Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Lost,' 'Glee,' 'True Blood,' 'Gossip Girl,' and more!

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Question: How about you try something new in Ask Ausiello this week and talk about Lost. Remember that show? —Eddie
Hmmm… I think that’s the show I just got some exclusive casting news on. According to a well-placed insider, Fisher Stevens will resurface this season as the late George Minkowski. That’s the show you’re talking about, right?

Question: I’m literally dying for True Blood news. Please save me from dying a slow, painful death. —Demi
Your life-saving scoop has arrived! It’ll take three villains to replace last season’s one Big Bad, Maryann. “We have a triumvirate of evil this season,” reveals exec producer Alan Ball. “I’m talking about Franklin Mott, Russell Edgington, and Debbie Pelt. They are all bad to the bone. They’re not just crazy, they’re evil.” Speaking of the yet-to-be-cast Debbie Pelt, Ball tells me that Alcide’s psycho ex will actually have a bigger role than first thought. “We actually beefed up Debbie,” he says. “She’s going to be in more episodes, so maybe that will have an impact on [what actress] we can get for her, which is a big question right now.”

Question: Loved the pic you snapped of Alex Skarsgard at the Golden Globes. Did you by any chance get any True Blood scoop out of him? —Jessie
No, I just took the picture and ran off. Of course I got some scoop out of him. Specifically, I asked him to give me a preview of Eric’s season 3 journey. “I’d say it’s about revenge,” he told me. “He will continue to explore the whole Sookie thing and what that’s all about. He’s trying to figure out what’s different about her. He’s intrigued by that. And in addition to that, there’s something that happened a thousand years ago that he’s still carrying in his heart. All I’ll say is he’s trying to avenge someone.”

Question: It’s looking more and more like they are paving the way for Katherine Heigl’s exit on Grey’s Anatomy. Do you know if she is going to stay or not? —Kate
I don’t. And neither does Heigl. While I’m sure she’d love nothing more than to move on at the end of the season, the decision is not hers to make. Heigl’s got at least another year left on her Grey’s contract, so her fate rests with ABC and Shonda Rhimes. My gut, which has rarely steered me wrong in the past, tells me they’ll let her walk.

Question: It’s so obvious that Idina Menzel is going to turn out to be Rachel’s mom on Glee it isn’t even funny. —Joel
Series creator Ryan Murphy, who acknowledges that the two share an almost spooky resemblance, isn’t ruling out such a twist. At least not completely. “I don’t think I’ll do that,” he says. “We wrote her part as a sort of Faye Dunaway of Network. She’s the female coach of Vocal Adrenaline. That’s what she plays.” Murphy says Menzel will appear in the first episode back on April 13 and then return for the regional showdown with New Directions in the season finale.

Question: Can you tell us anything else about Kurt’s boyfriend on Glee? —Andy
Rumor has it he’ll be *n *h* *o***a** *e**.

Question: Any news on the gender of Jim and Pam’s baby on The Office? —Ronnie
Looks like the show’s writers are taking the old-fashioned approach — they’re waiting until the final draft of the script is due to find out. “I don’t think we’ve finalized it yet,” says producer/co-star BJ Novak. “But I can confirm exclusively to The Ausiello Files that it will be a baby.” I’ll take it!

Question: I watched last week’s Bones very carefully but there was no positive pregnancy test in sight. Next week’s episode, maybe? Or is it just happening this season and you don’t know the exact episode? —Sofia
My bad. I got my dates mixed up. The positive pregnancy test happens in this week’s episode. In my defense, I’ve been a little busy with press tour. And the Golden Globes. And a lot of other important stuff, so get off my case, dammit.

Question: Any scoop on Bones? – Manu
The most shocking thing about the upcoming 100th episode is “how much Booth and Brennan really like each other when they initially meet,” reveals exec producer Stephen Nathan. “And to see the evolution of that relationship through the case, and how it changes their relationship for the next five years, is interesting.”

Question: My guess is that Angela and Wendell will be the couple that gets married on Bones. Am I right? —Sandra
I was scanning the transcript of my recent interview with exec producer Stephen Nathan for clues, and here’s what I found: “The story with Wendell and Angela has evolved to a point where that is a more complex relationship than just an intern that comes and goes. And we will be resolving that in the second half of the year.” Thoughts? I think his use of the word “resolving” is key. Sounds like they’re headed for a breakup, not a wedding. But that’s just me spit-balling.

Question: Do you know when Elena will turn into a vampire on The Vampire Diaries? I am dying to know. —Crystal
If you’re holding your breath for it to happen, you actually might die. Elena’s conversion, says exec producer Julie Plec, “is a fundamental part of the books — it’s, in fact, most of the books. So it’s not something we are going to ignore. But right now it’s a little too Twilight similar for us to feel comfortable dabbling in it.” Beyond concerns about Elena being written off as a small-screen Bella, “the best thing about her is, she’s a non-genre, non-supernatural, true-blue ingénue,” says Plec, “and we don’t really want to mess with that. She’s the relatable character. To pervert that too soon would be a mistake.”

Question: Is anything ever going to happen between Elena and Damon on The Vampire Diaries? —Cupid
Patience, Cupid. And lots of it! “This show is cemented in a love triangle over the whole run of the series,” notes exec producer Julie Plec, “and right now we’re very much embedded in the pure love [of] Stefan and Elena.” So not even a kiss? Yes, Plec teases, but “probably beyond season 1.” Adds boss man Kevin Williamson: “This show is always going to be about Stefan and Elena. It has to be. They’re soul mates.”

Question: Have any One Tree Hill scoop? —Khaela
Even though I’ve never been an OTH fan, I have to admit the Feb. 1 episode sounds pretty cool. Titled “Don’t You Forget About Me,” it’s an homage to the late John Hughes, complete with an ’80s-theme dance, reenactments of scenes from his classic movies, and a performance by Cheap Trick.

Question: Is it true that Hayley’s mom is returning on One Tree Hill? —Margaret
Yes, Bess Armstrong is reprising her role for a handful of episodes, all of them fairly sad.

Question: Supernatural? Anything? —Christopher
A somewhat pivotal character will die soon. Guesses? Head to the comments.

Question: Please give us some dish on things “heating up” between Addie and Sam on Private Practice. I really hope Pete isn’t the “additional complication.” He is not a fit for Addie. —Annabelle
No comment on the Pete thing (wink, wink), but there will be a fair amount of Sam/Addie action coming up, which will please Kate Walsh as much as you. “I love the dynamic between them,” she says. “I think it’s very natural that these two people who end up running a business together and living next door to each other and hanging out would want to explore a relationship.” But, she observes, “there’s a huge, massive obstacle in the fact he used to be married to her best friend.”

Question: My friend Lisa smells like a goat; you can imagine what a social outcast she is. It would make her day — and who knows maybe she’ll take a shower — if you give us some information on the Chuck and Blair break-up on Gossip Girl. Please? She really smells! —Alianna
You’re a good friend, Alianna. Lisa’s lucky to have you in her life. I mean that. Please tell her that the rumors are true: Chuck and Blair will hit a significant (and potentially irreparable) rough patch at the end of the season.

Question: Love the casting of Gena Rowlands as Gibbs’ mother-in-law on NCIS, but which mother-in-law is she playing? The guy’s been married four times! —Laura
She’s playing the mother of Gibbs’ first (and late) wife, Shannon.

Question: Did you ever see this? —Jill
Saw it. Tweeted it. Ordered a poster-sized print of it at Kinko’s FedEx Office.

Question: Please explain the awfulness that was the abrupt end to Kitty’s cancer story on Brothers & Sisters. Four months of build-up only to give her a ‘miraculous cure’ in five minutes? Is that really the end of that plot point? —Jenn
It’s the end… for now. As showrunner David Marshall Grant points out, “Kitty is in remission, but there’s no absolute certainty of where Kitty will be at any given time. Cancer is not something you can just forget about.” Regarding her miraculous made-for-TV recovery, Grant insists it was strictly a creative decision and not something foisted on them by the network (as has been rumored). “We chose to do a sort of a Hail Mary pass for Kitty — an episode where she risks it all,” he says. “And in this case, it worked.”

Question: Can we please get some Brothers & Sisters scoop? —Jess
In what has become something of an annual tradition, B&S will stage a special two-hour episode in April. As I first teased last week, the eppy will flash back to 1973 and 1986 and require casting younger versions of the entire Walker clan. “The episode is in search of two secrets from the past,” reveals exec producer David Marshall Grant, “one is devastating, and one is trying to uncover the hidden value to Ojai Foods.”

Question: What can you tell us about Melanie Griffith’s upcoming stint on Nip/Tuck? —Robin
She’ll end up in the sack with either Sean or Christian. I can’t spill much more without spoiling this week’s big twist.

Question: Any news if Michael Rosenbaum (Lex) is returning to Smallville anytime soon? They keep teasing us, but nothing ever comes of it. —Tim
I don’t think it’s going to happen this season. I hear a major sticking point is that Rosenbaum really likes having hair.

Question: Do you mind if I refer to you as my new BFF? And can I have a good Big Love scoop? —Amanda
No, I don’t mind. And yes, you can. At the Golden Globes on Sunday, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny, and Ginnifer Goodwin dealt a major blow to the sexist stereotype that says all programs with predominantly female casts are tension-filled war zones. The three of them were practically inseparable at HBO’s post Golden Globes bash. What’s more, Tripplehorn and Goodwin seemed genuinely happy for Sevigny, who deservedly picked up best supporting actress honors. “Her winning is honestly the only thing I remember all night,” Goodwin gushed. “Everything else is a blur.” The trio also helped me make sense of Big Love‘s depressingly paltry nine-episode order this season. “[HBO has] a lot of shows and only so many Sundays,” explained Tripplehorn. Added Goodwin: “The Pacific takes our timeslot the week after our finale. That was planned before our show was [renewed].” Sevigny is confident fans won’t know what’s missing. “We pack a lot in those nine episodes. You won’t be disappointed.”

Question: Please tell us something about Life Unexpected! I know that only the pilot has aired so far, but I’m already hooked! —Maddy
You’re not alone. The stellar premiere earned The CW its best ratings in the hour in more than a year. Next week, we meet all of Lux’s little orphan friends. We’ll also encounter a gaping plot hole when Cate, bowing to pressure from her station manager, takes to the airwaves to deny that she has a daughter — never once thinking that said daughter probably owns both a radio and a set of ears. It’s so annoying when good shows do dumb stuff like that.

Question: Dude! Please, please, something, anything on How I Met Your Mother? —Rebecca.
Look for Neil Patrick Harris to channel his inner Don Draper in the upcoming episode guest-starring Carrie Underwood. Also, Harris’ real-life boyfriend, David Burtka, returns as Lily’s high school stalker, Scooter. Spoiler alert: He’s still really into her. Oh, and did you hear? The producers confirmed during our set visit on Monday that we will see Robin Sparkles again, albeit in a slightly different incarnation.

Question: I received an email today that I had won the Lost “Message in a Bottle” sweepstakes. I have never won anything, ever, and I hope that this ends up being a super cool prize. Have you heard much about the prize at all? Will it be too much of a spoiler before the first episode airs? —Chris
You know, just to be safe, you should probably messenger that bad boy over to my office in midtown so I can de-spoiler it for you. I wouldn’t want anything to compromise your enjoyment of the premiere. Even better, I’ll waive my usual fee.

Question: Please help spread the word about the RedCupaThon going on at —Kim
Consider the word spread!

Question: Is there anything you can tell me that might be happening to Nurse Jackie‘s insane and adorable Zoey? —Mayara
I’ve got two words for you: ********* scare.

Question: Yvonne Strahovski has said that we’ll find out Sarah’s real name on Chuck this season, which leads me to assume that we’ll have a Sarah-centric episode at some point in these first 13. Any clue when that’ll be? — Mary
Episode 8 — the first one back after those damn Olympics.

Question: Did you get any House scoop from Lisa Edelstein at the Golden Globes? —Erin
No, I just snapped this picture and then ran away. Of course I got some scoop out of her. Lisa conceded that Jennifer Morrison’s exit earlier this season was “weird” for everyone. “It’s a very strange thing when somebody’s gone,” she admitted. “We’re all in the same boat as actors. We have very little control over our lives, so you can’t help but relate  —whether or not the person it’s happened to feels it’s a good or bad thing. It’s hard for everybody… But it’s really great to see her back.”

That’s a wrap! Send questions/comments/anonymous tips to! Thanks for playing!

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  • Sam

    PLEASE GIVE ME SOME NEWS ABOUT FINN AND RACHEL AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP ON GLEE! the are the OTP of the show and I want to know what is happening with THEM! stop the Puchel questions, what fans want is FICHEL!!

    • Samantha

      actually, i’m more of a puchel fan, than fichel.

      So kurt’s boyfriend is a ……….?

      • Gerald

        is .. On the football team! Got it, woot!

      • ozwolf01

        the football season will be over, so i thought ‘on the softball team’ would be more kurt’s type

      • Zack B

        I thought so too (softball) then realized that in every school I’ve ever been to the softball team was the women’s baseball team. Not sure if that is a rule or not, just something I’ve noticed.
        Knowing the boyfriend and he will be a power couple, I’d imagine that this guy will also be involved with New Directions. My money is on one of the two characters they already have in the background. Makes casting easier.

      • Zayne

        They’ve already said his boyfriend is a new role they are casting.

      • Mia

        I’m going with football team…just because the season’s over doesn’t mean someone is no longer considered a member of the football team.

      • Dominic

        If Kurt’s beau is on the football team I will literally die of happiness. And when I say ‘die’ I mean scream loudly and delightedly. It makes perfect sense, Kurt likes jocks. And how many out, gay brawny athletes have we seen on TV? At least I’m hoping he’s brawny. And black (the show needs some more brown).

    • Heidi


    • Jenni

      i 2nd this!! More FR!

    • Irrel

      PUCHEL? FICHEL? Must people use those awful ship names?

      And Rachel/Puck FTW.

      • kate

        I prefer Puckleberry and Rainn

      • Melissa

        Love triangle = Puckleberry Finn? Haha… :)

      • castiella

        Agree about the horrible ship names… disagree about the ship. Puck and Rachel have good physical chemistry, but Finn and Rachel are the OTP.

      • Brennan

        Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I hate those stupid names.

      • Margie

        Yeah! Puckleberry-Finn

    • BuBuLuBu

      I 3rd this!!!!

      • Jose

        The best name for them I’ve heard is Puckleberry (I like it)

    • STrepsi

      KURT + MIKE
      (“on the football team”… plus we REALLY need more Mike — man can he dance)

      • Shamus N.

        Maybe Mike Chang and Tina Cohen-Chang are actually brother and sister?

      • Lynn

        I’m still thinking that Mike Chang is gay, but Kurt’s gonna get a new boyfriend (with a new actor) so who knows.

        Mike Chang is very pretty, and my female jealously wants him to be shipped by a guy lol.

      • Brennan

        Kurt and Mike can’t get together because the “shippers” can create a horribly offensive name for them.

    • mallory

      what is OTP?

      • castiella

        One True Pairing… basically the end-all, be-all ship of the show.

      • anonymous

        Something that makes you amazingly happy and annoys the dickens out of everyone else.

      • Aysun

        Hey, I tried this and it actually woerkd! The thing is, when I saw it, I didn’t really like it. Now, I want to remove it, but I don’t know how to do that. I tried deleting it, and pasting the code above it, but there was some kind of error. Can you please tell me the right code, to put in place of it so I my blog can just go back to normal?

    • JenJen42

      Yessss! More Finchel scoop, plz!!!!!!!!!

    • Brandon

      Kristin is killing you with Lost scoop, she always has. Beef up on your info.

    • stephen

      what are Finn/Puck fans called? I’m one of those. :-)

    • Hayley

      A Fichel fan all the way too, Sam :)

  • Nevin

    kurts boyfriend will be on the football team.
    either that was intentionally easy to solve or you need to beef up your riddles.

  • madb0y79

    what happened to the Melrose Place scoops??!!!

  • Jesse

    The asterisk quiz about Kurt’s bf is “on the football team.” Hot! Wish it was Puck. ;)

    • Chappel

      Puck isn’t on the football team? Not that I think it’s a possibility.

      • Jesse

        Puck’s on the football team, but I thought they said Kurt’s boyfriend would be one of the new cast members added for Season 2.

  • Abby

    yet another week goes by and no new Finn/Rachel scoop…i am not amused.

  • Dan

    Kurt’s boyfriend will be “on the football team”?

  • Bex

    Chuck is more fun to watch when he’s apart from Blair.

    • mishka

      And I really hope that due to breakup, as she usually does, BLAIR will fall for the third muskeeter she hasn’t got yet: YES, DAN&BLAIR gotta be the cliffhanger of season 3 finale, like I said months ago! Show me my royalties, please.

      • LH

        Not gonna happen. Blair-Chuck awesomeness makes the show. Let the CHAIR games begin all over again!!! CHAIR=DESTINY!!!

      • andra

        If there is one thing that could make me stop watching the show is Dan and Blair. the day it happens is the day Ill say goodbye gossip girl. I dont mind CB breaking up, they are great doing the chase, but dair would kill the show,

      • Anuyta

        Hey, maybe this is a bit offf topic but in any case, I have been surfing about your blog and it looks relaly neat. impassioned about your writing. I am creating a new blog and hard-pressed to make it appear great, and supply excellent articles. I have discovered a lot on your site and I look forward to additional updates and will be back.

  • Jeff B

    “Rumor has it he’ll be *n *h* *o***a** *e**.”

    on the football team.

    • HannahFace

      Dude, you are so spot on!! OMG, that is going to be freaking awesome!!

  • bdishere1

    supernatural death – Anna? Oh PLEASE LET IT BE ANNA!

    • Carrie

      I’m with you on that. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is her.

      • Sonja

        I wouldn’t call Anna a pivotal character. Bobby is in my book. And he’s seen less action since he’s been in the chair, so my guess is Bobby dies.

      • elena

        that’s what I’m worried about: bobby dying. he’s their surrogate dad, I’d hate that a ton…damn apocalypse!

      • Shannon

        It’d be fine with me if it were Anna…I just hope they don’t kill Bobby or Castiel!! I love those two!! But something tells me it will be Bobby… :(

      • Nicole

        I just really don’t want it to be Chuck – I love his character. And I would say that Bobby and Castiel are both more than “somewhat pivotal”, so I can’t see it being either of them (please no). So that all being said, my money’s on Anna (fine), or maybe Meg?

    • timotey

      I would bet my socks it’s her.

      Also, @Sonja: Ausiello said “somewhat pivotal” so it doesn’t fit Bobby. Bobby is a major player.

      • Suzanne

        Mmmm I’m not sure my first thought was Bobby but then they might be screwing with us because both Sam and Dean have to die in order to go to Heaven…I’m amusing they don’t stay dead for long though!

      • Jackie

        I would have considered both Bobby and Cas to be more than SOMEWHAT pivotal, so I don’t think it’s them. Also, I thought Anna was already dead. Didn’t she die during the episode when they locked Sam in the panic room, and she asked Cas why he let Sam out? Either she died or was sent back to heaven. I was thinking Zachariah maybe. I hope. I really don’t like him.

      • Tony

        by the same token if you go back to the Croatoan episode Cas was there but Bobby’s wheelchair was all cobwebbed and dusty

    • MercuryBlue

      I’ll be disappointed if Anna dies on Supernatural, but the spoilers I’ve heard, I don’t see any other way for that episode to be resolved.

      • castiella

        Good point. It could be Zachariah, but it’s probably Anna, which is fine with me, especially if (spoiler alert) she really is intent on killing Castiel. I agree with those who have sad that Bobby and Cas are both much more than “somehwat pivotal” characters.

      • TVMONKEY

        Its not Anna! Spoilers say she walks away from the episode banged up but alive! There is no talk of her returning after her one episode as of yet! I’m guessing she just goes back to heaven! Its not Cas! Mischa is signed on till the end of the season! It could be Bobby though I’m gonna go with Chuck! He’s somewhat pivotal and yet somewhat expendable! My moneys on the little prophet!

    • Debbie

      This really upsets me. I’m really hoping this is Ausiello “teasting” since it’s already been spoiled that both Sam and Dean “die” and end up in heaven. I’d really hate for it to be Bobby or Castiel, but who else could be considered “pivotal?”

      • Grignac

        My money’s on the Trickster Gabriel. That would be very sad.

      • La

        I am thinking an interesting twist would be if it were Michael because that will blow the heck out of the Angels’ plans.

    • westwingpotus

      I agree it’s probably Anna at this point. BUT — If they’re following the classic Joseph Campbell Hero’s Journey (and Eric has said he’s a fan) then Bobby is on the chopping block too. The hero(s) always learns from “wise old man or woman” but then that person must die and the hero(s) must journey on without them to complete the quest. This happens in just about every single hero’s journey since storytelling started.

      • Mags

        Thats a good point, but wouldn’t Johns death server as that plot device? Do they gotta pick on Bobby too? lol
        What about Chuck? Would he be considred somewhat pivotal? Anna is a good guess though. Jo and Ellen being blown up was enough sadness for me so I’m hoping Bobby is spared.

  • Nicole

    A pregnancy scare for Zoey?! ZOEY?! Didn’t see that one coming.

  • Cara

    Thanks for the scoop on Bones, wish there was more on Grey’s – like hope for Mark & Lexie! Also, how do we not know Sarah’s real name since they went to her high school reunion? There’s no way there would be such a gaping hole in continuity, what am I forgetting?

    • Cass

      In that episode, Sarah’s conversation with the guy who recruited her (in the woods, or wherever that was) revealed that Jenny was the name she was using in that town. He listed off at least two other names she’d used, and they never revealed which was her real name. But she HAS mentioned her middle name in answer to Chuck’s query, although spoken softly so he didn’t hear her answer.

      • Angela

        what I don’t get is..since chuck didn’t hear her say her middle name was lisa….you know the way he had his investigation about the intersect on the back of the tron poster?..wel it said stuff about casey n walker n i paused it and it says name “sarah walker?..middle name lisa?? who is she ??” but chuck didnt hear lisa so that was prob a mistake..

      • castiella

        @Angela: I think we have to assume he heard her after all, and maybe just pretended like he didn’t.

  • Nine

    What no House? Ok i’ll be patient and wait for next week then!

    • Cheery

      Did you see the last question? Yeah it doesn’t really count as scoop, but it confirms that KJ & Co were so quick to dismiss Jen that they couldn’t even engineer a proper send-off.

      If they want to write off a character, fine, but at least respect the SHOW enough (since they clearly don’t care about the actress) to write a decent conclusion for the role.

  • Ashley

    Josh Schwartz ruins TV. See the O.C and now Gossip Girl.

    • Jesse

      Okay, Mischa Barton, just because THE O.C. got better after you left is no reason to be bitter. Chuck and Blair will ultimately wind up together, no matter what temporary break-ups the show puts them through. So chill out and keep praying that your LAW & ORDER guest appearance saves your dying career.

      • Audrey

        Chill a little, please?
        I’m mad about CB also, but not because they made them break up, because they had to at some point, but because of how it looks that they’re going to make it. They had the ‘mum’ issue and stuff, they could made them fight, argue, whatever, and they’re both stubborn, that could last enough to us to have CB classy angst and also their own storylines. But they have to make Chuck the bad evil one. So people start to say that he’s not enough for Blair and start rooting again for other illogical couples. It’s just… ugh. Frustrating.

      • Ana

        Hilarious. I just hope the best for CB.

    • LH

      You wanna bet GG PTB are already re-thinking this fiasco-in-waiting given the backlash?!! Wagers, anyone?
      Without CHAIR, Gossip Girl will crash & burn!!!


      • Abdul

        Hi… I have already pleacd the reply button on my blog following your instraction. It works perfectly on my home page. On the second one that I have in my blog, although it have been appeared also in the second page, when you click on it, a window pops up add refers a bX-1fmt2x erron… I have tried several times to do the processing, but the result is always the same… What can I do to make it works also in my second page?

  • TSH

    Sweets and Daisy have GOT to be either the engaged or married couple on Bones.

    • KT

      definitely agree!!! i’m really hoping it’s not angela and that intern (wendell?), and i am 99.9% certain that it’s not booth and bones. i guess there’s always a chance for that twist, but i don’t think it likely. i think it would be fun for it to be sweets and daisy!

      • Tonya

        IMHO I think it will be Angela & Hodgins. He’s obviously distraught over her relationship with Wendell. I think he’ll admit his feelings to her, she’ll dump Wendall and they’ll get hitched. Just a hunch.

      • Samantha

        personally … i think’s it’s gonna be booth’s brother and whatever girl he’s with

  • Heather

    Chris you lucky bastard.

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