Exclusive: 'House' spin-off still alive?

The Michael Weston-fronted House spin-off may have been condemned, but Fox remains keen on expanding the franchise. Network president Kevin Reilly tells me the hit’s EPs, David Shore and Katie Jacobs, have a “standing offer” to create another series. “It could be a direct spin-off or a completely new show,” says Reilly. “Ideally, I would love David and Katie to have their own [two-hour block].”

Regarding the duo’s first stab at a House offshoot, the one that would’ve focused on Weston’s private detective, Lucas Douglas, Reilly says they “kind of stuck their toe in the water and just didn’t feel like it worked. The [character] worked [on] House, but [he] didn’t really work as [his] own thing.

“They have really high standards,” he adds. “These are not guys who commercially are going to chase something just to announce they have a spinoff and then figure out the show later on. They’re probably the most thorough producers… I’ve ever worked with.”

For her part, Jacobs is game to try again. “I would like to do a 9 o’clock show,” she says. “Maybe a spin-off or maybe just another show from the two of us.” (Shore is currently shepherding a remake of The Rockford Files for NBC.) One way or another, she’s resigned herself to the fact that a new show is “the only way I seem to be able to penetrate the 9 o’clock hour” now that House is firmly entrenched at 8. “As a producer, you would never pick Mondays at 8. But having said that, the network put [House] there, and it seems to be working so I think they’re smarter about these things than we are. So we’re probably going to stay at 8.”

What say you House fans? Would you rather Shore and Jacobs revisit the idea of a House spin-off or develop something completely different? And if you pick the former, share your dream spin-off scenarios below!


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  • Nancy

    Only if Chase fronts it.

    House really suits 9 better.

    • UncleWalty

      I agree.

      • Tracy Murray

        What does this have to with House or television in general ?

    • Jack

      House’s younger years.

      • Starlight

        hmm that might be interesting…i dunno about a whole SERIES about that but id definately watch a few shows about that.

      • Racheal

        Ooh ooh yes! That would be great, except it wouldn’t be Hugh Laurie, they would have to get someone else.

    • Kristina W.

      I’d rather have “House” on at 9 on Mondays, if they are going to change anything up. Put the show back at 9 and let their next show be stuck at 8.

      • Nick

        9 o’clock on Mondays is pretty well filled I think…

    • MAtt Crawford

      Im a huge Jennifer Morrison fan and since she left itd be a great idea to follow where Cameron is now that she’s started her new life. But that’s just me.

      • Rick Fisher

        I agree with Matt, I too am a Jennifer Morrison fan and if they are not going to return her to the original series, I would like to see her in a spinoff.

    • ceva

      If House is stuck at 8pm – 9 would be much better slot! — then the new spin off should be a Cuddy-centric spin off. Sorry but Lucas/M.Weston doesn’t have the charisma or acting chops to do an hour show and Lisa Edelstein could easily carry a full-hour show! She’s hilarious and unbelievably talented. A comedy/drama much like House but focused on her would be killer! Totally Serious, Katie & David – do it! Two shows back to back? With the crossover tie? How cool!

  • Sandra

    My favorite solution: Lucas marries Cuddy and they get a spin-off together. I might actually be able to really enjoy House again without the looming Huddy doom!

    • ada22

      Yes please ! No Huddy ,no soap opera..no lame woman pretending to be strong,no teenage House…I would watch that

    • Ally

      ITA to your words!!

    • Claire

      House will close in 1 season without Cuddy! She’s not like Cam, she can’t leave :)

    • Xander

      I can read the words but in my head I hear.. bla bla bla bla bla nag nag nag nag

    • M.

      Blah blah blah, right season 6 sucks, but there is no Huddy so what’s your problem?

      • Xander

        just to be clear, I was replying to the orignal post by Sandra.

      • Crystal


    • Hilson FTW

      Yes please!
      Make Cuddy disappear!

      • Karen

        Lisa E. is an asset for the show. She is not JMo and won´t be fired.

      • Emma

        I think you underestimate her popularity this season. While on the internet she may have die-hard fans, I personally know a lot of people who really have been hating Cuddy this season.

        That said, JMo was an asset to this show too. I certainly don’t think she’ll be fired, but Lisa E as an actress is not an asset for this show. Her name does not bring in viewers.

    • Martin

      I don’t think there’s any real money in that. You will end up with few viewers and thus low production value. Unless it was clever enough to take over from where Monk left of it could make a killing in DVD sales. But i doubt it.

    • Catrina

      I love Huddy/Cuddy/LE. House is where she belongs and will stay. They will never move her to another show.

      • Starlight

        ok yea…cuddy’s ok i cant see the show without her only becuz all the banter back and forth between them is pretty good (in my opinion), plus it does let us see a different side of house…but yea definately couldnt see a spin off of cuddy and lucas as being a success..and cuddy’s job revolves around house so how would that even work?

    • MSquared

      hear-hear. I’m sick of the whole Cuddy-House romance subplot. If they ever got together the show would turn into a daytime soap opera…and the male audience would plummet.

    • Sarah

      This! pronto please.

      Cuddy needs to disappear now

    • ashlee

      Not a bad idea. Weston is fun to watch and is great with Cuddy.


    Just keep focusing on House now.

    • Goo

      Agreed. I say NO to the spin-off! Are they trying to pull off a Grey’s/PP? i don’t see a spinoff working because House is not an ensemble show, ergo non of the characters are developed or intersting enough to carry their own show!

      • Jen

        Agreed…House wouldn’t work without House…even in a spinoff. He is why we watch. If the producers wanted to make a completely different show that would be fine…but don’t rob from House.

      • James

        I’ll join the bandwagon on this one. I thought the best episode of the season was the premiere, where it was pretty much just House. Granted, the second best was the Wilson-centric episode….hmmmm…

      • Adam

        yeah I’d be wary about watching a spinoff of House due to the fact that he is usually the most intriguing thing about the show, the only other character that comes close is definately Wilson, doubt he could carry his own show, even though the ‘Wilson’ episode was great! although this makes me think about that ‘Tyrant’ episode too. Chase managed to carry that episode really well, that really made me respect his character more…

      • Starlight


    • Tracie

      I say create Dr. House a female that is just like him. And enough of the soap opera mush cuddy and her new boyfriend. Let’s make cuddy jealous!

      • Starlight

        yea i kinda didnt like the direction they took with the whole cuddy, the baby, and the lucas thing. ok and no-one in that postion in real life would wear the revealing tops and high heels she wears…i guess thats for the male viewers but its a little ridiculous

  • Kelly

    Joy, more Lucas………..not.

  • Crystal

    Lucas on House or off just doesn’t work for me.

  • Sami

    I think the “old” team should get their own spin-off. Chase, Cameron, and Foreman go off to another hospital and open their own diagnostic department!

    • castiella

      I’d watch that. Those three were always my favorite thing about the series anyway. (I broke up with the show after the first season of the new team.) Besides, the tension of ex-spouses working together in that sort of intense environment could be interesting.

      • holliday

        Ha!!! And people think House is soap opera-esque now… I hear all of these Cameron lovers complaining about this, but now people are saying they would watch a show with her, Forman and Chase as the main characters?!?! Talk about a soap opera!!! LOL

      • Sarah

        Soap opera is when House cut ups Cuddy’s pictures because she’s in love with another man

      • jojo

        No soap opera is what the other fangirl team calls the other ship when their ship has sunk. Like now Hamerons call the Huddy plot soap operaesque, if it was Cuddy who left Huddies will call a Hameron plot soapy. Therefore soap opera is just a term fangirls like to throw around thinking they are better writers than award winning employed writers.

      • Ariel

        @jojo You can count on the fingers of one hand how many of those award winning employed writers have won an award

    • chikee

      That sounds so much like the Grey’s/Private Practice spin-off somebody mentioned above… I would definitely not watch House if House (AND Hugh Laurie) doesn’t play a main role. Besides, stretching it further into a remake or spin-off would probably ruin all the magic that the original show has.

    • Starlight

      well i was NOT happy when they got a whole new team….thirteen is ok, but still, wished they had cameron in there somewhere..and foreman is turning more into an ass each episode whats up with that?

    • werdna

      that wouldnt work sure they could do it but three things they wouldnt do anything spontaneous or risky which keeps it interesting they would be able to hold up a sideplot for unless you picked up from where cameron has left and spend the first couple of episodes with trying to get her back and then finaly you run into the problem that nowhere will hire foreman anymore he is stuck as houses heel dog so i dont mean to shoot down youre idea i just dont feel it would work

  • Jon

    I’d still watch the Michael Weston spin-off. I like his character. If not that, then I could see a Jesse Spencer spin-off at another hospital.

  • Iced

    I wasn’t interested in a Lucas spin off since I dislike the character, and I don’t feel like any other character should leave the serie to start a new one!
    So…I wish Shore and Jacobs to start a new project!

    • Starlight

      i agree. i liked lucas when he first started on the show but somehow they have changed his personality and not for the better…hes not funny at all anymore.

  • christine

    I thought I was watching a House spin off with the amount of screen time that is given to Thirteen. LOL!!!!

    • Bea


      • jess

        HAHAHA so true

  • Dave Walker

    I hear Jennifer Morrison is at a loose end?

    • Dave

      On the contrary, she’s in Broadway and she’ll do great.

  • DW

    I’m not sure how you could do a successful spin-off of House. A Wilson spin-off would be awesome, but we all know Robert Sean Leonard has no desire to work that much. I don’t think any of the other characters could really head up a series.

    • katia

      yes, the only spin-off that would actually work could only be a wilson one (which we know won’t happen). but yes, wilson only.

      • Chris

        Don’t think so.
        Wilson is pretty boring without House….

      • Cherish Lang

        I agree .. Wilson is totally not main character material. I love his character paired with House but .. that’d be it for me. =)

    • Dave

      Didn’t Robert Sean Leonard say recently, over the holidays, that once House has finished, he plans to return to the theatre full time?

      So I think a Wilson spin-off is definitely a no-go.

      As for House, the show, Wilson and Cuddy keep him grounded. Neither can or should leave. The show would have even more “Boreteen” otherwise.

    • Nikki

      I would have to agree. I would watch a Wilson spinoff. As long as they didn’t try to turn him into House. He has a special quality I think people would get into. But they couldn’t get Leonard to do it.

  • ada22

    Could House get his own spin off? I mean,the show is now just Huddy,13 and soap opera stuff so how about House gets a spin off ,just Hugh,Robert Sean Leonard and Jennifer Morrison from the original cast. Could Christoph Waltz be there too? And Stephen Fry?

    • jon

      Drop Jennifer Morrison from your cast lineup and id totally agree! No one needs Cameron, all we need is House and Wilson! Just the two of them.

      • jess

        naaah, as much as i love house and wilson, just the two of them WOULD get boring after a while. i call a spin-off with the original cast only – thirteen has so much screentime it seems like it’s her show anyway, so nothing would really change

      • Kate

        Better, drop House and leave him with Cuddy. Wilson could have his own show with Cameron. Wilson is completely wasted on House becasue all he does is tell House how much he needs Cuddy. He can do that as an occasional guest star and meanwhile have his own show with Cameron and the ghost of Amber.

  • Claire

    Lucas DOESN’T WORK on House either!!!! Please, kill the character!!

  • Alex

    Lucas spin-off but without Cuddy! It’s time for Pukas to be write off!

  • Ally

    YES! Let’s do it a Cuddy’s spin-off!!

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