Conan O'Brien's final monologue: 'Nobody in life gets what they thought they were going to get'

So long, Coco. In Conan O’Brien’s final comments to viewers tonight, the comedian thanked his fans for their support and — despite a protracted and ugly negotiation – gave a shout-out to NBC, his home for more than 20 years. Here is tonight’s final monologue:

Ladies and gentleman, we have exactly one hour to steal every single item in this studio. We’ve a had a lot of fun being here these last 7 months, but like everything in life, the fun has to come to an end a decade too early. The terms of my settlement say that I can’t host another show for 7 months.  So next week look forward to the `Andy Richter Show’ with his sidekick, me! As I set off for exciting new career opportunities, I just want to make one thing clear to everyone listening out there: I will do nudity.

Now that this mess is almost behind me – I just have one last request: HBO, when you make the movie about this whole NBC late night fiasco, I’d like to be played by Academy-Award winning actress Tilda Swinton. People have been asking me what’s going to happen to our studio after we’re gone. There are actually a few possible uses for our studio being kicked around.  I thought I’d share some of the ideas with you right now:

Site of Tiger Woods’ 1st Annual Mistress Reunion
Fitting room for cast of “The Biggest Loser”
Storage facility for apology notes to NBC stockholders
Waterpark for Max Weinberg’s illegitimate children
Hair and chest oil storage for the “Jersey Shore” cast
Future site of “Cooters,” the nation’s first pants less sports bar and restaurant
Studio preserved as a nice, quiet, peaceful place where the cast of “Chuck” can be alone with their thoughts
Magician David Blaine will attempt the impossible by trying to remain in the studio for longer than seven months
Leave the studio cold and empty and re-name it “The World’s Largest Metaphor For NBC Programming”
Panic room for Gary Busey after the rise of the fire hydrants
Studio will be air-lifted to a location with better luck, like on top of a native-American burial ground

And his closing remarks:

Before we end this rodeo, a few things need to be said. There has been a lot of speculation in the press about what I legally can and can’t say about NBC.  To set the record straight, tonight I am allowed to say anything I want. And what I want to say is this: between my time at Saturday Night Live, the Late Night show, and my brief run here on The Tonight Show, I have worked with NBC for over 20 years.  Yes, we have our differences right now and yes, we’re going to go our separate ways.  But this company has been my home for most of my adult life.  I am enormously proud of the work we have done together, and I want to thank NBC for making it all possible.

Walking away from The Tonight Show is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Making this choice has been enormously difficult. This is the best job in the world, I absolutely love doing it, and I have the best staff and crew in the history of the medium. But despite this sense of loss, I really feel this should be a happy moment. Every comedian dreams of hosting The Tonight Show and, for seven months, I got to. I did it my way, with people I love, and I do not regret a second. I’ve had more good fortune than anyone I know and if our next gig is doing a show in a 7-Eleven parking lot, we’ll find a way to make it fun.

And finally, I have to say something to our fans. The massive outpouring of support and passion from so many people has been overwhelming. The rallies, the signs, all the goofy, outrageous creativity on the Internet, and the fact that people have traveled long distances and camped out all night in the pouring rain to be in our audience, made a sad situation joyous and inspirational.

To all the people watching, I can never thank you enough for your kindness to me and I’ll think about it for the rest of my life. All I ask of you is one thing: please don’t be cynical. I hate cynicism — it’s my least favorite quality and it doesn’t lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.  As proof, let’s make an amazing thing happen right now.


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  • Michael

    And to all the fools who felt the need to take classless swipes at Mr. Leno in Conan’s name, this was the perfect monologue. Well said, Mr. O’Brien, and a classy exit.

    • i’m a lady

      He made me tear up. It was lovely, gracious, and he did not mention Jay Leno.

      • Shel

        His closing remarks were beautiful – touching, heartfelt, and true. I was very glad for him to give NBC its due for the career he has had.

    • matthew

      declaring Leno a douchebag is cynicism. It just is what it is.

      • i’m a lady

        he didn’t say anything nice about him either.

      • Timothy Rogan

        I’m not sure if this was meant as a joke but, no, by the working definition of cynicism, it isn’t. It could be called envious, spiteful, angry- but not cynical. Maybe it was cynical to hate him back when he was just boring and ruining the Tonight Show. Now it’s just an honest emotional reaction to the story.

      • Kev

        Good bye Conan, don’t let the peacock hit you on the way out. Can’t wait for Leno to take back what was and now still is his rightful place!

      • Rich

        Good to know Leno’s supporters are just as classy as he is.

      • hmb

        What makes me so annoyed about this whole fiasco is that Leno agreed to leave the Tonight Show YEARS AGO, to retire and move on with his life. And so, NBC decided that Conan, rightfully so, should take his place. Okay, great! He, too, is very talented and has a great sense of humor. But when it came time for Leno to actually leave- he didn’t want to and convinced NBC to give him an earlier time slot. How did NBC NOT KNOW this was going to screw up the Tonight Show ratings?! That is completely ridiculous! I think this situation was completely unfair to Conan in that it made his job THAT much harder. And trigger happy NBC THAT much harder to please. If you’re going to retire, Leno, THEN RETIRE. If you’re not or have a tough time planning ahead for yourself (which, let’s face it- EVERYONE does) then DON’T plan ahead and screw with other people’s plans. I think Conan would have been happy to wait for Leno to become ready to move on before he took over the Tonight Show. This could have been handled much better with even a tiny bit of planning and thought on Leno and NBC’s parts.

      • Shel

        What annoys me, hmb, is hearing the same old tired crap from people like you. Leno decided to retire, so NBC went to Conan? What alternate universe are you living in? Leno convinced NBC to trash primetime for him? Give me some of what you’re taking – it must be good.

    • Addison

      Agreed! Incredibly classy. And his final words to young fans on cynicism vs kindness were the most important and moving. Can’t wait to see Conan again in 7 months! Til’ then…

    • Taylor

      This is just my opinion. To me Jay is like a certain type of person in school…the type of person that was really popular for whatever reason, and as a senior, walked around as the “big guy” of the class. Then graduation came, and that guy left, and somebody else took over, and the “big guy” went on to be a regular person, and couldn’t take it, and started coming back to his old school, to get props, or any kind of fame, to make himself feel better, instead of just moving on, and being his own person, in his own self, whatever that may be.

      Jay has so much money, and love in his life, why couldn’t he just step down and let it go? And do something else? Something perhaps with charities or something?

      And now, doing an interview with Oprah… In my opinion, it’s like going running to the teacher, because the kids on the playground have been mean…and it won’t change anything to me. I won’t watch Jay again, on anything.

      Just my opinion, and of course everyone is welcome to their own.

      • Taylor

        And Conan was fantastic tonight. A great person.

      • alice

        I don’t watch him as it is but the big problem for me is that they cancelled all those awesome shows to even do this stupid thing and it didn’t work. Big surprise nbc is a rite git and I hope they listen next time!

      • Sarah

        NBC execs are to blame for this whole mess.

      • Anne

        Awesome metaphor and I must say if I wasn’t already on team Conan, that would have convinced me.

      • luke anderson

        Taylor, you couldn’t have said it any better. I think Jay is a scumbag. The funny thing is to Howard Stern predicted all of this.

      • John

        Talk about scumbags – H.S.!

      • Henry

        @ Taylor

        Apparently you have no idea what was going on. Jay wanted to leave and do other things but NBC wouldn’t let him go. You’re an idiot if you blame Jay, blame the idiot execs at NBC who do things like this and cancel great shows like Freaks and Geeks, Journeyman, and Surface.

      • AMRJ

        you are completely right. I also think that this whole scuffle happened because Leno’s 10pm show was tanking and he didn’t want to end his career on such a bad note. I’m sure you know that when it comes to their “legacies” celebs can get fanatical. Conan did me proud last night he really did. I used to watch him on the Late show and I used to watch Leno on the Tonight show so I liked them both for different reasons (maybe I’m too easy to please) but I must say after seeing what was done here I cannot support Leno’s return. I will have to find something else to watch. I too think that the Oprah interview is a cheap shot after all they’re super close and although she extended an invite to Coco I doubt he would be treated fairly. Plus he’s too nice to really say anything negative.

      • nat

        Unfortunately, even if Conan wanted to do the Oprah interview he can’t…he’s barred from doing interviews for 3 months. At least thats what EW has reported.

      • Jose

        Well said.

      • Thomas A. Palmer

        Taylor: You are right on the money. Well said.

    • sdm

      It’s about time he realized he was burning bridges with TV exec.’s and showed some humility. You never know what the future holds and to keep bashing your bosses whether they did the right thing or not was wearing thin. Agree about his comment regarding cynicism except he should of also included a definition for his young fans.

      • ctoney

        If you don’t know what cynicism means, you’re too young to be watching that show.

      • nacf

        Exactly the point I think this person was trying to make about Conan fans.

      • Ben

        except he should HAVE also included a definition for his young fans…who most likely know what “should’ve” stands for?

      • Inigo Montoya

        SDM, clearly you are a complete and utter spinless baby who would reel over to anyone who has “authority” over you. Conan was standing up for what he believed in and what he felt was the right thin to do. But its cool, lets all live life like you and get taken advantage of constantly , just to roll over without a fight.

      • Lainey

        I am 47 and I am a Conan fan. It is a matter of different kinds of humor regarding Conan fans VS Leno fans. The thing is, I was always a Letterman fan, so I was in the minority of late night watchers. However, I would watch Conan after Letterman. Conan lost viewers because people like me had to choose between him and Letterman…they chose Letterman.

        My own personal prediction is the following:

        Jay Leno will never beat Letterman in the ratings again. I think this whole thing has turned a lot of people off.

        Secondly, Fox Network is going to snap O’Brien up and he is going to be HUGE in the 11pm time slot where his only main competition is the local news. People will DVR the HELL out of his show and he will be a huge hit.

        Just my humble opinion.

    • Dude

      When someone acts as classless as Leno has through all this he deserves to be swiped at. Letterman, Kimmel, Conan, and even Fallon have all been sniping at him this entire time.

    • Caitlin

      Agreed. Conan is a funny, yet classy guy. I’ve tried to stray away from insulting Jay Leno. I mean, I do dislike his comedy, but the person I blame for this is NBC. I thought Conan handled it very well, and he had me tearing up.


      MR. Michael, you need to pick a up copy of the Late Shift for starters. MR.Leno has spent the past 18 years backstabbing, weaseling, wimping around, hiding in closets, hiding behind his crazy agent who employed sleazy tactics to help him get the Tonight show and did even sleazier things once he got it, betraying old friends like Dave Letterman who worked hard and deserved the Tonight show and who Johnny Carson wanted to have the Tonight show. MR. Leno is NOT a class act. MR. Leno is a guy who acts like a phony nice guy on top and a wimp and backstabber on the bottom. Conan is a class act, and you better believe Leno’s former friend and victim Dave Letterman is a class act. Do your research, MR. Michael.

      • james

        Why do you unnecessarily capitalize the “r” in “Mr.”?

      • meh

        @james. Why are you so cool?

  • bringbackrocky

    Classy to the end. See you in September on Fox, Coco.

    • stew pedascho

      This has been said with such authority, now you have me expecting Conan in September on Fox.

  • RJ

    looking forward to watching my last ever Tonight Show in a couple hours.


    People take swipes at Leno because he deserves it.

    • sara

      This is truth.

      • josh

        Leno only wanted to stay on the air. NBC offered CoCo the Gorill… I mean Conan O’Brien to stay on the air just 30 minutes later. And the shows are TAPED he wouldnt be filming at midnight, he would still be filming during the day. He said it would no longer be the Tonight Show if it was on at 12, he never had a problem calling his other show Late Night when it was on at 12:30. Conan simply let pride get in the way of him hosting his dream show.

      • Kevin Huxford

        Are you really that daft? He didn’t have a problem with 12:30am being called “Late Night”? Because that was what it was always called?

        And if you really think the time shift thing was about semantics, then once it is 12am, it isn’t TONIGHT, it is TOMORROW.

        12am wouldn’t be the Tonight Show. 12am is part of why Kimmel has never been a real threat to the other talk shows. 12am would be the death of the show. Conan’s pride didn’t get in the way of him hosting his dream show, but his principles allowed that dream job to be around for someone else.

      • Ella

        I think another reason he took that stand was because Jimmy Fallon’s Late show would then be starting at 1am, which would have killed his show as well. I love Conan and Jimmy, but I already can’t stay up past 12:30 every night to catch it. I’m pretty sure Jimmy Fallon is Conan’s biggest fan right now. Aside from his own staff, that is.

      • Lainey

        Mr. Huxford, you are right. Well said, indeed!

      • CocoFan

        I love Conan. He is seriously a nice guy, but he’s too nice, but that’s what makes him cute and like able. I mean he got a 12 million dollars for his staff as severance pay as well, and he probably sacrificed alot for it. He always paid his writers during the writers strike. So those guys who said our dear Coco was an asshole, are just idiots who need to get their facts straight. Coco forever. I blame Leno as much as I blame Jeff Zucker. Well hears to Coco owning the shit out of NBC at FOX.

  • cocoisgod

    i still cant believe this is really happening , what a slap in the face. but conan is obviously the better person in the situation and hes going out like a gentleman , i have a feeling NBC is gonna regret this hasty, questionable decision

  • ocnlvr83

    Farewell Conan, you will be missed.

    • nacf


      • Rich

        Go to bed, Garth.

      • mel

        why people even bother saying things like this i don’t know. it’s like we aren’t allowed to miss him.

        conan may not be everyone’s cup of tea but jesus, the guy has never done anything bad to anyone in his entire life. at least respect him for that. he paid his staff during the strike out of his own pocket for god’s sakes. you don’t get his humor but has he ever been mean? no.

  • Serg

    I will protest The Tonight Show for life after tonight….Jay Leno is a disgrace. All Jay Leno had to do was back down, be classy, and step down and allow Conan to continue the show. But Jay ended up being a total scumbag.

    • conan_rocks

      I completely agree. Good luck Conan and goodbye Tonight Show.

    • Allan D.

      It didn’t matter what Jay Leno did. He could have stepped aside for Conan Obrien, and Conan would still have been gone from the show. Conan was losing to Letterman in the ratings. It’s all about revenue coming in or not. It was NBC’s decision, not Jay Leno’s.

      • Kate

        But without Leno publicly saying he would return to the show and waiting in the wings, Conan would have been given the time for his audience to build… the same time given to Leno (and needed by Leno) when he started. It’s not like if Leno just quits, NBC is going to fire Conan and try someone else.

      • Rebecca

        Jay Leno trailed in the ratings for years when he started. It takes time to become number one. This argument is completely ridiculous. Not to mention Jay’s show was hurting the ratings for the news and then impacting viewership for the tonight show. The ratings nonsense is just a smokescreen for the other things going on – it’s easy for the network to blame the ratings. They never really gave conan a shot on the tonight show. It took him a long time to get good when he started at late night too.

      • james

        Also, Leno’s TERRIBLE 10pm ratings lost any lead in for the 11 pm local news, which lead to the affiliates having TERRIBLE ratings, and therefore having weak lead in for Conan. On the flip, when Jay was at 11:30, he had the strong lead in of the local news which had the strong lead in of the 10 pm dramas. So it was Jay’s stupid 10 pm show that is the root cause of all of this, not Conan.

    • jw

      I agree. I am for Conan all teh way: totally. Jay, just wander off. How can you show up back in public?

  • TerryT

    Conan was not suited for The Tonight Show. And because he refuses to move the show half an hour, he gets 30 (40?) million dollars. Boo hoo hoo.

    • Thomas H.

      The Tonight Show has aired at 11:30 (11:35) for 50 YEARS and has been a staple of late night viewing for generations. That Conan is unwilling to move it to save his own butt is admirable, not greedy. His severence payment represents the paychecks he would have gotten had NBC allowed him to remain as the host for the decade he was supposed to and for the crew that uprooted themselves from New York to do this show. It’s Leno that should have bowed out gracefully, but being the selfish jerk that he is, he just had to stick around despite agreeing to leave over 5 years ago.

      • Annie


      • Will S

        I bow to you, Thomas, someone who is getting it right.

      • sara

        very well said Thomas.

      • james

        Wrong. He still made a choice. He was not comitting acts of indecency or hatred by moving a show 30 minutes. If he loved the show THAT much, he would have stuck by it, his staff, and fans to make it work. The best revenge is always success.

        There is absolutely one decent reason why he chose to say “No”.

        I know if I don’t like my boss, I’m not going to risk my environment and my clients’ happiness just because my feelings and ego get hurt.

      • Justin

        Jay Leno was a selfish jerk? This whole thing started because Conan couldn’t get the ratings. Jay even defended him, but in the end, Conan is a talentless buffoon who didn’t stand out at all on SNL, ruined Late Night, and wasn’t suited for Tonight. His “humor” isn’t funny. It’s toilet humor, and not even GOOD toilet humor. Just bland, generic, been there done that, five year old mentality, toilet humor.

      • TerryT

        The show once started at 11:15. The show used to be live, not taped. All shows evolve and change. Conan apparently can’t. He’s just being a stubborn child.

      • LenoSucks

        No, Lenobots, this whole thing started because the affiliates complained about the miserable prime time ratings Leno was getting, not Conan. Their viewership dropped 25% thanks to Big Chin. And it’s funny that Lenobots seem to think they are experts on comedy when the vast majority of comedians prefer Conan over Leno (the good ones–not Larry the Cable Guy and Jerry Seinfeld). Leno’s mass appeal is due to his dumbing down of material to cater to the lowest common denominator–which would be you. Conan’s audience includes the best and brightest of every industry (I don’t know a single working professional who watches Leno). Just look at Leno’s highest demographic–old women! Congratulations on your taste, Leno fans. You are Kibbles ‘n’ Bits to my Filet Mignon.

      • Casey

        I don’t think he was “guaranteed” a decade of hosting The Tonight Show. I also don’t think, back when they negotiated this whole thing, Leno agreed to anything other than to keep doing what he was doing. He never intended to leave, much less leave gracefully. He was ousted and agreed to do the 10 pm show because it was offered and he still had a contract. I feel bad for all of them. But it’s the NBC suits that are to blame for this fiasco.

      • aries

        @justin. That talentless buffoon created the Sea Captain from the Simpsons. He is also wrote Marge vs. the Monorail on multiple top ten Simpsons episode lists. Jay has won a emmy. Conan has two. He is also highly respected by his peers because he has won six writers guild of america award. On the topic of SNL. “Conan O’Brien is one of the two or three funniest people I’ve ever known in my life,” says “Saturday Night Live” producer Lorne Michaels. Lorne also selected Conan out of all the SNL cast and crew to take over for David Letterman. The moves are being driven by pressure from NBC’s affiliated stations, which have seen ratings for their late-night local newscasts plummet since September. That was when NBC began “The Jay Leno Show,” a prime-time version of Mr. Leno’s old late-night show.(NY Times)

      • Vic

        @Thomas: Well said.

        @james: Ever heard the term “if you love something, let it go”? That’s what Conan did, and he’s a class act for doing so.

      • Chris K

        He didn’t stand out on SNL? How would you know that? He was well respected there as a writer. He isn’t an actor, and was only an extra in a few sketches. Maybe that’s what you mean, but you don’t seem to have enough information.

        The reason he got 40 million dollars is because NBC knows it would have lost a lawsuit by moving the show, or at least they would have ended up settling. He would have been a sucker to keep The Tonight Show. The allure of the job is all but gone at 12:05, aside from semantic issues. He may as well have stayed in New York.

        NBC should never have expected Leno’s ratings to continue after changing up the show and it’s host completely. Just as Jay lagged behind Dave for two years when he took over, so would Conan have until he could build a following and win over some of Jay’s old fans. He also would have had another problem – he shares some of Dave’s typical audience. But NBC knew that going in.

        Jay shouldn’t have agreed to let go of the Tonight Show in the first place if he felt he was being forced out. He shouldn’t have agreed to bump Conan 30 minutes, and finally he should not have agreed to take back the Tonight Show. That would have saved Conan’s job and given him the same chance Jay had 17 years ago.

      • Galoux


    • charli

      regardless of whether he was ‘suited’ or not. NBC offered him the job and he took it instead of taking something else. they signed a contract and now they cut out of it. the $30 mil is their penalty for not keeping their end of the deal. and given that they are making Conan refrain from another hosting job until next season (which could cost him that much in salary) it’s only fair. it’s the same gig they do to the major stars of tv shows to justify keeping them on call for a whole season even if the person isn’t used in every episode. Because they are keeping the person from earning money on other jobs.

      • jw

        I AGREEE! Pay Coco. Pay him.

    • thin

      No, the real reason he’s getting his 30 (40?) million dollars is the decades of his life that he worked for NBC and the millions of people who watched their network because of him. True story.

    • mel

      well it couldn’t be the tonight show if it were aired at 12:05 am now could it? do people even read anymore? i guess not. sigh.

  • Andrew

    Jay Leno can suck it.

    • Tim

      Jay Leno did nothing wrong….two guys were left fighting for one job thanks to NBC’s foolishness. Why should one be forced to back down? NBC got into this mess, let them get out of it. Leno has been nothing but a class act his entire career. Conan is great, so is Jay, both will land on their feet. People like “Articulate Andrew” need to actually think before they post ridiculous statements.

      • BC

        The guy agreed to hand the show over to Conan, then turned around and worked with NBC to take it away. He’s hypocrite. Yet you don’t think he did anything wrong? You are idiotic.

      • Me

        Andrew is entitled to his opinion and is also entitled to voicing that opinion; furthermore, what he said is what he felt Leno should do without specifically mentioning the reasons why. Perhaps he’s not a fan of Leno regardless of this fiasco, whatever the case, he is entitled to voice whatever his thoughts are.
        I personally think you taking a generic comment like “Jay Leno Can Suck It” and going off on a tangent about it makes you a massive douchebag who can go and suck it right next to Leno.
        It is my opinion and I am entitled to it.

      • james

        BC, how do you know he worked behind the scenes to take it back? You and every freaking poster out there are the best mind readers I’ve ever met.

        I seriously worry about Conan having fans who distort facts to justify their ignorance.

      • Jon

        “In 2009 I’m leaving the show. Conan is the right man for the job.” – Leno in 2004 [paraphrased]

      • BC

        James, the fact that he is even allowing it to happen is a d-bag move. It’s not like he said “no, its completely unfair to Conan to take his show away just becuase you need someplace to put me cuz my 10 pm show sucked so bad” and NBC decided to get rid of conan anyway. cmon guy THINK

      • sassyc

        If I remember correctly, When all of this “Conan to the Tonight Show” stuff went down about 5 years ago, Jay Leno said that if the people weren’t tired of him by 2009, then he’d be sick of doing the job by then anyway. What a liar. Now he’s playing all innocent, like he had no part in this whole fiasco (it’s all management, of course). I’m sure David Letterman will have plenty to say about how “innocent” big-jaw Jay is…..
        I’ll be waiting for Conan to return better than ever, and boycotting Jay for life.
        Hurry back Conando !! :)

      • Leah

        You’re right! Leno didn’t agree to hand the show over to Conan. NBC either had to hand the show over to Conan or Conan would leave and it could have been another Letterman all over again. Turns out, Conan’s leaving anyway.

  • Isabel

    After being a fan of Conan for most of my life it’s going to be odd not having him on tv when he’s always been on. He is an amazing entertainer and whatever he chooses to do after Sept. 1st I’m sure he’ll still be great. He is the bigger man here and even thanked NBC after this whole spiel. VIVA CONANDO!

  • Bluzulu

    That is so awesome they have to pay Conan out of his contract. 30 million dollars!!! LOL! I don’t think he’ll be doing any crying anytime soon. I’m sure he’ll be doing a lot of laughing, however. Laughing all the way to the bank!

    • jw

      Pay Coco. pay him.

  • Ugly Jenny

    What a classy exit to what has been a cesspool of network nightmares. This was the best possible exit for Conan, with grace, poise, and the right touch of humor. I wish him the best and will most likely watch him anywhere else he goes.

    • hmb

      Agreed! He’s allowed to voice his anger (Especially since he’s contractually barred from doing it for the next several months) on his show, and that he chose instead to end it on a great note is inspiring.

  • Andre

    F.O.X + Conan =incredible natural
    match !!

  • Andrea

    I’m in Canada and I’m with Coco… dick move NBC… dick move Leno… dicks!

  • PMD

    There is a part of me that wishes he did take a few more snipes at NBC. But whatevs Team Coco – obviously the better man!

    • charli

      but it would be a bad move for him careerwise. now potential bosses will remember him as a classy guy that took a bad sitch in stride and moved on. rather than a snipping douche bag that might do the same to them if things don’t work out (regardless of who is actually at fault)

      • TerryT

        Potential bosses will remember that he stomped off the show rather than do what they wanted him to — move to 12:05. Very immature.

      • LenoSucks

        Except potential bosses don’t see things the same way a delusional Leno fan does. They see things the way the rest of the world does–Conan got screwed. Conan will easily find a job.

      • Tarc

        Who are you kidding – potential bosses (TV execs) only look at anyone as a cash cow. If they can make $$$ they’d do pretty much anything whatsoever. As this whole debale has once again proved, it’s *always* about the cash – not what is logical or what is good, or what is right. Conan’s a moneymaker so he’ll be back on air in September.

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