care one way or the other. You are not ‘all that’ when you say you don’t care. Here, that is not important or adding to the conversation. Sorry to rag on you, but I’m tired of every post having someone say they don’t care. Maybe if you thought of a more original way to say it? Or maybe if you just kept it to yourself?

    • Dolores

      I care!

  • Alan

    Right now, Kate’s personality seems too stiff for this to work, but if she loosens up and is a bit more likeable maybe it could. She’s got to drop the Queen Bee Diva attitude that she came across on her old show. She really needs to let her hair (extensions) down and get down and dirty into it…. And HEY! before you people judge her for this, you wanted her kids to go off the air, and they ARE off the air, so you really have no place to judge Kate if she, as a grown mature adult woman, wants to branch out and take up these opportunities. I mean, TLC has lots of shows about fairly boring people we’re supposed to care about. For example: those shows about little people? The family and the other one about the couple. They’re pretty boring ordinary people but we’re supposed to find them fascinating because they’re little people. So Kate’s new show can’t be worse than that!

    • ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

      Most people are judging her because she seemingly doesn’t care for her 8 kids like she should and instead focuses her energy on being an attention whore. She had her chance in the spotlight and it was an EPIC FAILURE in the end. She needs to go back to being a “normal citizen”. Nobody cares.

      • Alan

        How was it an epic failure? It was TLC’s highest rated show ever and only ended because of legal threats by her husband. All celebrities were “normal citizens” at one point. Lots of people are on TV who are not Meryl Streep. Are you going to say the same thing about Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Julie Chen, Nancy Grace, any one of the empty ditzes on Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood, the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, the cake boss and the midgets on the other TLC shows, the fundamentlist Christians the Duggars. I COULD GO ON AND ON AND ON. Are they all attention whores too or other her?

  • Mike

    Is this gonna be like New York goes to work? that was hilarious watchin her do gross things for money! I hope Kate has to do nasty stuff too. I can’t stand this self absorbed loser.

  • duffy

    no no no! just when the john and kate coverage was letting up… and i suppose it will be “all for the kids”. yuck.

  • Kit

    It would be cool to see Kate do icky stuff because she freaks out about bugs and stuff. Put her in a restaurant with cockroaches and rats running through the kitchen.

  • Cris

    How about she just goes back to being a mom … without TV cameras all over the place?

    • Ambient Lite

      Yes! She has ‘earned’ a nice chunk of change at the expense of her family, the least she could do would be to invest some time in her children.

    • Alan

      You gonna say the same thing about all of the other TLC stars? The Duggars? The other family with 8 kids. The fat black family. The little people. The little people with kids. The cake boss. Etc etc etc etc. Who you are you to tell a mother she can’t work and take care of her kids?

      • Dave

        Yes definitely I’ll say it, all those shows are totally exploitative, especially those insane religious wackos the Duggars!! That family is freaky, and I think it’s a shame that TLC would put religious extremists like that on TV.

      • Dolores

        I agree with you Alan, Let’s give Kate a break. I happen to think she has a great sense of humor and a gift of gab. I look forward to her show whatever it is!

  • Jed

    My God…can’t this woman just go away once and for all?! Go take care of your 8 kids, you douche!

    • Alan

      A woman can’t take care of her kids and have a job? Join the 21st century you douche!

      • Dolores

        yea Alan!!

  • sara

    Please someone make it go away. Please.

  • The Real UGH

    Her next big trick should be vanishing from the public eye, go back to working a REAL job, taking REAL care of those children, and not squandring the money away on hair extensions, teeth-whitening, manicures, pedicures, tanning-bed sessions, fitness-trainers, clothing for herself, and instead putting the money to good use for either college for the children or therapy that they will surely need.

    • Alan

      Hypocrite much? What gives Elisabeth Hasselbeck the right to be a mom and a talk show host? What about Nancy Grace? What about Nancy O’Dell? What about the midgets (sorry, little people) on those other TLC shows? Why is only Kate the only woman with kids not allowed to be on a TV show?

      • Mia

        Thanks, Alan, for that little ray of sanity. If I had the opportunity to make $100,000 a week, instead of over 3 years, I would take it. My kids need a babysitter whether I’m pulling in $35K a year, or 3 Million a year. And I’d much rather be able to pay for someone to clean the house so I don’t have to waste an entire Saturday doing it. It just doesn’t make sense to insist that someone do more for less. If I had the opportunity I’d grab it, and The Real UGH would be a fool, if they didn’t grab it too.

  • pat

    Why would anyone watch this kind of crap? I don’t follow it intentionally but it is hard to avoid when the media (TLC,etc) keeps cramming her down the public throat. Give it a rest and let her GO AWAY!

  • Puh-lease…

    The only television she should be doing is a commercial for Pledge, where she’s just the housewife in the background doing the dusting.

  • dilieo

    I can hear her fake high-pitched laugh now. You know, the one she uses when she pretends to be charming. Ugh.

  • michael butts

    TLC stands for THE LEARNING CHANNEL..pray ttell what we’re supposed to learn from Kate Gosselin or any of the other “real” people shows? How to bake a 30 lb cake? How “hard” life is for little or fat people or squawling brats in beauty pageants? TLC is a joke!

  • Dave

    It’s sad that supposedly educational television has to appeal to the lowest common denomonator, hey I don’t blame Kate one bit I blame TLC and the american public for watching this crap. I’ll stick with the History channel but even they have alot of useless programming on nowadays. And you’re not supposed to call them midgets anymore it’s little people, but call them whatever you want they’re boring!

  • pinko

    i have to say i dont believe she is a attchion whore as well. i think the show was great and i miss it alot. i feel for the family and everything that has happend. people who talk shit about other people should really think about things because im sure they are not all that themselves. seriously,

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