'Fringe' exclusive: It's Walter vs. William in the finale!

It’s the showdown we’ve been waiting for.

Fringe‘s second-season finale this spring will feature a long-awaited confrontation between weird science partners-turned-frenemies William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) and Walter Bishop (John Noble).

“William and Walter will finally face off in the finale,” confirms consulting producer Akiva Goldsman, who is directing the two-part episode (written by exec producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman). “These [characters] have so much that they’re bringing to bear. And Leonard and John are two fantastic actors.”

The William/Walter reunion is just one of several mythology-related payoffs Fringe has in store in this season’s final episodes. “We’re going to be looking very closely into Peter’s [Joshua Jackson] identity, Walter’s choices in the past, and Walter’s choices in the future,” reveals Goldsman. “And by the end of the season, we’re all going over to the other side.

“We’re trying to do the last two episodes as a singular event, a little bit more movie-like,” elaborates the acclaimed auteur, who won an Oscar for his adaptation of A Beautiful Mind. “It’s really one big story. We’re approaching it like a mini-feature. It’ll have a singular narrative drive.”

But will it have any closure should, heaven forbid, the episode turn out to be a series finale? “Good stories typically have sufficient closure, but also have the promise of continuing — even if you’re not watching them continue,” he says. “So, short of killing somebody — which we’re not doing — we’re just treating it like the end of a movement, not the end of a symphony.”

Want more Fringe spoilers? Check out this week’s Ask Ausiello for the rest of my Q&A with Goldsman. In the meantime, riddle me this in the comments section: Do you think the showdown between Walter and William will fall short, meet, or exceed expectations? And what do you make of Goldsman’s “we’re all going to the” alterna-universe spoiler? Do you think we’ll finally meet the “other” Walter? Sound off below!

PHOTO CREDIT: Noble: Michael Courtney/Fox; Nimoy: Liane Hentscher/Fox


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  • Erin

    How about some Walter vs. William vs. Walter? That would be even more spectacular.

    • Megan

      Rock on. That would be fantastic.

      • firemendate

        I love Spock

    • 4k4k

      This is my favorite show out there!!! Can’t Wait!!!

    • Chappel

      I’d like to see that considering the “other” Walter (Peter’s real father) hasn’t had parts of his brain removed and would be very, very different from “our” Walter. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were really HIM that was behind this whole “there’s a war coming” storyline as he plots to get his son back.

      • chattypatra

        Ooooh, that’s an interesting theory, Chappel. I like it.

      • Barb

        This is EXACTLY what I think. I think the whole war is being coordinated by the other Walter. But I also want to know about the other William Bell!

      • Niko

        What about the other William Bell? Or is there still one?

      • Amy

        My boyfried posed the “other Walter leading the war” theory to me early this season, and I’m beginning to think it’s really likely. It would be a great twist to the kidnapped-Peter storyline.

      • Michele

        Yes! I wonder if OtherWalter has any idea that ‘he’ stole his own son!

  • wrongwayup

    Hope it will be a good face off between them. Also hope they won’t cancel Fringe, because that would be the biggest mistake ever. Not saying this as a massive Fringe fan or anything like that, but I think it is one of the most original shows that has been made in a long, long time.

  • mario


  • mario


  • Ryan

    I thought Nimoy was being a huge drama queen and wasn’t coming back again. This is great news, it might lessen the blow if this does end up being the series finale.

  • Lisa

    It sounds kinda cool to meet the “other” Walters and Olivias in the alterna universe! and, I’m absolutely sure they won’t find another Peter.
    and so I’m even more excited about the following Peter/Walter showdown than the William/Walter face-to-face meeting ^^

    • Dawn

      I concur. Peter finding out what Walter did will surely be a hoot.

      Since Fox pulled a boneheaded move and canceled Dollhouse, they HAVE to keep Fringe.

      • namedone

        If they end Fringe, I’m gonna kill someone. I haven’t seen a good show in such a long time and this one definitely ranks high.

    • Q

      Uh, we’re already looking at the “other” peter!

  • Sean

    I really want to meet the Other Walter. I like the idea that Other Walter is the main baddie behind everything. Like he was completely fine until his son was taken by our Walter. Then he just lost it and started the ZFT movement and wants his vengeance. A Walter Bishop with no moral grounding could be a scary thing.

    • Holly D

      I love the idea of the “Other Walter”. I imagine he’s pretty pissed his son was stolen. I can’t wait!

    • dave

      Um, I think you just ruined the show for me by completely explaining it.

  • annoied

    For Pete’s sake, how about a SPOILER ALERT? I mean seriously, an image on the front page?

  • Grasspike


    Are you really spoiled by the fact that William Bell is back? What a shocker that the entire plot in season 2 will feature Bell

  • Allan

    The only episodes of Fringe I like are the ones with the larger mythology – Walter/William, the Pattern, etc. The recent eps with deadly viruses, etc. have been really lame.

    • mythologist

      You miss a lot of the point of those shows; the horrible viruses and dragons and werewolves were paid for by some one for some reason. Like- maybe weapons? We will see Firestarter and Suicide Man return, I bet. They’re cortexifan created reluctant soldiers, too. Everything is relevant!

      I’m curious; Peter spoke of being Walters test subject. Which Walter tortured him? And how did this worlds Peter die? Was there a kidnapping? Or a rescue?

  • Siobhan

    AWESOME NEWS! FRINGE! FRINGE! FRINGE! I can’t wait for the SEASON finale (don’t you DARE even think about cancelling FRINGE, Fox!) I put up with all your American Idol CRAP. The least you can do is leave my beloved FRINGE continue! Spock vs. Denethor. Can’t wait! LONG LIVE FRINGE!!!!

    • namedone

      haha, loved your comment. AGREED!

    • mythologist

      Do you have any idea how irritating it is to Mr Nimoy and Mr Noble for you to write that? They work hard to give life to new characters and you refuse to see it because you won’t put down another story for an hour? Actually, it irritates the heck out of me, too. A lot of wonderful talent gets shelved because one tiny group keeps them so typecast. Go on, ruin peoples careers.
      That poor woman who played Buffy the TV show will be mired in B screamer flick hell for years because of people who won’t move on. And we Fringe fans would like to see Dr Bishop meet Dr Bell again. That’s the story we’re watching.

      • Ruina

        Right, because their entire careers will be ruined because of that person’s comment. Clearly.

  • Isolde

    This is GREAT news! I love FRINGE! In addition to all the “other” Walters, Olvias, etc. Wouldn’t it be cool to see the “other” Charlie? I miss him. Someone should just smash that damn typewriter! KEEP UP THE GREAT STORIES, FRINGE WRITERS! FRINGE IS THE BEST SHOW!

    • emdr

      Okay, and what about maybe Olivia finding the alternate John Scott. Wouldn’t that suck for Peter :P

  • Anitamargarita

    EW, how do I get rid of this dumb ass BING ad so that I can actually read your lead? Yea, thanks…

    • Chappel

      Install the Firefox browser. I use Firefox with the flashblock, noscript and adblock plus addons and I never see any of these popup ads that people are always complaining about.

  • Diego

    Come on Fox… you have enough reality crap to last five lifetimes, leave Fringe alone. Retings are everything (well, they are to the studios, but they shouldn’t be). Fringe is great and getting better and better every episode (well, most of the time). Leave Fringe on the air, let it breath… please. :)

  • Jon Audette

    If this season’s finale turns out to be a series finale, I may forgo all things FOX from here on out….except HOUSE. Like Hell I can ignore that show!

    • fringeobsessed

      ITA with you Jon.
      I did that with NBC when then pres. Kevin Reilley cancelled Crossing Jordan-boycotted them forever. If Reilley, unfortunately now pres. of FOX TV, is behind this keeping Fringe on thursdays crap AND if he cancels Fringe he’s gonna have to answer to millions of fans!

      I say it’s time to write the FOX sponsors and tell them you’re not gonna watch if they pull Fringe.

      • Fringefan

        I agree with contacting the sponsors. It seemed to help save “Chuck” on NBC when it was on the edge. Money talks. How do we find out the major sponsors for the show?

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