Exclusive: 'Glee' and Neil Patrick Harris to make beautiful music together

Remember that giant scoop I told you (via Twitter) I had gotten at the Golden Globes? This is it: Neil Patrick Harris is nearing a deal to appear in the May sweeps Glee episode that’s being helmed by his Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog director, Joss Whedon.

In retrospect, maybe I should’ve called this particular scoop “ginormous.” I think it’s warranted, don’t you?

Anyway, Harris wants to do it, and Glee creator Ryan Murphy sure as hell wants him to — he’s creating a role especially for the How I Met Your Mother scene-stealer. And yes, the part includes a little song-‘n’-dance. In fact, the gig not only would reunite Harris with Whedon, it’d also reteam him with Zachary Woodlee, who choreographed the musical number in HIMYM‘s recent 100th episode.

The one possible snag — and there’s always one, isn’t there? CBS has to OK its MVP’s appearance on Fox’s breakout hit. But at least since HIMYM and Glee are both produced by 20th Century Fox, there’s no conflict on their end.

So what do you think? Stoked, or stoked beyond belief? Try to describe your level of anticipation below. I know I can’t describe mine. At least not adequately.

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  • Teppy

    I just creamed my pants. Best. Scoop. Ever.

    • Jessie

      Best comment ever. And I agree.

    • Jenny

      Thank you for sharing.

    • G£€€


    • Liz

      LOL~Best comment ever and OMG OMG OMG!

    • Tr’j

      STOKED! When I heard Joss was directing, I thought it’d be great if NPH was there too. Here’s hoping.

      • Lucy

        should be awesome!!! (in Barney’s voice)

    • Whatever

      XD !!! agree, excellent comment – totally unexpected.

    • renee west

      the little lips started quivering.

    • Phoebe

      Me too…twice

    • Margaret

      How old are you? Why can’t people use this site as intended. Make a positive comment; but not stilly teen-age nerd one.

    • Jay

      You know Access Hollywood just did a poll asking viewers to vote on who they wanted to appear on Glee. JLO got an 11% vote. Neil Patrick Harris got a 16% vote. Rosie O’Donnell got a 1% vote and ADAM LAMBERT GOT A 72% VOTE! So how is it that JLo is going to be a lunch lady who gets a huge make over and NPH gets the May sweeps show? I just don’t understand that. Shouldn’t Zachary Woodlee want to go after the guy that 72% of the audience wants to see?

      • Kelly

        Uh, TV producers don’t generally make their decisions based on what an Access Hollywood poll tells them is cool.

  • kat

    the only thing i saw when i read this: “YES!”

    • Kristal


    • hope

      I know I was like ” Legen’wait for it’dary” Totally awesome.

      • Ellen

        Hahaha- my 2 favorite things right now. Brilliant

  • Jorge

    GREEEEEEEEEEAT NEWS can’t wait until april Y___Y

  • Brian

    Absolutely stoked beyond belief!

  • Brit

    NPH is wayyyy too good for this crap.

    • Mer

      Normally I prefer to use big words and deep insights on blogs… But…
      Brit, I say this as a very stoked NPH and Glee fan.

      BITE ME.

      • Elizabeth Kaylene

        So, she isn’t allowed to not like Glee? I mean, it’s kind of rude that you’re all “bite me” without so much as a wink just because the girl said she didn’t like Glee. Get over it, dude. Not everyone has to like Glee. Personally, I agree with Brit; I don’t see what the big fuss over Glee is all about. Are you going to tell me to bite you, too? (;

      • jared4ever

        Bite me.

      • bill hater

        let’s see if i can understand what you mean here mer. big words and deep insights like this: neil patrick harris is far too talented of an actor to waste his talent on the most overhyped high school musical tv series ever devised? glee is crap, suck it. insightful enough for you?

      • RA

        Hey listen folks. If someone’s gonna come over to an article like this and call Glee crap on a post, they sort of asked for it. It’s one thing not to like a show. It’s another thing to go out of your way to post your hate on a thread clearly for people who LIKE Glee, so don’t act all indignant about it. Besides, I guarantee that all of you people who are calling it crap don’t actually watch it so your opinions are pretty pointless.

      • Jaymii

        He’s no more talented than Lea Michele…

      • Lu Lu

        Please, let’s get back to “lovin’ it” for Glee! It is such a great show! I am very stoked that NPH will be on it. In fact, I will “suit up!” Yea!!! Love Glee, Love NPH!

      • Dominic

        Yep, there’s only one way to counter such hate and that’s with more love. Love Glee. Love NPH. Love the idea of them together. Don’t care what anyone else thinks, this news is eeeeeeeee! worthy. I am eeeeee-ing over it right now.

      • bill hater

        actually, “ra”, this is a thread clearly intended for neil patrick harris fans, of which i am one, glee just happens to be an awful afterthought. one more thing, i definitely think push it was a better choice than gold digger and rachel’s solo belonged to her, giving it to quinn just wasn’t fair, regardless of much figgind restricted the songs they could sing. i’ve seen the show, watching it doesn’t make it better.

        and jaymii, neil is considered to be the best emcee cabaret ever had, besting john stamos and alan cumming. not to mention neil’s performances in rent, sweeney todd, romeo and juliet, amadeus, and others; bottom line: lea may be good, but she doesn’t hold a candle to neil.

      • I

        LOL! Thank yoooouuuu!!

    • Renee

      While I’m totally excited about an NPH-Joss-Glee collaboration, I also agree with Brit. The show is not as good as everyone seems to think. I enjoy it, and I really appreciate what it’s doing (bringing a version of musical theatre to the masses) but it’s not THAT brilliant. I have the suspicion that most of the people who think it is brilliant are not actually familiar with musical theatre -but I have no proof of that.

      • rob

        oh get off your high-horse. Its a show, not reality! we dont all need to be musical theater professional to enjoy the brillance of this show! because it is an exceptional new show and seems like there are only a few people, like you, who dont like it!

      • Katie

        Everyone has their own taste, but to make assumptions like that about the show’s audience is ridiculous. I personally am a musical theatre fan, but Glee wasn’t created specifically for us fans of theatre…it was created to entertain, which it does.

  • Jess

    This would be the best thing EVER!!! I absolutely love both Glee and NPH!!! And together they would make sweet, sweet music. Fingers crossed that CBS will let it happen. I think it could really boost their ratings for HIMYM, too. I mean, for any unfortunate soul who has not discovered HIMYM you can’t help but fall in love with NPH immediately. Thus, I predict many viewers will flock to CBS to get more of him!!!

    • Dave

      I’ve never watched Glee but would certainly do so for the NPH episode.

      And yes, maybe the love can work both ways. Glee fans getting into HIMYM and vice versa. It’s a win-win for Fox and CBS.

    • levelheaded

      I promise to watch all of CBS prime time shows, except on Glee night, if they let NPH go to Glee.

  • Mercedes

    Dare I say this is… legendary?

    • Dave

      I don’t know. I think it’s more along the lines of it’s Legen … wait for it

      • Dave

        wait for it

      • Dave


    • Adam

      The “legendary” quip has been done to death. It has officially lost all of its humor, thanks to people like you and many EW.com writers who felt the need to run it into the ground.

      • John

        Nope, still funny.

      • Anitamargarita

        Yup still funny. It’s a NPH/ Barney/ HIMYM thing. I don’t care if it isn’t original anymore – it’s appropriate because of who it is.

      • Jessie

        I completely agree.. now it’s only funny when NPH says it.

    • Adam

      Geez, there’s like 8 other people on this message board who already did it too.

      • £€€

        Adam your comment is legendary.

  • Chris

    This would be fabulous. So curious about his potential role on Glee!

    • Amanda

      I predict substitute teacher.

  • Julia


  • Jenny

    I’m just disappointed your big scoop is Glee related.

    • Tim

      Exactly. Just one more reason to not watch this horrible show.

  • Echo

    Oh. My. God. Words can’t describe how i feel about this. I love Joss Whedon, and NPH, and glee! It’s like the best of three worlds. Legendary!

  • Jude

    OMG. This is amazing!!

  • Melissa

    Please, please, please I pray to you, dear gods of television, this needs to happen. For all that is good and right in this world, please make this happen so my heart can be happy. Amazing.

    • kat

      ^^ ditto, all kinds of amazing :)

  • amorfatiyousee

    zomg… if this goes down i will lose it. 3 of my favorite things wrapped up into one big ball of awesomeness. my inner fangirl just exploded with the force of 7 atomic bombs.

    • Sandy

      ^^^ That is the only adaquate way to sum up *my* fangirl feelings!!!

  • Nora

    There are no words to describe how beyond excited I am to hear this except maybe: why is it not may now??

    I mean come on, not only NPH but a Whedon episode too? AND on Glee?! This better make EVERYONE happy since it works with virtually all genre’s of television. Gah.

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